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					Estates & Campus Services Equality Plan
The purpose of this plan is to create an environment where all issues of equality are
considered and to help us identify areas in current and proposed practices, policies,
programmes and modules where we can enhance our approach to inclusiveness. The driving
force for this plan has been the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, Disability
Discrimination Act 2005 and the Equality Act 2006.
The requirements of the RRAA are:
     eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
     promote equality of opportunity; and
     promote good race relations between people of different racial groups.
     assess the impact of the University’s policies, practices and procedures on students
         and staff of different racial groups;
     monitor student admission and progress, and staff recruitment and career progress
         by racial group
The requirements of the DDA are:
     To have due regard to eliminate unlawful discrimination against, and harassment of,
         disabled persons;
     To promote equality of opportunity between disabled persons and other persons; and
     To tackle institutional discrimination through a duty to promote disability equality for
         the public sector.
The requirements of the Equality Act are:
     to promote gender equality and eliminate sex discrimination

Although we are required by the DDA to create different plans for managing the above, ???
has taken a more inclusive and proactive approach and decided to include all aspects of
equality including disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and age.1

This plan has been developed using sections A to D of the toolkit recommended by the
Scottish Funding Council in its paper ‘Disability self-evaluation tool: Improving equality for
disabled people in Scotland’s colleges and universities’ (16 December 2005). Sections E and
F of the toolkit consider the physical estate and feedback to the Funding Council. Although
there are mentioned in this plan due to the Service’s responsibility in the area of the physical
estate they are to be dealt with elsewhere in the University.

 The terms ‘minority’ and ‘equal opportunity’ are used in this document to cover issues relating to
gender, age, race, religious and disability groups.
Estates & Campus Services Plan
A. Management and Strategic Planning
At school level the main issues of concern are:
A1. Within the service who is responsible for     Service Management Team:
overseeing the development and                    HoECS
implementation of the Equality Scheme and         Estates Manager
Action Plan?                                      Senior Accommodation Officers
                                                  Security Manager
A2. Which committees need to consider             The Service does not operate an internal
equality issues?                                  committee structure other than the H&S
                                                  Committee, however, equality issues are a
                                                  standing item on Service Management Team
                                                  weekly meetings
A3. What mechanisms are in place to ensure        Consideration of equality issues is embedded
that equality-related issues are built into the   within the recommended HR processes for
management and strategic planning of              recruitment and retention of staff. The
Estates and Campus Services                       Service is proactive in the implementation of
                                                  such policies.
                                                  All projects and developments within the
                                                  Estate for both academic and residential
                                                  accommodation consider equality issues,
                                                  particularly designing for users with disability.

                                                  Staff training and development plans
                                                  consider the nature of the services we offer
                                                  and to whom these services are delivered.
                                                  We seek to ensure that staff are fully trained
                                                  to ensure the services are delivered in a
                                                  manner which supports all members of the
                                                  University and the wider community .
A4. What arrangements are there for day-to-       Issues can be raised on an ad-hoc basis at
day management of equality-related issues         any time and will be addressed in an
for staff, students and the public?               appropriate manner.
                                                  A standing item on the management team
A5. Who within the service has an oversight       Most issues are escalated in the first instance
for equality issues and where do these end        to the Senior Accommodation Officers,
and the oversight of the centrally funded         Security Manager and HoECS. Decisions are
specialists, e.g. Disability Advisor and          made on a case by case basis as to the
International Student Advisor, begin?             appropriate time to refer to specialist
                                                  support. Clear and open lines of
                                                  communications with specialist advisors.
A6. What mechanisms do we have in place to        Staff training in particular, relevant issues
raise awareness of all areas of equal             e.g. mental health awareness.
opportunity legislation and best practice?        Support from managers and relevant
                                                  specialist e.g. Occ. Health Advisor, Disability
                                                  Advisor, Head of Student Services, Student
                                                  Counsellors, external advisors as appropriate.
A7. What mechanisms do we have in place to        Annual feedback from students in
ensure there is a voice for different equal       accommodation.
opportunity groups within the school/service      Informal meetings between Service
and that this voice is listened to in the short   managers and, for example, students with
and longer-term planning process?                 disability held in each academic year with
                                                  follow up as required.
                                                Accessibility audit updated and reviewed
A8. What mechanisms are in place to enable      University has corporate complaints and
feedback and ensure grievances are handled      harassment policies which are observed.

B. Equality for Staff
At service level the main issues of concern are:
B1. What information do we currently gather      Experiences gathered via career review and
regarding the experiences of staff from          other staff development meetings.
different equal opportunity groupings?           Complaints and suggestions are recorded and
                                                 implementation is monitored.
B2. To what extent is this information           Information is used to adapt requirements of
currently used for development or future         posts to promote/encourage applicants for
planning purposes?                               positions in the service which have
                                                 traditionally been occupied by one gender.
                                                 Estate development priorities consider the
                                                 positive impact projects can make on equality
What mechanisms are in place to ensure that issues (e.g. barrier free access).
the views of equal opportunity groups are
given appropriate consideration in decision-
making and policy development?
B3. What mechanisms are in place to assess       Staff induction discussions with new starts
differences between disabled and non-            includes discussions on individual
disabled staff?                                  requirements and appropriate measures are
                                                 then put in place.
                                                 Existing staff who have or may become
                                                 subject to an equality issue are able to
                                                 access a comprehensive range of support
                                                 and counselling within the University and
                                                 within the service reasonable adjustments
                                                 are made to support staff.
B4. Which policy and practice areas are likely The impact assessment is intended to avoid
to most impact on the experiences of             any unintended or negative impact on
minority group staff?                            minority group staff, however, the key area
                                                 for the Service is the implementation of
                                                 University policy on accessibility within
                                                 University premises as the Service is charged
                                                 with the responsibility of adapting and
                                                 developing the estate in a manner which
                                                 maximises access within the limitations of
                                                 available resources and will ultimately
                                                 achieve barrier free access to University
B5. How do we promote a culture of               By raising awareness of the equality issues
inclusiveness and disclosure of disability?      through staff training and general
                                                 By service managers providing leadership
                                                 and role models in the approach to dealing
                                                 with equality and diversity issues
B6. Who has responsibility for these areas of    The service management team is responsible
policy and practice?                             for the implementation of corporate policies
                                                 and also for the development of good
                                                 practice generally within the Service.
C. Equality for Students
At service level the main issues of concern are:
C1. What information do we currently gather        The University gathers data on minority
regarding the experiences of minority groups       groups centrally. The students right to
and how can this be improved? How can we           privacy means that there is no requirement
ensure that data collected on student issues       to declare their disability to the University.
can give evidence regarding disability?            This can be a particularly sensitive issue
                                                   where mental health is concerned.
C2. How do we encourage a culture of               By adopting a sensitive but proactive and
inclusiveness and disclosure of disability?        positive approach to dealing with issues.
                                                   By providing where possible generic support
                                                   and information and meeting the bespoke
                                                   needs of individuals in a responsive and
                                                   supportive manner. By confronting
                                                   incidences of inappropriate behaviour or
                                                   actions and providing clear guidance as to
                                                   acceptable standards for future
C3. What mechanisms are in place to assess         Annual student survey and informal
any differences between the learning               discussions with groups affected by minority
experiences of minority groups?                    issues.
C4. To what extent is inclusiveness                MIS data and service evaluations are used to
information used for development and future        develop plans which address identified
planning.                                          issues.
C5. What mechanisms are in place to insure         Information provided on the Intranet and
that students are given appropriate                within student information packs provides
induction?                                         information on student facilities and further
                                                   support and information is provided on an
                                                   individual case by case basis.
C6. What mechanisms are in place to ensure         see B4
that equal opportunity matters are
considered in all areas of decision making
and policy development?
C7. Which policy and practice areas are most       See B4
likely to impact most on the experiences of
minority group students?
C8. How will we ensure that future decisions       Where possible through consultation with
at all levels include involvement of minority      current and prospective students and also
groups to gauge how these decisions may            through engagement with other institutions
impact on them?                                    and through the implementation of good
                                                   practice guidance from appropriate sources.
C9. Who is responsible for these areas of          The Service management team
policy and practice?
C10. Who is responsible for day-to-day             See C9
management of equality-related issues for
C11. What progress has been made in the            Various developments in the physical estate
last 3-5 years to ensure the needs of disabled     has improved access for disabled students.
students have been considered in policies          All new developments include provision of
and practices?                                     accessibility feature at least to the
                                                   requirements of current legislation and
                                                   frequently to an enhanced level.
C12. Who has key responsibility in Estates         Service Management team
and Campus Services for ensuring that the
requirements of minority student groups are
C13. What plans do we have for engaging       See C8
students in the process of drawing up the
Estates and Campus Services Equality
Scheme and action plan?
D. Equality for members of the public
Groups of members of the public who interact with DBS include prospective students,
parents, visiting academics, company representatives and guests of staff or the school.
There may be others who may use our services but it will be difficult to identify their needs
prior to contact.

At service level the main issues of concern are:
D1. What information do we currently gather We do not formally gather information about
regarding the experiences of member of the       members of the public, however, any
public?                                          complaints or informal feedback (both
                                                 positive and negative) is considered and
                                                 acted upon where appropriate
D2. How can information collection be            Further consideration to determines
improved?                                        appropriate mechanisms for feedback is
D3. Which policies and practices are most        Work within the physical estate is likely to
likely to impact on the experiences of           have the greatest impact in the public and
minority groups of the public?                   measures to address minority issues are
                                                 incorporated as a matter of policy within all
                                                 new projects
D4. How will we ensure the future decisions      Accessibility design statement incorporated
at all levels include consideration of the       within the project brief for all projects.
impact of the decision for minority groups?      Applicable standards such as Building
                                                 Standards and British Standards are the
                                                 minimum level in all projects where possible
                                                 enhancements above minimum standards are
D5. Who will be responsible for this area of     Service Management Team
policy and practice?
D6. What progress has been made in the           Various developments in the physical estate
last 3-5 years to ensure the needs of disabled has improved access for disabled users. All
members of the public have been considered new developments include provision of
in policies and practices?                       accessibility feature at least to the
                                                 requirements of current legislation and
                                                 frequently to an enhanced level.

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