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									                                          COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date          Client                                             Comments

28 October    Sports Centre                Catering              I wanted to pass our thanks to all your staff for making Friday's event a
                                                                 success. The food was excellent and well received by all – some even had
                                                                 seconds I think! Particular mention should be made of the chefs and
                                                                 Tracey Parsons.
29 October    NCUK (Northern Consortium    Accommodation         I would like to thank you for your extra special efforts to provide the
              United Kingdom)                                    utmost assistance to our students this year. Throughout the
                                                                 accommodation process … you never ceased to help in a professional
                                                                 and efficient way. You really went above and beyond and it did not go
05 November   Darwin Master                Catering              I wanted to say what a superb job the chefs and silver service team did at
                                                                 my first High Table. It was most congenial and the food and service were
                                                                 outstanding. I was so proud!
10 November   Purchasing Office            Conference/Catering   A big thank you for your help in organising Maureen's retirement 'do' in
                                                                 Darwin Conference Suite. The food was lovely and the room and service
                                                                 were excellent.
14 November   Communications &             Catering              Thank you all for your assistance in making Mo's retirement lunch in
              Development Office                                 Mungo's such a successful event. The cake was delicious and beautifully
17 November   UELT                         Catering              Thank you for your hard work during both the briefing week and the
                                                                 institutional audit last week. The auditors were very well catered for and
                                                                 enjoyed the food provided for them.

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                                          COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date          Client                                               Comments

19 November   Partnership Development      Housekeeping/Catering   Almost all the delegates at the Trust Schools Event rated the food and
              Office                                               facilities as excellent. I was very impressed with every aspect of the
                                                                   conference centre. The rooms were spotlessly clean and well organised,
                                                                   all the food and drinks arrived in plenty of time and the food was superb.
                                                                   I will be recommending the resource to anyone looking for conference
                                                                   accommodation in the area. Fantastic!
27 November   Personnel (25 year lunch)    Catering/Conference     A big thank you to chef, the ladies who laid the tables and served and, of
                                                                   course, you for making this possible. The room was lovely and I have
                                                                   been told the food was very good.
27 November   Film Studies                 Catering                Thank you for producing the excellent sandwiches yesterday, especially
                                                                   the vegan ones. Staff said they were delicious. Thank you for all your
                                                                   hard work and imaginative food.
28 November   Information Services         Catering                May I express thanks from Carole Pickaver for the excellent lunch she
                                                                   had today with her guest in the Beagle.
07 December   The Monday Club              Catering                We all had a lovely evening at our dinner dance. Please pass our thanks
                                                                   to all the staff at Darwin for making it such a special occasion.
11 December   Keynes Master                Catering                Can you please let chef and the waiting staff know that the good food and
                                                                   excellent service were both very much appreciated yesterday by all
                                                                   members of the Keynes Wine Committee and their guests.
18 December   Canterbury Rotary Club       Conference/Catering     Thank you so much to you and the catering staff for an excellent evening
                                                                   on Tuesday.
19 December   Partnership Development      Catering                Could you please pass on our thanks for the wonderful lunch on
              Office                                               Wednesday – it was beautifully cooked and presented and made Jayne's
                                                                   leaving party all the more memorable. All the staff were super and we
                                                                   were astonished there were only two in the kitchen and yet they
                                                                   managed to turn out the high quality fare that everyone commented on.

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                                            COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date          Client                                            Comments

23 December   University staff (Christmas    Kent Hospitality   Various compliments received:
              party)                                             Please pass on thanks for a great Xmas party. We all enjoyed it and it
                                                                    was a lovely atmosphere. Please do it again next year!
                                                                 Thank you very much for putting on such a great party. The whole
                                                                    event was perfectly run, the food was delicious and the band was
                                                                 Very many thanks for such a wonderful evening. Please pass on
                                                                    thanks to all your staff who worked so hard to make the evening a
                                                                 Thank you to your staff for all their hard work in organising and
                                                                    staging the Christmas party. It was a great evening with a fantastic
                                                                 We would like to say thank you for a fantastic evening – everybody
                                                                    enjoyed it immensely.
                                                                 Please pass on my appreciation to the whole of your team for making
                                                                    it such an excellent evening.
                                                                 Thank you for the party last night, which was very enjoyable and must
                                                                    have involved a lot of work.
                                                                 Thanks for a fantastic evening. It was brilliant fun and very much
                                                                    appreciated. Everything was incredibly well organised and the food
                                                                    was amazing.
                                                                 Just wanted to say thanks for a great party. The food was lovely and
                                                                    the band was terrific. I really hope you do it again next year.

23 December   Gulbenkian                     Catering           A big thank you for all your help at our Christmas 'do' – we all had a
                                                                lovely time.

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                                             COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date          Client                                                Comments
19 January    Finance Division                Conference/Catering   Thanks for organising this lunch-time's event. It seemed to go pretty
                                                                    smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves.
26 January    Chris Edlin (mature student)    Catering              I would like to express my thanks to the staff of Dolche Vita. I have
                                                                    frequently eaten there and found the standard to be extremely high. The
                                                                    team work very hard and are always cheerful and helpful.
27 January    University staff (KH open       Kent Hospitality      Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the open event today. It was
              event)                                                most enjoyable and educational too! It was good to see all of the
                                                                    Hospitality staff in such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
29 January    Information Services            Conference/Catering   The retirement lunch today went with a 'bang'. Thank you and your staff
                                                                    for your efforts on our behalf. Neil was a fantastic help, for which I am
                                                                    truly grateful. The food was delicious and everyone commented on the
                                                                    quality and the display.
04 February   Keynes Master/Campus Watch      Housekeeping          Relates to the handling of an incident concerning student behaviour:
                                                                    I think that information to this effect from HK staff is to be applauded,
                                                                    especially as other students' experience at the University is being harmed
                                                                    by the few who do not seem to want to behave in a reasonable way.
09 February   Central Secretariat             Housekeeping          Following a conversation between Jo Pearsall and HK Manager:
                                                                    I will pass on your comment regarding the Woolf College foyer being
                                                                    spotless when you saw it last week. I know this will only assist in
                                                                    motivating the Housekeeping staff to maintain the high standards which
                                                                    they have set for themselves.
27 February   Worshipful Company of           Catering              The event was superbly managed and carried out very professionally, with
              Actuaries                                             good humour and efficiency. Thanks also to the chef – the food was

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                                           COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date       Client                                                 Comments
06 March   European Office                  Catering              We'd all like to say a big thank you for helping us to organise the lunch
                                                                  event in Rutherford. Everyone loved it. In fact the whole trip was a great
                                                                  success and the Germans went back very impressed with Kent.
09 March   Vice-Chancellor (post-concert    Catering              In an email from Deputy V-C to Darwin Master: You missed a great
           reception)                                             concert, matched later by great catering from the Darwin team.
                                                                  Everyone was very complimentary about the excellent food.
                                                                  From PA to Deputy V-C: The food looked and tasted absolutely delicious
                                                                  and we received a lot of positive comments and compliments. All your
                                                                  staff were on great form and the whole occasion really went with a swing!
                                                                  From the Vice-Chancellor: All our guests seemed very pleased with both
                                                                  the excellent music and the supper afterwards.
09 March   Crab & Winkle Line Trust         Catering              The dinner in the impressive Rutherford College dining hall completed
           (open lecture)                                         the evening, which will long be fondly remembered. Please do pass on
                                                                  our very grateful thanks to the chefs, kitchen and waiting staff and our
                                                                  congratulations for their high standards of catering.
13 March   Kent Law Temple Society          Conference/Catering   Thanks to you and your staff for last Friday's dinner and for all your co-
                                                                  operation and helpfulness this year. Your chef is a great guy and very
                                                                  helpful. We had a great time and everyone said it was the best dinner
16 March   Central Secretariat              Housekeeping          Thank you very much to all the staff who made Woolf College look so
                                                                  fantastic for the opening event. Your help and hard work was very much
16 March   Kent Institute for Advanced      Catering              This was an event which showcased Kent University at its very best …
           Studies in the Humanities                              The dinner was presented superbly and would match any top notch
                                                                  restaurant and the service, led by Julie Biggs, was excellent.

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                                     COMPLIMENTS REGISTER 2008/2009

Date       Client                                             Comments
17 March   Friends of staff member    Housekeeping/Catering   Friends who stayed in Rutherford for two nights have asked me to pass
                                                              on their thanks to the staff who looked after them so well during their
                                                              stay. They were extremely impressed by the cleanliness and quality of
                                                              both their accommodation and the campus generally. They also said that
                                                              the food and overall hospitality were great.
17 March   Biosciences                Catering                Many thanks for the excellent lunch provided for my external visitors
                                                              yesterday. The items were well chosen, beautifully presented and much
                                                              appreciated by my guests. The delivery was made with no fuss and the
                                                              sensitivity of the delivery staff resulted in minimal disruption of the
                                                              meeting. There are three organisations involved in this project (one
                                                              company, one government agency and UoK) and it gives me great
                                                              pleasure to report that our catering is by far the best!

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