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					                             LINKING VERBS AND COMPANY
                                   By Ms Ivana Davidović,
                          Primary School Dr Dragiša Mišović, Čačak

        Sometimes children can hardly comprehend the difference between linking
verbs made from some form of the verb be and verbs of the senses which can also
be linking verbs. Here are some interesting ideas how to make it easy.
        Linking verbs show a condition or a state of being: I am happy. The pizza
tastes good.
        Some verbs just tell how things are: How was the party? It was great fun.
        Ask your kids have they ever noticed what these verbs do? They don’t call
attention to themselves. They call attention to a word that comes after them.
        Linking verbs link the subject with a word that describes or identifies it.
However, verbs that tell about the five senses can also be linking verbs. The words
appear, become, feel, look, remain, seem, smell, sound, stay and taste can be linking
        The cookies smell great! The water tastes salty.

        How to tell when verbs of the senses are linking verbs:
        The water tastes salty. Ellen tasted the cookies.
        Ask the kids how can they tell when they are linking verbs? Tell them to take
out the sense verb and put in a form of a verb be. If the sentence still makes sense,
the verb is a linking verb.
        The water tastes salty. The water is salty.
        Ellen tasted cookies. Ellen is the cookies. Tasted is not a linking verb. It is an
action verb!
        Here is an exercise for the checkup.
        Identify or describe?

   Add a predicate word to finish each sentence. Does your word describe the
subject or identify it? Circle ‘identify’ or ‘describe’.

   1.   A cook tastes _____________. Identify         Describe
   2.   A cracker tastes ___________. Identify        Describe
   3.   My mother is _____________. Identify          Describe
   4.   My grandpa was __________. Identify           Describe
   5.   A caterpillar becomes a _____. Identify       Describe
   6.   A butterfly looks __________. Identify        Describe

Answers: 1. sweet, describe; 2. salty, describe; 3. teacher, identify; 4. farmer,
identify; 5. butterfly, identify; 6. beautiful, describe.

Upon finishing High School in Čačak, Ivana Davidović earned her BA from the
Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 1997. She worked as a translator at the Fruit and
Grape Research Centre in Čačak, as well as in Blackbird Language School as a
teacher. From 2005 onwards, she has been teaching English in a primary school Dr
Dragiša Mišović. In addition, she is a member of both ELTA and the Association of
Technical and Scientific Translators.

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