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					             Notes on use of the Emergency List

The emergency list should be used in conjunction with the
“Guidelines for Clergy and Parishes” which is published on the
Website under the “Resources” link.

Contractors should only be contacted out of normal office hours
and weekends.

Requests must not be made for items that are of a non-urgent
nature, as these can be dealt with during normal office hours.

Any request must be for a genuine emergency. It is essential
that you leave a message either on the office answer phone, or by
e-mail clarifying the emergency, and which contractor has been
used. This will enable me to check that your problem has been
resolved, and to raise an order to cover the costs.

Should you find any mistakes on the Emergency List please notify

Mike Scutt

Diocesan Parsonage Inspector.

                     CONTRACTORS LIST, August 2009

AREA                 CONTRACTOR              TRADES               TEL.           CONTACT
ABERYSTWYTH & AREA   CBS                     All trades           01970 820454, Peter, or
                     (First choice)                               or            Tim

                     Phil Evans              Builder              07771615889
                                                                                 Phil Evans
                     AM Davies               Heating only,        07790614392    AMDavies
                     See attached list       For, Rayburns/Agas   See attached
                                             Oil heating          list

                                                                  See attached
                     CBS                     Electrician          01970 820454   Peter / Tim
                     CBS                     General Builder      As above       As above

TREGARON &           All as above            All as above         All as above   All as above
LAMPETER/ABERAERON   All as above            All as above         All as above   All as above
NEW QUAY             All as above            All as above         All as above   All as above

CARDIGAN             CBS                     All as above         All as above   All as above

                                                                                 Phil Evans
                     Phil Evans              Building             07771615889

                     See attached list       Rayburns/Agas/oil    See attached
                                             Gas                  list

                     EMC                     Electrical           0845 2250496. David Wyn
                                                                  07813 290630
CILGERRAN            As per Llandysul

NEVERN, NEWPORT      As below

FISHGUARD            See attached list       Heating & Plumbing   See attached
                                             Rayburns/Agas/oil    See attached
                                             gas                  list

                     Phil Evans              Building            07771615889    Phil Evans
                     SIEvans                 Building            As above       As above

                     Norrards                Electrician         01646 692125 John
                                                                 07774 638215 Hancock
ST NICHOLAS (NR      Paul Mathias            General builder      01646 600936
                     Plumbing/Heating See attached list          See attached
                     & Electrical as                             list
                     per Fishguard
PEMBROKESHIRE        Wales            Septic Tank                01834 860777
                     Environmental    Cess pits

ST DAVIDS            Norrards, as            Electrician         01646 692125
                     above                                       07774 638215
                     H Bennett as            General builder     01437 721347   Johnathan
                     below                                       07816316156    Bennett

                     See attached list       Rayburns/Agas/oil   See attached
                                             Gas                 list
Llanrhian            H Bennett &             General Builder     01437 721347   Jonathan
                     Sons (first                                 07816316156    Bennett
                     Norrard                 Electrican          01646 692125
                                                                 07774 638215   John
                     See attached list       Heating             See attached
                                             Rayburns/Agas/oil   list
                     W T Davies              General builder     01348 837465

                     Leighton Arnold         Building            07971784129    Leighton
                     or Phil Evans, or                                          Arnold
                     SIEvans details
                     as previous
                     Norrard                 Electrics           07646 69212    John
                     See attached list                           01646 692125   Hancock

HAVERFORDWEST        See attached list       Heating Plumbing    See attached   See
                                             Rayburns/Agas/oil   list           attached list
MILFORD HAVEN AREA   Leighton Arnold         Building            07971784129
                     Second choice           Building            01267 236253   Huw/Jenny

                           Norrard             Electrical              07646 69212      John

Milford Haven, continued   See attached list   Plumbing & Electrical   See attached     See
                                                                       list             attached list
                                               Rayburns/Agas/oil/gas   See attached

PEMBROKE                    As above
TENBY                      As above, except    Building                01834845714/     Neil Webb
CLEARS, LAUGHARNE          Carmarthen

CARMARTHEN (30 MILE        S I Evans           Builder                 01267 236253     Jenny/Huw
                                                                                        Andrew Hill
                           EJ Halliday         Builder                 07977213586
                           EMC                 Electrical              0845 2250496. David Wyn
                                                                       07813 290630
                           See attached list   Heating                 See attached
                                               Rayburns/Agas/oil/gas   list
                           Siddell             Septic tanks            01554 778486
LLANDYSUL                  As above

LLANELLI                   As Carmarthen

And Cily Cwm.

AMMANFORD/LLANDYBIE        As Carmarthen

General numbers which may be of use;

OJWiliams                    Oil tank replacement, all areas.   0800 3897662

Penstar                      Sewerage/water pumps               0845 1297253. Nick, or Paul.

Alan Burley                  Locksmith, all areas,              07773362609

Paul Kenealy                 Cleaning, all areas,               01792 418274/07860532888

Arb Aid                      Tree services, West Wales          07775736133
Lampeter Tree Services                  “        “       “       “        “       01570422819

Ken Hopkins                             Double glazing/window catches
                                        Repairs. All areas                        01554 756263/07973443156

South Wales Environmental               Gardening/Pest treatment                  07932574260
(Llanelli to St Clears)

Pest Control West Wales                 “        “       “       “                07969505368/01348874455
(Whitland/West Wales)

D.Siggery                       Roofing, Swansea/Carm                             01267241314/07970902769
                                West Wales.
Variaton of heating contractors;

               List of contractor for each property
                                        Oil Appliances

                                                                     Contractor       Telephone No
                    Llandeilo tenated
Aberaeron                               D574/1                       A M Davies                  07790614392
Aberporth                               D833/1                       HMForster        01239613549/07790863428
Abergwili                               D681/1                       Mark Hopley
Angle (oil). To be sold                 D597/1                       A M Davies
Begelly                                 D815/1                       GGT Thomas       01437890920
Bow Street                              D824/1                       AMDavies         07790614392
Brechfa                                 D569/1                       Mark Hopley       07866 782270
Brynamman                               D637/1                       Mark Hopley
Burton. See note                        D666/1                       GGT Thomas
Camrose                                 D636/1                       GGT Thomas
Carmarthen St Peter, (oil)+ Gas fires   D149/1                       Mark Hopley
Cileau Aeron                            D801/1                       HMForster
Cilgerran                               D644/1                       HMForster
Cilycwm                                 D635/1                       Mark Hopley
Cwmann                                  D619/1                       Mark Hopley
Cynwyl Elfed                            D692/1                       A M Davies
Dale                                    D664/1                       GGT Thomas
Devils Bridge                                                        A M Davies
Ferryside                               D223/1                       Mark Hopley
Gorslas                                 D159/1                       Mark Hopley
H.West, Barn Street                     D577/1                       A M Davies
H.West Scarrowscant                     D648/1                       A M Davies
Hubberston                              D300/1                       GGT Thomas
Herbrandston. See note                  D823/1                       GGT Thomas
Jeffreyston                             D668/1                       A M Davies
Lampeter Velfrey (oil)                  D630/1                       GGT Thomas
Lamphey. See note                       D811/1                       GGT Thomas
Laugharne                               D525/1                       Brian Raymond
Letterston                              D656/1                       GGT Thomas
Llanafan                                D845/1                       HMForster
Llanarth                                D802/1                       HMForster
Llanddarog                              D593/1                       Mark Hopley
Llanddewi Brefi                         D843/4                       A M Davies
Llandysul                   D840/1       A M Davies
Llanegwad, Pontargothi      D677/1       Mark Hopley
Llanfihangel ar Arth        D838/1       A M Davies
Llanfihangel Ystrad         D698/1       A M Davies
Llangadog                   D634/1       A M Davies
Llangathen                  D800/1       A M Davies
Llangeitho tenanted         D839         HMForster
Llangeler                   D835/1       A M Davies
Llangrannog, (Pontgarreg)   D830/1       HMForster
Llangwm (oil)               D837/1       GGT Thomas
Lampeter                    D843/1       A M Davies
Llangynnwr                  D686/1       Mark Hopley
Llanilar                    D614/1       HMForster
Llanllwni                   D839/1       HMForster
Llanpumsaint                D682/1       A M Davies
Llanrhian                   D703/8       GGT Thomas
Llanrhystud                 D688/1       HMForster
Llanstadwel (Oil)           D318/1       GGT Thomas
Meidrim                     D691/1       Mark Hopley
Llanwrda                    D676/1       Brian Raymond
Llawhaden                   D671/1       GGT Thomas
Maenclochog                              Gwres Gethin Heating
Maenordeifi (oil)           D842/1       HMForster
Nevern                      D806/1       To be sold
Newcastle Emlyn             D834/1       A M Davies
Newport                     D813/1       A M Davies
Newquay                     D679/1       HMForster
Nolton Simpson Cross        D357/1       GGT Thomas
Penrhyncoch                 D832/1       HMForster
Pencarreg Cwmann            D619/1       HMForster
Pendine                     D641/1       A M Davies
Pontyberem                  D704/1       Mark Hopley
Prendergast, H West         D601/1       GGT Thomas
Saundersfoot                D669/1       GGT Thomas
Spittal                     D819/1       GGT Thomas
St Dogmaels (oil)           D645/1       HMForster
St Nicholas                 D655/1       GGT Thomas
Steynton (Oil fired)        D396/1       GGT Thomas
Templeton                   D816/1       GGT Thomas
Tregaron                    D695/1       A M Davies
Tumble                      D704/2       Mark Hopley
Tycroes                     D683/1       Mark Hopley
Uzmaston                    D572/1       GGT Thomas
Walton West                 D578/1       GGT Thomas
Walwyns Castle.             D376/1       A M Davies
Whitchurch, Solva           D652/1       GGT Thomas
Wiston                      D818/1       A M Davies
Diocesan Office                          Mark Hopley
Llys Esgob                               Mark Hopley

Llandeilo Tenanted          D675/2       Mark Hopley

                                                 Gas Boilers

                                                               Telephone no
Aberaeron C.H                           D574/2   GGT Thomas
Aberystwyth Laura Place                 D701/1   AMDavies      0845 9500 400
Aberystwyth Buarth Road                 D701/2   AMDavies
Aberystwyth Fenton                      D701/7   AMDavies
Aberystwyth Penparcau                   D701/3   AMDavies
Abergwili                               D681/1   Mark Hopley
Archdeaconry                            D703/2   GGT Thomas
Burry Port                              D383/1   Mark Hopley
Burton                                  D666/1   GGT Thomas
Carmarthen Penllwyn                     D148/1   AMDavies      07790614392
Carmarthen Knoll Grd CH                 D148/2   Mark Hopley
Carmarthen St Peter, (oil)+ Gas fires   D149/1   Mark Hopley
Carmarthen St Nons Avenue               D007/1   Mark Hopley
Carmarthen St Peter C/H                 D149/2   Mark Hopley
Peniel                                  D681/2   Mark Hopley
Cwmaman (Garnant)                       D153/1   Mark Hopley
Cynwyl Elfed                            D692/1   AMDavies
Dafen CH (Tenanted)                     D154/2   Mark Hopley      07866782270
Dafen                                   D154/1   Mark Hopley
Deanery                                 D703/1   GGT Thomas
Felinfoel                               D705/9   Mark Hopley
Fishguard                               D814/1   GGT Thomas    01437 890920
Goodwick                                D654/1   GGT Thomas
Gwaun cae Gurwen                        D384/1   Mark Hopley
H.West Barn St                          D577/1   GGT Thomas
Hubberston                              D300/1   GGT Thomas
Hakin CHWaterloo Rd                     D300/2   GGT Thomas
Kidwelly                                D685/1   Mark Hopley
Llandybie                               D174/1   Mark Hopley
Llanbadarn Fawr                         D098/1   British Gas
Llandeilo C/H                           D675/2   Mark Hopley
Llandeilo                               D675/1   Mark Hopley
Llandovery                              D530/1   Mark Hopley
Llanelli                                D705/1   Mark Hopley
Llanelli Coldstream Street              D705/8   Mark Hopley
Llanelli Christ Church                  D705/7   Mark Hopley
Llanelli St Peters. New boiler 2005     D705/5   Mark Hopley
Llangennech                             D678/1   Mark Hopley
Llanllwch                               D803/1   Mark Hopley
Llanpumsaint                            D682/1   Mark Hopley
Llwynhendy                              D385/1   Mark Hopley
Manorbier                               D810/1   GGT Thomas
Milford Haven, St Katherines            D336/1   GGT Thomas
Monkton                                 D338/1   GGT Thomas
Narberth.                               D631/1   GGT Thomas
Nolton Simpson Cross                    D357/1   GGT Thomas
Pembrey                                 D219/1   Mark Hopley
Pembroke                                D844/1   GGT Thomas
Pembroke CH                             D348/2   GGT Thomas
Pembroke Dock                           D348/1   GGT Thomas
29 Park St Pembroke Dock                         GGT Thomas

Pembroke Dock C/H              D348/2   GGT Thomas
Penally                        D702/2   GGT Thomas
Pontyates                      D704/3   Mark Hopley
St Clears.                     D804/1   AM Davies
Talley (tenanted)              D612     Mark Hopley
Tenby                          D702/1   GGT Thomas
Tenby Lamack Vale              D702/3   GGT Thomas
Whitland                       D846/1   Mark Hopley
Lampeter, Chaplain Fairfield   D843/2   AMDavies
Lampeter Garthowen             D843/3   AMDavies
Ammanford                      D145/1   Mark Hopley
Ammanford, CH Bonllwyn         D145/3   Mark Hopley
Cardigan, Napier Gardens       D841/1   AMDavies
Whitchurch Solva               D652/1   GGT Thomas


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