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									Company            Climate Exchange PLC
TIDM               CLE
Headline           Second earnout & PDMR
Released           18:27 15-Apr-08
Number             4271S

15 April 2008

                                     Climate Exchange plc
                           (“Climate Exchange” or the “Company”)
                    Second contingent payment EBITDA threshold achieved
            Issue of Equity, Second Contingent Payment & Director’s shareholding

Climate Exchange (AIM:CLE) is pleased to announce that the EBITDA threshold for the
Second Contingent Payment under the terms of the merger agreement with Chicago Climate
Exchange (CCX) has been achieved in full. As a result, the Company has applied to AIM for
admission of 1,515,152 ordinary shares of Climate Exchange. Admission of these shares is
expected to become effective on 21 April 2008.

The total number of voting Ordinary Shares in issue (the “Enlarged Share Capital)
immediately following this issue will be 46,371,962.

Furthermore, the Company was informed today that the following sales have been made by
entities in which Richard Sandor, Chairman of the Company, or his family have a beneficial
or legal interest.

Selling Entity                        No of ordinary         Date                 Price
                                     shares of 1p each

Richard Sandor Revocable                   250,000         15/04/08              1,600p

RS Trust                                   165,000         15/04/08              1,600p

RES Trust                                  165,000         15/04/08              1,600p

Jovian                                     140,000         15/04/08              1,600p

Jovian I                                   140,000         15/04/08              1,600p

Jovian II                                  140,000         15/04/08              1,600p

Following these transactions Richard Sandor or his family have a beneficial or legal interest
in a total of 8,549,338 shares representing 18.44% of the Enlarged Share Capital.

Richard Sandor wishes to clarify that these sales have been made to meet tax liabilities arising
from the Second Contingent Payment and for estate planning purposes.

Richard Sandor, Chairman, Climate Exchange plc             001 312 554 3370
Neil Eckert, CEO, Climate Exchange plc                     0207 382 7801
Nick Wells / Ivonne Cantu, Cenkos Securities plc           0207 397 8920
Peter Rigby/Alex Parry, Haggie Financial                   0207 417 8989

About Climate Exchange plc

Climate Exchange plc is a holding company whose subsidiaries are principally engaged in
owning, operating and developing exchanges to facilitate trading in environmental financial
instruments including emissions reduction credits in both voluntary and mandatory markets.
The two main businesses are the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which operates a
voluntary but legally binding cap and trade system including an exchange for CO2 emissions
as well as SOx and NOx contracts in the US and internationally, and the European Climate
Exchange (ECX)which operates an exchange focussed on compliance certificates for the
mandatory European Emissions Trading Scheme.

About Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc. and Chicago Climate Futures Exchange Chicago
Climate Exchange is a financial institution whose objectives are to apply financial innovation
and incentives to advance social, environmental and economic goals. CCX is the world's first
and North America's only legally binding rules-based greenhouse gas emissions allowance
trading system, as well as the world's only global system for emissions trading based on all
six greenhouse gases. CCX members are leaders in greenhouse gas management and
represent all sectors of the global economy, as well as public sector innovators. Reductions
achieved through CCX are the only reductions in North America being achieved through a
legally binding compliance regime, providing independent third party verification provided
by NASD and price transparency. The founder, Chairman and CEO of CCX is economist and
financial innovator Dr. Richard L. Sandor, who was named a Hero of the Planet by Time
magazine for his founding of CCX.
For a full list of CCX members, daily prices and other Exchange information, see The
Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago
Climate Exchange, is a CFTC designated contract market which offers standardized and
cleared futures contracts on emission allowances and other environmental products. Clearing
services are provided by The Clearing Corporation, the only active independent futures
clearinghouse in the world. Market surveillance services are provided by the National Futures
Association, the industry wide, self-regulatory organization for the U.S. futures industry.

About European Climate Exchange

The European Climate Exchange (ECX) manages product development and marketing of
Carbon Financial Instruments (CFI)
futures and options contracts on CO2 EU allowances traded under the EU Emissions Trading
ECX CFI contracts are listed and traded on the ICE Futures electronic platform, offering a
central marketplace for
emissions trading in Europe with standard contracts and clearing guarantees provided by
LCH.Clearnet. ECX/ ICE Futures
is the most liquid, pan-European Exchange for carbon emissions trading. More than 80
leading global businesses have
signed up for membership to trade ECX products. In addition, several hundred clients can
access the market via banks
and brokers.


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