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									                      LIFESCAN SCOTLAND LTD - SMALL GRANTS FUND
                                  GUIDELINES FOR APPLICANTS
Thank you for requesting information about LifeScan Scotland Ltd Small Grants Fund. These
guidelines tell you what grants are available and how to complete the application form.

LifeScan Scotland Ltd Small Grants are one-off sums of between £250 and £1,000
available to constituted community groups and charities engaging in social welfare,
community development and activities to improve the quality of life particularly in the
Highland area. Grants are made primarily, but not exclusively, to groups focused on
the areas of health, environment and education, and we must emphasize that the
majority of this funding is directed at locally based work involving, and often initiated
by members of that local community.

Grants are available to support a wide range of costs and activities. See overleaf for
activities that do not quality for funding.

LifeScan Scotland Ltd works with the Scottish Community Foundation (reg. charity no SC022910)
to administer these grants. The Scottish Community Foundation is a grantmaking charity
dedicated to strengthening communities by awarding grants that make a genuine difference to the
lives of local people.

             New for 2008 – applications from LifeScan Scotland Ltd employees
This year, as well as considering requests received directly from charities and community groups,
we are also asking members of our workforce to put forward applications for small grants on
behalf of organisations with which they actively volunteer.

Separate guidelines are available for applicants who are LifeScan Scotland Ltd employees.
Please contact the a member of LifeScan Scotland Ltd‟s Community Support Group or the Scottish
Community Foundation to request these.

   Please read these notes and the application form before deciding whether or not to apply.
   There is no closing date for applications, although funds available will be allocated on a first-
    come, first-served basis.

By applying to the LifeScan Scotland Ltd Small Grants Fund, you are not excluded from also
applying to one of the Scottish Community Foundation‟s other programmes. For more details or
to request an application form, contact the Foundation on 0141 225 6670 below or visit our

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The LifeScan Scotland Ltd Small Grants Fund does not currently fund the following:
   Individuals and groups without a constitution
   Groups whose grant request is for the advancement of religion or a political party
   Groups whose annual income is more than £250,000
   The purchase of second hand vehicles
   The payment of debts or other retrospective funding
   Payments towards areas generally understood to be the responsibility of statutory authorities.
   Organisations who will then distribute the funds as grants or bursaries
   Travel and Accommodation Costs
   Overseas travel
   Applications that are for the sole benefit of flora and fauna. Applicants are invited to
    demonstrate the direct benefit to the local community and/or service users in cases where the
    grant application is concerned with flora and fauna.
Grants should be spent within 12 months of being awarded.

Please make sure you have the correct form. It should have the LifeScan Scotland Ltd logo at the
top. Please contact the Scottish Community Foundation to request the form if necessary.
The form is available as a Microsoft Word form that can be completed on a computer, printed out
and signed. Alternatively, it can be completed by hand.
All sections of the application form must be completed. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Section 1 – Contact Details
       The contact details should be of someone who will be able to give more information on the
        group and your application if required.
       Beneficiary Postcode: Please complete when the project aims to take place and benefit
        those in a different area code to the main correspondence address.
       Please also provide the name, position and telephone number of an alternative contact
        from the group.

Section 2 – About the Organisation
       Please state which area of Scotland your group‟s work takes place in, or “All Scotland” if
        you are a national organisation
       We can only consider applications from constituted groups. The name of your group
        should be the name written on your constitution (your set of rules or governing document).
        If you are a registered charity please supply the Scottish or UK Charity Number. While we
        do not ask for the constitution to be supplied with the application form, we may request a
        copy before we decide whether to give you a grant.
       Please state your annual income from your last set of accounts, or for new groups your
        anticipated income in your first year. We currently award funding to smaller Scotland-
        based organisations that have an income of less than £250,000 per annum. If you are a
        new group with no accounts as yet then we may contact you for more detail on your
        financial planning. While we do not ask for a copy of your accounts to be supplied with the
        application form we may request a copy before we decide whether to give you a grant.
       When describing the main activities of your group/service you provide, please do not
        simply copy the aims and objectives from your constitution or trust deed. Please try and
        describe the work your group actually does in your own words, as this will help us with the
        assessment process.

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      Please also describe your role (the main contact person) within the group.

Section 3 – Details of grant requested
      You can ask for between £250 and £1,000. Please ensure that you only apply for what
       will make the required impact, as this scheme is likely to be very competitive.
      Please state the total cost of the project for which you are seeking a grant . We will
       consider requests for up to 100% of the cost, although it may strengthen your application
       if you can demonstrate that you will be raising other funds to help make our contribution
       go further.
      If you have applied for any other grants for this project, please tell us about them in the
       table provided and indicate when you expect to receive a decision. Please also tell us about
       any contribution the group will be making from its own resources, or if you plan to raise
       funds in some other way.
      Please give an accurate list of the costs involved in the work, service, project or items for
       which you need the grant / sponsorship. If the amount requested does not cover all the
       costs, please try to tell us which costs it will cover or go towards.
      Explain which part of your work the grant will be used for – whether it is, for example:
          o   for increasing skills, training or for personal development;
          o   to provide equipment and resources for extending your service;
          o   to fund a particular part of your current service or activities;
          o   to provide information, advice or awareness raising activities;
          o   to support activities and community events that encourage participation and
       And please explain how this will benefit people that you work with and in your community.
      Please be prepared to spell this out for us, particularly if you are applying for activities or
       equipment where perhaps the benefits are indirect. The information you give will help us
       form a view on the impact of any grant.
      Please tell us how many people you expect to benefit from the project.
      Be sure to include the dates that you expect your project to take place. We cannot fund
       projects that take place before we can give you a decision on your application. Grants must
       also be spent within 12 months of being awarded.

Section 4 – Bank details
      Please note that „Account name‟ should give the exact name in which your account is held
       (as it is usually shown on your cheque book). Groups must have a bank account in their
       own name in order to receive a grant.

Section 5 - Referee
      Your choice of referee should be someone who knows about your project and its activities.
       e.g. someone from the social work department, your local Council of Voluntary Service, or
       a previous or other funder. The referee must be independent and must not be a member of
       your management committee. The Scottish Community Foundation may contact the
       referee as part of the assessment process or to confirm details of your group. Please
       ensure that the referee knows about this application and is willing to be contacted by us.

      Please be sure to sign the form

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                                       WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Submitting your application

Please send your completed application form to:

Scottish Community Foundation
Suite 3.4, Turnberry House
175 West George Street
Glasgow G2 2LB

An assessor may contact you and your referee by phone for supplementary information. This is
not always necessary. If you know that you will not be available for this at particular times or for
a particular period in the near future, it will be helpful if you include a note to that effect, as your
application may be delayed if the assessor is unable to contact you.

The Scottish Community Foundation will notify you of the outcome by letter.

Should you have any queries or need help with completing the form please contact the Scottish
Community Foundation.

If you are not sure if your organisation or project would be eligible for a grant, you can also
contact the Scottish Community Foundation on 0141 225 6670, or email:

Scottish Community Foundation, Suite 3.4, Turnberry House
175 West George Street, Glasgow G2 2LB
T: 0141 225 6670
The Scottish Community Foundation (known also as “SCF”) is registered as a Scottish charity (SC022910) and
is a company limited by guarantee (SC152949) with its registered office at 22 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8

LifeScan Small Grants 2008 Guidelines – External v2

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