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									                         Colne In Bloom
                     Minutes for meeting held
                   Wednesday 9/11/2005 3.00pm
                         Colne Town Hall
Jim Smart                           Andrew Laycock
Evelyn Illingworth                  Emma Cosgrif
Annette Hawkins                     Derek Gascoigne
Ruth Mackie                         Dorothy Lord
Jane Whinnerah                      Georgina Lamb
Michael Osborn                      Alan Binns
Mary Townsend

Peter Fitzgerald

                                    MINUTES                                          Actions

1      Millennium Green                                                         DL
       After a site visit on 7th November with DL, DG, AB problems were
       identified we now have to contact David Rose

2      Daffodils                                                                DG
       Several sites were identified- Primate School, White Walls,
       Langroyd Triangle and Roundabout, EI and PF require some for
       their site.
3      Christmas do                                                             DL
       This is on the 14th December meeting starts at 2.00pm bring
       yourself £5 and a bottle catering will be provided.

4      Flower Festival                                                          EI
       Music has been decided to be involved; contact needs to be made
       with Church officials etc…
5      Railway Station                                                          DG
       Work started week beginning 7th some of the trees were pruned            Lucy
       etc… EAG are committed to carry out the Landscaping, the statue          Bergman
       is still creating problems, We need to invite the college and penine
       arts to our next meeting.
6      Legion Bed                                                               AB
       The next years theme is to be wildflowers not only to promote
       them but to promote the Waterside areas that are being sown,
       ownership needs to be clarified.
7      Logo                                                                     DG
       No response from our two competitions, DG suggested adopting
       Colne connects Logo, MO suggested keeping our original, and DG
       to get a copy of Colne connects for next meeting.
8      Greenfield                                                               AL , MT
       DG suggested that as we have had Ballgrove and Alkincoates over
       the last two years we could adopt Greenfield as our third entrant in
       the Environmental element. AL mentioned the amount of rubbish
       on site, MT stated that if she has the information she will act on it.
9    Parks dept site visits                                                AB
     DL, DG, AB inspected several sites throughout Colne, several
     problems were identified i.e.- ownership, inadequate specifications,
     not maintaining up to specifications. AB said that he would inspect
     the parks sites and notify other respective departments regarding
     their obligations, see below
10   Colne in Bloom Wardens                                                DG
     DG asked if with the problems identified on the sites in Colne that a
     scheme of CIB wardens could be initiated, this would entail a
     warden adopting an area and inspecting it on a regular basis and
     ensuring it comes up to expectations which would be reviewed at
     each meeting and then acted upon.
11   Any other business                                                    JW DL
     Gum buster DL brought information regarding boards that are used
     to be basically defaced by gum users this scheme in other parts of
     the country has been very successful, MT said that in the past the
     cleansing dept had come up against a brick wall with a similar
     scheme from the LCC ,The group agreed we should forward this
     idea, JW to contact LCC and DL to contact Colne area comm…

12   Greenspace                                                             DG
     DG notified the group that Colne group of Greenspace is having
     major problems regarding funding he has attended several
     meetings but it appears inevitable, but not yet confirmed that this
     group will have to close down if no funding is found, he suggested
     that CIB could find a minor amount of funding as other groups in
     the area could also and asks if anybody or group, who have
     funding, could help in any way.

13   Automatic Irrigation                                                          DG
     DG has obtained quotes for Automatic irrigation on the town hall,
     market hall and municipal hall plus the police and fire station which he
     will forward to Colne connects group.
14   Britain in Bloom
     DG provided an update of the BIB results etc…
15   Calendar
     GL has obtained the permission of several gullible members to be
     photographed for individual months unfortunately time didn’t allow us
     to give the attention this item required.
     Next Meeting 14th December Colne town hall

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