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					Lesson Title: Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.

Application Notes:

The Look, Say Cover, Write, Check is a support tool
for learning spellings using a trusted multi-sensory
approach. It can support pupils in their independent
learning of spellings.

After the ten spellings have been entered the user has
a choice of either viewing a flash card presentation of
the spellings, using a cover and check method of
learning, printing off the spellings as flash cards or
undertaking a spelling assessment based on the
inputted spellings.

Class:                                                     Subject: Literacy

Teachers can use LSCWC as part of their Word Level work in the literacy lesson. Pupils could be given
the application on a disk to take home and use there.

Why ICT is appropriate: Allows open exploration and supports pupils to work more independently. Can
be used across the Key Stage 2 age range.

Resources Required: Application software –LSCWC.exe, PC

Pre-requisite knowledge/skills/understanding: Basic mouse control skills.

                              Example Learning Objectives taken from the NLS

W 07 - to practise new spellings regularly by 'look, say, cover, write, check' strategy;

Yr 4
W 03d - using visual skills, e.g. recognising common letter strings and checking critical features (i.e. does it
look right, shape, length, etc?);

Yr 5
W 04 - to spell unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words, e.g. company, portable, poisonous interest description,
carpet, sector, freedom, extra, etc.;

yr 6
W 03a - applying knowledge of spelling rules and exceptions;

Activities                                                 Teacher and/or support role

Introduction: Show the children how the program            The teacher uses a projector screen to demonstrate
works.                                                     the programme or children gather round the computer

Independent Work: Children can work independently          Supporting adult maybe useful to aid children or to
on spelling lists given by the teacher.                    make observations.

Assessment Strategy:

The review and assess option of the program gives the user (and teacher) assessment data as a score out of

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