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Hershey Middle School by hilen

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									Derry Township School District            Hershey Middle School

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Derry Township School District                            Hershey Middle School

                                           Perhaps the most valuable result of all
Hershey Middle School                      education is the ability to make yourself do the
   Homestead Road                          thing you have to do, when it ought to be done,
   P O Box 898                             whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson
   Hershey PA 17033                        that ought to be learned; and however early a
   (717) 531-2222                          man's training begins, it is probably the last            lesson that he learns thoroughly.

                                                  Thomas H. Huxley (1825 - 1895)

                                           The administration, faculty and support staff
                                           would like to welcome you to Hershey Middle
                                           School, a National Blue Ribbon School of
                                           Excellence. Being recognized as a Blue
                                           Ribbon school means that we excel in areas
                                           such as high student achievement, exceptional
                                           involvement of parents and community,
                                           research based instructional practices, rigorous
                                           curriculum offerings, a dedicated staff,
                                           extensive support services, a safe and caring
                                           school environment, and more than anything,
                                           wonderful students. Our wish is that each and
                                           every student enrolled in Hershey Middle
                                           School and their families take an active role in
                                           the school community. This is your school.
                                           Get the most out of your years with us. The
                                           more you know and understand about the
                                           school, the more successful you will be. Please
This agenda belongs to:
                                           familiarize yourself with the information in this
                                           handbook. Be ready to embark on a year filled
   Name ________________________
                                           with wonderful experiences and many learning
   Address ______________________          opportunities! We are looking forward to a
                                           phenomenal 2008-2009. It will be filled with
   City/Town ____________________
                                           many special moments.
   State ___________ Zip __________
                                           Sue King
   Phone ________________________
   Student # _______ Homeroom # __

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Derry Township School District            Hershey Middle School

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Derry Township School District                                                              Hershey Middle School

                                                        Table of Contents

Mission and Beliefs....................................................................................................Page(s) 7
Staff ............................................................................................................................Page(s) 9
Arrival ........................................................................................................................Page(s) 11
Athletics .....................................................................................................................Page(s) 11
Attendance Procedures...............................................................................................Page(s) 11-15
Book Bag Policy ........................................................................................................Page(s) 15
Building Advisory Team (BAT) ................................................................................Page(s) 15
Bullying......................................................................................................................Page(s) 16
Bus Rules and Guidelines ..........................................................................................Page(s) 16-18
Dance/Game Night Procedures ..................................................................................Page(s) 18-19
Discipline/Code of Conduct .......................................................................................Page(s) 19-23
Dismissal Procedures .................................................................................................Page(s) 23-24
Dress Code .................................................................................................................Page(s) 24-25
Field Trips ..................................................................................................................Page(s) 25
Guidance Services ......................................................................................................Page(s) 25
Hall Passes .................................................................................................................Page(s) 25
Health Services ..........................................................................................................Page(s) 25-27
Homeroom .................................................................................................................Page(s) 27
Homework and Absences ..........................................................................................Page(s) 28
Honor Roll .................................................................................................................Page(s) 28
Instructional Support Team (IST) ..............................................................................Page(s) 28
Late Bus .....................................................................................................................Page(s) 28
Library/Media Center.................................................................................................Page(s) 28-29
Lockers .......................................................................................................................Page(s) 29
Lost and Found ..........................................................................................................Page(s) 29
Parental Involvement .................................................................................................Page(s) 29-30
Parent-Teacher Conferences ......................................................................................Page(s) 30
Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) ..........................................................................Page(s) 30
Physical Education Guidelines ..................................................................................Page(s) 30
Placement Requests ...................................................................................................Page(s) 30
PSSA/Standardized Assessments...............................................................................Page(s) 31
School Closings and Delays.......................................................................................Page(s) 31
School Resource Officer ............................................................................................Page(s) 31
Student Assistance Program (SAP) & Hershey
Intervention & Prevention Program (HIP) ................................................................Page(s) 31-32
Student Council..........................................................................................................Page(s) 32
Student Obligations ....................................................................................................Page(s) 32
Technology ................................................................................................................Page(s) 32
Use of School Property ..............................................................................................Page(s) 32
Visitors .......................................................................................................................Page(s) 32
Voice Mail .................................................................................................................Page(s) 32

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Derry Township School District            Hershey Middle School

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Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

                           MISSION/BELIEF STATEMENTS

We Believe:
         Cultivating a democratic learning environment develops stable, trusting and mutually
          respectful relationships among students, staff and community.

         A developmentally appropriate program that engages students in learning that is
          relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory will allow students to reach their
          maximum potential.

         It is necessary to develop skills within an environment that will encourage students to
          make wise and healthy choices and to understand the impact and be accountable for
          their decisions.

         Flexible organization of the school day will promote the development of the
          academic, social and emotional well being of students.

         Student success occurs in a student centered environment in which practices and
          expectations are consistent.

         Diversity and the intrinsic worth of each individual strengthen our school and

         Excellence in education results from strong programs of professional staff
          development and professional growth.

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Derry Township School District            Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 8
Derry Township School District                                 Hershey Middle School

                   Staff                          May, Diane            G21    Instructional Sup.
                                                  McDonald, Sue         B103   Learning Support
       Sue King, Principal                        Merrill, Carolyn      A138   Learning Support
       Nancy Drye, Secretary                      Mullikin, Colleen     G01    Comm. Arts
                                                  Ogle, Brian           G05    Math
       Aaron Shuman, Assistant Principal          Owens, Renee          C171   Comm. Arts
       Lenora Morningstar, Secretary              Pattishall, Avis      G09    Learning Support
                                                  Potts, Jayme          Gym    PE/Health
       Mary Senchak, Secretary                    Repsch, Justin        B116   Geography
       Guidance/Psychologist                      Saylor, Keith                Guidance
                                                  Schaffer, Kristen     C165   Comm. Arts
Name                  Room Subject                Shay, Beth            Gym    PE/Health
Adams, Kevin          B107     Math               Shay, James           A140   Science
Armitage, Diana       C174     Science            Shearer, Leslie       G15    French
Arnold, Penny         A139     Librarian          Smith, Sarah          G25B   Reading
Beamer, Nathan        C169     Amer. Cultures     Smith, Troy           Gym    PE/Health
Bitting, Tracey       G25A     Reading            Spangler, Donna       G12    Spanish
Bradley, Sherry       A148     Spanish            Stine, Christopher    B118   Music
Brought, Naomi        G24      Art                Stover, Kellie        B109   Science
Cantore, Kathy        A154     Math               Stover, Kevin         G26    Tech. Ed.
Cavic, David          C167     Math               Szeerba, Jan          G61    Social Studies
Clouser, Emma         A133     English            Snyder, Maryann              Guidance
Costello, Patti       G24      Art                Templeton, Dawn       G04    Science
Dailey, Robert        G13      Math               Titzel, Arthur        A134   Amer. Cultures
Daniels, Linda        N/A      ESL                Vath, Kristen         B102   Comm. Arts
Davies, Zak           A142     Science            Wales, Ronald         A152   Comm. Arts
Dawson, Tracie        Office   School Nurse       Warfel, Mike          G60    Science
Delaney, JoAnn        G14      Science            Weaver, Katie         B112   Emotional Sup.
Dickinson, Robin      A157     Life Skills        Woodbridge, Gregory   A151   Orchestra
Dundorf, Carol        B111     Science            Yingst, David         B106   Math
Ermold, Dana          G07      Learning Support   Zitko, John           B110   Science
Erb, Jarryd           Gym      PE/Health
Farrell, Joseph       A151     Chorus             Support:
Finkill, Rob          A135     Amer. Cultures     Adams, Kay
Frankeny, Sue         G03      Math               Espenshade, Cheryl
Gabriele, John        B118     Music              Ford, Tina
Gambelunghe, Randy    G19      Math Remediation   Gacesa, Linda
Garrett, Michelle     A144     MDE                Gehman, Tabitha
Graeff, Joy           A136     Math               Kammerer, Kathryn
Hand, Melissa         B114     Comm. Arts         Kirby, Kathy
Heckert, Judy         C173     German             LeHew, Diane
Hickethier, Darin     C163     Math               Overbaugh, Erica
Houtz, Bonnie         G11      Comm. Arts         Reist, Kim
Hugendubler, Dan      G06      Comm. Arts         Rosenblatt, Linda
Jarrett, Joan         A147     Computer           Schildt, Bonnie
Kishpaugh, Patricia   B130     Behavior Mgt.      Sengerdy, Rebecca
Klos, Jennifer        G59      Gifted             Smith, Pam
Knowles, Greg         G12      Spanish            Witters, Melissa
Kochel, Cheryl        A159     FCS
Lewis, Terry          B113     Geography          Maintenance:
Mack, Kathryn         G08      Social Studies     Paine, Dan
Mackley, Dale         B101     Geography

                                        Page 9
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 10
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

                                                        4. Consent of parent or guardian
                    Arrival                             5. Health and physical examinations
                                                        6. Migration
Students will be allowed to enter the building          7. Period of participation
beginning at 7:30 A.M. Students should                  8. Representation
enter through the doors at the cafeteria or by          9. Curriculum
the main office. Students should report to the          10. Grades
cafeteria to wait until the bell rings at 7:45
A.M. At this time, students may go to their          To be eligible to participate in practice or a
locker and then to their homeroom. All office        contest, a student must report to school by
business is to be handled at this time.              11:15 A.M. Exceptional reasons for which
Students should report to their homeroom by          students may be excused must meet
7:55 A.M. The homeroom period will last              administrative approval. Any student leaving
from 7:55 A.M. until 8:03 A.M.                       school for illness will not be allowed to
                                                     participate in practice or a contest that day.
                   Athletics                         Students suspended, either in or out of
                                                     school, are prohibited from after school
Hershey Middle School is a member of the
Mid Penn Conference and the P.I.A.A. All
                                                     Eligible Hershey Middle School students may
eligibility regulations of these associations will
                                                     participate in the following interscholastic
be strictly enforced. To be eligible to
                                                     sports: Cross-Country, Field Hockey,
participate in the interscholastic athletic
                                                     Football, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling,
program at Hershey Middle School, a student
                                                     Volleyball, and Track & Field.
must satisfy the qualifications and regulations
outlines below:
                                                     Students’ behavior at athletic contests is a
                                                     direct reflection upon the individual and
   Be a student in the seventh or eighth            Hershey Middle School. The students are to
    grade.                                           respect the efforts of those who are
   Submit a signed parent permission form           performing. Vulgar or derogatory
    before the start of each sports season.          cheers/chants will not be tolerated.
   Pass a physical examination before the
    student’s first sports season of that               Intramurals
    academic year. A re-examination or
    special certification must take place            A variety of intramural programs are offered
    before each subsequent sports season.            during the school year. Any student may
   Carry adequate and appropriate health            participate in an intramural sport or activity.
    and injury insurance.
   Remain in good academic, attendance              A variety of intramural sports will be offered,
    and deportment standing.                         based on staff availability and student
   Conform to all regulations as outlined in        interest. Listen carefully for announcements.
    the by-laws of the Pennsylvania                  Past intramural activities have included:
    Interscholastic Athletic Association from        Volleyball, Gymnastics, Field Hockey,
    Article I to Article IX. These sections of       Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Bowling and
    the by-laws are concerned with the               Tae Boe.
                                                                Attendance Procedures
    1. Maximum age rule
    2. Amateur status                                The Derry Township School District strongly
    3. School attendance                             believes that regular school attendance plays

                                           Page 11
Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

a vital role in ensuring that your child receives          For students in fourth and fifth grades,
a quality education during the school year.                 push 3
Research suggests a positive connection                    For students in sixth, seventh, and
between attendance and academic success.                    eighth grades, push 4
The district encourages parents/guardians to               For students in ninth, tenth, eleventh,
reinforce good attendance with their child by               and twelfth grades, push 5
talking about its importance.
                                                    2. To ensure student welfare, parents must
Ways in which parents/guardians can help            call in by the start of the school day.
are as follows:                                          High School: 8:15 A.M.
                                                         Middle School 8:15 A.M.
       Avoid taking family vacations during             Early Childhood Center/Elementary:
        the school year.                                     9:00 A.M.
       Schedule non-urgent medical and                  Morning Kindergarten: 9:00 A.M.
        dental appointments outside of                   Afternoon Kindergarten 1:00 P.M.
        school hours.
       Establish good habits of attendance         3. Parents that did not call in to report an
        and punctuality.                            absence will receive a phone call to confirm
                                                    the child’s absence.
In accordance with district policy (Policy 204-
Attendance) and Pennsylvania School Code,           4. When a child is absent from school, the
the Board considers the following conditions        parent/guardian is responsible for providing a
or situations to constitute reasonable cause        written excuse of absence on return to school
for absence from school:                            for documentation. If a note is not received
                                                    within three (3) days after an absence or
       Illness of the student.                     does not meet the conditions or situations to
       Death in the immediate family.              constitute reasonable cause for absence from
       Approved educational tours and trips.       school, the absence will be marked
       Other urgent reasons as deemed              unexcused/unlawful.
        appropriate by school officials.
                                                    *Please Note: If a valid excuse is not
Absences by students for religious reasons           received within 3 days upon the child’s
shall be excused. No such excused student            return to school, the absence will remain
shall be deprived of an award or eligibility to      unexcused on the child’s academic record.
compete for an award or the opportunity to
make up work given on the religious holiday.        5. Students participating in extracurricular
                                                    activities must be present on the day of the
   Absentee Reporting                               event. Students arriving late to school must
                                                    be present by 11:15 A.M. Students marked
1. When a child is absent or late to school,        as full day absent will not be able to
the parents/guardians are required to call the      participate in any extracurricular activity that
number listed below on the morning of the           day or evening unless prior administrative
absence and report the student’s name and           approval has been granted.
grade. To report your child’s absence, call
the absentee hotline at 533-1815.                   6. Examples of illnesses and conditions that
                                                    indicate exclusion from school and require a
       For students in kindergarten and first      “Certificate of Recovery” from a physician for
        grade, push 1                               re-admittance to school may include measles,
       For students in second and third            whooping cough, scarlet fever, conjunctivitis
        grades, push 2                              (Pink Eye), impetigo, respiratory

                                          Page 12
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

streptococcal infection, scabies, ringworm,           2. A student will be marked with a half-day
and tonsillitis. Examples of illnesses and            absence when he or she arrives to school
conditions requiring exclusion from school for        between the following hours:
a specific period of isolation may include
mumps, chickenpox, and head lice.                           High School: 9:15 A.M. and 10 A.M.
                                                            Middle School: 11:15 A.M. and 1:15
7. A doctor’s note may be required for any                   P.M.
absence of three (3) or more consecutive                    Early Childhood Center/Elementary:
days.                                                        12:00 P.M. and 12:30 P.M.
                                                            Morning Kindergarten: 10:00 A.M. –
8. School-sponsored activities (i.e. field                   10:15 A.M.
trips, band or play rehearsals, student council             Afternoon Kindergarten: 2:00 P.M. –
activities, athletic contests) in which the                  2:15 P.M.
student is a participant are not considered
absences.                                             3. A late arriving student should report
                                                      directly to the school office to present a note
    Unexcused/Unlawful Absences                       explaining his or her lateness and obtain a
                                                      permission slip to gain admittance to class. If
1. Absences of a student without the                  a student does not have a valid excuse
knowledge of his or her parents/guardians             (examples: oversleeping, car trouble, and
are considered unexcused/unlawful.                    missed bus are not valid excuses) for his or
                                                      her lateness. It will be declared
2. Absences of a student without acceptable           unexcused/unlawful.
cause with the knowledge of his or her parent
are considered unexcused/unlawful.                       Truancy
3. After three (3) unlawful absences, the             Habitually truant, as defined by the School
student’s parents/guardians will receive a            Code, implies absence for more than three
letter notifying the parents of their violation of    school days or their equivalent. On
Pennsylvania’s compulsory attendance laws.            November 20, 1996, Gov. Ridge, signed into
                                                      law Bill 98, pertaining to students and
    Late Arriving Students                            parents/guardians in violation of the
                                                      Mandatory Attendance Laws (truancy):
1. A student is considered tardy when he or
she arrives to school between the following           1. Fines to maximum of $300.00 plus court
hours:                                                   costs
                                                      2. Required parenting course
       High School: 7:40 A.M. but before             3. Optional community service at the school
        9:15 A.M.                                        where the student is enrolled.
       Middle School: 7:55 A.M. but before           4. A parent who fails to pay the fine or costs,
        11:15 A.M.                                       or complete the parenting program may
       Early Childhood Center/Elementary                be sentenced to county jail.
        8:47 A.M. but before 12 P.M.                  5. If parent or guardian shows reasonable
       Morning Kindergarten: 8:47 A.M. –                effort to insure attendance, the magistrate
        10:00 A.M.                                       may suspend in whole or part sentence
       Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:47 P.M. –             on the parent/guardian and order the
        2:00 P.M.                                        student to pay a fine or attend an
                                                         adjudicated alternative program.
                                                      6. Any student who has not attained 13
                                                         years of age, who fails to comply with the

                                            Page 13
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

   compulsory provisions of Act 29, or who        Upon the second unexcused tardy, of the
   defaults on an imposed truancy sentence,       semester, a written warning will be issued to
   may be alleged to be dependent and             the student and a phone call to the
   referred to Children and Youth.                parent/guardian will be made. On the third
7. A juvenile may be detained by police, and      tardy in a semester, a detention will be issued
   arrested for violation of truancy laws.        to the student. Each tardy thereafter will
8. Any student, age 13 or older, found truant     result in Level III disciplinary action. At the
   may lose his/her driver’s license or have      beginning of the second semester, students
   driver’s permit delayed for up to 90 days.     will start with a clean slate.
   Act 29 (1995) allows that truant students
   lose their license for 90 days for a first
   offense, 6 months for a second offense.           Dismissal from School
9. Derry Township Law states that students           (Appointments and Illness)
   who are 13 and over may be held liable
   for their own truancy fines. Students          1. Students wishing to be dismissed early
   under the age of 13 are not usually held       from school due to illness must first see the
   liable for truancy fines, but instead          school nurse who will then contact a
   responsibility rests on the parent or          parent/guardian.
                                                  2. Parents/Guardians should arrange for
The administration of the Hershey Middle          non-urgent dental and medical appointments
School may impose discipline consequences         during non-school hours.
on students who are truant. Students who
are truant, can be denied the right to make up    3. If your child needs to be dismissed from
the academic work that was missed during          school early because of an appointment, a
the unexcused and/or unlawful absence. The        written request from the parent/guardian is
administration of the Hershey Middle School       required and should be given to the child’s
may allow support personnel to make home          homeroom teacher in the elementary school,
visits to help encourage truant students to       the main office in the middle school, and the
return to school.                                 A.C.E. room in the high school.

   Tardiness                                      4. Students will not be permitted to go home
                                                  or leave the building for any reason without
Any student who is not in homeroom by the         prior written notification from
starting bell at 7:55 A.M. will be marked         parents/guardians.
absent. A student is considered tardy until
11:15 A.M. Students arriving between 11:15        5. Students will not be dismissed during
A.M. – 1:15 P.M. are considered absent for a      school hours for non-school related or non-
half day. Students arriving after 1:15 P.M.       medical related activities (i.e. private music or
are considered to be absent the entire day.       dance lessons, scouts, etc.).
Students who are tardy should report directly
to the main office for a readmit slip. Students   6. Elementary and middle school students
who are tardy and go to class will be sent to     will not be called to the office or dismissed by
the office for a readmit slip. Only medical and   classroom teacher until parent/guardian has
emergency excuses will be accepted as             arrived in the office and signed the student
excused tardiness (see Appendix B,                out. Students will only be released from
Attendance Policy). The fact that a parent        school to authorized persons.
has sent a written explanation to the school
does not excuse the tardy.                        7. Students are expected to return to school
                                                  from their appointment with a signed
                                                  appointment slip.

                                        Page 14
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

                                                       Pre-approved Trips
8. A student going to an appointment or
leaving school for a trip that does not return,     Prior permission for absences longer than
is considered to be full-day absent if the          one day for college visits, family trips,
departure occurs between the following              funerals, etc. must be obtained by submitting
hours:                                              a trip approval slip.

       High School: 8:00 A.M. and 11:15               Excessive Absences or Tardies
       Middle School: 8:00 A.M. and 11:15          Students accumulating ten (10) or more
        A.M.                                        absences from school may be required to
       Early Childhood Center/Elementary:          provide a medical excuse from a physician for
        8:50 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.                    subsequent absences in accordance with
       Morning Kindergarten: 8:47 A.M. –           school policy. Absences requiring a
        10:00 A.M.                                  physician’s excuse will be recorded as
       Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:47 P.M.          unexcused/unlawful if one is not provided.
        – 2:00 P.M.
                                                                  Book Bag Policy
9. A student going to an appointment or
leaving school for a trip that does not return,     Book bags are to be stored in the student’s
is considered to be half-day absent if the          locker. The vast majority of student lockers
departure occurs between the following              are located near the student’s core classes.
hours:                                              Students are to carry their books needed for
     High School: 11:15 A.M. and 1:15              class. Exceptions may be made to this
        P.M.                                        guideline by the administration.
     Middle School: 11:15 A.M. and 1:15
        P.M.                                              Building Advisory Team (BAT)
     Early Childhood Center/Elementary:
        12:00 P.M. and 12:30 P.M.                   BAT’s are building level advisory
     Morning Kindergarten: 10:00 A.M.              organizations. Their purpose is to facilitate
        and 10:15 A.M.                              communication between the community and
     Afternoon Kindergarten: 2:00 P.M.             the school administration regarding issues
        and 2:15 P.M.                               related to each building. Anyone who has a
                                                    concern, which is specific to a particular
10. A student going to an appointment or            school, is encouraged to contact an
leaving school for a trip that does not return,     administrator or any BAT member for that
is considered to be present if the departure        building, so that these concerns can be
occurs between the following hours:                 shared with the appropriate school personnel.
     High School: 1:30 P.M. and 2:25 P.M.          BAT members will communicate these
     Middle School: 1:15 P.M. and 2:50             concerns as soon as possible, then convey
        P.M.                                        the response to the person concerned. BAT
     Early Childhood Center/Elementary:            meetings are open to all parents/guardians of
        12:30 P.M. and 3:37 P.M.                    middle school children who are interested in
     Morning Kindergarten: 10:15 A.M. –            discussing building concerns. The BAT
        11:37 A.M.                                  meetings are scheduled for the third
     Afternoon Kindergarten: 2:15 P.M. –           Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. (see
        3:37 P.M.                                   District Calendar). They are held in the
                                                    Middle School LGI.

                                          Page 15
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

                   Bullying                        communication. For example, the term
                                                   cyber-bullying is being used to describe
A student is being bullied or victimized when      bullying behavior which occurs on the
he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over          Internet.
time, to negative actions on the part of one or
more other students (Olweus 1986 and               The term bullying should not be used when
1991). It is a negative action when someone        there is a mutual confrontation between two
intentionally inflicts, or attempts to inflict,    students or groups of students.
injury or discomfort upon another.
                                                   Behavior is clearly bullying when:
   Specific Types of Bullying:
                                                       1. There is intent to harm – the
Direct bullying: A negative action when                   perpetrator appears to find pleasure in
somebody hits, pushes, kicks, pinches, or                 taunting and continues even when the
restrains another by physical contact. Direct             target’s distress is obvious. Mutual
bullying can also be carried out by words                 “teasing” should not be confused with
(verbally), by threatening, taunting, teasing,            bullying behavior.
and calling names.
                                                       2. There is intensity and duration – the
Indirect bullying: Making faces or dirty                  taunting continues over a period of
gestures, intentionally excluding someone                 time, and is not welcomed by the
from a group, spreading rumors, or refusing               target.
to comply with another person’s wishes.
                                                   *Please Note - For the purposes of the
Cyber-bullying: Using electronic device             H.M.S. Discipline Code ALL incidents of
mediums such as but not limited to                  bullying will be considered Level II, III, or IV
computers, cell phones and pagers to bully          incidents, depending on the severity of the
(bullying defined above) others through             action, and will be addressed by the team,
methods such as posting comments or                 Disciplinarian, or Administration.
pictures on blogs or websites, text
messaging, instant messaging and email.                      Bus Rules and Guidelines
This cyber-bullying behavior is not to be
confused with terroristic threats, which can be    As the new school year progresses, parents
communicated through similar methods.              of pupils who ride the school buses are
                                                   encouraged to review the rules of conduct
Relational aggression: Describes behavior          with their children. Children should be
which can undermine or destroy relationships       reminded that breaking one or more of these
and is often used when identifying “female”        rules could result in suspension of bus riding
bullying. However, it should be noted that         privileges.
both genders can engage in direct or indirect
bullying, and it can be either physical and/or         Prior to Loading
psychological in nature.
                                                   1. Students must follow school rules while
Bullying can be carried out by a single               they wait for the bus.
individual or by a group. The target/victim of
bullying can be a single individual or a group     2. Students should wait for the bus at a safe
of students.                                          place, well off the highway, on the side of
                                                      the street on which they live.
The behavior can be either overt or covert in
nature utilizing various methods of

                                         Page 16
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

3. Cross the street to enter the bus, (if          5. Students must not extend arms, head or
   necessary) only when the bus is stopped,           any other items out of the windows.
   the red flashing signals are on, and the
   driver signals it is safe to cross the road.    6. Students must not damage or tamper with
                                                      any parts of the bus or use the
4. Students must be at the bus stop (5)               emergency door except in the case of an
   minutes prior to the time designated and           emergency.
   be ready to board with the least possible
   delay. The time designated is the               7. Horseplay, fighting, vulgarity, profanity,
   departure not the arrival time.                    throwing items in the bus or other
                                                      improper conduct is not permitted.
5. Respect the property rights of people who
   reside at or near the bus stop.                 8. Students may not eat, drink, smoke, or
                                                      chew gum while on the bus.
6. Do not get into private vehicles with
   strangers. All Derry Township School            9. The following items are not permitted on
   District vehicles are clearly marked with          any school vehicle: live animals,
   the designation “Derry Township School             weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco,
   District.”                                         flammable liquids, fireworks, firecrackers,
                                                      smoke bombs, tape recorders, radios,
7. Students may board only assigned buses             portable CD players, mp3 players, balls
   and may board only at the bus stop they            (except for team buses), water pistols,
   are assigned.                                      spray bottles, pea shooters, sling shots,
                                                      glass containers, any objects considered
   While on the Bus                                   harmful to others or any item too large for
     (THESE RULES ALSO APPLY TO                       students to hold on their laps, including
     FIELD TRIPS, CLASS TRIPS AND                     musical instruments.
                                                   10. Any conduct that endangers the safety of
1. Observe regular classroom conduct                   the other students or driver will be
   except for ordinary conversation and                considered severe, and could result in
   follow the bus driver’s instructions. The           immediate loss of bus riding privileges.
   bus driver has the same authority on the
   bus as a teacher has in the classroom.          11. Parents are not permitted to board school
   Disrespect of the bus driver will be                buses during the regular pick up or drop
   considered a severe violation.                      off process. If a parent/guardian has a
                                                       concern, they are to contact the Director
2. Loud talking, laughter and other similar            of Transportation at 566-7422.
   conduct may divert the driver’s attention
   which can result in a serious accident.         12. The Derry Township School District has
                                                       cameras installed in the school buses for
3. Students may not block aisle or                     the purpose of monitoring student
   emergency door with musical                         behavior. Students may be monitored by
   instruments, lunch boxes, books or other            video and audio surveillance.
                                                      After Leaving the Bus
4. Students must remain seated while the
   bus is in motion or if the bus is delayed on    1. When necessary, cross the road at least
   the road.                                          ten (10) feet in front of the bus but only
                                                      after looking in both directions to be sure
                                                      that no traffic is approaching.

                                         Page 17
Derry Township School District                                 Hershey Middle School

                                                        If severe infraction, then appropriate
2. Help look after the safety and comfort of             suspension of bus privilege when new
   small children.                                       school year begins

3. Be alert to the danger signal from the bus     For Severe Infractions
   driver.                                        1st Offense
                                                       Written report to principal with
4. Go directly to your school building in the             parental notification
   morning and directly home in the                    Mandatory detention or recess
   afternoon.                                             privilege suspension
                                                       Principal conference with parent and
Please Note:                                              outcome reported to the drive
                                                  2nd Offense
*All buses are equipped with audio and video           Suspension of any bus privilege
 surveillance. By allowing your child to use              3 day           10 day
 bus transportation, you expressly consent to             5 day           indefinite
 such surveillance.
                                                               Dance Procedures
*Students are not permitted to ride any bus
 other than the one assigned by the
                                                  These procedures apply to PTO sponsored
 transportation department.
   Consequences (School Bus)                         Entrance/Dismissal to the Dance
For Minor Infractions                             1. Students must show photo ID to be
1st Offense                                          admitted to the event; no guests will be
     Warning by driver                              permitted.
     Driver change student seat
     Student conference with driver              2. Students will sign in at the door, where
     Written report to principal with               alphabetized sheets, by homeroom, will
        parental notification                        be located.
2 Offense
     Written report to principal with            3. Students are to be dropped off and picked
        parental notification                        up by a parent/guardian or designee.
     Student conference with driver and
        principal                                 4. Once a student is admitted to the event,
3rd Offense                                          they will remain for the whole event,
     Mandatory detention                            unless picked up by a parent.
     Recess Privilege suspension
     Parent conference with principal and        5. Students must be picked up promptly at
        outcome reported to the driver               the conclusion of the event. Students not
4th Offense                                          picked up in a timely manner may
     Loss of any bus privilege                      jeopardize their ability to participate in
        3 day           10 day                       future events.
        5 day           indefinite
Violations on the Final Day of School             6. Students under suspension or absent on
     Note to parent regardless of type of           the day of the event are not permitted into
        infraction                                   the activities.

                                        Page 18
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

   Conduct Code at Dance                               must remain in the student’s locker during
                                                       school hours.
1. All rules from the Student Handbook are
   in place during the dance.                       2. Non-educational, disruptive or illegal
                                                       devices or materials will be confiscated.
2. Students will abide by acceptable dress             These include knives, matches, lighters,
   standards outlined in the handbook.                 water pistols, paraphernalia or any
                                                       implement capable of inflicting serious
3. Chaperone directions are to be followed             bodily injury.
   the first time given.
                                                    *Please Note: The possession of any
Discipline                                           weapon is a serious offense and is
                                                     addressed in the school conduct code. (See
Students may receive discipline consequences         weapons policy.)
for violations of the HMS Code of Conduct. In
the case where a child needs to be isolated, the       Conduct Code Chart
Principal should be notified. If a student has to
leave the event for discipline reason, this must    Teachers are called upon to use their best
be done at the discretion of the Principal.         professional judgment in imposing discipline,
                                                    and students are expected to abide by the
               Discipline Code                      student expectations and responsibilities. We
                                                    have high expectations for students to make
The conduct code of Hershey Middle School           right decisions. When you do not, there are
reflects high expectations for all. However,        consequences to those actions. We
we realize each student is as individual as         emphasize that behavior is, in most cases, a
their fingerprints. At the middle school level,     choice. We encourage you to seek support
discipline is viewed as an instructional tool. It   from your teachers, parents, guardians, and
is designed to help students develop their          support staff when you are having difficulties
decision-making skills and learn the value of       that interfere with decision-making. If you
consequences, while maintaining the priority        disagree with a direction, talk about it in a
that the learning environment must be safe          respectful way with the person at an
and conducive to instruction and learning.          appropriate time, or seek the advice of
The ultimate aim of discipline is that students     parents, guardians, or support staff. If
become self-disciplined and self-directed in        parents disagree with a teacher, call the
socially acceptable forms of behavior.              teacher and discuss it, or make an
Discipline problems will be considered              appointment to conference with the teacher
individually in terms of the degree of the          and/or team. Two-way, open communication
infraction, prior discipline history,               is the key to our shared success.
interventions attempted, and other mitigating
circumstances. The Conduct Code Level               Certain infractions are also subject to
Chart allows for that discretion.                   consequences established by Derry
                                                    Township School District Policy, and by the
   Use of Personal Equipment                        laws of Derry Township and the
                                                    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In no
1. Personal equipment such as radios,               instance will the consequences stated here
   walkmans, mp3 players, tape recorders,           preempt those regulations already
   and cellular phones may not be used              established.
   during school hours, unless requested by
   the classroom teacher. Any electronic
   devices brought on to school property

                                          Page 19
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

     Level System of Offenses                        I. Anecdotal record keeping
                                                     J. Class pass
The middle school operates a code of                 K. Parent/teacher communication
conduct on a progressive scale starting first        L. Referral to support staff
with the classroom teacher. Level I offenses         M. Lunch, recess, or after school detention
are to be handled by the individual teacher.            time with the teacher
Continuation of these offenses can and often         N. Peer Mediation
do result in team interventions. Cases               O. Referral to Level II, III, IV
involving continuation of inappropriate
behavior at the team level will result in a               Level II: Team
referral to the disciplinarian. In rare and truly
unfortunate instances, the administration will       Level II Infractions:
have to intervene in severe behavior
problems. The following is a detailed list of        A. Failure to fulfill team obligations
levels and behaviors.                                B. Chronic classroom violations
                                                     C. Repeated insubordination and defiance to
     Level I: Teacher/Student                           a teacher or teachers
                                                     D. Jamming of lockers
Level I Infractions:                                 E. Misuse of hallway pass
                                                     F. Plagiarism/Cheating
A. Disruption to the educational process             G. Bullying
B. Minor defiance or insubordination                 H. All offenses that are not modified by Level
C. Bothersome behavior to others; including             I interventions and consequences
   but not limited to name calling, pushing
   and shoving without intent to harm                Level II Interventions/Consequences:
D. Failure to follow teacher direction the first
   time given                                        Team consequences for Level II infractions
E. Inappropriate language                            include but are not limited to:
F. Gum chewing
G. Food/drink consumption w/o permission             A. Any Level I interventions/consequences
H. Tardiness to class                                B. Team conference with student after
I. Dress code violations                                parent notification
J. Failure to complete assigned work                 C. Parental contact and/or conference
K. Borrowing possessions w/o asking                  D. Team detention
L. Misuse or negligence in using school              E. Referral to Level III, IV
                                                          Level III: Disciplinarian
Level I Interventions/Consequences:
                                                     Level III Infractions:
Teacher Consequences for Level I infractions
include but are not limited to:                      With the exception of cafeteria, bus and
                                                     hallway infractions, all referrals to Level III,
A.   Nonverbal messages                              must be preceded by a phone call to the
B.   Verbal/written warning                          parent/guardian explaining the nature of the
C.   Special seating                                 infraction, and the referral.
D.   Withdrawal of certain privileges unrelated
     to the curriculum                               These infractions are those misbehaviors
E.   Teacher/student conference                      whose frequency or seriousness may disrupt
F.   Student self-monitoring                         the learning environment. These violations
G.   Conflict mediation                              may include continuations of Level I, and II
H.   Contracting for change

                                           Page 20
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

behaviors. These behaviors may also include          C.   Investigation
infractions of certain school-wide rules.            D.   Special seating within the cafeteria
                                                     E.   Conferencing
Examples include but are not limited to:             F.   Contracting for Change
                                                     G.   Anecdotal Record Keeping
A. Chronic classroom behavioral challenges           H.   Behavior contract
   not altered by Level I, II interventions          I.   Alternative lunch
B. Repeated failure to abide by teacher and          J.   Reflection and Reassessment time out of
   team consequences                                      class or after school (detention)
C. Dissemination of unauthorized materials           K.   Withdrawal of certain privileges
D. Chronic cafeteria misconduct                      L.   Conflict mediation
E. Insubordination/disrespect to cafeteria           M.   Parent/guardian phone call, written note
   supervisors or staff                                   and/or conference
F. Inappropriate use of communications               N.   Referral to other resource staff/support
G. Profanity, obscene gestures, drawings or               services
   writing, inappropriate display of affection       O.   Meeting with student and teacher/team
H. Repeated insubordination to faculty               P.   Community service
I. Falsification of records, excuses, passes,        Q.   Referral to Level IV
   schedules, communications to                      R.   Confiscation of inappropriate
   parent/guardians and forgery                           materials/electronic devices/accessories
J. Class cuts                                        S.   Request to change inappropriate attire
K. Truancy                                           T.   Suspension (ISS or OSS)
L. Tardiness to school                               U.   Administrative Detention
M. Illegal/Unexcused absences
N. Repeated tardiness to classes                          Level IV: Administration
O. Hallway disruptions
P. Intimidation or other bothersome behavior         Level IV Infractions:
Q. Bus referrals as designated by the
   Transportation Policy                             These infractions are those misbehaviors
R. Fighting                                          whose frequency or seriousness may disrupt
S. Insubordination/disrespect to substitute          the learning environment, or may endanger
   teachers                                          the emotional or physical safety of individuals
T. Technology violations                             within the school, constitute illegal actions, or
U. Harassment (chronic or severe)                    are other violations of district policies. These
V. Institutional vandalism (defacing, misuse         violations may include continuations of Level
   and/or destruction of school property)            I, II, and III behaviors that have not been
W. Inappropriate internet access                     altered by previous interventions.
X. Theft
Y. Out of assigned area without a pass               A. Violations of Derry Township School’s
Z. Repeated violations of the dress code                weapon, tobacco, drug and alcohol,
AA.Possession of electronic devices                     attendance, medication, transportation,
BB.Repeated Bullying                                    and safety policies
                                                     B. Violations which are illegal or require
Level III Interventions/Consequences                    police notification, such as theft, fighting,
                                                        aggressive behavior, vandalism, assault,
Interventions and consequences for Level III            threats, drug and/or alcohol violations.
infractions include but are not limited to:          C. Chronic violations of the conduct code
                                                     D. Verbal or written threats against another
A. Any intervention/consequence listed on               person, or that pose a threat to the safety
   previous levels                                      and/or security of the school
B. Verbal or written warning

                                           Page 21
Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

E. Bus violations which require principal           which warrant detention, and/or when a
   conferencing                                     student engages in chronic misbehavior,
F. Those behaviors that have been                   which results in a team meeting with the
   recommended for suspension or                    student, or a Level III referral, a parental
   expulsion                                        phone call is necessary prior to such a
G. Safety code violations such as pulling the       detention, meeting or referral.
   fire alarm, interfering with drill procedures,
   interfering with the discipline of another           Referral to Level III, IV procedures:
   student, smoke bombs, fireworks,
   possession of ignition instruments               1. Teacher/team will complete a Level III
   including lighters and matches                      discipline referral, notify student in
H. Failure to report violations of Drug and            person, and parent/guardian by phone, of
   Alcohol and/or weapons policy                       the nature of the referral. After
I. Severe Bullying Incidents                           notification of the parent/guardian the
                                                       Level III referral is forwarded to the
Level IV Intervention/Consequences                     disciplinarian for action. The exception to
                                                       this is hallway and cafeteria behavior,
Interventions and consequences for Level IV            which is referred directly to the
infractions include but are not limited to:            disciplinarian with/without parental
                                                       notification by the staff person. Bus
A. Any interventions/consequences listed in            referrals will be handled in conjunction
   previous levels                                     with Derry Township School
B. Verbal or written warning                           Transportation Policy.
C. Investigation
D. Any interventions listed at Level I, II or III   2. The disciplinarian will review the referral,
E. Remanding back to other levels                      interview the student, make a
F. Conference with principal                           recommendation to Administration, and
G. In-School Suspension                                notify the student in person, the
H. Out of School Suspension                            parent/guardian by phone and in writing
I. Referral for expulsion                              of the consequence for the behavior.
J. Police and/or probation contact
K. Referral to Superintendent/School Board          3. If necessary, where there are conflicting
L. School hearing                                      accounts of the infraction, the
M. Restitution for damages and/or property             disciplinarian will conduct an
N. Removal from the classroom                          investigation.
O. Parental conferences
P. Other interventions required for the safety      4. When Level III detention is required to be
   and well being of the individual student,           served after school, the disciplinarian will
   student body, faculty and staff                     give parents/guardians 24 hours notice in
Q. Informal or formal hearing in compliance            order to accommodate for transportation
   with Derry Township District Policy                 needs.

   General Procedures                               5. All Level IV infractions are to be referred
                                                       to the disciplinarian, or to the
If teacher/team is giving a detention that will        Administration, as soon as the safety of
be held in the morning or afternoon, 24 hours          students has been insured. In all cases,
notice is necessary so that the                        the disciplinarian will complete a Level IV
parent/guardian has reasonable time to make            discipline referral.
transportation arrangements. Written
notification should be given to the student         6. The disciplinarian will refer all Level IV
and the parent. In all cases of infractions            infractions to Administration. In the case

                                          Page 22
Derry Township School District                                 Hershey Middle School

   of physical injury, an incident report from    Parents/guardians will be notified of any
   the nurse will be attached, and the nurse      incidents involving plagiarism or cheating.
   will notify the parent/guardian, as to the
   nature of the injury. The disciplinarian                   Dismissal Procedures
   and/or the Administration will contact the
   parent/guardian as to the disposition of       1. Students will be dismissed under staff
   the referral and consequences assigned            direction.
   by Administration. In cases of In-School
   Suspension, Out of School Suspension,          2. Students are to leave the building in an
   consideration of expulsion, and police            orderly manner.
   contact, all procedures of the Derry
   Township School District, as outlined in       3. Students may not loiter on school
   district policy, apply. Removal of a              property after dismissal. An authorized
   student from the learning environment, to         adult must accompany students at all
   insure the safety of students and staff, or       times to be on school property. Loitering
   to preserve the integrity of the learning         on school property could be considered
   environment can take place immediately,           trespassing.
   and parent/guardian notification made as
   soon as is reasonably possible.                4. Students are not to be in the hallways or
                                                     unsupervised areas without a written pass
   Plagiarism/Cheating                               or accompanied by an authorized person,
                                                     while awaiting dismissal.
Students are expected to exhibit integrity and
honesty in all situations. Plagiarism, the use    5. Students who ride the bus, who wish to
of another’s words, concepts, drawings, etc.,        ride a different bus must have their
without giving the proper credit, has become         parents contact the transportation
easier because of the Internet and various           department to obtain permission 24 hours
software programs. Students in Derry                 in advance and have a written note from
Township School District are taught to               their parent/guardian. The notes must be
acknowledge and clearly cite their sources of        submitted to the main office no later than
information. Students must give proper credit        8:00AM that morning.
and cite their sources under the following
                                                  *Please Note: Students should ride their
                                                   assigned bus and will only be permitted to ride
      Quotations used that are word-for-          a different bus under extenuating
       word or paraphrased unless common           circumstances.
      Statistics, facts, drawings or graphs
                                                  6. Students who ride the bus, who wish to
       that have not been done by the
                                                     be dismissed as walkers, must have a
       student himself.
                                                     written note from his/her parent/guardian.
      Other peoples’ ideas, opinions,               The notes must be submitted to the main
       themes or theories.                           office no later than 8:00 AM that morning.
Plagiarism and cheating are serious               7. Students who are walkers who wish to
violations and will be dealt with as such.           ride a bus, or be picked up by a person
Incidents of plagiarism and cheating will be         other than a parent must have a written
considered behavioral, not academic, and             note from his/her parent/guardian. The
could include a combination of team and              notes must be submitted to the main
administrative consequences.                         office no later than 8:00AM that morning.

                                        Page 23
Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

    Early Dismissal                                  urged to accept their responsibility to be well
                                                     groomed and neat.
Students needing to be dismissed for medical
reasons or other appointments should bring           Students are expected to wear appropriate
in an early dismissal slip to the main office        clothing and footwear that will be comfortable
either the day before or the morning of the          and, at the same time, be considered in good
scheduled appointment. The secretary will            taste by the school population and its
sign the student’s pass and record the               frequent visitors (this includes gym class
appointment. During the period when the              attire as well). Judgment of this shall be at
student should leave for his/her appointment,        the discretion of school administration.
he/she should show the teacher his/her pass          Exceptions to the dress code can be made
and the teacher should dismiss the student to        for safety, religious or medical reasons or on
the office, to be picked up. Upon returning to       “special event” days or for students involved
school, on the same day, the student must            in school related organizations (athletics,
report to the office to be readmitted to school.     band, cheerleading, etc.).

    Dismissal from After School Activities           The administration reserves the right to
                                                     remove a student from the school setting in
Upon dismissal:                                      the event that attire is deemed inappropriate,
                                                     poses a concern for the health, safety or
1. Students will leave the school building           welfare of any student including
   promptly at the end of the day unless they        himself/herself or is disruptive to the normal
   are under a teacher’s supervision.                functions of the school.

2. The late buses are only for activity              Examples of inappropriate attire for all
   students                                          students K-12 includes (but is not limited to):

3. Once students go to an after school               1. Any clothing or accessory (including
   activity, they will not be able to return to         chains, spikes, jewelry, shoes, etc.) that
   their hall locker.                                   propose safety hazards or could cause
                                                        possible disruptions in the normal
4. Students must be under the supervision               functions of the school.
   of a teacher while remaining after school.
                                                     2. Any clothing or accessory that depicts
5. Students in the school building after                slogans or pictures that suggest the use
   school without supervision will be                   of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons,
   considered trespassing and may be                    violence, or that involves sexual
   subject to referral to Derry Township                connotations, or are degrading to any
   Police. This includes all property                   group on the basis of race, religion,
   including the High School, Middle School             gender, sexual orientation, etc.
   and Elementary School. The area
   outside of the Public Library may be              3. Halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, muscle
   included in this, as it is located on school         shirts, dresses, or other tops with narrow
   property.                                            shoulder straps (shoulder strap should be
                                                        at least three fingers in width).
                  Dress Code
                                                     4. Shirts or dresses that reveal one’s chest,
The students of the Derry Township School               back or midriff.
District are expected to be aware of the
importance of dressing appropriately and are         5. Short skirts, dresses or shorts (students
                                                        in grades 6-12 may only wear shorts,

                                           Page 24
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

   skirts and dresses that fall closer to the
   knee than mid thigh.)                                        Guidance Services
6. Pants, shorts, skirts or dresses with holes     Each child is assigned a counselor for their
   or that show skin or undergarments.             three years in HMS. The counselor’s role is
                                                   to assist the child and parent. The guidance
7. Low cut pants that expose undergarments         office is located next to the health office.
   and midriffs (Students are expected to
   wear their pants so the belt loops or waist
                                                                    Hall Passes
   are at or close to the waistline. Sagging
   is prohibited.)
                                                   Each student in the hallway is required to
8. Hats, hoods, bandannas, visors, or other        have a signed pass. It is exceptionally
   head coverings.                                 important that students get permission from
                                                   their teachers and acquire a pass before
9. Sunglasses.                                     leaving the classroom for any reason.
                                                   Students in the hallway without a pass can be
10. Coats (Coats must be put in students’          referred to the disciplinarian for disciplinary
    lockers or classroom. Sweatshirts or           action.
    sweaters may be worn in their place.)
                                                                  Health Services
Please note that all Middle and High School
students are required to follow the District       A school nurse is available to students for
Dress Code at school dances (with the              cases of illness, injury, health counseling and
exception of Homecoming and Prom attire).          any physical concerns in general. All
                                                   accidents and injuries occurring during the
                 Field Trips                       school day must be reported to the school
                                                   nurse or the main office if the nurse is not
Middle School field trips are learning             immediately available.
experiences that are directly related to the
school’s academic curriculum. Field trips             Emergency Cards
serve several purposes: to provide
opportunities to engage students in active         Please keep information on this card current.
learning; to provide relevancy to classroom        Emergency cards are used to locate a parent
instruction; to reinforce concepts and/or skills   in the case of emergency. In addition, they
previously taught in the classroom; to use         provide current student health information
the field site as a living laboratory where new    and parental permission for acetaminophen
concepts and skills can be taught and              (active ingredient in Tylenol) or ibuprofen
learned; and where new problems can be             administration in school. Any student who
solved. All Middle School field trips are          does not return his/her card to the homeroom
carefully chaperoned by staff members with         teacher within the allotted time will serve
additional supervision being provided by           administrative detention until the card is
parents. Because trips are curricular related,     returned.
all students are encouraged to attend.
Alumni of the Middle School often describe            Medication Policy
the trips as one of the highlights of Middle
School. What they learn on these outings           The Derry Township School District adopted
often provides more meaningful and                 the following medication policy in the Fall of
permanent learning than could ever occur           1990: “No prescriptive medication will be
within the walls of the traditional classroom.     administered by school personnel unless

                                         Page 25
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

specific written instructions are received from    5. NO prescriptive or over-the-counter
a physician.”                                         medication may be carried in the child’s
                                                      pocket, poctketbook, lunchbox, book bag
Any student in need of taking medication              or locker. The only exceptions are a
(prescriptive and/or over-the-counter) during         physician prescribed inhaler for asthma or
school hours must provide ALL of the                  an emergency anaphylactic kit with a
following:                                            written prescription in the nurse’s office.
                                                      Violations will be addressed under the
1. A doctor’s written instructions for each           Drug and Alcohol Policy.
   medication to be administered. (Fax
   #531-2245). All medicine must be in the         6. The school nurse, building principal or
   original container and labeled with: The           their designee shall arrange to administer
   child’s name, instructions for                     the medication.
   administration, content identification and
   the name of the physician who ordered           7. Students with no known allergy to
   the medication. Ask the pharmacist for a           acetaminophen (active ingredient in
   “school bottle” with a complete label and          Tylenol) or ibuprofen and whose
   the amount of medication that will be              complaint warrants, will be given the
   needed at school.                                  appropriate dosage recommended by the
                                                      standing orders of the school physician if
2. The child’s parent/guardian must provide           parental consent was given on the
   written permission for the administration          student’s Emergency Card.
   of any medication. (By giving permission
   for medication administration                   8. A student in school with written parental
   parent/guardian release, discharge, and            permission may use cough drops.
   hold harmless the Derry Township School
   District, its agents and employees, from        9. Parents/guardians may personally bring
   any and all liability and claim whatsoever         medication to the school nurse’s office
   for the administration of the medication to        and administer it to their child at any time.
   the child.)
                                                      Going Home Sick
3. The school nurse will refuse to administer
   a medication if ALL of the above criteria       A child who becomes ill while Attending
   are not met. Medications prescribed daily       classes should report to the nurse’s office.
   or twice a day should be taken at home.         The severity of the illness and the need to
                                                   leave school must be reviewed with the
4. Parents are expected to personally              school nurse. Efforts to contact parents will
   deliver all medication to the school health     be made through the use of telephone
   office. However, if this is not feasible, the   numbers provided on the Emergency Card.
   parent shall call the school nurse prior to     Students will be released only to the
   the child arriving at school and notify the     individuals named on the Emergency Card.
   type, dose, and number of pills that will be    Students may NOT call parents to be
   brought to school by the student that           released as an alternative to seeing the
   morning. Immediately upon arrival to            school nurse. In the absence of the nurse,
   school, all medication is to be brought by      the principal or his designee will be
   the student to the nurse. A verification of     responsible for release of the student.
   the medication and count will be
   completed at that time. The parent will be         Gym Excuses
   notified if there is a discrepancy in the
   medication and/or count.                        All written requests (physician and parental)
                                                   for release from physical education classes

                                         Page 26
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

shall be taken to the school nurse’s office.
This task should be completed prior to the          2. Hearing screenings – Kindergarten,
start of the school day between 7:45 AM and            grades 1,2,3,7, and 11.
8:00 AM. Determination of level of
participation or exclusion will be made on an       3. Height and weight in all grades.
individual basis by an evaluation of present
conditions. If an injury or illness necessitates    The above mandated exams will be
an extended absence from physical                   completed in school. If you do not want your
education (more than two days) a written            child screened, a written notice of refusal and
physician’s excuse is required. All physician       physician documentation of screening results
gym excuses are limited to a maximum time           must be presented to the nursing office prior
period of two months after being issued. If a       to the first week of September.
student needs to be excused for longer than
two months a renewal of the physician order         4. Physical examinations – upon original
will be required at that time.                         entry into school, grades 6 and 11, and
                                                       new entrants.
   Mandated Immunizations
                                                    5. Dental examinations – upon original entry
The Pennsylvania Department of Health                  into school, grades 3 and 7.
regulations require all students to provide
proof of having received the following              6. Scoliosis screening in grade 7.
                                                    Parents are urged to have the physical and
      Three (3) doses of DPT, Td, or DT            dental examinations performed by their
       vaccine                                      private physician/dentist. They have the best
                                                    knowledge of the student’s health and may
      Three (3) doses of Oral Polio Vaccine        provide immediate steps for any needed
                                                    remedial care. Examinations done by the
      Two (2) doses of Measles, Mump, and          private physician/dentist no earlier than the
       Rubella Vaccine (usually given as            month of May and recorded on the
       MMR)                                         appropriate form will be accepted as the
                                                    required examination for the upcoming year.
                                                    Completed forms should be returned to the
      Three (3) doses of Hepatitis B
                                                    school to the attention of the school nurse.
       (original entry into school or 7th grade)
                                                    After the December break the school
                                                    physician/dentist will examine any student
      Varicella vaccine or proof of chicken        without a record of private physical/dental
       pox for students in 7th grade                examination in the nurse’s office for the
                                                    mandated year.
In addition to the above immunizations,
evidence of a current (within one year)
negative Tuberculin test is required for those
students who have lived abroad.
                                                    Homeroom is a valuable time allowing the
   Mandated Screening                               student the ability to communicate with their
                                                    teacher, pick up things that need to go home,
The Pennsylvania School Health Laws                 obtain their books from their lockers and
require the following screenings and                ensure completion of the day. It is also a
examinations:                                       safety issue. All students must report to the
                                                    homeroom at 7:55 AM and immediately after
1. Vision screening in all grades.                  the last class of the day. Students are not to

                                          Page 27
Derry Township School District                                 Hershey Middle School

be in the hallways, bathrooms, or other areas
without a signed pass. Failure to report to                          Late Bus
homeroom will result in administrative action.
                                                  A late bus is provided for students remaining
         Homework and Absences                    after school with a teacher or participating in
                                                  an after school activity or sport. Students
When a student is absent from school              must have a pass to ride a late bus home.
because of illness for one, two or three days,    The supervising teacher or coach will issue
that student is advised to call a “study buddy”   bus passes.
for missed assignments. Students and
parents may also refer to the teacher’s                      Library Media Center
website for information regarding
assignments. Following three days absence,           Circulation:
parents should contact the office or their
child’s team leader and request assignments.      1. Four items – books, magazines, and
Daily assignments are also posted on the             Reference Materials – may be checked
homework hotline: 531-2250. Upon return,             out.
students will be given a reasonable amount of
time to complete missed assignments.              2. Circulation period – 12 school days for
                                                     the general collection, overnight for
                 Honor Roll                          Reference items. All items may be
   The Distinguished Honor Roll
                                                  3. Fines – 5 cents per day for General
This honor roll recognizes those students            Collection items, 25 cents per day for
who achieve a 3.8 grade point average or             Reference items and Quick Pads.
higher in all subjects. A minimum grade of
“B” is required in each subject.                  4. Students with overdue items and/or fines
                                                     will be placed on Library restriction.
   The Honor Roll                                    Students placed on restriction are not
                                                     allowed to come to the Library during Flex
This honor roll recognizes those students            unless returning overdue materials and/or
who achieve a 3.25 to 3.79 grade point               paying fines.
average in all subjects. A minimum grade of
“C” is required in each subject. The names of        Citizenship:
students who qualify for the honor rolls are
published in weekly newspapers at the end of      The use of the Library is a privilege. In order
each marking period.                              for the Library to run efficiently, everyone
                                                  should practice good citizenship. Good
     Instructional Support Team (IST)             citizenship in the Library involves:

IST is a team approach to helping students        A. Being responsible
be successful. The team includes the                     Checking out materials before
parents, principal, guidance counselor,                     leaving the Library
classroom teacher and the Instructional                  Having a properly completed pass
Support Teacher. The Learning Support                       for each individual student
Teacher and specialists from the building are            Returning all items to their proper
included as needed. IST is a systematic way                 places
of addressing both behavioral and academic               Returning borrowed items on time
needs within the classroom setting.

                                        Page 28
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

        Taking good care of all materials –       Department. Such materials may be used as
         books, magazines, and equipment           evidence against students in disciplinary,
       Using computers in the                     juvenile or criminal proceedings. Hershey
         appropriate manner by following           Middle School cannot guarantee the security
         the guidelines in the DTSD                of personal property and is not responsible
         Acceptable Use Policy                     for theft or loss.”
       Pushing chairs under tables or
         computer area and cleaning up             Students will be able to use their lockers
         your work area                            before and after school, before and after
B. Respecting other students’ right to learn.      lunch, and at any other time determined by
C. Behaving                                        teams.

Students choosing to not practice proper           Jamming of lockers is prohibited. The names
Library Citizenship during Flex may be asked       of student’s lockers found to be jammed will
to leave the Library and placed on restriction.    be submitted to the disciplinarian and could
This restriction may prohibit the use of the       result in Level III interventions. Pay attention
Library during Flex for a period of 12 days. A     to this rule. It takes an extraordinary amount
Library restriction notice will be sent to the     of time to fix jammed lockers.
student’s homeroom teacher. AUP violations
will be sent to the disciplinarian.                               Lost and Found

                   Lockers                         Lost and found boxes are kept in the school
                                                   office and in the gymnasium. Students
Students will be assigned a locker. Lockers        should search for missing property in these
are furnished at no charge and may be              places. Articles found by students should be
subject to periodic examination by principals      turned in to the main office or gym office.
and teachers. Students will be responsible
for the care and maintenance of their                          Parental Involvement
assigned lockers. Students are not permitted
to use or maintain more than one locker            We at Hershey Middle School truly believe
during the school term and may not share           the best program we can offer the students of
lockers with other students. Having lockers is     Derry Township School District involves a
a privilege that can be revoked for misuse.        coordinated, joint effort with school and
This includes physical education lockers.          home. Recent middle school research clearly
                                                   indicates that our students benefit from family
Inappropriate decorations will be removed at       involvement in the following ways:
the discretion of the faculty and /or
administration.                                    1. Improved student academic performance
                                                   2. Family members grow closer to their
No one should attempt to open another                 children as school becomes a family
student’s locker. Only the student assigned           experience
to a locker may store materials in it.             3. Relationships between home and school
                                                      as well as between the school and the
“Lockers are the property of the Derry                community improve
Township School District. School authorities       4. The varieties of skills family members
may search without advanced notice                    possess help students in the classroom
students’ lockers or desks and seize any              and out, both academically and socially
illegal materials. Search and seizure may be       5. Students receive all the extra support and
assisted with the use of the drug dogs under          understanding they need, both at home
the authority of the Derry Township Police            and at school.

                                         Page 29
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

Please join the Hershey Middle School              2. All physical education uniforms are
“Family” through any one or many of the               purchased from the Physical Education
following ways:                                       teachers.

1. Attendance at school events (athletic,          3. Students who have forgotten to bring the
   musical, team nights, BAT, and PTO                 necessary uniform to class must rent the
   Meetings)                                          proper clothing.
2. Volunteering through PTO
3. Communication with your son/daughter’s          4. Each student is provided with a separate
   teachers                                           locker to store clothing while participating
4. Involvement in school                              in physical education classes.
5. Communication with the school                   5. Each student is charged a rental fee for
   administration                                     the use of a combination lock so that
                                                      his/her belongings may be secure while
        Parent-Teacher Conferences                    participating in physical education class.
                                                      The rental fee will be returned to students
This year we have the opportunity to hold             either at the end of the eighth grade year
sixth grade parent conferences on November            or if they are moving from the district.
7th. We feel parent-teacher communication is
essential to a successful educational              6. Gym Excuses – All written requests
experience. Our sixth grade parents will have         (physician and parental) for release from
the opportunity to meet with their child’s            physical education classes shall be taken
teaching team on one of the two scheduled             to the school nurse’s office. This task
days. Seventh and eighth grade parents are            should be completed prior to the start of
free to call and schedule a conference with           school day between 7:45am an 8:00am.
your child’s teaching team whenever you               Determination of level of participation or
have concerns that can be best addressed in           exclusion will be made on an individual
a meeting.                                            basis by an evaluation of presenting
                                                      conditions. If any injury or illness
Please designate when calling whether you             necessitates an extended absence from
desire a conference with an individual teacher        physical education (more than two days)
or the team of teachers. Sixth grade parents          a written physician’s excuse is required.
are encouraged to contact their child’s               All physician gym excuses are limited to a
homeroom teacher as a first contact person.           maximum time period of two months after
                                                      being issued. If a student needs to be
                                                      excused for longer than two months a
   Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)                  renewal of the physician order will be
                                                      required at that time.
The 2008-2009 school year will be the 13th
year for the HMS Parent Teacher
Organization. Your support and enthusiasm
                                                               Placement Requests
are welcomed to help make this organization
a success! Please call the middle school           The goal of each student is to have a
office at 531-2222 for more information.           successful diversified experience at HMS.
                                                   Each child’s development and needs are
                                                   recognized. However, requests for specific
       Physical Education Guidelines
                                                   teachers or teams cannot be honored. To
                                                   assist with an appropriate placement, parents
1. 6th, 7th and 8th graders will wear uniforms     may submit a written description of their child
   for physical education class.

                                         Page 30
Derry Township School District                                 Hershey Middle School

identifying strengths and needs. This written     enforcer. The SRO participates as a member
description is to be sent to the principal by     of the Student Assistance Program and the
June 1st.                                         Safe Schools Committee.

     PSSA/Standardized Assessments                   Student Assistance Program (SAP) &
                                                      Hershey Intervention & Prevention
The PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School                        Program (HIP)
Assessment) will be given in each grade, 6-8,
in both Reading and Mathematics between           Derry Township School District has made a
March 16th and March 27th. In addition, the       commitment to the Pennsylvania Department
PSSA Writing Assessment will be given in          of Education to provide a Student Assistance
grade 8 between February 9th and February         Program (SAP). The program is designed to:
20th. The PSSA Science Assessment will be         1) provide prevention based activities and
given in grade 8 between April 28th and May       programs, 2) accept referrals of students who
8th. Additional District standardized testing     are experiencing barriers to learning and
will occur at various grade levels in various     school success (due to alcohol or drug use,
subject areas.                                    depression, or other concerns) and, 3)
                                                  intervene and refer these students to the
        School Closings and Delays                appropriate school or community resources.
                                                  It is a prevention and intervention program,
In case of heavy snows, icy roads or other        not a treatment program.
poor weather conditions, tune in to one of the
following radio or TV stations between 6:30       Derry Township made its decision to provide
AM and 7:30 AM for school closing                 a Student Assistance Program because of its
information:                                      commitment to provide an educational
                                                  environment that does not tolerate the use of
   Radio Stations:                                alcohol or drugs, and which promotes positive
   WIFT (FM) – 89.5                               mental health. Derry Township School
   WJTL (FM) – 90.3                               District refers to its Student Assistance
   HOT (FM) - 92.1                                Program as HIP, (Hershey Intervention &
   WTPA (FM) – 93.5                               Prevention Program). In the middle school,
   WRBT (FM) – 94.9                               HIP is comprised of a building administrator,
   WRVV (FM) – 97.3                               guidance counselor, nurse, mental
   WRKA (FM) – 99.3                               health/intervention specialist and classroom
   WHYL (FM) -102.3                               teachers. Additional members of the teams
   WINK (FM) – 104.1                              who represent various community agencies
   WQXA (FM) – 105.7                              are chemical dependency counselors, mental
   WCAT (FM) – 106.7                              health professionals, juvenile probation and
   WLBR (FM) – 1270                               our school resource officer (SRO).
   WPDC (FM) – 1600
                                                  The purpose of HIP is to provide education
          School Resource Officer                 and monitor students experiencing difficulty in
                                                  school and to gather data to assist in the
                                                  assessment of the student’s need for help
The School Resource Officer is a member of
                                                  and support. The involvement of the parent
the Derry Township Police Department who
                                                  or guardian is key to this process. HIP is
works closely with the school officials,
                                                  voluntary and provides assistance only with
parents and students to introduce community
                                                  the written permission of the parent/guardian.
policing into the school environment. This
                                                  Student referrals to HIP may be made by
person is responsible to serve as a problem
                                                  teachers and school staff, parent/guardian,
solver, educator, safety specialist and law

                                        Page 31
Derry Township School District                                  Hershey Middle School

other students, or by self-referral. Any
student who violates the Derry Township                       Use of School Property
Substance Abuse Policy is automatically
referred to HIP.                                   Every student is to use school property
                                                   correctly. Vandalism, the defacing or
A district-wide SAP committee establishes a        destruction of property that belongs to the
monthly calendar of prevention activities in       school will not be tolerated. Detentions and
which the middle school staff and students         suspension will be assigned to students who
participate.                                       destroy school property. Parents are held
                                                   responsible for repair or replacement of
               Student Council                     vandalized property.

Student Council is made up of                                         Visitors
representatives from each homeroom. The
purpose of the council is to provide a student     Student visitors or friends of students are not
forum, to enable students to participate in the    permitted to visit the school during school
democratic process, to bring about                 hours. Parents are free to visit the school at
cooperation between students and teachers          any time. However, arrangements must be
and to give students an opportunity to             made with the office IN ADVANCE of visits to
assume responsibility. Meetings are held           classrooms and visitors must obtain a visitor’s
regularly at times approved by the                 pass from office personnel prior to entry into
administration.                                    classes.

            Student Obligations                                     Voice Mail
At the end of the school year, students            All middle school faculty have access to voice
having damaged or missing textbooks,               mail. The installation of a voice activated
cafeteria charges, overdue books and/or            phone system has made communication with
library fines, or any other outstanding            the staff even easier. Simply dial 531-2222,
obligations will be required to make payment       state the name of the party with whom you
to the main office. All report cards and           wish to speak, and you will be automatically
schedules will be withheld until full payment is   connected to his/her voice mail system. You
made.                                              can also reach the staff by calling the main
                                                   number 531-2222, followed by their four-digit
                 Technology                        extension. A complete listing of voice mail
                                                   extensions will be made available at the
Students have access to various forms of           beginning of each school year.
technology. A student acceptable use policy
has been adopted by the Derry Township
School Board. The policy will be reviewed
and each child must sign to enable school
use of technology. (See Appendix B,
Acceptable Use policy)

                                         Page 32
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

      Core Teams

      Map

      Schedules

      School Calendar

                                 Page 33
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 34
          Derry Township School District                                                     Hershey Middle School

                                          Hershey Middle School Core Teams 2008-2009

          6th Grade                                 7th Grade                                     8th Grade

          Hurricanes                                Jupiter                                       Nova Star
          Bob Dailey                       G13      Kathy Cantore          A154                   Darin Hickethier         C163
          JoAnn Delaney                    G14      Carol Dundorf          B111                   Jim Shay                 A140
          Bonnie Houtz                     G11      Ron Wales              A152                   Kristen Schaffer         C165
          June Umberger                    G10      Justin Repsch          B116                   Rob Finkill              A135

          Mega Storms                               Olympus                                       Andromeda
          Brian Ogle                       G05      Dave Yingst            B106                   Joy Graeff               A136
          Dawn Templeton                   G04      John Zitko             B110                   Zak Davies               A142
          Dan Hugendubler                  G06      Melissa Hand           B114                   Emma Clouser             A133
          Kathy Mack                       G08      Terry Lewis            B113                   Art Titzel               A134

          Twisters                                  Raya                                          Sirius
          Sue Frankeny                     G03      Kevin Adams            B107                   Dave Cavic               C167
          Mike Warfel                      G60      Kellie Stover          B109                   Diana Armitage           C174
          Colleen Mullikin                 G01      Kristen Vath           B102                   Renee Owens              C171
          Jan Szeerba                      G61      Dale Mackley           B101                   Nate Beamer              C169

                                     Hershey Middle School Bell Schedule 2008-2009

                8th Grade                                        7th Grade                                           6th Grade
         Time Line     Minutes     Core/Encore            Time Line     Minutes     Core/Encore              Time Line     Min        Core/Encore
         7:45-7:55           10                           7:45-7:55           10                             7:45-7:55           10
Homeroom 7:55-8:03             8                 Homeroom 7:55-8:03             8                   Homeroom 7:55-8:03            8
         8:03-8:05             2                          8:03-8:05             2                            8:03-8:05            2
Period 1 8:05-8:59           54    Core          Period 1 8:05-8:59           54    Core            Period 1 8:05-8:59           54   Encore
         8:59-9:01             2                          8:59-9:01             2                            8:59-9:01            2
Period 2 9:01-9:55           54    Core          Period 2 9:01-9:55           54    Core            Period 2 9:01-9:55           54   Encore
         9:55-9:57             2                          9:55-9:57             2                            9:55-9:57            2
Period 3 9:57-10:51          54    Core          Period 3 9:57-10:51          54    Encore          Team     9:57-10:15          18   Team Time
         10:51-10:53           2                          10:51-10:53           2                            10-15-10:16          1
         10:53-11:31         38    Flex          Period 4 10:53-11:47         54    Encore                   10:16-10:53         37   Flex
Period 4 11:31-11:33           2                          11:47-11:49           2                   Period 3 10:53-10:55          2
         11:33-12:03         30    Lunch                  11:49-12:27         38    Flex                     10:55-11:25         30   Lunch
         12:03-12:07           4                 Period 5 12:27-12:29           4                            11:25-11:27          2
Period 5 12:07-1:01          54    Core                   12:29-12:59         30    Lunch           Period 4 11:27-12:17         50   Core
         1:01-1:03             2                          12:59-1:03            4                            12:17-12:19          2
Period 6 1:03-1:57           54    Encore        Period 6 1:03-1:57           54    Core            Period 5 12:19-1:09          50   Core
         1:57-1:59             2                          1:57-1:59             2                            1:09-1:11            2
Period 7 1:59-2:53           54    Encore        Period 7 1:59-2:53           54    Core            Period 6 1:11-2:01           50   Core
         2:53-2:57             4                          2:53-2:57             4                            2:01-2:03            2
Homeroom 2:57-3:10           13                  Homeroom 2:57-3:10           13                    Period 7 2:03-2:53           50   Core
                                                                                                             2:53-2:57            4
                                                                                                    Homeroom 2:57-3:10           13

                                                            Page 35
Derry Township School District                     Hershey Middle School

                      Hershey Middle School Map 2008-2009

                                 Page 36
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 37
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 38
Derry Township School District                    Hershey Middle School

                                               THE SECTION CONTAINS
APPENDIX B                                     SELECTED SUMMARIES OF
                                               POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR
                                               YOUR REVIEW. AS STATED, THE
      1. Attendance Regulations                FOLLOWING ARE BUT
      2. Buildings and Grounds                 SUMMARIES OF POLICIES AND
      3. Computer and Internet Acceptable      PROCEDURES AND SHOULD NOT
          Use of Technology Resources          BE CONSTRUED AS ENTIRE
      4. Drug & Alcohol Policy
                                               POLICIES OR PROCEDURES. NOR
      5. Electronic Devices
      6. Emergency Evacuation                  DO THEY REPRESENT ALL
      7. Family Education Rights and           POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IN
          Privacy Act of 1974                  EFFECT BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT
      8. Medication Policy                     REGARDING BEHAVIOR
      9. Nondiscrimination Policy              REQUIRED AND EXPECTED OF
      10. Pediculosis Capitis (Head Lice)
                                               STUDENTS OF THE DERRY
      11. Prohibition of Tobacco               TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT.
      12. Publicity Release Form               COMPLETE STUDENT POLICIES
      13. School Visitors                      ARE ON THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE
      14. Sexual Harassment Policy             OR CAN BE FOUND IN EACH
      15. Students Rights and Responsibilities BUILDING OFFICE AND LIBRARY
      16. Tobacco Policy and Regulations
                                               FOR PUBLIC STUDY AND
      17. Use of Skateboards, Roller Skates,
          Roller Blades, Go Carts etc.         INSPECTION.
      18. Weapons, Ammunitions, and
          Destructive Devices Policy

                                   Page 39
Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

                                 Page 40
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

                                                   The Derry Township School District maintains
                                                   its buildings and grounds to the highest
           Attendance Regulations
                                                   standards. It does so for the safety of our
                                                   students, staff, and visitors and to enhance the
The Derry Township School District Board of        learning environment in each building. This
School Directors requires that school-age          includes the interior of all District facilities. It
pupils enrolled in the schools of this District    also includes the campus grounds, which
attend school regularly in accordance with         includes but is not limited to parking lots,
the laws of the Commonwealth of                    sidewalks, roadways, and athletic fields. To
Pennsylvania and in accordance with the            help ensure proper upkeep of our grounds and
provisions of Article 13 of the Pennsylvania       the safety of students, staff and visitors,
School Code of 1949, as amended. The               responsible behavior is required at all times.
District predicates its educational program        Please adhere to the following regulations:
upon the presence of the pupil and requires
continuity of instruction and classroom               Unapproved use of athletic fields is
participation. Further, regularity of attendance       prohibited at any time.
is desirable in developing proper habits and          Playground use shall be prohibited from
the feeling of mastery through success,                sunset to sunrise.
interest in school, and a sense of
                                                      Entrance on School District and Township
                                                       Property is prohibited from 10 pm through
                                                       6 am (Except for previously approved and
Excuse Cards: Upon return to school from an
                                                       scheduled events by the School District or
absence, the student shall bring a signed
excuse card to the attendance secretary.
                                                      Motor vehicles and bicycles shall be
Please reference your student handbook for
                                                       operated in a safe and proper manner
specific procedural guidelines.
                                                       when and where permitted. Motor vehicles
                                                       and bicycles are restricted to roadways and
Educational Tour or Trip Requested by Parents
                                                       designated parking areas for transportation
Policy: Derry Township School District
encourages full compliance with the
compulsory attendance provisions set forth in         Pets are prohibited at all times.
the Regulations of the State Board of                 Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates.
Education of Pennsylvania and the Public               go-carts, mini bikes or such other similar
School Code of 1949, as amended. Provisions            wheeled objects are prohibited at all times.
may be made for absences that excuse                  No golfing permitted at any time.
students from compulsory attendance for a             Smoking or use of tobacco products are
tour or trip which may be considered                   prohibited.
educational in nature. Such an excuse should          Possession of alcoholic beverages or
be considered a privilege and not a right.             controlled substances absolutely
Granting an excuse from compulsory                     prohibited.
attendance is within the sole discretion of the
school district. Parents can obtain a Student      Any person found to have violated these
Application for Educational Tour or Trip           regulations shall be subject to the charge of
Requested from the school office in each           criminal trespass and injury to public property.
building. Requests should be submitted at
least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the
date on which the student will be absent.

     Buildings and Grounds Regulations

                                         Page 41
Derry Township School District                                      Hershey Middle School

                                                     aspects of DTSD activities. All users are
 ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY                        expected to use the computers and computer
      RESOURCES (11/25/2002)                         networks in a responsible, ethical and polite
*Please Note: The Acceptable Use of                  Any questions regarding this policy should be
 Technology Policy is currently under revision.      directed to the Assistant to the Superintendent
 The updated version will be provided as soon        for Personnel and Student Services. Because
 as it is available (7/21/2008).                     the Internet environment is a rapidly changing
                                                     entity, this policy may be updated periodically.
The Internet is a global, public information         All use of technology via DTSD’s internal
network enabling electronic mail, special-           networks and computer resources is governed
interest news groups, access to the World            by this policy. Use of these resources
Wide Web (a graphic-oriented method of               constitutes consent to the terms of this policy
publicly distributing information on an              and to monitoring and logging of all Internet
organizations’ products, services, interests,        use.
etc.), and other less well-known online
services. The Derry Township School District             Scope:
(hereafter DTSD) provides a district-wide
connection to the Internet that enables              This policy applies to all DTSD employees:
approved users to provide and employ
technology resources for educational and                Who access the Internet using DTSD
administrative purposes. The goal in providing           internal networks and computer resources.
these resources is to promote educational
                                                        Whose personal use of the Internet may
excellence in the Derry Township schools in
                                                         otherwise be construed by others as
order to facilitate resource sharing, introduce
                                                         intended to represent DTSD.
innovative educational practices, and enhance
communication among stakeholders. The use               Who access DTSD’s internal networks,
of these technology resources is a privilege,            computer resources or district employees
not a right. This policy establishes the rules,          via the Internet.
conditions and guidelines for proper use of             Who have an e-mail/system account.
DTSD information resources. This policy
supersedes any prior policies issued                 This policy applies to all DTSD students:
concerning Internet appropriate use.
                                                        Who interact with the Internet using DTSD
The connection to the Internet enables                   internal networks and computer resources.
approved users to be more productive, but it            Whose personal use of the Internet may
also introduces special concerns about                   otherwise be construed by others as
security, productivity and potential misuse of           intended to represent DTSD.
computer resources. With access to computers
and people all over the world comes the              The district’s computer systems and networks
potential availability of material that may not be   are any configuration of hardware and
considered to be of educational value in the         software. Included in this definition are the
context of the school setting. DTSD firmly           following: QuickPads, desktop and laptop
believes that the value of information,              computers. The systems and networks include
interaction, and research capabilities available     all of the computer hardware, operating system
outweighs the possibility that users may obtain      software, application software, stored text, and
material that is not consistent with the             data files. This includes electronic mail, local
educational goals of the district. Proper            databases, externally accessed databases
behavior, as it relates to the use of computers,     (such as the Internet), CD-ROM, optical media,
is not different than proper behavior in all other   clip art, digital images, digitized information,

                                          Page 42
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

communications technologies, and new                   respect to use by minors, or determined
technologies as they become available. All             inappropriate for use by minors by the
communications are property of the district.           Board.
The district reserves the right to monitor all      2. Maintaining and securing a usage log.
technology resource activity.                       3. Monitoring online activities of minors.

The Board shall establish a list of materials, in   Acceptable Use
addition to those stated in law, that are
inappropriate for access by minors. Examples        The district’s technology resources will be used
include, but are not limited to materials which     only for learning, teaching and administrative
contain obscene, offensive, harassing,              purposes consistent with the district’s mission
defamatory, sexually-oriented or otherwise          and goals. Commercial use of the district’s
potentially dangerous material, including           system is strictly prohibited.
derogatory or offensive comments based on
race, national origin, gender, gender               User security responsibilities:
orientation, age, disability, or religion.
                                                    1. The individual in whose name a system
The district shall make every effort to ensure         account is issued will be responsible at all
that this resource is used responsibly by              times for its proper use.
students and staff.                                 2. The assigned username and password
                                                       should be protected from unauthorized use
Administrators, teachers and staff have a              at all times. Do not post any of this
professional responsibility to work together to        information where others can view it.
help students develop the intellectual skills       3. The user’s personal password should not
necessary to discriminate among information            be shared via e-mail at any time. If a
sources, to identify information appropriate to        Network Technician needs that information,
their age an developmental levels, and to              he/she must request it in person.
evaluate and use the information to meet their
educational goals.                                  The district will make training available to all
                                                    users in the proper use of the system and will
Students and staff have the responsibility to       make copies of acceptable use guidelines
respect and protect the rights of every other       available to all users. All training in the use of
user in the district and on the Internet.           the district’s system will emphasize the ethical
                                                    use of this resource.
The building administrator shall have the
authority to determine what is inappropriate        DTSD’s Internet connection utilizes a filtering
use.                                                device designed to block access to certain
                                                    inappropriate websites or locations. A filtering
The Superintendent or designee shall be             software package is utilized to block access to
responsible for implementing technology and         inappropriate sites anywhere on the DTSD
procedures to determine whether the district’s      campus. All Internet access is funneled
computers are being used for purposes               through one server. That server runs the
prohibited by law or for accessing sexually         filtering device. A database of inappropriate
explicit materials. The procedure shall include     sites is updated on a daily basis, with blocked
but not be limited to:                              sites being automatically downloaded to the
                                                    server. Any DTSD student or employee that
1. Utilizing a technology protection measure        attempts to access a blocked site will receive
   that blocks or filters Internet access for       an automatic message from the server stating
   minors and adults to certain visual              that the Web address cannot he accessed.
   depictions that are obscene, child               However, users are responsible for ensuring
   pornography, harmful to minors with              that their use of DTSD resources is consistent

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Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

with the guidelines for ethical and responsible    Access to the district’s network systems will be
use as set forth below. DTSD employees may         governed as follows:
not assume that a given website, location or
communication is appropriate merely because        1. Students shall have access to the district’s
the filtering device allows access. In addition,      resources for class assignments and
DTSD will monitor, intercept and log Internet         research with their teacher’s permission
use through its system. A record of each              and/or supervision.
user’s Internet use shall be maintained and        2. Teachers with accounts will be required to
may be made available to the administrative           maintain password confidentiality by not
team. Unauthorized employees may not erase            sharing the password with students or
the computer history log.                             others.
                                                   3. Any system user identified as a security
Students are not permitted to modify desktop          risk or having violated district Acceptable
settings (including icons) on any computers.          Use Guidelines may be denied access to
                                                      the district’s system. Other disciplinary
Student use of the computers and computer             action may also be taken.
network is only allowed when supervised or
granted permission by a staff member.              Other issues applicable to acceptable use are:
Students are not permitted to use staff’s
personal e-mail accounts.                         1. Copyright: all users are expected to follow
                                                      existing copyright laws, copies of which
Downloading files from the Internet uses              may be found in each building library.
significant network resources and can impact      2. Attempting to log on or logging on to a
Internet performance for other users; therefore,      computer or e-mail system by using
discretion should be used in deciding what and        another’s password is prohibited: assisting
when to perform downloads. Downloads                  others in violating this rule by sharing
during regular school hours should be limited         information or passwords is unacceptable.
to priority educational information. Where
possible, low priority downloads should occur     Ethical and responsible use is expected.
before or after student hours.                    Improper use of any computer or the network
                                                  is prohibited. This includes the following:
All PCs that are configured to interact with the
Internet must be equipped with up to date virus 1. Using the network for financial gain,
detection/prevention software or otherwise            political or commercial activity.
have on-demand access to anti-virus software 2. Attempting to or harming equipment,
residing on DTSD’s servers. The Network               materials or data, interfering with the
Technicians do have remote notification of all        operation or security of any network.
virus activities; therefore, it is essential that 3. Attempting to or sending anonymous
users not interfere with the virus protection         messages of any kind.
system.                                           4. Placing a computer virus on a computer or
                                                      the network.
System Access                                     5. Using the network to provide addresses or
                                                      other personal information that others may
All accesses of the Internet, whether for e-mail,     use inappropriately.
WWW, or any other Internet service that           6. Accessing information resources, files and
originate from within DTSD’s internal network         documents of another user without their
must use DTSD’s Internet connection. Users            permission.
may not utilize private dial-up connections for   7. Receiving, viewing or distributing files,
Internet access from within DTSD’s internal           graphics, or programs which contain
network.                                              offensive, harassing, sexually-oriented or
                                                      otherwise potentially dangerous material,

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Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

    including derogatory or offensive                 Forgery Prohibited
    comments based on race, national origin,
    gender, gender orientation, age, disability,   Forgery or attempted forgery of electronic
    or religion.                                   messages is prohibited. Attempts to read,
8. Circulating or distributing any obscene,        delete, copy or modify the electronic mail of
    offensive, harassing or defamatory             other system users or deliberate interference
    messages or other materials with a sexual,     with the ability of other system users to
    racial or other discriminatory content.        send/receive electronic mail is prohibited.
9. Accessing or viewing pornographic or
    obscene materials or websites.                    Information Content/Third Party
10. Operating a personal business.                    Supplied Information
11. Downloading or playing games.
12. Participating, viewing or visiting any Chat    System users and parents of students with
    Rooms which are not professional               access to the district’s system should be aware
    educational forums.                            that use of the system may provide access to
13. Gambling.                                      other electronic communications systems
14. Erasing the computer’s history.                outside the district’s networks that may contain
15. Solicitation should not be conducted on e-     inaccurate and/or objectionable material.
    mail or the Internet (including personal
    items, tickets, and solicitation of funds).    A student bringing prohibited materials into the
16. Using racist, profane, obscene, violent or     school’s electronic environment will be subject
    terrorist language or materials.               to a suspension and/or revocation of privileges
17. Defaming other students or staff               on the district’s system and will be subject to
18. Constructing personal websites.                disciplinary action in accordance with the
                                                   Student Code of Conduct.
Independent web sites must be pre-approved
by the Assistant to the Superintendent before         Network Etiquette
posting on DTSD website; this includes, but is
not limited to clubs, sports and other             System users are expected to observe the
extracurricular activities.                        following network etiquette (also known as
   Vandalism Prohibited
                                                  1. Use of inappropriate language, such as
Any malicious attempt to harm or destroy             swearing, vulgarity, ethnic or racial slurs
district equipment or materials, data of another     and any other inflammatory language are
user of the district’s system, or any of the         prohibited.
agencies or other networks to which the district 2. Invoking another’s name and claiming to be
has access is prohibited. Deliberate attempts        that person when sending/receiving
to degrade or disrupt system performance (i.e.       messages is prohibited.
hacking) may be viewed as violations of district 3. Transmitting or receiving obscene
guidelines and, possibly, as criminal activity       messages or pictures is prohibited.
under applicable state and federal law. This      4. Revealing such personal information as
includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or    addresses or phone numbers of users or
creating of computer viruses.                        others are prohibited.
                                                  5. Using the network in such a way that would
Vandalism will result in the cancellation of         disrupt the use of the network by other
system use privileges, possible prosecution,         users is prohibited.
and will require restitution for costs associated 6. Using polite language is mandated. For
with system restoration, hardware, or software       example, messages typed in capital letters
costs.                                               are the computer equivalent of shouting
                                                     and are considered rude.

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Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

   Slanderous/libelous comments about              participate in e-mail surveys without district
   students and staff are prohibited.              authorization.

   Software                                        4. Incoming e-mail that is incorrectly
                                                   addressed will remain undeliverable. Staff
Software or non-instructional external data        members are not available to personally
may not be placed on any computer, whether         inspect all messages of this type and forward
stand-alone or networked to the district’s         them to the proper person.
system, without permission from the
Superintendent or designee. Users of DTSD             a. Requests for personal information from any
resources are reminded that law protects              source other than student’s parents will
trademarks and/or copyrighted materials. Any          absolutely not be honored under any
unauthorized use, including copying of                circumstances. Referral must be made to the
trademarks and/or copyrighted materials is            Derry Township School District’s Policy on
illegal and is explicitly prohibited.                 Confidential Information, found in Section I
                                                      Students-Appendix B Policy of Student and
   Electronic Mail                                    Family Rights, which must be strictly followed
                                                      with regard to any request for information
E-mail has become one of the most used                from any source other than as addressed in
communications tools in both offices and              subparagraph (b).
classrooms. The following points are important
to keep in mind:                                      b. Requests for, or discussion of, personal
                                                      information from and with parents of students
1. The software and hardware that provides e-         shall not occur absent written consent on file
mail capabilities has been publicly funded. For       with the School District signed by the parents
that reason, it should not be considered as           requesting such information to be transmitted
private, personal form of communications. The         via e-mail. Such communications between
contents of any communication of this type are        parents and staff relate to any type or form of
governed by the Open Records Act. Users               personal student information, to include, by
must abide and cooperate with any legal               example, grades, tests discipline, attendance
request for access to e-mail contents by the          or other non-directory information.
proper authorities.
                                                   6. During student contact time in the
2. Since e-mail access is provided as a normal     classroom, e-mail should be turned off to
operating tool for any employee who requires it    prevent interruptions. Staff members should
for perform their job, individual staff e-mail     set aside time whenever feasible to check and
addresses must be shared with interested           respond to e-mail messages. E-mail does not
parents and community members who request          have to be answered immediately; simply allow
to communicate with staff in this fashion.         enough time so that the twenty-four hours work
                                                   day turnaround time can be met in most
3. Staff should be expected to return e-mail       instances.
communications to parents/guardians or other
public members who have a legitimate               7. Since e-mail access is provided for school
business request within twenty-four (24) hours     business related use, messages that have no
of a work day, whenever feasible. Requests         educational or professional value should not be
from outside agencies for information do not fit   forwarded. An example would be any number
into this same category and can be handled         of messages that show a text pattern or follow
with a different timeline or in a manner           a chain letter concept. These messages
consistent with previous experience in working     should be deleted and the sender notified that
with similar requests. Staff should not            messages of that nature are not appropriate to
                                                   receive on your district e-mail account.

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Derry Township School District                                      Hershey Middle School

                                                     As indicated previously, all e-mail
8. Student names must not appear in the              communications are subject to monitoring,
subject area of messages.                            interception, logging and auditing. Employees
                                                     have no reasonable expectation of privacy in
9. Staff names must not appear in the subject        the e-mail system or with respect to the
area of messages.                                    content of any e-mail messages in the system.

10. The group’s function of DTSD e-mail                  Security Issues
system should be used appropriately.
Messages should not be sent to an entire staff       All access of the Internet within any of DTSD’s
when only a small group of people actually           internal networks must be via DTSD’s Internet
need to receive the messages.                        connection.

11. Attachments to e-mail messages should            A standard set of Internet access tools, tested,
include only data files. At no time should           approved and supported by the Network
program files be attached due to software            Technicians will be made available to
licensing requirements. In addition, there           authorized users. Users may experience
exists the real possibility that any program files   difficulties if they attempt to use other Internet
received as attachments over the Internet may        software. All network-based Internet software
include viruses or other very destructive            must be tested and approved by a Network
capabilities once they are launched or started.      Technician before it is used on DTSD’s internal
If one receives an attachment like this, the e-      networks.
mail message should be deleted immediately
without saving or looking at the attachment.         Any perceived Internet security breaches or
                                                     use violations should be reported immediately
12. Subscriptions of Internet listservs should       to a Network Technician.
be limited to professional digests due to the
amount of e-mail traffic generated by general
subscriptions. Subscriptions of Internet                 Consequences of Improper Use
listservs are not permitted by student, unless
specifically authorized by the building principal. The district may suspend or revoke a system
                                                     user’s access to the district’s system upon
13. Students will not be issued individual e-        violation of district policy and/or administrative
mail accounts. For any projects that involve e- regulations regarding acceptable use.
mail communications, the student shall obtain
authorization from the building principal to use Termination of a user’s account will be
a district account as a facilitator to the activity, effective on the date the building principal
or, work with a Network Technician to activate received notices of user withdrawal or of
a special project account for a limited time.        revocation of system privileges, or on a future
                                                     date if so specified in the notice. Violations of
14. Please notify a Network Technician if you the policy will result in disciplinary action up to
receive unsolicited e-mail, particularly if it is of and including expulsion or termination of
a hate mail nature. An attempt will be made to employment, consistent with this and other
track down the source of that e-mail and             policies and, if appropriate, state and federal
prevent receipt of any additional unsolicited        laws. This may also require restitution for
mail.                                                costs associated with system restoration,
                                                     hardware, or software costs.
15. Student shall not access private internet
accounts at school.                                      Disclaimer

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Derry Township School District                                       Hershey Middle School

The district’s system is provided on an as is, as     2. Safety and security of minors when using
available basis. The district does not make              electronic mail, chat rooms, and other
any warranties, whether expressed or implied,            forms of direct electronic communications.
including, without limitation, those of fitness for
a particular purpose with respect to any              3. Prevention of unauthorized online access
services provided by the system and any                  by minors, including “hacking” and other
information or software contained therein. The           unlawful activities.
district uses a variety of vendor-supplied
hardware and software. Therefore, the district        4. Unauthorized disclosure, use, and
does not warrant that the functions or services          dissemination of personal information
performed by, or that the information or                 regarding minors.
software contained on the system will meet the
user’s requirements. Neither does the district        5. Restriction of minor’s access to materials
warrant that the system will be uninterrupted or         harmful to them.
error-free, nor that defects will be corrected.
                                                                 Drug and Alcohol Policy
Opinions, advice, services and all other
information expressed by system users,             The health and well-being of our students is of
information providers, or other third party        primary concern for Derry Township School
individuals in the system are those of the         District. This responsibility is mutually shared
providers and not necessarily the district.        between students, parents/guardians and
                                                   professional staff to ensure the safe and
The district shall cooperate fully with local,     positive educational development of all
state, or federal officials in any investigation   students. To facilitate the fulfillment of these
concerning or relating to misuse of the district’s responsibilities, this policy has been
computer systems and networks.                     established to address prohibitive behavior
                                                   while students are under school supervision,
    Safety                                         whether on or off school property. This policy
                                                   has furthermore been established to address
To the greatest extent possible, users of the      the behavior of students who participate in an
network will be protected from harassment and extracurricular, co-curricular or school
unwanted or unsolicited communication. Any         sponsored activity, club and/or organization.
network user who receives threatening or           All students participating in the aforementioned
unwelcome communications shall report such activities and/or clubs shall be required to sign
immediately to a teacher or administrator.         a participation agreement. Simply stated, and
Network users shall not reveal personal            as here after provided, the use, possession
information to other users on the network,         and/or distribution of drugs and alcohol is
including chat rooms, e-mail, Internet, etc.       forbidden. Knowingly and/or willingly
                                                   remaining in the company of persons illegally
Any district computer/server utilized by           using, possessing and/or distributing drugs
students and staff shall be equipped with          and/or alcohol is also forbidden. Any student
Internet blocking/filtering software.              found in violation of this Policy shall be subject
                                                   to disciplinary action as contained in the Policy
Internet safety measures shall effectively         Procedures.
address the following:
                                                                    Electronic Devices
1. Control of access by minors to
   inappropriate matter on the Internet and
   World Wide Web.                                    The School District regulates and prohibits by
                                                      policy the possession and use of certain
                                                      identified electronic or electronic-type devices

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Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

in school buildings or property, on District       on a case-by-case basis that my be applicable
provided transportation, and at school             to the violation of any other School District
sponsored activities on District property.         policy.
Those electronic devices identified in the
manner in which they are regulated/prohibited          Emergency Evacuation Information
are as follows:
                                                   If an emergency situation arises and students
   Laser pointers, including attachments-         must be evacuated from the buildings, school
    Prohibited at all times.                       officials have been instructed to follow an
   Paging devices-Prohibited at all times other   emergency plan. All students will be
    than approved medical situation or             transported by bus to safe shelters
    registered member of organized fire,           approximately 10 miles outside the Hershey
    rescue, or EMS organization.                   area.
   Cellular telephones-May not be on the
    student’s person or used at any time on           Hershey Middle School
    school property during the school day,
    other than transporting to and from the        Begin on Homestead Road; proceed North to
    student’s locker, if appropriate pursuant to   the traffic light at Chocolate Avenue (Route
    the policy. This regulation/prohibition        422); turn right on Chocolate Avenue and
    includes any transportation furnished by       proceed to Mansion Road, turn left on Mansion
    the School District. Cellular telephones       Road and proceed to Derry Road; turn right on
    should normally not be brought to school       Derry Road and proceed to the intersection of
    unless the student plans on attending an       Route 743; turn left onto Route 743 and
    after-school sponsored activity, in which      proceed North to the intersection of Route 22;
    event the cellular telephone must be kept in   turn right and proceed East on Route 22 to
    the student’s locker during the school day,    Fredericksburg. The entrance to Northern
    the student however assuming the entire        Lebanon Junior/Senior High School is on the
    risk of loss or damage to the cellular         left.
   Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s)-PDA’s      Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of
    and such similar devices may be                                  1974
    possessed by students during the school
    day, but their use shall be limited to
                                                   The Derry Township School District maintains
    authorized educational functions which
                                                   educational records of its students pursuant to
    shall specifically not include use of PDA
                                                   authority of federal and states statutes and
    functions for verbal, visual, or text
                                                   regulations, most notably the Family Education
    messaging without specific approval of a
                                                   Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), which
    supervising teacher. Outside the school
                                                   policy also addresses the collection, retention,
    day, use of communication functions of
                                                   use and distribution of data and information
    PDA’s shall be permitted outside school
                                                   concerning its students and groups of
    buildings, but shall not be permitted on any
                                                   students. The parents of students, and the
    transportation provided by the School
                                                   eligible students themselves, as defined in the
    District. A student who possesses a PDA
                                                   policy, have certain rights to inspect, review
    on school property assumes the entire risk
                                                   and seek amendment to these educational
    of loss or damage.
                                                   records. The parents of student, and the
                                                   eligible students themselves, furthermore have
Violation of the policy shall result in
                                                   certain privacy rights regarding access to and
confiscation by the School District of the
                                                   distribution by the District of educational
electronic device and such penalty as
                                                   records as set forth in the policy. However,
determined appropriate by the administration
                                                   portions of educational records, defined as

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Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

directory information, can be disclosed by the      the following information as directory
School District without written consent or          information: (Note: the school district may, but
specific notice, unless the parents of the          does not have to, include all the information
student, or the eligible student, has advised the   listed on page 7).
School District to the contrary, in writing, in
accordance with District procedures. One               Student’s name
purpose of directory information is to allow the       Address
School District to include this type of                Date and place of birth
information from the student’s educational             Grade level
records in certain school publications, to             Degrees, honors, and awards received
include:                                               Participation in officially recognized
                                                        activities and sports
   A playbill, showing your students role in a        Dates of attendance
    drama production                                   Weight and height of members of athletic
   The annual yearbook                                 teams
   Honor roll or other recognition lists              Telephone listing
   Graduation programs                                Electronic mail address
   Sports activity sheets, such as for                The most recent educational agency or
    wrestling, showing weight and height of             institution attended
    team members                                       Photograph
                                                       Major field of study
As stated, directory information, which is
information that is generally not considered
                                                    The District’s student records policy provides,
harmful or an invasion of privacy if released,
                                                    in part, that, upon initial enrollment with the
can also be disclosed to outside organizations,
                                                    District, and thereafter annually, parents,
unless written objection to such directory
                                                    guardians, and student eighteen (18) years
information disclosure is on file with the
                                                    and older shall receive written notice of their
District, signed by the parent or the student.
                                                    rights regarding the educational records
Outside organizations include, but are not
                                                    maintained by the District, which shall include:
limited to, companies that manufacture class
rings or publish yearbooks. In addition, two
                                                        i) The right to inspect and review the
federal laws require school districts receiving
                                                        student’s educational records not later than
assistance under the Elementary and
                                                        thirty (30) days after written request, which
Secondary Education Act of 1965 to provide
                                                        must be directed to the building principal
military recruiters, upon request, with three
                                                        describing the records requested to be
directory information categories: names,
                                                        inspected, who will then notify the parent,
addresses and telephone listings of secondary
                                                        guardian or eligible student of a time, date
students (Grades 9-12) unless parents have
                                                        and location to inspect the records
advised the school district that they do not
want their student’s information disclosed
without their prior written consent.
                                                        ii) The right to seek amendment of
                                                        inaccurate or misleading educational
If you do not want the Derry Township School
                                                        records, as defined by FERPA and the
District to disclose directory information from
                                                        District policy, if a parent, guardian or
your child’s education record without your prior
                                                        eligible student believes educational
written consent, you must notify the District in
                                                        records are inaccurate or misleading.
writing by October 1 of each school year. A
                                                        Parents, guardians or eligible students may
form is available at the principal’s office of
                                                        ask Derry Township School District to
each building and on the District website.
                                                        amend a record that they believe is
Derry Township School District has designated
                                                        inaccurate or misleading. Any request

                                         Page 50
Derry Township School District                                     Hershey Middle School

   must be in writing to the building principal,       records without consent to officials or
   clearly identifying the part of the record          another school district in which a student
   they wanted changed, and specifying why it          seeks or intends to enroll.
   is inaccurate or misleading. If the District
   decides not to amend the record as                  iv) The right to be informed of the District
   requested by the parent, guardian, or               criteria for what constitutes a legitimate
   eligible student, the District will notify the      educational interest for the District to
   parent, guardian or eligible student of the         disclose educational information without
   decision and advise them of their right to a        prior consent.
   hearing regarding the request for
   amendment. Additional information                   v) The right to file a complaint with the U.S.
   regarding the hearing procedures will be            Department of Education concerning
   provided to the parent, guardian or eligible        alleged features by the District to comply
   student when notified of the right to a             with the requirements of FERPA. The
   hearing.                                            name and address of the Office that
                                                       administrates FERPA is: Family Policy
   iii) The right to consent to disclosure of          Compliance Office, US. Department of
   personally identifiable information                 Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW,
   contained in a student’s educational                Washington, DC 20202-4605.
   records, except to the extent controlling
   law, to include FERPA permits disclosure         The District’s student records policy provides
   without consent. It is noted the District has    specific definition for a number of important
   an obligation to release names, addresses        terms used in the interpretation and
   and phone numbers of secondary students          administration o f the policy, to include:
   to military recruiters, absent written           “Disciplinary Action”, “Educational Records”,
   objection by the parent, guardian or eligible    Personally Identifiable Information”, and
   student, and notice of which right is            “Legitimate Educational Interest”, to identify but
   separately communicated by the District.         a few.
   Another common exception to the
   necessity of consent of a parent, guardian       The policy classifies Educational Records in
   or eligible student is disclosure to other       distinct and descriptive categories, each
   school officials with legitimate educational     category having separate requirements and
   interest. A school official is a person          criteria for maintenance, retention, and release
   employed by the District as an                   of information. This policy furthermore
   administrator, supervisor, instructor or         discusses the concept of representative
   support staff member (including health or        consent, which is consent given by not only the
   medical staff and law enforcement unit           parent, but through the duly elected appointed
   personnel); a person serving on the School       officials (for example, the Board of Education)
   Board; a person or company with whom the         with regard to certain types of educational
   District has contracted to perform a special     records. Consent is a material element of
   task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical      consideration, as described in the policy for
   consultant, or therapist); or a parent or        collection of student information, through
   student serving on an official committee,        testing or otherwise, and not only
   such as a disciplinary or grievance              distribution/release of Educational Records.
   committee, or assisting another school           The policy, in addition, established a policy for
   official in performing his or her tasks. A       training and security of educational records,
   school official has a legitimate educational     and a protocol to follow in the event of
   interest if the official needs to review an      challenge of validity or accuracy of any
   educational record in order to fulfill his or    information contained in any of the categories.
   her professional responsibility. Upon
   request, the District discloses educational

                                         Page 51
Derry Township School District                                    Hershey Middle School

              Medication Policy                     by the school physician in writing, providing a
                                                    permission form from the student’s parents is
The Derry Township School District                  on file for the current school year. Non-
recommends administering medications at             prescription or over-the-counter medication
home, but realizes some children need to be         must be in the original, unopened bottle with a
medicated at school. In those instances, the        readable label.
following guidelines apply:
                                                    No prescription or non-prescription
The use of medications, both prescription and       medications may be in the child’s possession
non-prescription (also known as over-the-           at any time. The School District medication
counter) must be in strict accord with School       policy provides specific procedures to be
District policy. The school nurse, another          followed regarding delivery to school and
licensed person delegated by the nurse, or the      storage of medications, both prescription and
student’s parents, with no exceptions, must         non-prescription. Immediately upon arrival to
administer all medication, prescription or non-     school, all prescription or non-prescription
prescription.                                       medication must be brought by the student to
                                                    the school nurse. A verification of the
In the case of prescription medication, a           medication and count will be completed and
current written order from the licensed             documented at that time. The parent will be
prescriber must be delivered in advance to the      notified if there is a discrepancy in the
school nurse or, in the event of appropriate        medication and/or count.
circumstances; a verbal order by a licensed
prescriber will be accepted, to be followed by a       Possession/Use of Asthma Inhalers
written order within twenty-four (24) hours.
This should include name of child, date of        Students may possess asthma inhalers and
prescription, name of medication, dosage and      self-administer the prescribed medication used
route of administration, specific time or special to treat asthma when it is authorized by the
circumstances under which the medication          parent/guardian and approved by the school.
shall be administered, and signature of the       Before a student may possess or use an
prescriber. E-mails are not acceptable.           asthma inhaler during school hours the parents
                                                  must contact the school nurse and complete
All prescription medicine must be in the original the requirements stated in district policy.
container and labeled with: the child’s name,
medication name, dosage, time and route of        All prescription and non-prescription
administration. Ask the pharmacist for a          medication orders expire at the end of the
“school bottle” with a complete label and the     school year and parents are asked to pick
amount of medication that will be needed at       remaining portions up. Medications, with
school. The child’s parent/guardian must          notification of the amount remaining, may be
request in writing that the school district       sent home with the child at the request of the
comply with the written medication order. A       parent. Medications not picked up within one
medication card will be sent home with the        day of the end of the school year will be
student must be signed by the child’s             discarded and documented.
parent/guardian and returned to the school
nurse the following day. No e-mails will be                   Nondiscrimination Policy
accepted as permission.
                                                  Derry Township School District, an equal
Non-prescription or over-the-counter              opportunity employer, will not discriminate in
medications will be permitted to be               employment, educational programs, or
administered by the school nurse, or as           activities based on race, color, religion,
otherwise specified by a current standing order national origin, gender, age, ancestry, physical

                                         Page 52
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

handicap, or union membership. This policy of            -Shampoo student now and repeat per
non-discrimination extends to all legally                directions on over-the-
protected classifications. Publication of this           counter/prescription head lice
policy in this document is in accordance with            shampoo, unless directed by health
state and federal laws, including Title IX of the        care provider.
Educational Amendments of 1972 and
Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act           -Remove nits from hair.
of 1973. Inquiries should be directed to the
Federal Programs Coordinator, District Office,        Tracking
30 E. Granada Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033
(717-534-2501).                                      Advise classroom teacher and other
                                                      identified school personnel of need for
 Pediculosis Capitis (Head Lice) Procedures           student to be rechecked immediately upon
                                                      return to school.
                                                     Screen siblings and exposed contacts of
Students will be free of head lice and nits. A        infested student as soon as possible.
“no nits” procedure is followed. Students found
to have lice and/or nits will be immediately         Advise other school nurses of know contact
excluded. Readmission will occur when                 cases for students in other school
student is cleared by the school nurse.               buildings.

Literature supports that the only sure way to        Provide literature to appropriate school
successfully remove head lice is through              personnel on preventative techniques.
mechanical removal of nits, following
shampooing with an appropriate head lice                 -Cleaning carpeted areas, pillows,
shampoo.                                                 overstuffed furniture.

    Diagnosis                                            -Isolating students’ coats (inside plastic
                                                         bag, on back of chairs.
   Review rationale for screening with
    student.                                             -Avoid shared equipment (hats,
   Screen by direct inspection of the hair and
    scalp, using clean stick(s) for each student.    Rescreen classroom in two weeks after a
                                                      case of head lice is found in that
   Review findings with student promptly in a        classroom.
    private counseling session.
                                                     Mass screening will be conducted when
   Inform parent(s)/guardian(s) of student           3% or more of the population is infested.
    having head lice.
                                                     Students who are checked for head lice will
   Inform parent of immediate exclusion of the       receive literature from the school nurse on
    student.                                          detection, prevention, and treatment of
                                                      head lice.
   Provide instruction to parent and student
    on appropriate treatment for and prevention       Re-entry Criteria
    of head lice:
                                                     Derry Township School District follows a
                                                      NO Nit procedure.

                                          Page 53
Derry Township School District                                      Hershey Middle School

                                                    staff. If you do not want our child featured in
   Student must be rechecked by the school         school publicity releases, please contact the
    nurse prior to being re-admitted to school      School/Community Information Specialist at
    and to using school bus.                        534-2501.

   If nits are found, the student will be                            School Visitors
    excluded until all nits are removed.
                                                    Parents and other guests are always welcome
   If a student misses more than 3                 to visit any of the Derry Township Schools. If
    consecutive days, the school nurse will         possible, schedule your visit in advance so that
    notify the administration so that individual    necessary arrangements for your visit can be
    intervention can be implemented.                made. When entering the building, visitors
                                                    must go to the main office and obtain a visitor’s
   Once a student is admitted back to school       badge.
    with no lice or nits, the school nurse will re-
    screen the student every Friday until the       Special programs are held annually in each
    student exhibits no evidence of lice or nits school to help familiarize parents with their
    for one month.                                  child’s teachers and courses of study. All
                                                    parents are extended a very cordial invitation
             Prohibition of Tobacco                 to be present at all Parent-Teacher
                                                    Organization and Building Advisory Team
Maintaining a healthy and safe learning             meetings.
environment for our students is of utmost
importance. Thereby, students are prohibited The Derry Township School District strives to
from the use or possession of tobacco, which        provide a welcoming and nurturing
shall include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, other      environment for all students regardless of race,
smoking products and smokeless tobacco in           religion, culture, ethnicity, or abilities. Students
any form when in school buildings or on school are expected to demonstrate mutual respect
properties. This includes School District           and responsibility. Visitors and volunteers are
parking lots and athletic fields as well as         expected to be respectful of our diverse
School District buses or other school furnished student body.
transportation. The prohibition further extends
to District sponsored activities physically                     Sexual Harassment-Pupils
located off School District property.
                                                    It is the policy of the Derry Township School
Violation of this policy shall result in            District to maintain a learning environment that
suspension and the imposition of fines as           is free from sexual harassment.
provided in the policy and as also may be
provided in the statutes of the Commonwealth It shall be a violation of this policy for any
of Pennsylvania, to include the Pennsylvania        member of the district staff to harass a student
Clean Indoor Air Act as found in 35 P.S. –          through conduct or communications of a
10.1.                                               sexual nature as defined below. It shall also
                                                    be a violation of this policy for students to
             Publicity Release Form                 harass other students and/or staff through
                                                    conduct or communications of a sexual nature
From time to time, the Derry Township School as defined below.
District would like to use photographs of
students for publications and media outlets.        Sexual harassment shall consist of
The pictures will highlight the outstanding         unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for
accomplishments of the District’s students and sexual favors, and other inappropriate verbal

                                             Page 54
Derry Township School District                                      Hershey Middle School

or physical conduct of a sexual nature when
made by any member of the school staff to a
student, when made by any member of the
school staff to another staff member or when
made by any student to another student when:

1. Submission to such conduct is made either
explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an
individual’s grades or education, or when

2. Submission to or rejection of such conduct
by an individual is used as the basis for
academic or grading decisions affecting that
individual, or when

3. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of
substantially interfering with an individuals’
academic performance or creating an
intimidating, hostile, or offensive employment
or education environment.

Sexual harassment, as defined above, may
include, but is not limited to the following:
verbal harassment or abuse; pressure for
sexual activity; repeated remarks to a person,       Given the nature of the type of discrimination,
with sexual or demeaning implications;               the district also recognizes that false
unwelcomed touching; suggesting or                   accusations of sexual harassment can have
demanding sexual involvement accompanied             serious effects on innocent men and women.
by implied or explicit threats concerning one’s      Therefore, false accusations will result in the
grades, job, etc.                                    same severe disciplinary action applicable to
                                                     one found guilty of sexual harassment.

                                                        Reporting Procedure – Students

                                                     Any student who alleges sexual harassment by
                                                     any staff member or student in the district may
                                                     use the district’s compliant procedure or may
                                                     complain directly to his/her teacher, guidance
                                                     counselor, building principal or other individual
                                                     designated to receive such complaints. Filing
                                                     of a compliant or otherwise reporting sexual
                                                     harassment will not reflect upon the individual’s
                                                     status nor will it affect future employment,
                                                     grades or work assignments.

                                                     The right to confidentially, both of the
                                                     complainant and of the accused will be
                                                     respected consistent with the district’s legal
                                                     obligations, and with the necessity to
                                                     investigate allegations, of misconduct and to

                                           Page 55
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

take corrective action when this conduct has      and well organized. The climate should
occurred.                                         produce security and consistency through the
                                                  establishment of reasonable rules and
A substantial charge against a staff member in guidelines that require an interaction based
the district shall subject such staff member to   upon mutual respect and cooperation. The
disciplinary action, including discharge.         emphasis should be on courtesy,
                                                  consideration, and the fulfillment of all
A substantiated charge against a student in the necessary obligations at all times.
school district shall subject that student to
student disciplinary action including                 Student Rights
suspension or expulsion, consistent with the
student discipline code.                          Students do have rights. They have legal
                                                  rights as persons and citizens not to be
The following procedures will be adhered to:      deprived of what the law gives them. These
                                                  rights include the right to an education, the
 Staff members receiving reports of              right to express their opinions, and the right to
    violations of the Sexual Harassment Policy be free from invidious discrimination. They
    should be reported immediately to their       also have human rights as persons and
    supervisor                                    participants in the educational community.
                                                  These rights include the right to be treated with
 The supervisor will conduct the                 dignity by other participants and the right to
    investigation and it will be completed within contribute to the educational process. Minors
    3 working days barring any circumstances are compelled by the law to attend school until
    that prohibits the investigation process      they are 17 years of age. Derry Township will
                                                  not use corporal punishment to discipline
 The final report will be provided to the        students.
    individual and supervisor (i.e. building
    principal or superintendent) on the results       Student Responsibilities
    of the investigation.
                                                  Student responsibilities include regular school
 Recommendations for disciplinary actions if attendance, conscientious effort in classroom
    necessary will be made as a result of the     work and conformance to school rules and
    investigations                                regulations. Most of all, students shall with the
                                                  administration and faulty a responsibility to
 Students report to: Teacher, Guidance           develop a climate within the school that is
    Counselor or Principal                        conducive to wholesome learning and living.
                                                  No student has the right to interfere with the
 Teacher or Guidance Counselor reports to: education of his fellow students. It is the
    Principal                                     responsibility of each student to respect the
                                                  rights of all who are involved in the educational
 Principal reports to: Superintendent            process. Students should express their ideas
                                                  and opinions in a respectful manner so as not
                                                  to offend or slander others.
      Student Rights & Responsibilities
                                                  The students’ responsibilities are as follows:
It is the responsibility of the total school
community to create and maintain an                  Be aware of all rules and regulations for
atmosphere that is conducive to teaching,             student behavior and conduct themselves
learning, and living. Everyone in the                 in accordance with them.
educational process has the right to expect
that the environment shall be safe, pleasant,

                                         Page 56
Derry Township School District                                   Hershey Middle School

   Report violators of District Policies to a staff members to be alert to unusual behaviors. A
    member immediately upon observation of           tragedy can be avoided when we work, trust,
    perceived policy violation.                      and communicate with each other.

   Be willing to volunteer information in       Other than law enforcement or District security
    disciplinary cases and cooperate with the    personnel, possession of any weapon or
    school staff should they have knowledge of   destructive device as such defined by District
    importance in relation to such cases.        policy, or any type or form of ammunition, is
                                                 absolutely prohibited. This includes any
   Dress and groom themselves so as to meet School District furnished transportation coming
    fair standards of safety and health, and     to or going from the home to school. It also
    common standards of decency.                 includes possession in any vehicle brought
                                                 onto school property. This absolute prohibition
   Assume that until a rule is waived, altered, shall include possession at any school-
    or repealed it is in full effect.            sponsored activity not on District property.
                                                 District employees observing or otherwise
   Assist the school staff in running a safe    aware of a violation, or possible violation, of
    school for all students enrolled therein.    this policy shall immediately provide such
                                                 information to any District administrator or
   Be aware of and comply with state and        teacher if no administrator is available.
    local laws.
                                                 Penalties for violation of this policy are severe
   Protect and take care of school property.    and in the case of student, shall result in no
                                                 less than an initial 10-day out-of-school
                                                 suspension and may result in up to a one-year
   Attend school daily, except when excused,
                                                 suspension. Penalties for the activities
    and be on time for all classes and other
                                                 addressed by this policy are also to penalties
    school functions.
                                                 as provided in the criminal statutes of the
                                                 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
   Make all necessary arrangements for
    making up work when absent from school.
                                               Use of Skateboards, Roller Skates, Roller
   Pursue and attempt to complete the course    Blades, Go Carts and any other Object
    of study prescribed by state and local    Utilized Like The Foregoing Which Conveys
    school authorities.                             Or Moves On Or As If On Wheels

   Avoid inaccuracies in student newspapers         Purpose:
    or publications and indecent or obscene
    language.                                     The Derry Township School District regards
                                                  the use of skateboards, roller skate, roller
   Refrain from using disrespectful, indecent,   blades, go carts and any other object utilized
    or obscene gestures or language in direct     like or similar to the foregoing, which conveys
    contact with other persons.                   or moves on or as if on wheels, as creating a
                                                  distinct opportunity for damage to School
    Weapons, Ammunition, and Destructive          District property.
              Devices Policy
The Derry Township School District has a
                                                  The Derry Township School District strictly
weapons policy that helps ensure a safe
                                                  forbids and will not permit the use of
school environment. Additionally, we strongly
                                                  skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, go
urge parents, students, and community

                                        Page 57
Derry Township School District                       Hershey Middle School

carts or any other object utilized like or similar
to the foregoing, which conveys or moves on
or as if on wheels, by any persons on School
District property at any time.

This Policy does not address the use of motor
vehicles or bicycles on School District property
which is, in turn, addressed by separate policy
which does permit such use upon approval by
building principals, with regard to students and
others for proper business purposes during
certain hours in proper and permitted areas. It
is furthermore noted that such Policy does
provide that the School District will not be
responsible for bicycles and/or motor vehicles
which are stolen, lost or damaged on such
property, absent intentional or grossly
negligent and repeated acts of the School


The Superintendent or his designee shall notify
all students, parents and other members of the
public of this policy by publishing such in
selected Derry Township publications and by
the installation of appropriate signs at generally
accepted and authorized places of entry onto
School District property.


Any person found to have violated these use
regulations shall be subject to the charge of
criminal trespass and injury to public property.
18 Purdons Statues, Section 3304 and 3305
(Pennsylvania Crimes Code) and 24 Purdons
Statute 7-777 (Pennsylvania School Code).
Furthermore, in the event any violation of this
Policy results in injury to property or person
(and is caused or results from actions of an
individual), the School District shall seek the
establishment of liability and reimbursement for
any injuries or damages caused thereby
pursuant to existing law.

                                           Page 58
Derry Township School District                       Hershey Middle School


                                                Hershey Middle School
                                                 Hershey, PA 17033

                                       “I have reviewed this handbook with my

                                       Student Signature

                                       Parent Signature


                                       (Please return to your child’s homeroom

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Derry Township School District             Hershey Middle School

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