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									                          Information Technology & Laptops at TCS

The information technology (IT) services department at TCS sets a high standard of customer service for our
students and families. As we increase our use of technology in the School, it is important that your child has a
laptop available for use every day. In the Senior School this means purchasing a School laptop.

In order to meet this requirement we have implemented an excellent service model for the Dell laptop that must
be purchased through the School. TCS has negotiated the best pricing possible which includes all software
necessary for the classroom and a four-year international warranty that also includes accident protection up to
the value of the laptop.

The laptops will be handed out in an orientation session in the first week of school. If you are a current family
considering a new laptop for your child, you must also purchase a Dell laptop through the School.

Laptop Programme Details
All Senior School students, both new and returning, must have their own standard Dell TCS laptop computer.
The only acceptable laptop computers for new students are made by Dell and purchased through the School.
The ability to support and quickly repair your child’s laptop is critical throughout the year; having one model
and one manufacturer ensures that this will be done in the most cost effective, efficient manner. The director of
IT services would be happy to discuss this directly or answer any questions. Please contact Kelly Ambrose at
905-885-3217 ext.1553.

TCS has again partnered with Dell Canada to give you what we believe is the most cost effective pricing,
service and support. We also encourage you to order an extra power cord so that you may leave one at home or
in your boarding residence and carry one with you to class. This year we are also encouraging students to
purchase an external hard drive to back up personal music and other media files that are not school-related. In
the event of a disk drive failure this will be your backup of all non-academic files.

Please contact the IT services help desk (905-885-3217 ext. 1550 or if you require
additional information or assistance. The help desk is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
throughout the summer and during the school year.

Use of Laptop Computers in Classes

All Senior School students are required to have their laptop computers with them at school each day and to
bring them to all of their classes. They are expected to regularly charge their laptop battery and, in particular, to
start each day with a fully charged battery. Their laptop must be protected either in a TCS-approved backpack
or messenger bag. Laptops must also be secured when unattended using a locker or a cable lock in residence.
To avoid damaging the laptop, the laptop MUST be powered off or in hibernate mode and stored in a
backpack or protective bag when being carried around in the School. Students must not carry their laptop
with their books which will ensure that the laptop is not dropped inadvertently and damaged with lost data.

Computer Software

It is imperative that all TCS students have the required productivity and course-specific software loaded on their
personal computers which is pre-loaded onto the laptop computers obtained through the School’s programme.
The School’s licensing agreements do not permit the help desk to load any software on any student laptop
that was not obtained through the School’s licensing programmes.
Computers in Student Residences

Each student residence room contains two data drops, and boarding students are able to access the TCS network
and the Internet between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. daily. Please note that the IT services
department is unable to support ANY computers that are not purchased through the laptop programme.
We endeavour to maintain a high level of network support at TCS and allowing other computers access to our
network could compromise our community in many different ways including virus and security challenges.
Please do NOT bring any personal computers onto the campus unless they have been purchased through TCS or
approved directly with IT services. You will be unable to use these on the School network or access the Internet

Laptop Security and Computer Insurance

TCS takes the security of its student laptop computers very seriously. While at the School, students must have
their laptop computers with them, or the laptops must be locked up inside their residence rooms or in a
locker. Security cables are offered with all new laptops; they may also be purchased from the School store.
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that any computer brought to TCS is adequately insured,
particularly for theft. Although most Canadian families will probably find that their homeowners’ policy
provides the necessary coverage, it is highly recommended that parents, especially those from outside of
Canada, check with their insurance companies ahead of time.

TCS assumes no liability in the event of theft of, or damage to, a student laptop or desktop computer.

Servicing of Student Computers

The Dell computers come with a four-year warranty. If a student encounters problems with one of these
computers, it may be returned to any authorized dealer, anywhere in the world, for repair. During school terms a
student may also take the laptop to the School’s help desk for repair. The help desk is able to resolve all minor
problems on-site usually within one day; if the problem requires new parts it may take longer and a student will
be given a “loaner” laptop to use in the interim.

Information Technology Services Help Desk
The IT services department operates a help desk that is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.,
and most Saturday mornings. Here, students can report any computer, telephone and voice mail problems that
they encounter. The help desk employees also oversee a group of students who serve as help desk stewards.
Some of these stewards assist in the help desk, while others work within their houses assisting other students
who encounter problems with their laptops.

TCS Web Sites & Angel

In addition to its main Web site,, the School also maintains a portal for students, faculty and
staff. TCS uses Angel Learning ( as its online portal to support student learning and
the School’s Angel Learning server is accessible worldwide through the Internet.
The Networked Campus

The TCS campus is fully networked for data and voice with the School’s local area network (LAN) using a
gigabit, fibre-optic backbone that serves more than 1,300 data jacks. Additionally, the School provides wireless
connectivity to the LAN in each of its classrooms and in the library.

Student E-mail Accounts

Each TCS student has his/her own e-mail account. E-mail is an important communication vehicle at the School
and students are expected to regularly check their account. Student e-mail addresses usually follow the
convention: Students should feel free to contact the help desk
( if they are new to TCS and if students wish to confirm their e-mail address before arriving
in September.

Day and Boarding and Telephones

Each student residence room is equipped with one telephone jack. Students either connect one phone or two
telephones (with the aid of a “splitter”) to these jacks. Although the majority of students bring their own phones
to the School, basic phones may be obtained from the IT services help desk by paying a refundable deposit of
$25. Any regular (analog) telephone set will work in the student residences.

Day students have convenient access to telephones located in their lounge areas.

Paying for Telephone Calls

Although local and internal calls are free, students will be charged for long distance calls. TCS students can pay
for long distance phone calls by purchasing telephone charge cards from the School store. These cards come in
various denominations, and the applicable long distance rates are posted at the store. In addition, students may
use long distance calling cards issued by most, if not all, telephone companies.

Parents may apply to the IT services help desk ( for long distance access codes for their
child. These codes are used to make long distance calls from any phone within the School. Calls made with
these access codes are charged to the student’s account and will be billed through the finance office to the
parents on a monthly basis.

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