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									                                                                     Joint committeeS

                                        Report of the
           Joint Committee on Information Technology
                                               to the
                              2008 Kansas Legislature
chairperSon: Representative Joe McLeland

Vice-chairperSon: Senator Tim Huelskamp

other memberS: Senators Janis Lee, Mike Petersen, Vicki Schmidt, and Chris Steineger;
and Representatives Mike Burgess, Nile Dillmore, Harold Lane, and Jim Morrison

non-legiSlatiVe member: Don Heiman

Study topicS

The Committee is directed to study computers, telecommunications, and other information
technologies used by State government, and to review new acquisitions of information

                                                                            December 2007
       Joint Committee on Information Technology
                                         Statutory Study

 concluSionS and recommendationS
 The Joint Committee recommends:

 ● Legislation to require Regents institutions employ the Statewide Financial Management System
   prior to the implementation of the replacement system for the State Accounting and Reporting
   System (STARS).

 ● Submission by the Executive Director of the Kansas Lottery of an Information Technology Plan
   for the Expanded Gaming Central System.

 ● Development by the Department of Corrections of an enterprise architecture plan prior to
   proceeding with any information technology projects.

 ● That the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee consider
   reappropriating project funds due to the preparation of an enterprise architecture plan that will
   delay expenditure of financing previously appropriated for the two projects.

 ● Prior to awarding contracts for a Kansas Emergency Medical Information System, preparing an
   enterprise architecture plan with the information flows to and from the proposed system to all
   other agency systems being planned, under development, or currently in operation.

 ● Monitor the Department of Wildlife and Parks licensing system during the 2008 Interim
   regarding whether the current vendor will continue to be used after the contract expires in 2010
   or whether the agency will assume control and operation of its own licensing system.

 ● Receive an update concerning the possible merger of KAN-Ed, KANWIN, and KANREN
   during the 2008 Session, possibly during February of 2008.

 Proposed Legislation: The Joint Committee recommends a House bill to require Regents institutions
 to employ the Statewide Financial Management System.

                  background                                representatives. The Joint Committee met June
    The Joint Committee is authorized by KSA                14-15, August 16-17, September 20-21, October
46-2101 et seq. The Joint Committee may set its             18, November 9, and December 18-19, 2007.
own agenda, meet on call of its chairperson at any          Copies of the minutes and attachments are filed
time and any place within the state, and introduce
legislation. The Joint Committee consists of                with the Division of Legislative Administrative
10 members, including five senators and five                Services.

Kansas Legislative Research Department               10-1                                         2007 JCIT
    The duties assigned the Joint Committee                   appointed by the LCC and the Joint Committee
by its authorizing legislation in KSA 46-2102                 may recommend persons for consideration by
are noted below, and the first three duties also              the LCC in making the appointment. Among the
defined its general areas of interim activity:                duties assigned to the Legislative CITO by KSA
                                                              75-7211 are those of monitoring state agency
● Study computers, telecommunications,
                                                              execution of information technology projects
  and other information technologies used
                                                              and reviewing information technology project
  by state agencies and institutions. The
                                                              budget estimates and revisions to the estimates.
  state governmental entities defined by
  KSA 75-7201 include executive, judicial,                    The Legislative CITO also may perform other
  and legislative agencies, and Regents                       functions and duties as directed by the LCC
  institutions.                                               or the Joint Committee, as provided in KSA
● Review proposed new acquisitions,
  including implementation plans, project                          KSA 75-7210 requires the Legislative,
  budget estimates, and three-year strategic                  Executive and Judicial CITOs to submit annually
  information technology plans of state                       to the Joint Committee all information technology
  agencies and institutions.        All state                 project budget estimates and revisions, all
  governmental entities are required to comply                three-year plans, and all deviations from the
  with provisions of KSA 75-7209 et seq. in                   state information technology architecture. The
  submitting such information for review by                   Legislative CITO is directed to review the
  the Joint Committee.                                        estimates and revisions, the three-year-plans, and
                                                              the deviations, then to make recommendations
● Monitor newly implemented technologies                      to the Joint Committee regarding the merits of
  of state agencies and institutions.                         the projects and appropriations for them. In
                                                              addition, the Executive and Judicial CITOs are
● Make recommendations to the Senate Ways
                                                              required to report to the Legislative CITO the
  and Means and House Appropriations
                                                              progress regarding implementation of projects
  Committees on implementation plans,
  budget estimates, and three-year plans of                   and proposed expenditures, including revisions
  state agencies and institutions.                            to such proposed expenditures.

● Report annually to the Legislative                              The Joint Committee presents this annual
  Coordinating Council (LCC) and make                         report in compliance with KSA 46-1207 that
  special reports to other legislative committees             requires the LCC to receive information about
  as deemed appropriate.                                      the interim work for submission to the next
                                                              Session of the Legislature.
    In addition to the Joint Committee’s statutory
duties, the Legislature or its committees, including
the Legislative Coordinating Council (LCC), may                          committee actiVitieS
direct the Joint Committee to undertake special
                                                                  The Joint Committee reviewed agency
studies and to perform other specific duties. No
special study topics were assigned in 2007.                   information technology (IT) projects that received
                                                              CITO approval. Several proposed projects were
    KSA 75-7208(g) provides that the Legislative              reviewed prior to CITO approval. In addition,
Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) is                reports were received from the Legislative,
staff to the Joint Committee. The position is                 Executive and Judicial CITOs.

Kansas Legislative Research Department                 10-2                                           2007 JCIT
     The Joint Committee continues to monitor                     Joint Committee recommendations
active IT projects and to identify planned and                regarding particular projects also are presented
unreported projects, especially those with an                 in conjunction with agencies or specific projects.
estimated cost of greater than $250,000. The                  Five projects are noted in “Alert,” “Caution,” or
Joint Committee believes that budget reviews
                                                              “Hold” status (flagged with ** below and noted in
during the 2008 Legislature ought to focus on
all agencies with active or planned projects. The             bold italics) as identified by the Executive CITO.
Joint Committee provides project information                  These projects should be of special concern for
for the Senate Subcommittees and House Budget                 review during the 2008 Legislature and budget
Committees to use during the 2008 legislative                 hearings.
review of the Governor’s FY 2008 and FY 2009
agency budget recommendations.                                ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF

Interim Review Summary                                        Statewide Financial Management System
                                                              (FMS) Pre-Implementation Planning Activities
    During the 2007 Interim, as part of the Joint
                                                              and Replacement FMS (1/19/2007; 4/24/2007;
Committee’s review of both active and proposed
IT projects, the Executive CITO presented                     6/14/2007; 8/16/2007; 12/19/2007) est. cost
quarterly reports at the June, September and                  $40,800,000
November meetings. Reports are available
online at:               Strategic Information Management             Plan
htm                                                           (10/18/2007) est. $300,000

     The Joint Committee on Information                       KANWIN Infrastructure Upgrade – new
Technology (JCIT) reviewed the following                      (4/24/2007; 6/15/2007; 8/24/2007; 11/9/20)
information technology projects during the 2007               $5,900,000
Interim. For projects reviewed in committee
hearings, the date is given for reference to minutes          SHARP PeopleSoft 8.9 HR/Payroll System
of a particular meeting. Further details may be               Upgrade (1/19/2007; 6/14/2007) – completed
found in the minutes and attachments according                $2,800,000
to the date reviewed, with such information on
file in the Division of Legislative Administrative            ANIMAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT
                                                              Impact of Environmental Interferences and
     Some completed projects were not reviewed
                                                              Performance Variation of Radio Frequency
during the 2007 Interim but were part of the
Information Technology Quarterly Report                       Identification (RFID) (12/5/2006) $471,000
as noted by the Executive Chief Information
Technology Officer (CITO) as part of reporting                National Animal Information System (NAIS)
to the Joint Committee. The Executive Summary                 Premises Registrations (12/5/2006)—completed
of the various Quarterly Reports is included                  $685,000
in the minutes as an attachment on the date
presented. Also listed are projects which have                BANK COMMISSIONER, OFFICE
not been reviewed by the Joint Committee but                   OF THE
which have been identified by the Executive
CITO in a Quarterly Report as newly approved                  Kansas Supervised Institution         Monitoring
or planned projects.                                          System (9/20/2007) $592,000

Kansas Legislative Research Department                 10-3                                           2007 JCIT
                                                          KANSAS (KHPA)
Vanguard: Total Offender Activity and Document
System (TOADS) (8/16/2007; 12/18/2007)                   Eligibility and Benefits Administration System—
$572,000                                                 planned jointly with SRS (12/18/2007) est. $20.0
                                                         million share of $45.0 million project
Offender Management Information System
Replacement (OMIS)—planned (8/16/2007;                   Medicaid Management Information System
12/18/2007) est. $1.4 to $2.5 million                    (MMIS)—Financial Accounting and Reporting
                                                         System (FARMS) Replacement (9/21/2007)
Enterprise Architecture—planned (12/18/2007)             $415,000
                                                         MMIS National Provider Identifier Enhancement
Infrastructure Replenishment and Ongoing                 (6/14/2007; 8/21/2007) $8,300,000
Sustainment—planned $500,000
                                                         Data Analytic Interface (9/21/2007) $2,000,000
                                                         Health Information Exchange—planned est.
Enterprise Data System to Support Decision               $250,000 to $500,000
Making and Reporting (9/21/2007) $2,500,000              Premium Assistance—planned with cost to be
Statewide Individual Education Plan—planned
with cost to be determined                               HIGHWAY PATROL, KANSAS (KHP)

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT                                     Mobile Data Units (8/16/2007) $1,900,000
                                                         Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange
Emergency Medical Information System                     Window (6/14/2007; 8/16/2007) $650,000
(1/19/2007; 9/20/2007; 11/8/2007; 12/18/2007)
$454,000 agency; est. total $1,400,000 with              Law Enforcement Reporting System (8/16/2007)
other agencies participating                             $554,000

HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT,                                  E-Citation—planned $1,443,000
 DEPARTMENT OF (KDHE)                                    INVESTIGATION, KANSAS BUREAU
                                                          OF (KBI)
Electronic Disease Surveillance          System
(9/21/2007) $3,000,000                                   Central Message Switch Client Software
                                                         Replacement—planned $575,000
Vital Statistics Integrated Information System
Death Registration Module (9/21/2007)                    Incident Based Reporting        Replacement—
$969,000                                                 planned $625,000

Health Alert Network (12/6/2007)—completed               Central Message Switch Upgrade—planned
$857,000                                                 $575,000

Kansas Legislative Research Department            10-4                                          2007 JCIT
Automated Fingerprint Identification System                 General     Ledger     Replacement—planned
Replacement System—completed (6/14/2007)                    (9/20/2007) $250,000
                                                            REVENUE, DEPARTMENT OF (DOR)
Offender Missing          Person     Application—
completed $412,000                                          PVD Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal
                                                            Replacement II (6/14/2007) $4,800,000
                                                            **Apportioned International Registration
Data Base Consolidation—planned (9/20/2007)                 System Replacement — Performance and
est. $1,130,000                                             Registration Information System Management
                                                            (12/19/2007) $1,277,000 (Alert Status by
LABOR, KANSAS DEPARTMENT OF                                 CITO)

Unemployment Insurance Modernization II                     Project   2010—Division       of    Vehicles
(6/14/2007) $47,000,000                                     Modernization (8/16/2007) $40,200,000

Unemployment Insurance             Paperless   Tax          SECURITIES COMMISSIONER,
Forms—planned $485,000                                       OFFICE OF THE

LOTTERY, KANSAS                                             Revision of Registration and Enforcement
                                                            Inquiry and Maintenance—planned $450,000
Kansas Lottery Online Gaming System
                                                            SOCIAL AND REHABILITATION
(6/15/2007) $220,000 internal agency costs;
                                                             SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF (SRS)
external costs of $20.2 million over three years
                                                            Human Services Management Feasibility
Kansas Expanded Lottery Act                Project
                                                            Study and Roadmap (8/17/2007; 12/18/2007)
(12/18/2007) cost to be determined                          $530,000
RACING AND GAMING                                           Human      Services     Management—planned
 COMMISSION, STATE                                          (8/17/2007) est. $98,500,000
Kansas Expanded Lottery Act Project (6/15/2007;             Phase 1 Project: Eligibility and Benefits
12/18/2007) $1,795,000                                      Administration System—planned jointly with
                                                            KHPA (12/18/2007) est. $25.0 million share of
RETIREMENT SYSTEM, KANSAS                                   $45.0 million project
                                                            Automated Medication Dispensing System at
Integrated Technology System (9/20/2007)                    Larned State Hospital (8/17/2007) $520,000
                                                            Statewide Protection Report Center System
Security Enhancements (9/20/2007) $1,068,000                (12/18/2007) $897,000

Disaster Recovery and Hot Site (9/20/2007)                  Network Equipment Refresh        Deployment
$257,000                                                    (12/18/2007) $2,840,000

Platform Consolidation—planned (9/20/2007)                  **Server Consolidation—on hold (12/19/2007)
$1,750,000                                                  $659,000 (Alert Status by CITO)

Kansas Legislative Research Department               10-5                                       2007 JCIT
Information     Server    Infrastructure—planned          Enhanced Priority Formula System (9/20/2007)
$700,000                                                  $996,000

Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange                   Fabric Switch     Replacement    (9/20/2007)
Deployment—planned      (8/17/2007) est.                  $270,000
                                                          Traffic Record System Development and
Storage Area Network Technology Acquisition—
                                                          Implementation (11/9/2007) $737,000
planned est. $510,000 to $820,000
                                                          Proposals and Estimates System: Letting and
Behavioral Healthcare Inpatient Registration
                                                          Award System Replacement—planned with cost
and Billing System Replacement—planned
(8/17/2007) cost to be determined                         to be determined

Registration and Resident Trust Fund Accounting           Records and Workflow Management System
and Billing System—planned with cost to be                Replacement—planned with cost to be
determined                                                determined

Enterprise Circle Plan (12/6/2006)—cancelled              Fiber    Optics    Infrastructure—completed
$20,052,000                                               $625,000

Kansas Payment Center—completed (6/14/2007;               Tape Library System—completed $289,000
8/17/2007) $109,000 agency; external costs of
$14,100,000 over three years                              WILDLIFE AND PARKS, DEPARTMENT
                                                           OF (DWP)
Pharmacy and Medication Administration
Upgrade at Osawatomie State Hospital and                  Kansas Outdoor Automated Licensing System
Rainbow Mental Health Facility—completed                  (9/20/2007) $220,000
(8/17/2007) $387,000
                                                          Campsite Reservation System—planned with
                                                          cost to be determined
**Case Management System (12/19/2007)
                                                          REGENTS, STATE BOARD OF
$325,000 (Alert Status by CITO)

TRANSPORTATION, DEPARTMENT OF                             KAN-ED (4/24/2007; 6/15/2007; 11/8/2007)
                                                          on-going annual appropriations
Communication     System      Interoperability
Program (9/20/2007) $55,500,000                           EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY (ESU)

Comprehensive Program Management System                   Enterprise   Resource    Planning    System
Replacement (4/24/2007; 6/14/2007; 9/20/2007)             (6/15/2007) $7,500,000
                                                          FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY (FHSU)
**Crew Card Reporting IV (9/20/2007;
12/19/2007) $954,000 (Caution Status by                   FHSU z/890 Purchase—completed (6/15/2007)
CITO)                                                     $602,000

Kansas Legislative Research Department             10-6                                       2007 JCIT

**Legacy Application System Empowered                    International Roll Call (IRC) Voting Board
Replacement III (6/14/2007; 8/16/2007;                   and Vote Management System (9/20/2007;
12/19/2007) $4,955,000 (Caution Status by                10/18/2007) $1,708,000
                                                         Kansas Legislative Information System (K-LISS)
                                                         Architecture (10/18/2007) $3,200,000
Mainframe       Database      Archiving—planned
$357,000                                                 Lease Computers for Legislative Staff
                                                         (10/18/2007) $38,000; $780,000 three-year cost
Food Service System—completed (6/14/2007)
$506,000                                                 Statehouse Restoration Voice and             Data
                                                         Infrastructure III (10/18/2007) $796,000
                                                         JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATOR,
Expansion of Existing Wireless AP Project                 OFFICE OF THE
(6/14/2007) $1,800,000
                                                         FullCourt Imaging (6/14/2007) $818,000
Wireless Back-End Upgrade Project (6/14/2007)
                                                             Capitol Restoration. The Legislative
                                                         CITO provided periodic updates on the progress
Financial    Systems      Upgrade—(12/18/2007)           of renovation work in the Statehouse and the
                                                         implementation of planning for IT enhancements
                                                         throughout the Capitol. The Capitol Architect
Student   Information         System—completed           also reported to the Joint Committee on the
                                                         project design and reconstruction involving IT
                                                         enhancements. Video conference rooms to be
PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY                               located in the Statehouse were highlighted in
                                                         conjunction with another topic that demonstrated
Integrated Library System Replacement—                   interactive committee sessions using video
planned $250,000 to $500,000                             conferencing in real time.

UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS MEDICAL                                  Video Conferencing. The Joint Committee
                                                         engaged in one session dedicated to live,
                                                         interactive video conferencing that connected
Campus Wireless Infrastructure $398,000                  different sites throughout the state. Conferees
                                                         engaged the Joint Committee from remote
BRC Backbone Wiring—completed $676,000                   locations, reporting on various projects at
                                                         Regents institutions. The video conferencing was
WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY (WSU)                           sponsored by the Kansas Education Statewide
                                                         Network (KAN-Ed) to demonstrate the capability
Information Network (6/15/2007) $10,758,000              of the network to handle multisite, interactive
                                                         video sessions. The session demonstrated the
Network Infrastructure Upgrades—completed                utility and feasibility of technology that will be
$292,000                                                 used in the Statehouse after renovation.

Kansas Legislative Research Department            10-7                                           2007 JCIT
    Network Mergers. Information was                           Statewide Financial Management System
received from the Legislative CITO concerning                  when the implementation of the replacement
the potential merger and consolidation of                      system for the State Accounting and
the Kansas Wide Area Information Network                       Reporting System (STARS) takes place.
(KANWIN), the Kansas Research and Education
Network (KANREN), and KAN-Ed.                               ● Pursuant to KSA 75-7209, the Executive
                                                              Director of the Kansas Lottery shall develop
   Information Network of Kansas (INK).                       and file an Information Technology Plan for
The Joint Committee heard a report from the                   the Expanded Gaming Central System with
Executive Director of INK who introduced the                  the Executive Chief Information Technology
new network manager who is under contract to                  Officer.     The plan and specifications
INK for providing network services.                           shall be approved by the Executive Chief
                                                              Information Technology Officer prior to
    IT Project Oversight. Continuing the Joint                award and execution of contracts. Copies
Committee’s review procedures for current                     of the approved plan shall be filed with the
IT projects and seeking to identify previously                Division of the Budget, Legislative Chief
unapproved IT projects was a focus during the                 Information Technology Officer, and all
Interim.                                                      members of the Joint Committee and its
    Reports from the Legislative, Judicial
and Executive CITOs recommended some
                                                            ● Before filing project plans for replacing the
changes in current IT oversight procedures.
                                                              Department of Corrections’ information
The Executive CITO reported on the review
                                                              technology infrastructure, TOADS, and
of and consideration of changes in the state’s
                                                              OMIS, the agency shall prepare an enterprise
Strategic Information Management (SIM) Plan
                                                              architecture plan. The plan should be based
and Project Management Methodology (PMM).
                                                              on an enterprise services architecture and
The members of the Joint Committee met
                                                              include process reengineering, conceptual
during October 2007 with representatives of the
                                                              data models, core specifications, and
Information Technology Executive Council to
                                                              technical architecture. The plan should
continue discussions about the SIM Plan and the
                                                              be presented to the Joint Committee on or
                                                              before November 1, 2008. The plan should
                                                              be created in cooperation with the Chief
                                                              Information Technology Architect and the
   concluSionS and recommendationS
                                                              Executive Chief Information Technology
    Regarding topics reviewed during the 2007                 Officer. The plan should reflect and
Interim, the Joint Committee makes the following              expand upon the Kansas Criminal Justice
recommendations:                                              Information System (KCJIS) data model as
                                                              it pertains to Corrections.
● In order to clarify the intent of the Taxpayer’s
  Transparency Program, the interface between               ● Regarding funds for the Department of
  the Statewide Financial Management System                   Corrections’ TOADS and OMIS projects,
  and the Regents’ financial systems shall fully              the Joint Committee notes for the House
  integrate the requirements of the Taxpayer’s                Appropriations Committee and the Senate
  Transparency Program. In addition, a bill                   Ways and Means Committee that the
  is recommended for introduction that would                  preparation of an enterprise architecture
  require Regents institutions to employ the                  plan will delay expenditure of financing

Kansas Legislative Research Department               10-8                                         2007 JCIT
    previously appropriated for the two projects.             at the November 8, 2007 meeting of the Joint
    The agency requests to carry over the                     Committee.
    unexpended funds to use after completion
    of the enterprise architecture plan.                   ● Continue monitoring the Department of
                                                             Wildlife and Parks licensing system during
● Prior to awarding contracts for a Kansas                   the 2008 Interim regarding whether the
  Emergency Medical Information System,                      current vendor will continue to be used after
  an enterprise architecture plan should be                  the contract expires in 2010 or whether the
  prepared showing the information flows                     agency will assume control and operation of
  to and from the proposed system to all                     its own licensing system.
  other agency systems being planned, under
  development, or currently in operation. The              ● Receive an update concerning the possible
  Chief Information Technology Architect                     merger of KAN-Ed, KANWIN and
  should assist the agency in preparing the                  KANREN during the 2008 Session, possibly
  architecture report. The report was presented              during February of 2008.

Kansas Legislative Research Department              10-9                                         2007 JCIT

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