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                  My Learning Style is Affecting My Career
                                        Harvey McChesney, III, CPIM—McChesney Associates

My unique Learning Style affects how, what, and how                                               Harvey McChesney, III, CPIM
much I learn. It also affects how I succeed with my boss,                                         is president of McChesney
coach those who work for me for best performance, and                                             Associates. Harvey’s purpose is
successfully present ideas to others.                                                             to help you vividly express your
                                                                                                  thoughts, feelings, and needs
I can imagine the potential frustration, or even difficulty, for                                  through effective communica-
two people working together when one is detail oriented                                           tion. He has extensive experi-
while the other needs just the high points. I can relate to a sit-                                ence teaching presentation skills,
uation where one person is significantly attuned to people’s                                      training methods, team compe-
feelings and emotions while the other is “all business” with-                                     tencies, facilitation skills, and
out concern for people issues. I understand the difficulty of                                     structured problem solving.
an interaction between a highly creative thinker who dreams                                       Harvey uses a natural and
up all sorts of possibilities but implements none and some-          energetic style to create an interactive learning environment.
one who is a take charge, just do something sort of person.
                                                                     Harvey has 20 years experience in manufacturing engineer-
   In this very interactive session of self discovery,               ing, process analysis, facilities design, systems definition and
   I will learn:                                                     installation, project management, and productivity improve-
                                                                     ment. He received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from
   • about my natural preferences to recognize and                   Lehigh University, has served on the APICS Board of
     mentally process new information                                Directors and was the Chairman of the 1994 APICS
   • what Learning Styles are and what mine might be                 International Conference and Exhibition. Harvey also led the
                                                                     team that revised the APICS Train the Trainer materials and
   • how my learning style may impact my job situation               developed the Learning Dynamics for Instructors course.
                                                                     He is a qualified instructor for both of these courses as
   • ways I can use my learning style to career advantage            well as a frequent speaker and can be reached at
                                                            or (610) 799-4756.

   Date/Time      Thursday, February 14th, 2008
                  5:30 pm Registration—Networking
                  6:15 pm Dinner 7:00 pm Presentation
   Location       Embassy Suites Hotel (Indianapolis North)
                  3912 Vincennes Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268
   Pricing        $5 Students
                  $30 Members        $45 Non-members
   Registration   Register online at
                  Please register by Monday 02/11/2008.

                           P R E S I D E N T ’ S            C O R N E R      BY JASON WHEELER, CHAPTER PRESIDENT

                            PASS IT AROUND
    Most of us have a 401k, IRA, or some kind of retirement          rather activities in our lives. The author states that we should
    account at work. Why is it that we don’t always make that        view everything that we do in life as an investment or an
    same investment in our minds? The slogan Your mind is            expense. In this analogy an expense would be any activities
    a terrible thing to waste is simple, yet very prophetic.         that are not helping you achieve your desired goal. By reduc-
    Why is it that we do not always take the time to invest in       ing our expenses we clear room for more investments that
    our education?                                                   currently are being pushed to the side like continuing educa-
    The quick answer is time and money, but is that really the
    reason we don’t always look to improve our knowledge? No,
    money can be an issue for some, however, most companies          Pass it around.
    understand that they need to invest in their employees and
    will cover the cost of continuing education. Time is the easy
                                                                     tion. The second principle is “Pass It Around”. This principle
    way out when we are confronted with a new opportunity.
                                                                     encourages us to help others by sharing our knowledge and
    Do we have too many things going on in our lives? You bet!
                                                                     personal experiences. As a chapter, we are continually looking
    The question becomes, are we focused on the right things?        for ways for our members to share their knowledge with oth-
    If we did a value stream map of our lives, how many of our       ers. There are many intelligent and innovative individuals
    routine things would non-value added? Probably more things       within Central Indiana. A goal of our Chapter is to help get
    than we would like to admit. Don’t get me wrong, we need         those individuals to share their success stories. We are looking
    some non-value-added items in our lives. But do we have too      to use our “Table Top Discussions” at the dinner meetings as
    many? If we were required to pursue an APICS certification       another avenue to get more members sharing knowledge.
    or a degree just to keep our jobs, would it become a priority?
                                                                     I view my involvement in APICS as in investment in myself.
    You had better believe it would.
                                                                     Is it enough to achieve your certification(s)? Not really, this is
    I recently read a book called The Janitor by Ray Hilbert,        why there is certification maintenance. The maintenance pro-
    which I would recommend that everyone read. In the book,         gram was designed as a way to keep individuals involved after
    a young CEO and a janitor share time together discussing six     achieving certification. By attending APICS events, as Covey
    key principles. There are two of the principles that I believe   states we are “Sharpening the Saw”. The maintenance pro-
                                                                     gram requires 75 points/contact hours every 5 years to main-
                                                                     tain your certification. I am still amazed at the number of
    Invest, don’t spend.                                             individuals that will make the investment and achieve their
                                                                     certification, then wait until the 3rd or 4th year to start accu-
                                                                     mulating points. I sometimes wonder why individuals will
    are worth mentioning here. The first is “Invest, Don’t           make the initial investment and then let their certification
    Spend”. The principle is not in reference to finances, but       lapse. My advice, invest wisely.

                                                                     MAKE IT HAPPEN
                                                                     Jason Wheeler

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                                                      2007 to 2008 Program Year
            Professional Development Meetings & Seminars
     Date                     Title                                                   Presenter/Sponsor           Location
     02/14/2008               My Learning Style                                       Harvey McChesney            Embassy Suites North

     03/20/2008               Various Topics—Joint Meeting with PMI/ASQ               Tom Schulte                 Five Seasons

     04/10/2008               Sales & Operations Planning                             Dick Ling                   Valle Vista Conf. Center

     2/22/2008                MS Project 2003 Server Seminar                          PMI CIC                     Farm Bureau
                                                                                                                  225 East St Indpls

     3/26/2008                Requirements Development and Management                 PMI CIC                     Legacy Fund
                                                                                                                  515 E Main Carmel

     4/10/2008                Sales & Operations Planning                             Dick Ling                   Valle Vista Conf. Center

     4/11/2008                Critical Chain Project Management                       PMI CIC                     The Marott Indianapolis

         The Central Indiana Chapter welcomes the following new professional members:
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       APICS 2008 Learning Paths
                                                                           •   Demand Management/Forecasting/S&OP
       The APICS 2008 educational program will focus                       •   Lean
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          •   Principles of Operations Management                       Look for these and additional educational opportuni-
          •   Enterprise Systems                                        ties by checking the Central Indiana Chapter web site
          •   Sustainability/Green                                      at

    An important part of the Central Indiana APICS
    Chapter experience is the monthly Professional Dinner                                                                                     “I thought the speaker
    Meetings. These events are a chance for you to net-                       “I think the chapter leadership team
    work with other professionals from Central Indiana                                                                                         this evening was great.
                                                                               is doing a great job overall and enjoy
    and learning while earning continuing education cred-                      the newsletters, the monthly meet-                              I really liked the topic
    its to maintain your certifications.                                       ings, plant tours, and the many other                           and he made it enjoy-
    Beginning this month we will highlight feedback                            educational opportunities offered                               able and interactive.”
    received at past events. For those unable to attend the                    through the organization.
    prior month’s PDM, this is an opportunity to get a                         Thanks for your dedication and                     “As there are a lot of students,
    sense of what the rest of us experienced and what you                      efforts! Tonight is the best I have                 I would like to have at least
    missed. Hope to see you next time!                                         ever attended!”                                     one PDM devoted to them.”
                                   “First meeting—this was a good meeting                                   “It is good already. Can’t wait to see what is coming.”
                                    and look forward to more meetings.”

                                                                       Present at APICS 2008:
                    Share cool solutions you’ve found for issues you face at work with your peers at APICS 2008.
                     Now through January 31, you can submit your presentation for review to be included in the
                                 2008 APICS International Conference & Expo educational program.

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