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Contact: Ranga (Shrirang U.) Deshpande,
Top Concerns Project Leader.

 “Satisfy internal customers”, and “Treat data security and confidentiality as a
               business risk” are Top Concerns of the 2009 survey

                    “Free academic system i certification (for students)”
                         is the Top Academic Concern for students
                          “Better marketing of the IBM i” and “IBM i survival”
                       are the Golden Concerns for business user participants

Krakow, Poland, June 9, 2009—COMMON Europe conducted its annual TOP CONCERNS survey in May and
June 2009 with global participation. It obtained 547 participations from Europe, Americas and Australasia,
including customers, IBM and IBM Business Partners and ISVs. The Top Concerns Survey enables COMMON
Europe to understand member priorities and to influence IBM and its Business Partners as well as to share them
amongst worldwide users.
The survey showed that “Satisfy internal customers” and “Treat data security and confidentiality as a business
risk” are the topmost concerns for worldwide Power system/System i or other IBM systems’ users. They are
followed by “Improve IT security and continuity”, “Receive consistent high quality service and support from
vendors”, “Keep the skills current for the existing staff” and “Make me grow as a more competent individual”.
Surprisingly “Correctly measure the value of IT to business” and “Assure better datawarehousing” are 14 and 16
in a list of 16.
COMMON customer responses to current issues were:
1) IT running budgets in 2009: 39% decreased, 9% increased, 8% stable and 44% do not know;
2) New projects investment 2009: 40% decreased, 12% increased, 11% stable and 36% do not know;
3) Migrate in 2009 to IBM i 6.1: 9.0% already done, 4.2% ordered, 28.2% planned, 45.1% not yet, 7.6% not user
and 5.9% no information;
4) Migrate in 2009 to Power Systems: 23.9% already done, 1.7% ordered, 13.0% planned; 40.8% not yet; 14.1%
not user and 6.5% no information;
5) Migrate in 2009 to Blades with IBM i 6.1: 2.3% already done, 1.1% ordered, 4.5% planned, 56.6% not yet,
28.2% not user and 7.3% no information.
Participants also expressed their concerns that were not listed in the survey. “Better marketing of the IBM i, IBM i
survival” and “Modernize applications” were the most frequently cited unlisted concerns.
A first
COMMON Europe is proud in holding a first Top Academic Concerns Survey for IBM Academic Initiative
participants. There were 48 replies consisting of students and professors till now. A special voting for Polish
students is still continuing because of their temporary unavailability during the opening session. This special set of
concerns is chosen by the students and staff of the Austrian and Polish Academic Initiative institutions. Like its
sister project, it was available on the COMMON Europe web site and had its own incentives for
web and “on the spot” voting.
We did a preliminary analysis of student participations for the Top Academic Concerns survey. It shows that “Free
academic System i certification (for students)” and “Recycle used systems for students (instead of destroying
them)” are the topmost academic concerns for the participating students. They are followed by “Discounted IBM
professional certifications for students”, “Free or discounted attendance to conferences for students”, and “Easier
access to demo and training IBM Power Systems”. For more information on the Top Academic Concerns 2009
please    contact      Christoph    Cuscoleca,      at     or   Grzegorz      Siwiec,   at

COMMON Europe prides in saying that “server consolidation, low cost disks and memory, user prices, reasonably
priced low end server, removal of the “interactive tax”, secure perspective, data encryption” are some of the direct
and indirect outcomes of our previous surveys.

Alison Butterill, Application Development Offering Manager, Power Systems Software, IBM, drew random names
of participants for a number of quality prizes. As in previous years, the results were announced during the closing
session, 9 June this year, of the COMMON Europe Congress and Power Academy.
The full Top Concerns and Top Academic Concerns 2009 preliminary results are attached herewith and are also
available at the COMMON Europe web site These surveys are global and multilingual in order
to reach Power System and System i customers as well as IBM Academic Initiative participants worldwide.
Respondents rated 16 Top Concerns on a scale of 1 to 10 and added their own Golden Concern(s).
About COMMON Europe (CE)
COMMON Europe, an association of IBM computer users, is an umbrella organisation of national IBM user
associations, representing most European countries. Its aims are “boost peer networking, provide advanced
education and training, spearhead IBM strategy, accelerate an ongoing open dialogue with IBM and influence the
setting of international standards”. It is a non profit association of companies, organisations and individuals, who
are involved in IT solutions, using IBM mid-range architecture and solutions. For more information, please visit or contact Jan Leth-Kjaer, CE President, at
About Top Concerns Surveys
The Top Concerns Surveys are a strategic feature of COMMON Europe. For previous results, please visit or contact Ranga (Shrirang U.) Deshpande, Project Leader, at
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