City and Borough of Sitka Lease Agreement With Sawmill by va23823


									                                   City and Borough of Sitka
                                        Lease Agreement
                                 Sawmill Cove Industrial Park

This lease agreement is made between the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park 100 Lincoln Street ;
Sitka, Alaska hereinafter referred to as Lessor and the City & Borough of Sitka hereinafter
referred to as Lessee .

The Lessor and Lessee agree as follows:

   1 . Lessor shall lease to Lessee 1,530 square feet storage space in the Sawmill Cove
       Industrial Park Administration Building. Lease area shall include Rooms 142, 143 and
       144 as depicted on Attachment A to this lease.

   2 . The lease area shall be used for the operation of a Municipal Records Center . This lease
       agreement shall be for ten years and renewable beginning November 1, 2006.

   3 . Lessor reserves the right to terminate this lease at Lessor's convenience. Lessee will be
       given either a 90-day notice to vacate and be invited to move to another location within
       the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park at the Lessor's expense .

   4. The Lessee agrees they are solely responsible for all security necessary to protect their
      property . The Lessor shall not be held liable for damage or loss.

   5 . Lessee shall use the area only for activity related to a Records Center. Flammable,
       caustic or explosive items or materials will not be allowed within the Administration
       Building .

   6. Lessee shall ensure that all of its employees that occupy the SCIP are included in
      Lessee's Workers Compensation Insurance Policy . This requirement extends to all
      subcontractors, suppliers and agents of Lessee .

   7. Lessee shall pay to Lessor rent of $1,912 .50 (1,530 sq .ft X $1 .25/sq .ft) per month with
      the rent due the first day of each month delivered to the City & Borough of Sitka; 100
      Lincoln Street ; Sitka, Alaska 99835 . Utility costs are included in the rent payment.

   8 . Lessor shall review the rent rate every five years and make adjustments, if necessary, to
       adequately provide for utility and building maintenance costs.

   9. Lessee is responsible for initial and final cleanup of the rooms leased and for minor
      repairs to existing defects with doors and windows. Minor is defined as repairs that cost
      less than $200 .

   10 . Lessee shall insure that its vehicles and equipment do not block roadways or building
        entrances . Parking for 2 employees is included in the base rent at no additional charge .

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      11 . Lessee understands that various construction projects within the SCIP may periodically
           prevent vehicle access to the leased space.

      12. Upon termination of this lease, Lessee shall remove all materials, equipment and other
          personal property from the leased area and return the area to a satisfactory condition.

      13 . Lessee shall return any office furniture borrowed from the SCIP in good order or replace
           it at no cost to Lessor.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to these presents have executed this contract in the year
and day first mentioned above. Each person executing this contract represents by the act of
execution that such person holds the legal authority to bind the party that such person purports to
bind .

City & Borough of Sitka                                        City & Borough of Sitka

100 Lincoln Street                                             100 Lincoln Street
Sitka, Alaska 99835                                            Sitka, Alaska 99835

By:                                                    By.
           John C. Stein, Administrator                        John C. Stein, Administrator

Date :                                                 Date:

Attest :


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                 Administration Building w Lease Area Planning                                                                                                         o               161     32'         41
                 Se    d Flo
                                                              Note: Access to electrical disconnects, tolet facilities and thermostats, find egress paths
                      con                         or          was considered In layout of lease greas, but these and other code requirements must                                        art®~
                                                              be veiffied for final layout. Construction work may be required.

                                                                                                                                W ar             or
Plan                                                  Rn,

163,481 ; ql=t                                                                                                                       f i r~

                   ------- ---------- - -- --------
                                                                                                        284 -7" -                                                      -

213                           \       ~       ~g                   \          \ `              \                `\c \\
                                                                                                                  .\                 ,\'              \~\       \~~'                         \\

S m ll    a
                                .\ \                        c \`
                                                                                                                                 S                                                 \
                                                                                                                                                                                         \ .
Lea se                                                      .\\ . . \ \                                                                                                            \
                                                      \       \                                                                  i \~ .~                                                  \       \   .~
                              n/ ColekAo              ~_
                                                      \. ~\ \                                                                      \'\ \                                           \     \      \
                                                                                                                                                                                                \\ \
                                                                                                                         IR .        \
                                                                                                                           \ \           \                                         \ . .

Are ~~ s                                       \ \ \ \\\
                                               .\ \\ \ \\\\                                                               \ .\\
                                                                                                                            \\                                                   \ . \\
                                                                       \                                        a.                                          _                      \ \\~               \
                                                                               ~                                                                                                 \ \~ \
                                                                                                   ~                    .\                                                      \ .\ \
                                                                                                                         \ \\                                                        \
                                                       I\ \ \                                                                                \                              :: \ `\ \. . \

                      ------------------------- -- --                                                                                                                      =r~

L   a rg     e    N
                         /'    /. /

L   ease
Area s
                                                                                                        63'4' /                          ,

                                                                                                                                                                           T 111H
City and Borough of Sitka
Regular Assembly Meeting
September 12, 2006
Page 3

                            Motion PASSED on a 6-0 roll call vote.

Resume Regular Session      MOTION, by Skannes to resume as the assembly in regular session .

                            Motion PASSED on unanimous consent. The assembly resumed
                            business in regular session at 8:55 p.m.

Personnel Issue/Records
Centralization              MOTION, by Sherrod to take from the table the motion to grant approval
                            and proceed with a project for centralizing the municipality's records .
                            The initial major costs of this project will consist of a lease agreement,
                            purchasing of storage and other related office type equipment, noting
                            that existing personnel will be used by redefining current job
                            descriptions .

                            Motion PASSED on a 5-1 roll call vote with Dapcevich voting against .
Item G
RFP Port Authority          The motion from August 22, 2006 that was still on the floor was restated :

                            MOTION, by Holst to direct the administrator to develop an RFP to line
                            out services similar to Task One in the Van Altvorst/Miller proposal and
                            the first half of Task Two which is the project plan operation analysis, to
                            bring back to the next meeting .

                            Holst and Skannes stated that this motion is to simply bring back an
                            RFP . Stein cautioned the assembly saying this is a huge step. Skannes
                            expounded on the seriousness of acting on this item . Stein questioned if
                            it is Sitka's responsibility to solve this problem. Dapcevich thinks the
                            action is good but the timing is off .

                            Motion FAILED on a 2-4 roll call vote with Skannes and Holst in favor.
Item H
ORD . 2006-40               MOTION, by Sherrod to approve Ordinance 2006-40 on second reading .

                            Vice Deputy Mayor read the title, purpose sections.

                            Motion PASSED on a 6-0 roll call vote.
Item I
School Bonds Interest       MOTION, by Sherrod to approve that 75% of the additional school bond
                            interest from the two school capital projects (Auditorium and Roofs) be
                            used for the theatre equipment bid and that after substantial completion
                            of both roof and auditorium projects, the remaining interest be used to
                            purchase the remaining theatre equipment that is needed .

                            Dr. Tom Conley and Molly Kabler, members of the Sitka School Board,
                            reported that the school board recently toured the auditorium project and
                            said that it is shaping up nicely. Skannes asked that they explain the
                            consequences if this item doesn't pass.

                            Kabler explained that there won't be an empty theatre without the
                            funding but there will be more sophisticated material available with the
                            funding . There is an efficiency to do it now as with a potential funding
                            source .

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