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					“seec and ye shall find.”

in partnership with

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                              the masters certificate in
                              Business leadership for
                              Human Resource Professionals
                              a new program that focuses on strategic decision-making in the c-suite

                              oCtoBeR 22, 2009 - aPRil 30, 2010
                              16 days over 8 months

              Be a BUsiness leaDeR oF YoUR oRganization:

              • Make an immediate impact on your business: each participant works on a
                strategic business initiative linked directly to their organization’s business
                strategy                                                                             “seec and ye shall find.”

              • Gain business credentials: Program graduates receive a masters certificate
              • Build your network: this program features a community of practice model
                including networking sessions with senior global business leaders
toRonto • 16 DaYs oveR 8 MontHs

the masters certificate in                                                           PROGRAM DATE: OCTOBER 22, 2009 - APRIL 30, 2010

Business leadership for                                                              16 DAYS OVER 8 MONTHS

Human Resource Professionals

An Advanced Academic Program Partnership between Human                               2009 PRogRaM sCHeDUle
Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and The Schulich
Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business,
York University (SEEC)
this comprehensive program is designed to develop the strategic business analysis
and leadership skills of Hr professionals. the emphasis is on developing an
advanced understanding of how business works, how to think as the ceo does,
and how to manage and influence the bottom line. Participants will link advanced      the program runs 16 days over 8 months
business planning and strategy to the work they are doing in their organization.
                                                                                      module 1
PRogRaM FeatURes
                                                                                      Understanding strategic Business
• a community of practice model featuring networking sessions with senior global      Management
  business leaders                                                                    october 22-23, 2009
                                                                                      november 19-20
• Dynamic and interactive format to fully engage and challenge you including
                                                                                      December 3
  business simulations, business case analysis, e-learning tools and activities,
  group learning and action learning
                                                                                      module 2
• an applied learning model that will make an immediate business impact:              Your organization’s Business
  each participant develops a strategic business plan linked directly to their
                                                                                      December 4
  organization’s business strategy
                                                                                      January 21 - 22, 2010
• resources and tools to bring back to the workplace                                  February 11-12

HRPa ReCeRtiFiCation Points
                                                                                      module 3
members who will be taking this intensive course will be eligible for 100             innovations: Community of Practice
recertification points. cHrP members who complete this program after receiving        sessions
their professional designation may choose to submit their program participation as    march 4-5
part of their recertification requirements.
                                                                                      module 4
leaRneR oUtCoMes                                                                      enhancing leadership and
                                                                                      Personal effectiveness
• Use executive level knowledge of business planning, strategy and financial
  performance as a base for gaining influence as a business partner                   april 1-2
                                                                                      april 29-30
• implement best practices that will contribute to the business and impact
  financial results
• Develop systems thinking and broad business skills
                                                                                     WHo sHoUlD attenD?
• enhance levels of personal impact with a focus on leadership, communication
  and Hr marketing skills                                                            this executive-level Hr leadership program is
                                                                                     targeted at Hr professionals that are directly
                                                                                     responsible for leading organizational human
              Presented in                                                           resource activities.
              partnership with
  Message FRoM tHe PRogRaM Design teaM

  Hr Professionals are under increasing pressure to adapt             moDULe 1         Duration: 5 days
  to the rapidly changing economic, technological and
  workforce trends that profoundly impact the strategy
                                                                      Understanding strategic Business Management
  and financial performance of their organizations. at the
  same time, senior executives are recognizing the growing              a “ceo’s” Perspective
  strategic importance of human capital management and                  • responsibilities of the ceo (setting business direction,
  are turning to the Hr Professionals to become activists                 building capabilities and assessing business performance)
  in defining and leading transformational change in their              • the typical ceo dashboard: leading indicators of short and
  businesses.                                                             long term financial performance
                                                                        competitive advantage
  the masters certificate in Business Leadership for Hr                 • Understanding the value proposition of your business and
  Professionals is a one-of-a-kind development opportunity                that of other companies
  for practitioners, designed to provide participants with              the Dynamic nature of strategy
  the latest insights on the drivers of Hr value within an              • a framework for understanding business strategy; what
  organization and how to develop and apply them.                         strategy is and isn’t

  expect to be exhilarated and challenged by the very best              shifting the Business Performance curve for Hr
  in the schulich faculty, accompanied by senior industry               • Key Hr considerations linked to business strategy
  leaders who will share their actual business experience               moving your Business Forward: strategic Business initiatives
  and best practices.                                                   • each participant develops a strategic business plan linked
                                                                          directly to their organizations’ business strategy
  we look forward to your participation in our innovative
  program and exploring with you the emerging role for Hr
  professionals as strategic partners in their organizations.         moDULe 2         Duration: 5 days

                                                                      Your organization’s Business
                                                                        Developing a Business model

  Corey Jack, Program advisor                                           • Leading edge approaches to developing a business model
  senior executive, schulich executive education centre                 advanced Financial management
  schulich school of Business, York University                          • How to use financial analysis concepts and methods to help
                                                                          you prepare business cases or funds approval requests
                                                                        Building a successful Business case
                                                                        • Learn how to package and present compelling business
                                                                          cases to management & stakeholders
  Paul Dillon, Program Manager                                          measuring and communicating the effectiveness of Your
  manager, Learning strategies                                          Function
  schulich executive education centre                                   • How, what and when to measure and how to communicate
  schulich school of Business, York University                            results to the business team

                                                                      moDULe 3          Duration: 2 days

                                                                      innovations: Community of Practice sessions
                                                                        • network with experienced business leaders and leverage
oUtstanDing PRogRaM FaCUltY                                               insights from industry peers.
senior business and academic leaders, including:                        • Join a global Best Practice online video Forum and
• Corey Jack: executive Director of schulich’s master’s certificate
  in Financial services Leadership and former Head of Bmo’s
  corporate University - the institute for Learning                   moDULe 4          Duration: 4 days
• Dr. ashwin Joshi: Director of the mBa Program and co-Director
  of the York consulting group at the schulich school of Business.    enhancing leadership and Personal effectiveness
• Brett Richards: global master trainer in effective intelligence,      combine an enhanced knowledge of group dynamics, com-
  an international business-based system designed to improve            munication and managing diversity with critical thinking to
  thinking and organizational performance.                              surface and challenge deeply held assumptions.
                                                                        • Frameworks to Drive innovation
• andrew levison: Leadership development expert, coach,                 • techniques to be a relationship leader
  facilitator and trainer                                               • approaches to being mindful and resonant
RegistRation Details                                                      2009 Program registration • octoBer 22, 2009 - aPriL 30, 2010

                                                                          the Masters Certificate in
                                                                          Business leadership for
                                                                          Human Resource Professionals
                                                                           three ways to register:
Program Dates & Location
                                                                           RegisteR online                               Mail this form to The schulich executive education centre
octoBer 22, 2009 - aPriL 30, 2010 (see module dates inside)                          the executive Learning centre, schulich school of Business,
Unless otherwise announced, all in-class sessions commence at 8:30                                                       York University, 4700 Keele street, toronto, on m5J 1P3
                                                                           FaX this registration form to the             Please make cheque payable to York University -
a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. seating for each program is limited to 30        schulich executive education centre           schulich executive education Centre
participants.                                                              at 416.736.5689

the miles s. nadal management centre
                                                                          name q mr. q ms. q mrs.
toronto-Dominion centre
222 Bay st., 5th Floor, ernst & Young tower
toronto, ontario m5K 1K2                                                  title
tel: 416.736.5079
Program Fee
$15,000 cDn + 5% gst = $15,750 cDn                                        e-mail                                                         HrPa member q Yes q no
• Program fee includes program tuition, teaching materials, lunches
  and refreshments.
• Flexible payment options: 1, 2 or 4 installments.                       Business address

• early bird discount for registrations before June 30, 2009
• schulich executive education centre’s liability is limited to reim-     city                                              Province                   Postal code
  bursement of paid tuition fee.

                                                                          telephone                                         Fax
How to reserve YoUr PLace
onLine registration
                                                                          mobile telephone
telephone 416.736.5079 (1.800.667.9380 toll free)                         canadian citizen q Yes q no                       Holding other citizenships q Yes q no

You may also download and print a registration form from, complete and...                               applicant’s signature

schulich executive education centre at 416.736.5689, or                   Date

the Schulich executive Education centre, schulich school of Business
York University, 4700 Keele st., toronto, ontario m3J 1P3                 Payment Method

DePosits, canceLLations, rePLacements anD transFers                       q visa                     q mastercard           q amex                     q cheque (included)
imPortant: a deposit of $1,000 cDn is required to enroll in the pro-
gram. Please include your credit card information on faxed or online      credit card number                                                           exp. Date
registrations, or mail a cheque along with your completed program
                                                                          name of cardholder
• if you are unable to attend the program you may transfer to the
   next session, subject to the 21-day written notification require-
   ment or your organization may name a replacement candidate.            cardholder’s signature
• only one module transfer to another session will be permitted
   (subject to space availability) without penalty. each subsequent       Date
   transfer request has a $200 administration fee.
• a full refund will be issued for written cancellations received a
   minimum of 21 days before the program start date. written cancel-
                                                                          Payment options - please check
   lations received after this date will incur an administration charge
                                                                          q early Bird discount (less 5% if registering before June 30, 2009)
   of $1,000.
                                                                          q Full payment ($15,000 cDn + 5% gst = $15,750 cDn)
certiFicate oF Program comPLetion                                            - full payment due october 21, 2009

at the end of the program, you will receive a framed certificate of       q 2 installments ($7,500 cDn + 5% gst = $7,875 cnD)
                                                                            - 1/2 payment due october 21, 2009, 1/2 due by Feb. 1, 2010
completion. Participants must attend all program modules in order to
receive a certificate.                                                    q 4 installments ($3,750 cDn + 5% gst = $3,937.50 cDn)
                                                                            - 1/4 payment due october 21, 2009, 1/4 due Dec. 1, 2009,
modules, speakers, topics, dates, fees and locations are subject to           1/4 due Feb. 1, 2010, 1/4 due apr. 1, 2010