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					                                               LEAN ON ME GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES
                                                      MAIN GROUP EXERCISE STUDIO
                                                             Begins November 2009

               MONDAY         TUESDAY        WEDNESDAY       THURSDAY     FRIDAY    SATURDAY          SUNDAY
   5:30AM       Cycling                      Cycle Cross                  Cycling
                  Liz                            Liz                        Liz

  7:45AM                       H.E.A.T.                        Body
                               Dorene                        Revolution
  9:00AM      Core-n-More                    Power Pilates                           Cycling            9:30am
                Sariah                           Jan                                 Dorene        (Pilates Studio)
                                                                                                  Pilates with Props
  10:00AM                                                                           Pilates Mat
                                                                                       for All
  5:45PM        Athletic                       Athletic
              Conditioning     Cycling       Conditioning     Cycling
                Dorene         Sabin             Liz            Liz

  6:45PM        Piloga       Pilates Mat 2      Piloga
                Dorene           Sabin          Allison

                        For more information call 916-455-4599 or check us out at
                  www.leanonme.biz or contact Sabin Morris at sabinspilates@gmail.com
                                                                 Class Descriptions
Cycling & Cycling Cross:    Indoor cycling classes are fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workouts that kill calories in record time - up to 900 in a single class! It's a team
                            cycling experience that incorporates the best of indoor cycling and motivational coaching techniques - and it s suited for any age and any fitness
                            level. Cycling Cross Join Liz for a combination of Indoor Cycling and Strength Training to enhance sports performance, endurance and
                            muscular strength. All fitness levels welcome. A great way to start your day!

Athletic Conditioning:      This class will get your heart rate up and keep it there to promote great cardiovascular health, while incorporating weights, bands and other
                            resistance training modes to promote strength and agility. This class utilizes sports drills, strength training and cardio intervals to increase
                            performance in all of your activities! A TOTAL BODY workout that CONDITIONS your heart, lungs and muscles!

H.E.A.T:                    High Energy Athletic Training combines strength training intervals with High Energy cardio intervals! Utilizing Body Bars, Dumbbells and your
                            own body for improving strength, tone and definition, we add cardio blasts with The Step, Jump Ropes and Plyometrics to burn more calories
                            per minute and increase cardiovascular endurance!

Body Revolution:            It s a toning and conditioning class with weights and is for just about everybody who wants to add strength training into their aerobic workout.
                            The simplicity of the class makes it a great starting point to develop strength and confidence. Hot sounds and compelling choreography keep
                            you going through each work-out. You ll use a step platform for specific strength training exercises and 2-3 sets of weights and Body Bars.

Core-n-More:                Strengthen your Core and MORE with exercises created specifically for the abdominals, back and hips. This class will combine Pilates, Yoga
                            and Fitness moves that will enhance posture, alignment and flexibility throughout the body. All fitness levels welcome.

Pilates Mat for All:        Students will learn the fundamentals and beginning-intermediate Pilates Mat exercises, as well as the philosophy behind the Pilates Mat Work.
                            The Pilates Principles are taught with the exercises to allow students to develop their Mind-Body-Spirit connection and create the foundation
                            needed to progress in the Pilates Repertoire. All fitness levels are welcome to this class, some yoga or pilates experience is a plus, but not
Pilates Mat 2 & Power
Pilates:                    Take your Pilates practice the next level with our Mat 2 class. Concentrating on more difficult Mat exercises and adding several props to
                            increase difficulty, this class introduces the high level intermediate and advanced mat exercises and uses the Classical Series work to improve
                            strength, flexibility and create some aerobic segments throughout the workout. Ultra-Fit Circles, small and large stability balls, rollers, bands and
                            weights are used in this class. Students are encouraged to have taken 10-15 Pilates Mat for All or Apparatus classes prior to attending this
                            class. Power Pilates Combine fitness with Pilates and get an awesome strength training class that continues to emphasize flexibility training.
                            Alternating between Pilates inspired body sculpting with weights, bars and bands and classical Pilates flexibility moves, you will improve
                            strength, tone and definition. This class is recommended for those with some Yoga or Pilates experience.

Pilates with Props:        This class utilizes props such as the large or small stability balls, bands, tubes, Bosu balls, Ultra-Fit Circles and foam rollers. Each class is
                           different because each prop can increase OR decrease the difficulty of the exercise! Get a totally unique workout in this class. All fitness and
                           experience levels are welcome.

Piloga:                    Combining Pilates and Yoga is a great way to relieve stress, strengthen the core, improve flexibility, strength and agility and get a great workout in
                           a peaceful and nurturing environment. Pilates and Yoga are very closely related, so it s not surprising how well a class with both practices flows
                           and creates a special energy that inspired students to go just a little deeper into their minds and bodies. All fitness and experience levels are