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									Seth Lockner
Human Resource Manager
Capella Education Company

   1       Capella Education Company
   2       From the other side—Landing the interview
   3       From the other side—Landing the offer

HR is not the final decision maker, but if we’re doing our jobs correctly, we will have the ability to
move people off the fence one way or the other.

In light of this, it’s important for you as the job seeker to be pro-active in making sure that you (1) get
past the initial HR resume screen and (2) get support from the HR person you interview with.

   2       From the other side—Landing the interview
           a. Develop 2 or 3 resumes—or be willing to modify
           b. Having an HR person with particular technology depth is rare.
                    i. Critical for you to bridge the gap for the HR person if need be—try to minimize
                       the reliance of this person understanding how you might qualify.
           c. Consistency of cover letter to resume
           d. Cover letters—still need to do them
                    i. So easy to e-mail, that cover letter says “I’m genuinely interested”
                   ii. Fine to do the cover letter in the e-mail itself
                  iii. 3 paragraphs are fine.
           e. If sending monster-formatted resume, follow up with e-copy in word.
           f. If track record concerns, may consider listing reasons for move.
           g. 2 or 3 pages for a long career is fine; only very rarely do 4+
           h. Eye test—
                    i. Know that I’m skimming many resumes
                   ii. if I can’t rest my eyes on anything, more likely to pass over
           i. Titles—
                    i. Often HR screens are on title, which can mean good candidates get lost
                   ii. If Manager open to individual contributor, call it out clearly on resume
                  iii. Same with Director / VP looking to manager, etc.
           j. Calls rarely have impact; if must, one is maximum
           k. Internal referrals have the greatest amount of impact.
3      From the other side– Landing the job
       l. If late, apologize.
       m. Having an HR person with particular technology depth is rare.
                i. Try to get a gage of this upfront and speak to the level of your audience.
       n. Be thorough, but also direct-- run-on answers are often cited a major concern;
       o. Always provide concrete examples—factual, people, lessons learned
                i. Avoid “I would”… “In situations like that”…
       p. What accomplishments do you really take pride in—have a few handy.
       q. Examples of when on a project that failed and what you learned.
       r. Always ask at least one question at the end if you are interested in the job.
                i. Even if it’s basic—can always go with culture
               ii. Everybody has an ego—ask why HR person/manager came there or what like
       s. Volunteer gaps or job movement—
                i. being laid off or having a job that didn’t work out with a company is very
                   common, so no need to feel awkward addressing it.
               ii. BUT… if seems like skimming or not addressing, becomes a negative
       t. Avoid extreme detail on benefits, etc., on 1st interview—may seem like less interested
          in the job.
       u. Definitely know the 30 second to 2 minute elevator pitch on your company
                i. Common concern from hiring managers—could tell me all about his/her job, but
                   not a thing about what the company did, who used their products, what
                   challenges faced the business
       v. Over-dressed is always better than under-dressed.
       w. Do your homework—
                i. 10 minutes on the homepage is expected.
               ii. Always be able to answer why you were interested in coming in.
       x. At the end of the 2nd or 3rd interview, be willing to close by indicating your interest.

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