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									                                 Sample Invitation Letter
                                on your school letterhead
                         See following page for additional ideas.


City, State, Zip

Dear Name:

On (Month, Date , Year at Time) (school name) will be participating in ACES With-a-
Friend. ACES stands for All Children Exercising Simultaneously and the With-a-Friend
designation includes you. Your attendance and participation at this event will
demonstrate to our students that local leaders in our community also think physical
activity and fitness are important.

ACES is a worldwide celebration involving millions of children and more than 400,000
students across the state of Michigan who will all be physically active at (Time). A
related story by the MSNBC News Service illustrates the severity of the problem.

   Heart disease and stroke kill about 40 percent of the population overall and
   heart disease is the No. 1 killer in most industrialized countries. But the same
   factors that can produce heart disease–obesity, poor diet and a lack of
   exercise–also can lead to diabetes, so people with diabetes carry an extra risk.

   “Just walking 30 minutes a day, reducing your weight by 10 to 15 pounds, can
   reduce the incidence of diabetes by 58 percent,” said Health and Human
   Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Obviously, we want to motivate our children to be active everyday. There are a number
of ways in which you can show your support and participate in this event. I would be
happy to discuss the details with you at your convenience. The possibilities include:

   ·   joining the children in our planned activities
   ·   leading a group of children in a specific activity
   ·   congratulating the children with high fives as they return to the school building
       after completing the event
   ·   placing ACES With-a-Friend stickers on children

We look forward to including you in our celebration and hope you will be able to attend.
Please call me at (your phone number) and let me know if you will be joining us. Thank


                                          Your Name
                                          Your Position With School
                                    Sample Invitation Letter
                                       Additional Ideas

For assistance in locating names and addresses of local senators and representatives,
the following State of Michigan websites will be helpful: and By the way, the Governor’s Council office will be supplying a
list to all senators and representatives of the schools in their district who will be
participating in ACES.

Certain dignitaries need to be addressed in special ways. Here are some specifics that
might help.

State Senators:   The Honorable (name)            State Reps.:             The Honorable (name)
                  Michigan State Senate                                    Michigan House of
                  P.O. Box 30056                             P. O. Box 30014
                  Lansing, MI 48909                          Lansing, MI 48909
                  Dear Senator (name)                        Dear Representative (name)

Judges:                                 The Honorable name                   Mayor:          The
                                                             Honorable (name)
                  Judge of the (court name)                  City of (name)
                  Address                                    Address
                  City, State, Zip                           City, State, Zip
                  Dear Judge (name)                          Dear Mayor (name)

The Message
The sample letter is provided to make your job a little easier, but you may have several
things you would like to add. For instance, if you have your plans all worked out, it may
be easier to state exactly how you would like this person to help rather than give a list of
possibilities. It might also be a good idea to give them a date by which they should

The telephone number you give them may be something you want to think about. If you
are a classroom teacher, it may be best to use the school office phone number. But if
you have voice mail, you may want to use your own phone and extension.

Other Things to Include
Attaching a copy of the articles we’ve provided (see articles section) to your letter will
help demonstrate the need for increased physical activity and might help convince your
invitees to join you.

Attaching a copy of previous media coverage might help attract the interest of those you
are inviting. Your invitees would especially enjoy hand-written notes from students
inviting them to the event along with your letter.

                                          Thank You Letter
Here’s a couple of letters that can serve as a thank you to your ACES guests. It can be
written by either your school’s ACES organizer or some of the students in your building.
A sample for each is included.


City State Zip

Dear Name

Option 1-Written by the ACES organizer
On behalf of (name of school), thank you for participating in ACES With-a-Friend. Your
participation in our celebration helped emphasize that physical activity is important for
everyone–an important message for children to learn.

We hope the event was fun as well as educational for you. I have attached photos and
media coverage from the festivities.

Thanks again for your help.

Option 2-Written by Students
The students at (your school name) thank you for attending our ACES event. We hope
you had as much fun as we did.

We are enclosing a photograph of the event for you to keep and a copy of the story that
was in the newspaper.


                                            ACES Organizer or Student Name
                                            Your Position with School or Class and
                                               Grade of Student

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