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									United Church Of God Now Provides Free Bible Study Tips and Courses
The United Church of God has accepted as its mission to follow in Christ’s footsteps by
preaching the gospel to the people of the world, and in doing so the Church has realized that
many times a bible scripture may be misinterpreted or completed misunderstood. With that in
mind, the Christian Church has set out to clear up some of the mysteries and misunderstandings
associated with bible scripture. Church of God itself now offers a free bible study course that is
formatted in such a way to enlighten and challenge worshipers at an engaging pace, but yet, it is
not made to be difficult.
Milford, OH (PRWEB) December 2, 2009 –- The United Church of God has a focus that drives its mission, which
is to proclaim to the world the often misunderstood and even misrepresented teachings of Jesus Christ. The goal
of the Church is not only to preach to all nations of the world the good news of the coming of the Kingdom of
God, but also to prepare those that hear and heed the word for that Kingdom. This is only possible if and when
those people understand the bible scripture for its true meaning. That is why the Christian Church now provides
free online bible study courses at ucg.org for all who are interested.
 One of the seemingly great mysteries associated with the gospel is simply how to study and read bible scripture.
Many people are confused by the style of writing and unusual expressions used in the Bible. To help, the United
Church of God has an area on its site that offers ways to get started reading bible scripture; ways to not only
simplify the process, but to also insure that the teachings provide inspiration and encouragement.

 One method suggested by the Christian Church is to read bible scripture book by book. This method provides a
way to fix the context of the verses clearly in one’s mind. Another method of reading bible scripture suggested is
doing word studies, which are designed to find out what unfamiliar expressions mean – or in some cases, find out
the meaning that is being given to a familiar word or term. This sort of study will include an exploration of
numerous verses that contain the word or phrase.

 The Church recommends that bible scripture not only be read to understand biblical truths, but also for
inspiration and encouragement; particular sections of the Bible that are inspirational include the book of Psalms
and chapters 5 through 7 of Matthew. When reading to learn about biblical truths, the Church suggests studying
specific topics of interests. In most cases, this will mean reading numerous
 teachings that relate to any given topic.

 In response to the overwhelming need for information and the quest to continue its mission, the United Church of
God also now publishes a full-color, 12-lesson bible study course for free. The course is designed to assist
students achieve a deeper understanding of bible scripture, as it pertains to them and to the world. The free bible
study is written in an easy to understand language, and it covers the major themes and teachings of the Bible.
Additionally, the free bible study course addresses many of the basic and fundamental issues that many people
deal with about life and God.

 The United Church of God is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of teaching the Word of God to the nations the
world. In executing this goal the Christian Church has worked diligently at various ways of making the teachings
understandable and available to people around the globe. Through its efforts, a free bible study publication is now
available, and it helps students gain a deeper understanding of bible scripture.


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