Small Scale Industries in India

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        “An industrial undertaking in which the investment in
fixed assets in plant and machinery whether held on
ownership terms or on lease or by hire purchase does not
exceed Rs.100 lakhs and has an obligation to export 30% of
                  Export Contribution

45%-50% of the Indian Exports is contributed by SSI Sector.
Number of SSU that undertake direct exports is more than 5000.

SSI units contribute around 15% to exports indirectly through
merchant exporters, trading houses and export houses.

They may also be in the form of export orders from large units or
the production of parts and components for use for finished
exportable goods.
          Export Incentives

Cash assistance

Duty drawback & excise rebate

Duty Exemption scheme

Exemption from excise duty

Tax incentives for exports
               % Share of SSI in total exports

           Product             % Share in total exports

Sports goods                             100

Readymade garments                       90

Woolen garments, knitwear                35

Processed foods                          65

Marine products                          29

Leather products                         80

Plastic products                         45

Cosmetic, basic chemicals
&pharmaceutical products

Engineering goods                        30
    The opportunities in the small scale sector are
    enormous due to the following factors :
Less Capital Intensive
Extensive Promotion & Support by the Govt.
Finance & Subsidies
Machinery Procurement
Raw Material Procurement in Special Economic Zones
Reservation for Exclusive Purchase by Government
Export Promotion

Increasing Export Potential for Indian products
Cheaper Land is offered in SEZs
                        About the Company:
Entered the diamond trade in1982 & are today creating every design-in-house.

Be present in every segment, using state of the art manufacturing techniques & creating
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Company Name            : United Jewellers Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.
Parent Company          : Veekay Diamonds
Person Met              : Mr Parvesh Mehta (Manager)
                          Mr. Satyaprakash (Production Manager)
Address                 : 302, Block No.1, SEEPZ++, SEZ, Andheri (E)
Tel. No.                : 022-28290990
Email                   :
Website                 :
Import Export Officer   : Mr. Rajeshwar Tiwari
Importing Goods         : Casting & Polishing Machine &
                          Diamond consumable goods.
Products Exported :
          Concessions to SSI units in India

Full exemption from the Payment of central excise duty on a
specified output and thereafter slab-wise concessions of certain
specified items.

The pre-requisite for the eligibility for excise concessions was that
SSI unit should be registered with the State Directorate of
Industries or DC(SSI).

At-the time of obtaining the exemptions and concessions, the SSI
unit is required to produce a certificate of registration from the
respective Directorate of Industries or DC(SSI).
             Concessions to SSI units in India


SSI units having turnover less than Rs.60 lakhs per annum need not
have a separate storeroom for storing the finished products.

SSI units are required to pay duty on monthly basis instead of paying at
the time of every clearance.

The exempted SSI units do not have to file any declaration.

The Policy package provides for easier access to credit, availability of
collateral free composite loans up to Rs.2.5 million capital subsidy for
technology upgradation and improved infrastructure.
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