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 Need sleep? Try these mattress options
 By ROSEMARY SADEZ FRIEDMANN                    ing that emits a lavender scent. The smell of reduces overheating, perspiration and             lengths that penetrate any fabric, such as
 Scripps Howard News Service                    lavender is said to be relaxing and, in turn, chills and also adapts to the body’s thermal      sheets or pajamas, and stimulates blood
                                                can help the body                                                    needs.                     cells to increase oxygenation.
    It’s time to talk about a good night’s      get into sleep mode. “Park Place also produces a heat-                   Oxygen Therapy is         The eco-therapy mattress is made with
 sleep.                                         Upcoming models                                                      yet another mattress       bamboo yarn and latex. Bamboo yarn
    With all the stress we are subject to, a    will offer vanilla therapy mattress. This mattress uses product designed for                    is said to have natural antibacterial and
 peaceful, relaxing sleep is health-restoring   and country-linen temperature-regulating technology                  better sleep. It utiliz-   moisture-managing properties. The tick-
 and rejuvenating.                              scents. The aromas called Outlast that balances the                  es Holofiber, a ma-        ing is soft as cashmere and silk, but durable
    There are some innovative mattresses        are said to last three                                               terial that has been       like cotton. The bamboo yarn also acts as a
 available to help achieve blissful sleep.      to five years.          sleeper’s temperature continuously           proven to increase         deodorant, keeping the mattress fresh.
 Let’s explore.                                    Park Place also during the night. NASA actually uses              blood-oxygen levels           Finally, there’s the Magnetic Therapy
    A company called Art Van (www.artvan.       produces a heat- this temperature-regulating technol-                in the body. This is       mattress, which embeds magnets in the
 com) boasts a Sleep to Live diagnostic bed     therapy mattress.                                                    good for those who         ticking. Magnets are said to improve blood
 that includes an intuitive computer sys-       This mattress uses ogy for astronauts’ gloves. Outlast               go to bed aching           flow, cure a number of ailments such as
 tem. It uses data gathered from millions of    temperature-regu- reduces overheating, perspiration                  from hard labor or         joint pain and migraines, and, of course,
 body profiles to help the consumer deter-      lating       technol- and chills and also adapts to the              extensive body work-       provide healthful sleep.
 mine the right sleeping surface for his or     ogy called Outlast                                                   outs. The increased           All of these mattresses retail at about
 her body type.                                 that balances the body’s thermal needs.”                             blood-oxygen levels        $999 to $1,999 and sound blissfully relax-
    Another company called Park Place fea-      sleeper’s tempera-                                                   in the body allow for      ing. Good night.
 tures an entire line of mattresses called      ture continuously during the night. NASA faster recovery and ease of muscle use. The                Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer in
 Sleep Therapy. One of the options is an        actually uses this temperature-regulating means by which Holofiber does its magic               Naples, Fla., is author of Mystery of Color. For design inqui-
 aromatherapy mattress that features tick-      technology for astronauts’ gloves. Outlast is through the ticking, which emits wave-            ries, write to Rosemary at

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