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									                   Shaping the Future Force:
                    Transitioning for Hybrid

                   Major General Bill Rajczak USAF
                          Deputy Director
               Joint Capability Development USJFCOM
            USJFCOM: Mission and Functions
           The United States Joint Forces Command provides mission ready
           Joint Capable forces and supports the development and integration of
         Joint, Interagency, and Multinational capabilities to meet the present and
                        future operational needs of the Joint Force.

 Provide trained and ready joint forces and capabilities
 Develop, explore, and integrate joint warfighting concepts
 Develop combined warfighting concepts and integrate multi-national and interagency
  warfighting transformation efforts
 Serve as the lead joint force integrator
 Support development of integration and fully interoperable systems and capabilities
 Lead development of joint doctrine, concepts, requirements and integrated architectures
 Develop joint tactics, techniques, and procedures and doctrinal publications
 Unclassified                                                                          2
                 Joint Command and Control
                 Support for Decision-Making

                   Elements of the JC2 Vision
 Strengthened                             Joint / Coalition         Training &
  Partnerships                              Integration             Education
                      • Coherent
 • Collaborative is about…                   • Net-Enabled Ops      • JFC & JTF HQ
    What this         • Unambiguous
 • Coordinated                               • Joint procurement • Emphasize Human
     Joint Command and Control is fundamentally a Human endeavor
                      • Transparent          • Technical integration Factors
     Operational art – beyond the science
     Assured information that builds knowledge and speeds decision-making
     Reliable systems and tested processes
     Distributed information; relevant knowledge – allowing decentralized execution
     Promote decision cycles inside the enemy’s ability to adapt

                 “Leader-centric… net-enabled”
 Unclassified                                                                          3
                          Emerging Problem…

      Capabilities, systems, and processes designed for
     major combat operations have not been optimized for
                        hybrid warfare.

        In particular, this applies to ISR support to C2
(e.g., collection, exploitation, analysis, and dissemination).

Unclassified                                                     4
                                      The Solution…

   Adapting capabilities, systems, and processes for use in
      both major combat operations and hybrid warfare

               Building capabilities for all warfare

Unclassified                                                  5
                         Need for
               Increased Speed and Fidelity

 Real-Time     Annotated       Annotated      Mission Planning   National Imagery   Mission Segment
   Chat        Video Clips   Imagery Stills       Overlays           Overlays          Summaries

       Traditional                                               Today’s Requirement
 1 Vehicle                                          1 blue 2-door sedan
                                   Adequately supported past
 Personnel Activity                        Wedding / Funeral / HVT Meeting
 2 PAX                                     1 Male in Dark Pants, Light Shirt
                                      engagements, but
                                           1 Female in Black Cover
 NSTR                                      No change in today’s
                                    insufficient for last 15 minutes
                                           Estimate Size & Distance
 Qualified Guess                      irregular warfare.
 Answer in 2+ Minutes                               Real-Time Tracking

 No Assessments                                     Precision, Speed, Accurate,
Unclassified                                                                                          7
         Focus on…
               Challenge of Hybrid Warfare
               Adapting ISR processes and products
               Serving the warfighter at the tactical edge
               Building knowledge speed, accuracy, and
               Achieving Intelligence and Operations
                Enterprise Interoperability
               “Leader Centric – Net Enabled”

Unclassified                                                  9
               Questions ?

                        Building Knowledge Speed
   ISR Support                         • Biometrics… observable physiological signals…
                                                   Tactical Tasks
                                                                                         The Edge
                                          • Observable body language…
                                              • How terrain can create patterns…
  Intelligence Prep of Environment                    CIED
                                                  • How people operate in groups…
      Time Sensitive Targeting

       Pattern of Life Analysis
                Irregular warfare demands
                                               Atmospherics Ops
                                                  • What they see, hear, and smell …
       Persistent Surveillance
                               Convoy Ops
         the timely, precise, tailored products
        Precision Geolocation
                               tactical edge.
                 useful at the HVI Targeting
        Positive Identification
         Predictive Analysis

        Damage Assessments
      Indications and Warning
                               Force Protection
                                                           • What they know…
                                                     Border Monitoring
  Tipping / Cueing Other ISR Assets         Equipment
                                              • Offensive and Defensive…
       Attributes of Intelligence                     Peace Keeping
                                                  • Optics…
   • Complete JP 2.0 • Anticipatory
   • Relevant           • Timely                            • Voice, radio, hand signals…
   • Objective          • Accurate
   • Available          • Usable
Unclassified                                                                                    6
               The Goal; Net-Enabled Services

                     GCCS FoS to NECC


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