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					                                   Advanced Algebra           Course Syllabus 2009-2010
Mrs. Tucker email:        Website:→Staff Websites →Tucker

Dear Student,

Welcome to Advanced Algebra. In this course, we will focus on developing understanding and skills to help you be
successful with your future goals—whether they are for college entrance, future math courses, or personal enrichment.
We will be working on developing and pushing further in our understanding of functions, trigonometry, algebra skills,
probability, and statistics. The use of graphing calculators will be an integral part of this course, helping us explore
concepts and hypothesis. Whatever your future goals, taking math is a great choice! Please let me know how I can help
support your goals and learning. –Mrs. Tucker

   1. Textbook (covered)
   2. Pencils!! (required)
   3. 3 ring binder with the following 4 dividers: -- Assignments, --Tests/Quizzes, --Toolkit/Notes,          --Other
   4. Graph paper
   5. Scientific calculator required (graphing calculator preferred- TI- 83+, TI- 84 are recommended)
   6. Spare AAA batteries for calculators

Expectations of Behavior
   1. Be on time.
   2. Be ready to learn.
   3. Be active in class and participate in group and individual work.
   4. Be respectful of others including their property.
   5. Stay positive about learning. We can help you meet your goals!

School Rules: This class will follow the student handbook as it pertains to student conduct. This includes rules associated
with electronic devices, absences, tardiness, cheating, and the assignment of grades. No food or drink is allowed in the
classroom with the exception of water.

Class Participation and Presentation of Work: Students are expected to participate in class each day. Participating means
being in class for the entire class period, listening to instructions and explanations for classwork, completing classroom
tasks, asking questions when necessary, answering questions when asked, cooperating tasks and following classroom
policies. Essentially, class participation is doing your best to learn and help others learn while allowing the teacher to
facilitate learning and teach. You will also share and present your math work within your groups and to the whole class.

Grading: Your grades can always be found on Skyward Family access:
   1. Your grade in this course is dependent on your mastery of the learning targets. This is demonstrated through
       quizzes, tests, and projects (and will compose at least 75% of the grade.) The remainder of your grade (at most
       25%) will be based on daily work, presentations, and participation.
   2. Absences: If absent for an extended period of time, please see me to schedule time to review/learn the material.

Tests and Quizzes
    1. Cumulative (covering more than one chapter) Group and Individual Tests will be given at the end of each chapter
        with no retakes available. Announced and unannounced quizzes will be given throughout the trimester.
    2. Group Tests will not adversely affect students’ grades.
    3. Worked out solutions to problems must be shown. No credit will be given for just answers to problems unless the
        directions clearly state otherwise.
    4. Tests and quizzes are graded on a 6 point rubric scale (6-excellent to 0-no work shown) which is then converted
        to the percentage system you are used to. More information about this grading system will be given in class and
    5. Absences: If absent the day before a test/quiz you are still required to take the test on the day of the test. If you
        are the day of the test on your first day back, please see me to schedule time to take the test. All tests/quizzes
        must be made up within a week of returning to school. If test/quizzes are not made up, a zero will be recorded for
        your score. Make-up tests may be in a different form than the one given in class.
Assignments: Calendar is posted: under Tucker, Danielle in the Advanced Algebra section.
   1. Place your name, date, and period in the Upper Right Corner of your paper.
   2. Each labeled assignment turned in on time will earn up to 5 points.
   3. Most assignments are due either at the end of class or the beginning of next class period. Late work will have
       points deducted and all late work is due prior to the unit/chapter test.
   4. All assignments must be complete, corrected and reworked. Show all work and justify all answers. Any work
       which requires a graph need to be done as per the requirements stated in text and discussed in class—(graph
       paper, TAIL, neat)

Extra Help: My goal is for you to reach mastery and understanding on the learning targets for this course. If you do not
understand something, please come get assistance. It is very important that you keep up with daily assignments. This
means that if you do not complete an assignment you may be required to come in to tutorial or after school to finish or get
targeted assistance on an important skill or topic. All of the math teachers are available most days before and after school
and during tutorial. I am usually in room 214. Don’t wait until it is too late!!

I am looking forward to working with you this year. Good luck on a successful year at South Kitsap High School.
                                                 Student Sign Below

I ___________________________________________(student name) understand the above requirements for the course
and I will do my best to learn and understand the mathematics taught and explored during this trimester.

__________________________________________                         _________________________
           Student Signature                                                   Date

                                                  Guardian Sign Below

I ___________________________________________(guardian name) understand the above requirements of my student
for the course and I will support them in any way I can.

 I give permission for my student to be photographed or videoed in the classroom for the use of improving classroom
instruction. Mrs. Tucker is working towards improving class instruction so the video will be used only for that purpose as
well as documenting what she is doing in the classroom.
 I do not give permission for my student to be photographed or videoed.

__________________________________________                         _________________________
           Guardian Signature                                                         Date

Please let me know of your current contact information so I can keep you informed of your student’s progress in this

Phone Number:                                             Cell Number:

Email Address:

The best way and time to reach me is:

Use the space below to let me know of any concerns or additional ways I can support your student or email me at