Wellsboro Area High School Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

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					                                     H I G H       S C H O O L S

                                    Wellsboro Area High School
 “Green” School Building
                                    Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
      New Construction              McKissick Associates PC

McKissick Associates PC
317 N. Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Kristen P. McKissick
(717) 238-6810
McKissick Associates PC
401 E. 4th Street, Suite 203
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
David Watkins
(336) 722-6152

                                    MAIN PARENT AND STAFF ENTRANCE
Vern L. McKissick III, AIA,

President/Ed. Planner                       ull educational specifica-
Carl Kanaskie, Jr., AIA,                    tions were prepared by
Project Architect                           company owner Vern
Kristen P. McKissick,               McKissick, AIA, LEED AP, and
Interior Designer                   included extensive interviews
Ken Evans, Design Team              of staff, administrators, and
Megan Seely, Design Team
                                    local business leaders over an
                                    eight-month period. Following
OWNER/CLIENT                        the specifications, two com-
Wellsboro Area School District      plete architectural preliminary
Wellsboro, PA                       designs were produced for
Phillip J. Waber,
                                    comparison: a renovation of
Superintendent                      the existing high school and a
(570) 724-0303                      new, sustainably designed high
Type of School and                  school. With a seven percent
Grades Served: High School/         difference between the two
Vocational School, 9-12             estimates, it was determined         STUDENT COMMONS ENTRANCE
Capacity: 1,067 students            that a new school would
                                    better achieve the long-term
Size of Site: 38.8 acres
                                    performance goals for ongoing
Area of Building:                   building operations on the
126,616 square feet
                                    basis of a 40-year life cycle
Space per Student:                  cost comparison.
                                                                                                                               Photos: Top, Vern McKissick; Center & Bottom, Ken Evans

119 square feet                        The new facility design
Cost per Student: $16,963           features an arrangement of
Square Foot Cost: $143              classroom areas by houses,
Construction Cost: $18.1 million    allowing interdisciplinary
Total Project Cost: $24.2 million   teaching and flexibility in
                                    learning group size and config-
Contract Date: May 2001
                                    uration. Wireless networking is
Completion Date: May 2005           integrated throughout the
Percent of Completion: 100%         facility. Laptop-equipped stu-
                                    dent project areas are adjacent
                                    to teachers’ work areas for          STUDENT COMMONS

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