Teaching children, teens and families to take charge of by dk02121


									               Teaching children, teens and families to take charge of
                         healthy eating and being active.

             Childhood Obesity
To address this issue, the YMCA of Greater
Seattle, the Seattle Children’s Hospital and
Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic created the
ground-breaking Strong Kids Strong Teens
program. This 18-week program combines
nutrition guidance and physical activity to
help overweight youth develop healthy

                  The Solution
•   Youth (8-11) and teens (12-14) with a BMI
    ≥85th percentile are eligible for these                  Join Strong Kids Strong Teens
•   Parents participate with their children
                                                         It’s easy for parents to enroll:
                                                         •   Fill out the parent’s portion of the refer-
                                                             ral form available at your local YMCA
                                                             or online at http://
                                                         •   Ask your doctor, nurse practitioner or
                                                             school nurse to complete the referral
                                                             form and fax the completed form to
                                                             the YMCA where your family will par-

Auburn Valley YMCA Fall 2009 program dates:

Strong Kids (age 8-11) 9/14/09
Strong Teens (age 12-14) 9/15/09

Program Fees:
$90 YMCA members
$150 Non-YMCA members

For more information contact Stephanie Norton-Bredl at
253 833-0970 x7304 or snortonbredl@seattleymca.org

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