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					Custom Bedspreads - Choose fabric & color, measure, send!
Florentina - medium weight cotton matelasse, with crinkle texture in 3 colors:
White, Wheat, and Ivory (as pictured)
Firenze – 3 season cotton matelasse, a lattice stitch, in 8 colors listed below
Sierra – Summer weight cotton matelasse, diamond pattern, available in 11 colors
Honeycomb – light weight cotton pique available in white and ivory

  SHIPPING METHOD                                        SHIPPING TERMSX                                       DELIVERY

                                                         Approx. 5% of total                                   4 to 6 weeks

             FABRIC                                                                                                                           LINE
  QTY                        COLOR-WAY BED SIZE               FEATURE(S)       LENGTH   WIDTH   DROP     PILLOW TUCK           PRICE
              NAME                                                                                                                           TOTAL
                             □ wheat                                                                    □ standard 36”
           Florentina        □ white                       □ piping                                     □ special request
                                                                                                          _____ inches      Varies by size
                             □ ivory                                                                                        See next page
                             □ white
                             □ ivory
                             □ birch                                                                    □ standard 36”
                             □ camel                       □ piping                                     □ special request
                             □ gold                                                                       _____ inches
                             □ chocolate
                             □ ocean                                                                                        Varies by size
                             □ seagrass                                                                                     See next page
           Sierra:           □ oyster
                 Pastels     □ sable
                             □ antique                     □ piping
                             □ ivory                                                                    □ standard 36”
               Neutrals      □ ecru                                                                     □ special request
                             □ white                       □ decorative                                   _____ inches
                                                              hem (Sierra
                             □ antique                        only)
                     Light   □ ivory
                             □ ecru                                                                                         Varies by size
                             □ white                                                                                        See next page
                                                                                                        □ standard 36”
           Honeycomb         □ White                       □ piping                                     □ special request
                             □ Ivory                                                                      _____ inches      Varies by size
                                                                                                                            See next page

 SHIP TO:              Name:_________________________________________
                       Address Line 1: __________________________ _______
                       Address Line 2: _________________                __                                                    DELIVERY
                       City: _____            _____ State: __ Zip:   ____
                       Phone:__________________________                                                                     SALES TAX *
                       Email: __________________________
 * This product is subject to local sales and use tax.

 Please send order form via: Email:; Fax: (914) 346-8785; or mail: 67 Kensington Rd, Bronxville, NY 10708
 Payment is due in full before orders are processed. □ Enclosed is a check payable: Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design.
                                                     □ Email invoice to:
                                                     □ I will pay by credit card via PayPal. Call us if you need help with this.
 The Fine Print: All orders are custom orders; therefore there are no exchanges or refunds. Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design will work as your agent to
   expedite orders and rectify any problems with manufacturers on your behalf. However, we are not responsible for manufacture’s errors or delays.
Instructions for ordering Custom Bedspreads
Fabric and Bed Size Price Chart:
Select a fabric and bed size from the chart below. For custom bed sizes, simply measure and send us an inquiry to requesting pricing.

                                        Matelasse            Matelasse       Summer Weight           Pique
                                        Florentina            Firenze           Sierra             Honeycomb
     Eastern King       (76”x80”)                $750               $1,100             $600                $520
     Dual King          (78”x80”)                $750               $1,100             $600                $520
     California King    (76”x84”)                $750               $1,100             $600                $520
     Queen              (60”x80”)                $660                 $950             $550                $480
     Full               (54”x75”)                $660                 $950             $490                $430
     Twin               (35”x75”)                $500                 $750             $440                $390
     Twin-ex long       (39”x80”)                $500                 $750             $440                $390

Measurement Instructions:
Please refer to the illustration to determine the following measurements:
A. Length – the length of your mattress
B. Width – the width of your mattress
C. Drop –the distance from the crest of the mattress to the
    floor (includes the height of the mattress, box spring,
    and bed frame). The seam will run along the crest of
    your mattress. Much like a shoulder seam sits on the
    crest of your shoulder. Because the edges of mattresses
    are rounded, not squared-off, this is a tricky
    measurement to get just right, so we suggest the
    following ‘trick of the trade’: lay a yardstick on the top
    of the bed, place a heavy book on the yardstick to hold
    it in place, measure from the floor to the yardstick with
    a metal tape measure, and finally, subtract one inch so
    that the bedspread does not puddle onto the floor.
D. Pillow Tuck – the hotel style custom bedspread is
    designed to wrap over your pillows completely, and
    ‘tuck’ them in. The standard pillow tuck is 36”. If you
    would like more or less fabric, check off the special
    request box on the order form and let us know your
    preferred length.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words!
If you are having trouble with any measurements, send a photograph with your order form or email a photo to We’ll be happy to guide you through the measuring process.

Measure Twice, Cut Once!
Because all custom bedspreads are made to order with your custom sizing and choices, there are no returns or refunds.

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