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									Hotelier and Hotel Reservation System
To further the project goal we have now developed the technology that allows hoteliers to operate
totally cost free. By using HotelRes in combination with Hotelier you may offer the whole deal!!

Hotelier being the marketing and advertising arm, whilst HotelRes is the reservation and booking
arm of the operation.

How Can HRS help my Business

More Time, Freedom & Profit!

Does your Hotel, Inn or Guest House run you or do you run it? Owning or managing a bed and
breakfast, inn or hotel can feel like a second or even third marriage. There is so much to do and
so little time. It's difficult to get away. Finding ways to eliminate time consuming tasks is
important. In addition, some help with capturing more business would be greatly appreciated!

These are the roles that Hotel reservation System fulfills within your organization, it's like having a
full time employee for free! With HRS, you will capture more reservations online from your
website than from any other hotel software or bed and breakfast software system. Personalised
and professional emails automatically thank, welcome and congratulate your guests at the right
time and throughout the year. You will have more time and more freedom to better take care of
your guests as well as yourself!

On-line Bookings

If you are like most Hotel Managers or Innkeepers your national and local associations keep
telling you to accept online bookings from your website. Isn't it time? For those that have made
the move, try out our fresh “one-click” approach. Guests prefer our easy-to-use, secure, and
attractive booking engine to any other system on the market and you will capture more
reservations, period!

We know that you are busy and that your time is valuable. Have you ever bought something only
to find out it takes hours to set up? And the “friendly service” is more like “anti-service!”

Don't be fooled by other hotel software and guest management systems. By the time you get their
“complete software solution” on all your computers, with all their hidden fees, support licenses
and maintenance plans, you have gone over budget and spent thousands! Then, as new software
versions come out for your hotel, you are charged again and for each computer. Enjoy our all-in-
one reservation system for your hotel and you'll wonder how you ever managed before!

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