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For Immediate Release:

Smart Solutions Now Offering Energy Efficient Control Systems to
Hospitality Industry and Educational Facilities
June 8, 2009, Birmingham, AL— Smart Solutions announces new green solutions for the
Hospitality Industry and Educational Facilities. For the last four years, Smart Solutions
has been making homes more energy efficient through home automation and now is
focusing their expertise to help businesses and schools go green too.
Owner Kevin Braswell said “Our focus on the Hospitality and Educational markets adds
to our commitment to deliver technology solutions that provide energy savings. For
instance, in 2008, the Hospitality Industry spent more than 6 billion dollars on energy
costs in the United States - over 60% of which went to heating and cooling. We now
have a way to help manage those costs. In fact we can reduce energy costs by as much as
40%. The systems typically pay for themselves within 5 years.”

After a great deal of product research and planning, Smart Solutions now provides both
basic and enterprise control of energy management.

Basic energy management provides a cost effective approach for curbing energy usage.
Sensors similar to those used in security systems can determine whether the room is
occupied and adjust the HVAC and lighting accordingly. The system also manages
Audio/Video components.

Enterprise control builds upon the basic energy system by adding centralized facility
management that provides real time status and energy reporting capabilities. “With an
enterprise solution, property managers have the ability to benchmark and track their
power consumption by each individual room to identify areas of high energy
consumption” said Braswell.

About Smart Solutions:
Founded in 2004 by Kevin Braswell, Smart Solutions is a green technology company
specializing in price-to-functionality benefits. They offer turn key energy management
packages, and also create customized solutions to fit specific needs.

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