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									Arsenal Technical High School’s Diploma Plus Academy
               1500 East Michigan Ave
                Indianapolis IN 46201
          317-693-5409 fax 317-693-5026

              School Improvement Plan

                   Submitted by
          Susan Atkins and Cynthia Perkins
Mission: Diploma Plus Academy’s mission is to transform our students’ learning experiences so they
will achieve success in high school, college, and careers

VISION: The vision of Diploma Plus Academy is to provide for all students a safe and challenging
educational environment which fosters the development of reading, writing, math, listening, and
speaking skills; broadening the student’s base of knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving

Introduction to Diploma Plus

Diploma Plus (DP) is a nationally recognized education model that provides a rigorous, relevant, and
student-centered alternative for youth who have been underserved by the traditional education system.
DP is an alternative in the best sense of the word DP Schools are primarily located in urban areas and
serve students who are over-aged and under-credited, re-entering high
 school, or at risk of dropping out.

DP now enrolling a second cadre is designed to attract and retain students whose capacity to earn high
school credits has been detoured or delayed. If not immediately served, these young adults have
communicated serious concerns about a timely high school graduation date and the lack of skills,
resources and access to college, military or a career internship.

Diploma Plus Academy is not for everyone. A later start time for core classes along with the later
dismissal time, allows students to take advantage of the opportunity to earn high school credits faster.
Students who have gifts, talents and curiosities that have not been adequately nurtured in the
traditional high school setting will have opportunities to organize and participate in social justice, civic
and community projects while earning a high school diploma plus so much more. Currently there are
a total of 154 students: 5 freshmen, 65 sophomores, 55 juniors, and 26 seniors.

Key Elements of Diploma Plus are the belief in the national model that has a track record of success;
Four essential for success; Levels of mastery that are performance based rather than age or grade level
based; non negotiable including staffing; and a student profile for students who are at risk of dropping

Like our employer the Indianapolis Public Schools, we work to ensure that all students can be
academically successful. Our academic alternative pathway focuses on four essential elements:
                 • A Supportive School Culture
                 • A Performance-based Approach
                 • Future Focus
                 • Effective Supports
                 • “What Makes Us Different” lists as appendices

We are passionate and dedicated to implementing a high-quality program to service students who may
have experienced failure in traditional educational settings.
Traditional schools base student placement on age or grade level. One of the unique elements of
Diploma Plus is that students, regardless of age are divided into three phases of development.
Students may be working across more than one phase, although only the Plus Phase requires students
to be at or above college entry level.

Performance based portfolios are essential for demonstration of mastery for Diploma Plus Academy
Students. As students advance between levels of mastery, evidence is collected and presented to
demonstrate mastery. Upon completion of the Plus Phase, all students will present a comprehensive
portfolio that provides evidence of growth and evidence of mastery.

Diploma Plus Academy Teachers will participate in the “Workshop Model” instructional strategy
including “Backward Planning.” Teachers will participate in staff development with Diploma Plus
Coaches to frame lessons, and with IPS to lean curriculum mapping. The combination of professional
development from both resources will provide an ultimate opportunity for professional growth.

One strength of the Diploma Plus model is the national network that will support the teachers and
administrators using the model. IPS and the Marion County
Diploma Plus Network will round the number of Schools to 25 for the fall of 2008. The bonding
among teachers and administrators in IPS and Marion County has enriched resources and increased
opportunities for professional development across the county. School programs are being established
at Tech, Arlington, Perry, Lawrence and Franklin schools.

The Diploma Plus Model is built around Four Essentials for success. Performance-Based Education
Approach Supportive School Culture Future Focus on College and Careers Effective Supports for
Teachers and Schools The DP model has three phases – the Foundation Phase, the Presentation Phase
and the Plus Phase. In all three phases, students work on projects and assignments with clearly defined
competency expectations and content objectives based on state and local content standards and larger
DP competencies. Students are promoted or graduate as soon as they have demonstrated these goals
and passed state requirements, regardless of the amount of time they have spent in the phase. They
also compile, present, and defend a portfolio containing their best work across subjects. Students in the
Plus Phase are also participating in internships, college courses, and community action projects in
order to support their transition to life after high school.

The curriculum offered by each small school is based on the Core 40 curriculum. The expectation is
that each student who graduates from the Diploma Plus Academy will be prepared to enter post
secondary education. Teachers of English and math, along with the appropriate inclusion teachers,
have completed training in SpringBoard sessions and are to implement the program this school year.
Developed by College Board, SpringBoard is intended to add rigor to the curriculum in order to better
prepare students for advanced coursework. English teachers used SpringBoard as the primary
curriculum. Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers will follow the district pacing guide using the
state standards and indicators.

Additional Curriculum
IPS Virtual School
Indiana Virtual Academy | 901 W. US 50 | Suite A-108 | Versailles | IN | 47042
ALS-an on-campus IPS program that allows students to recover lost credits
Plato- a web based program that allows students to recover credits
ESchool-a web based IPS program that allows students to take on-line courses
JAGS- Jobs Across America- campus based training and job placement program
USA (Under One Roof Administrative Services) Temp services – Melissa Tamaya 513-3224
Business Technology-a campus based program through Finance Center Federal Credit Union- teaching
financial literacy as consumers and as employees.
College Ready-Compass results based course offered to encourage college readiness.

                                         Tech DP INFORMATION
    Number of scheduled instructional days per year (Total number of
 school days minus days used for field trips or other all day out-of-school            181
   Date first day of school begins                                                  8/13/2008

   Date of the last scheduled day of school                                         5/31/2009

    Number of scheduled instructional hours in a typical day (Total number
 of hours in a typical school day minus hours of non-academic class time)
 [For example, 7 hour school day minus (20 minute homeroom + 36                 5hours, 17 minutes
 minutes of breaks between classes + 40 minutes of lunch + 14 minutes for
 morning assembly) = 5 hours and 10 minutes of instructional time

   Does the school offer extended day instructional/academic programs
 outside of the regularly scheduled school day, excluding recreational clubs           yes
 and activities (e.g., after school tutoring)?

    Does the school offer extended week instructional/academic programs                yes
 (e.g., Saturday tutoring)?

   Does the school offer instructional/academic programs during the                    yes
 summer (e.g., summer school)?

    Is their an admissions/application process for students to enroll in this          yes

   Does this school require any of the following criteria for application or
 admission into the school: minimum assessment scores, minimum GPA,              yes, interviews
 written work, recommendations, interviews)?
  Number of applications for admission to the school this academic year                360

  Total number of available seats in the school this academic year                     150

             Average Daily Attendance for all students for September                   93.3
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for October                    88.55
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for November                   92.26
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for December                   95.24
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for January                    94.85
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for February                   91.81
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for March                      82.86
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for April                      91.75
             Average Daily Attendance for all students for May                          89

                                 STAFF and TEACHER MEASURES
                                                                                    # (Number)
1. Full-Time Staff 2008-09                                                              5.5
2. Full-Time Staff returning from last full academic year                               NA
3. Senior School Managers (senior principals,                                           1.5
                   principals, and/or assistant principals
4. Senior School Managers returning from last full
                               academic year
5. Full-Time Teachers1                                                                  4
6. Certified Full-Time Classroom Teachers2                                              4
7. Certified Full-Time Classroom Teachers returning
                              from last year
8. Certified Classroom Teachers with Masters or
                            Advanced Degrees
9. Non-Teaching Full-Time Staff                                                        0.5

10. Average Number of Years Teaching for
                Full-Time Certified Classroom Teachers
11. Average Number of Years Teaching At This School
              for Full-Time Certified Classroom Teachers
12. Average Full-Time Teacher base salary                                 $46,000
Academic Dean- Susan Atkins
Secretary- Clara Scott
Counselor- Arthur Laker
Social Worker- Sara Endicott
Mathematics- Karla Hall
Science- Eve Montgomery
Social Studies- Karen Markman
English- Tammy Wilbanks
Technology Teacher- Sandra Williams
Consumer Science Teachers- Sharon Delong and Ann Hershman
Reading- Sandy Nolan

Our Students
Currently there are a total of 154 students: 5 freshmen, 65 sophomores, 55 juniors, and 26 seniors. DP
has 112 students who qualify for free/reduce lunch and textbooks. Ethically, DP currently has 89
African American students, 37 Caucasian students, 11 Hispanic, 9 multiracial, 1 Native American.
Looking at gender, DP has 80 girls and 70 boys. We have students ranging from age 16 to 21.

Parental Participation

Parental participation is an important facet of a student’s educational development. It has been shown
that parental involvement helps the student’s academic development and progress. Parent involvement
and participation takes a variety of forms in the DP Academy.

The Community
Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana, providing a resource-rich environment of government,
university, business, and cultural institutions. DP, housed on the Arsenal Technical Campus of the
Indianapolis Public Schools, is located on the near-east side of Indianapolis, with easy access to many
of these institutions. The Diploma Plus Academy is one of seven Small Schools on Arsenal Technical
High School’s campus the inclusion of DP as a small school allows for an expanded range of learning
opportunities and resources.


   1. Improve the daily student attendance rate from 86% (current) to at least 95%.
         A. Social Worker running attendance reports and making phone calls home
         B. Perfect Attendance Celebrations
   2. Increase the percentage of students meeting ISTEP+/GQE standards by at
        least 6%. On the 2008 GQE our student’s average score was 525.75 on
       LA section and 531.87 on the Mathematics section.
   3. To increase our graduation rate by 6%. In the 2008/09 school year DP had 17 seniors, 8
       students completed all the requirements for graduation.
   A. Keep complete portfolios of student work; possibly establish “senior portfolios” as a
       graduation requirement.
   B. Saturday School ASL
   C. Students not turning in assigned classroom work is NOT ACCEPTABLE
   D. Students given opportunity to revise work for better performance

   4. Improve student engagement

Benchmarks to Improve Student Learning

1. Use of common planning time allowing for examination of student and teacher work.
2. Evidence of implementation of differentiated instruction and experiential learning.

   1. Evidence and use of advisory programs of students engaged in culturally relevant inquiry
   2. Evidence of using data to guide instructional decision making.

   1. Evidence and use of advisory programs.
   2. Small School decisions are made and carried out by the SBDM

   Evidence of extended learning opportunities.

   Evidence of a schedule that reflects the vision of the small school

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