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					                        BROKEN HILL HIGH SCHOOL
                             OH&S POLICY


It is a legislative requirement that the OH&S of all persons employed within the school
and those students attending the school as well as visitors is monitored and managed.


Resources in line with the importance attached to OH&S and consistent with global funds
available to the school will be made available to comply with all relevant Acts and
Regulations and to ensure that the workplace is safe and without risk to health.

Management’s Responsibility

The promotion and maintenance of occupational health and safety is primarily the
responsibility of management. Management at all levels (ie. All executive teaching and
administrative staff) is required to make contributions to the health and safety of all
persons in the workplace.

OH&S Consultation Policy Statement

The OH&S Consultation Policy Statement has been developed to support this policy and
details the requirements for consultation between management and employees. This
policy statement is made to facilitate participation from all in the workplace to ensure that
the objectives of this policy are met.

OH&S Program

In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, a program of activities and
procedures will be set up, continually updated and effectively carried out. The program
will relate to all aspects of occupational health and safety including:

 OH&S training and education
 Safe work practices
 Changes to work methods and practice, including those associated with technological
 Safety rules
 Emergency procedures and drills
 Provision of OH&S equipment, services and facilities
 Workplace inspections and evaluations
 Reporting and recording of incidents, accidents, injuries and illnesses
 Provisions of information to employees, contractors and sub-contractors
Specific Responsibilities:

   (a) Managers – each manager is required to ensure that this policy and the OH&S
       programs are effectively implemented in their areas of control and to support
       supervisors and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.

   (b) Supervisors – Each first-line supervisor is responsible, and will be held
       accountable, for taking all practical measures to ensure:

             That the workplace under their control is safe and without risk to health
             That the behaviour of all persons in the workplace is safe and without risk
              to health.

       More specifically:

       1. The supervisor will always be held accountable for detecting any unsafe or
          unhealthy conditions or behaviour.
       2. If the supervisor does not have the necessary authority to fix a problem, they
          will be held accountable for reporting the matter promptly – together with any
          recommendations for remedial action – to a supervisor or manager who does
          have the necessary authority.

   (c) Employees – all employees are required to co-operate with the schools OH&S
       policy and programs to ensure their own health and safety and the health and
       safety of others in the workplace.

   (d) Contactors and Sub-contractors – all contractors and sub-contractors engaged to
       perform work on the organisation’s premises or locations are required, as part of
       their contract, to comply with the occupational health and safety policies,
       procedures and programs of the organization and to observe directions on health
       and safety from designated officers of the organization. Failure to comply or
       observe a direction will be considered a breach of the contract and sufficient
       grounds for termination of the contract.

Darryl Ward

May 13 2009
                     BROKEN HILL HIGH SCHOOL


Broken Hill High School is committed to protecting the health and safety of all our
employees, students, visitors and contractors. Injury and illness is needless, costly and
preventable. Our school will consult our employees in implementing safety practices and
systems that will ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees. Employee
involvement at all levels is critical for ensuring a safe workplace.

The OH&S Committee and OH&S Representatives will promote safety and health in the


The OH&S Representatives that have been elected by employees are:

Darryl Ward (Principal and Chairperson), Mark Crowhurst (Teacher Representative),
George Ceislik (General Assistant & SASS Representative ), Terry Ellice (Teacher

The OH&S Representatives have been elected in accordance with the procedures agreed
between Broken Hill High School and their employees for a term of two years. All
representatives have or will have completed a four day accredited training program.

The OH&S Representatives are responsible for raising specific health and safety issues
that arise in relation to the employees in their workgroup (ie. SASS staff and teaching
staff). Employees should raise OH & S issues directly with their supervisor or their
OH&S Representative. Where the OH&S Representative cannot resolve an OH&S issue,
they will refer it to the OH&S Committee.

 Contractor           Identify Hazard                             Site Manager

 Contractors          Ongoing OH&S Concerns                       OH&S Rep
                                                                  Site Manager

The OH&S Committee shall consist of four employee representatives and one employer
representative. The workgroup for the OH&S Committee is all employee members who
work for Broken Hill High School at Garnet Street, Broken Hill, NSW.

The employee members of the OH&S Committee are the three OH&S Representatives:
     Mark Crowhurst            Teacher Representative
     Terry Ellice              Teacher Representative
     George Cieslik            SASS Representative

The employer representative on the OH&S Committee is
     Darryl Ward                   Principal

The OH&S Committee will assist with the development and monitoring of safe work
practices and systems, and discuss issues that affect the health, safety and welfare of all
employees at Broken Hill High School. The school will respond to OH&S Committee
recommendations within a timeframe agreed by the Committee. This will be determined
according to the particular issue and its complexity.


When an OH&S issue is raised either by the school, an employee or the OH&S
Committee, the OH&S Representative will consult members of their workgroup. The
OH&S Representative will also feed back to their work group the outcomes of OH&S
Committee meetings.

Employees should draw to the attention of their supervisor or OH&S Representative any
health and safety concerns that they have about the workplace so the issue can be
promptly addressed.

Broad OH&S issues will be raised and reported on in meetings of workgroups. Meetings
used include:      Faculty, staff meeting, morning briefing and SASS meetings.


Broken Hill High School discussed establishing consultation arrangements with its
employees in the early 1990’s. Subsequently, it was agreed to establish an OH&S
Committee with appropriate representation.


These OH&S consultation arrangements will be monitored and reviewed on an on-going
basis to ensure that consultation with all employees is effective and that all safety issues
are being appropriated addressed.

Darryl Ward
May 13, 2009