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Mackay North High School, Mackay, QLD by ta92939


									Mackay North High School, Mackay, QLD

I was encouraged by my principal to contact you with regards to your
promotion of the idea of values education.

We have been running a History project here at North High for 5 years
and it is getting stronger and more popular with the students.
The project is called the "Lest We Forget" Project and it involves
organising and conducting overseas commemorative tours to locate,
commemorate and photograph the graves of fallen Australian soldiers.

To date we have undertaken 3 tours and there is another planned for
next year.

The project certainly fits into the criteria of values education as
the students research the soldiers on behalf of local family members
and then, after having visited the grave and paid tribute to the
soldier, we bring back the grave photos for the families.

As well, we have produced a video, written a book and have a website
so that we can share our experiences with other young people. Added
to this, our first tour in 1999 was the subject of an Australian
Story program which aired in Nov. 1999.

I have attached a couple of photos (see below) from our most recent
tour (Sept. 2004) to show you the type commemoration the students
undertake overseas on behalf of the very grateful families.

Hope this is of some assistance.

Mike Goodwin
Mackay North SHS
Lest We Forget Project Co-ordinator

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