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									      Lisarow High School P&C Association
                    General Meeting 6th November 2007

Meeting Opened:        7:10pm

Attendees:             As per Attendance Register

Apologies:             Sharon Inskip, Barbara Kostava

Agenda Item            Comments                                               Action Item

Minutes from              Accepted: Leigh Todd
previous meeting:         Seconded: Tracey Curtis

Business Arising:         The floor in the hall has been fixed.
                          The cheques to the touring teams have been
                           sent and a letter of thank you received.
                          The cheque for Gregory Bennett is still to be      Sharon Inskip
                          Jeff has the wish list (see Finance Report).
Correspondence            In:
                            P&C Federation: Affiliation and Insurance
                                Application – fees have now been paid
                            P&C Federation: Insurance Certificate of
                            P&C Federation: Invitation for Parental
                                Participation in P&C Committee Research
                            P&C Federation; E Bulletin Information
                            P&C Federation: Minutes of July Meeting
                            Steve Waterhouse; Thank you letter
                            Clark Tanks: initiatives for water saving
                            Feldon Industries: information on aluminium

                          Out:
                            None

                          Accepted: Sheryl Tanner
                           Seconded: Narelle Wotton

                        Motion; Bart to write a letter to P&C Federation
                                                                              Bart Werner
                         regarding P&C email accounts and access to
                         the internet through the school
                        Moved; Sheryl tanner
                         Seconded: Narelle Wotton

Principal’s Report –      Principal’s Post Card # 3 tabled and discussed.
                          School fees currently owed add up to $12,000
                           and will be chased up.
                          Children who applied for the school captain role
                             Lisarow High School P&C Association
                              Minutes of Meetings 7th August 2007

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Agenda Item   Comments                                                  Action Item

                  and were unsuccessful, will be made senior
                  prefects. Year 11 school council members will
                  also be classified as prefects. Junior captains
                  will also be selected. This is part of the student
                  leadership program.
                 The school needs to get an internet web page
                  which is accessible parents but it needs to be
                  kept up-to-date. Suggested that news items
                  could be emailed to parents to avoid students
                  not passing on information.
                 Suggestion to move the school sign to some
                  where more accessible to the public.
                 Suggestion to have a page in the school
                  newsletter dedicated to successful students.
                 The school is looking to revamp the newsletter
                  so it has less words and more pictures.
                 The principal’s postcard will replace the
                  principal’s report in the newsletter. The
                  postcard will be issued once a month.
                 We have moved to a new photo company
                  because they offer more services than Pixie
                  Photos. Students will be issue with a bar-coded
                  picture identity card that will be used to speed
                  up many of the processes in the school like the
                  processing of students who arrive late or have
                  to leave early. Role call sheets will also be bar-
                  coded. This will allow information to be entered
                  into the computers quickly and make more
                  information made available in a timely manner.
                  The SMS message system to parents will be
                  linked to the system.
                 Motion: Until an electronic system is available,
                  important information should be mailed out to
                  parents and not sent home with students as
                  many students do not pass the information on
                  to their parents.
                  Moved: Prue King
                  Seconded: Narelle Wotton
                 The Valley Schools Local Management Group
                  has been formed and it consists of Lisarow
                  High, Narara Valley high and the 9 feeder
                  Primary schools. It meets twice a term and its
                  objective is to assist students in the area. It has
                  a very small budget.
                 12 staff attended the Professional learning
                  Course, In 3 weeks time they will present a
                  preliminary course to some of the lead
                  teachers. Formal education will be presented to
                  the rest of the staff in 2008.
                 6 students from Year 11 went to the High
                  Achievers Camp at Toukley.
                 Safety railings are being installed and will help
                  vision impaired students.
                 Many pathways are steep and slipper. Fixing
                  this will be one of our high priority maintenance
                 A second rail is being added to the southern
                    Lisarow High School P&C Association
                     Minutes of Meetings 7th August 2007

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Agenda Item          Comments                                                 Action Item

President’s Report      An invitation has been received to the school
                         presentation night on December 18 but Bart
                         cannot make it. Prue King will represent us.
Treasurer’s Report      October Balance of $97,086.71
Given by Sheryl         October Balance of Long Service Leave
Tanner                   Account of $12,194.68

                        Report moved : Sheryl Tanner
                        Seconded : Prue King

Canteen Report          A motion was passed to transfer $16,000 to the
                        Volunteers will be going to the Yellow Piano for
                         their night out costing $600. The committee
                         Xmas party will probably be at Zita’s at Woy
                        There is concern about the amount of chocolate       Jeff Bromage
                         being sold in the canteen area for events not
                         connected with the Department of Education
Finance Report          A mini meeting was held but there is nothing to
                        The department heads have been asked to
                         submit their requests to the school executive for
                         what they would like to see on the wish list.
                        There was a discussion on the role of the
                         Finance Committee and a recommendation that
                         it meet twice a year.
                        The wish list at present consists of a shelter for
                         the Year 12 area which will cost about $24,000.
                         A new mower which will cost $6,000. A
                         container to store the mower in costing $2,750.
                         A container to store Rock Eisteddfod gear
                         costing $3,300.
                        Moved; We approve the purchase of the mower
                         and the two containers
                         Moved: Prue King
                         Seconded: Narelle Wotton
                        Suggested we call the Year 12 shelter a “cola”
                         and see if we can get funding from the

                           Lisarow High School P&C Association
                            Minutes of Meetings 7th August 2007

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Agenda Item        Comments                                                 Action Item

General Business      Motion: The Uniform Committee will meet in the
                       next week and submit an item for the newsletter
                       regarding the status of the uniform debate. At
                       the first P&C meeting in 2008, the Uniform           Uniform
                       Committee will submit a time line for the closure    Committee
                       of the uniform issue. Invitations will be sent out
                       to parents for the first P&C meeting in 2008
                       which will concentrate on the uniform. At this
                       stage there are no significant changes planned
                       for the uniform in 2008 and there are no
                       changes planned for the Year 7 students in
                       Moved; Prue King
                       Seconded; Narelle Wotton
                      Motion: The P&C will fund a light supper for the     Sheryl Tanner
                       final meeting of 2007. The supper will be
                       supplied by the canteen.
                       Moved: Bart Werner
                       Seconded: Stuart Bennett

Meeting Closed:    9:50 pm
Next Meeting:      Tuesday 4 December 2007

                         Lisarow High School P&C Association
                          Minutes of Meetings 7th August 2007

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