Baba Boarding high school organized primary level wise Mathematic

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					Baba Boarding High School organized primary level wise Mathematic Quiz on 3rd
September, 2009 in the school hall. There were four group participants Galileo(Shardha
Shrestha(3a), Migur Sherpa(4a) and Samrajya Shrestha(5a)), Newton(Abilasha Rai(3a),
Asha Lama(4a) and Lita Subedi(5a)), Pythagoras(Nistha Nepal(3b), Alka Lama(4a) and
Sudikshya Chapagain(5b) and Leibniz(Phurba Sherpa(3b), Anish Thapa(4b) and Shriti
Kafle(5b). The Quiz was divided into 5 rounds: Questions Round, Problems Solving
Round, Visual Round, Presentation Round and Rapid-fire Round. Leibniz Group stood 1st
with 140 point, Galileo stood second with 130 and Newton and Pythagoras both 110 to
become 3rd. Mr. Mukunda Adhikari was the quiz master, Judges were Mr. Sukadev
Thakur and Mrs. Jaya Dhakal, Score Board by Nabin Kanaujiya, Timer keeper was
Askok Moktan, Guests were Principal Madam Mrs. Binata Pradhan, Mr. Thakur
Timalsena(HOD of Maths Dept) and Mrs. Sumitra Shrestha(Primary Incharge). Thakur
Sir gave the vote of thanks to all and promised to organize such competitions in middle
and secondary level in the days to come.
Furthermore, our school has entered into the final round of Budhanilkantha Math Quiz
organized by Budhanilkantha Quiz Club on 5th September, 2009. The participants are
Abodh Poudel and Biraj Khana from grade 10”A”.