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					                 Kalispell School District #5 and High School District
                            Leave Procedure for PIR days
                                Effective July 1, 2007

A certified employee may use sick leave accruals on a PIR day for sick leave purposes.
Non-emergency sick leave, such as routine doctor or dentist appointments or procedures,
should not be scheduled during PIR days. If sick leave is reported to the district, the
accrual will be utilized during the reporting period.

The employee will be required to make up the missed PIR time. If the employee misses a
district-directed PIR day, the employee must consult with the principal on appropriate
make-up time. The principal may direct the employee which PIR courses will be allowed
for substitution time. If an employee misses a non-district directed PIR day, the
employee may use any class authorized on PIR-Net for make-up time.

The PIR make-up time must be completed by May 15 of the applicable year. The
employee shall notify the principal of the class, date, and time of completion prior to May
20. The principal shall forward the approved time to the PIR Coordinator and Payroll by
May 25 in order for a payroll deduction not to occur. If the PIR time is made-up within
the defined timeframe, the employee will have the sick leave accrual reinstated during the
next pay period. If any of these dates fall on a day that school is not in session, it shall be
completed by the previous day school was in session.

If leave was not reported for a PIR absence and the PIR time was not made up, the
employee’s pay will be docked in the June paycheck. Exceptions or extensions to make-
up PIR time will be granted by the Superintendent only due to serious, extenuating
circumstances or with proof of registration for a June PIR class.

Personal leave requests on PIR days will only be granted for serious, extenuating
circumstances. Administration may require substantiation for leave usage on PIR days.
Prior approval of PIR day absences, except in the case of emergency situations, is