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                  A Publication of the Watertown High School Bands
                                     June 1, 2007

   Welcome 2007-2008 Freshmen,
                                                          During the 2003-2004 school year, the band staff
Transfer Students and Their Families                      developed a band website. The website is
                                                          intended to be an online source of band
  We would like to take this opportunity to               information, news and features. The website is the
welcome all of the new students to our band               ideal way to find calendar information, attendance
program. Auditions have now been completed                and grading policies, news of upcoming events,
for all band members except students from                 staff contact information and many other features.
parochial schools, transfer students, and                 Future features will hopefully include a Pics page
Riverside eighth graders.                                 showing pictures from band events and a Sounds
  Starting with the 2004-2005 school year, all            page that will include audio clips from
freshmen are placed in the Concert Band. We               performances.
believe this allows for a stronger Concert Band             The band website is the principal vehicle for
and also, as a result, a stronger Symphonic Band          band announcements. By doing so, the staff is
and Wind Ensemble. Next year, Mrs. Leiser                 able to reduce paper usage and mailing costs.
will be moving to the Middle School as a full             Students whose families do not have internet
time director there. Mr. Reid LeDew has been              access will continue to receive all documents in
hired for the traveling director position. Band           paper form via handouts or mailings.
assignments for Mr. LeDew and Mr. Roberson                  Another change in means of communication will be
have not yet been determined. Mr. Heninger                the use of email. At the beginning of the school year,
will remain the director of the Wind Ensemble             students will be asked to register with the band staff
  This newsletter will provide information about          whether or not they have internet access and to
end-of-the-school-year activities as well as              identify their email addresses. The email information
Summer and Fall performances.                             will not be shared with anyone else and will be used
  One of the first experiences our freshmen band          only for necessary announcements of band events.
members will have is marching band. Our                   Families who do not wish to receive band
program produces an award-winning marching                announcements via email will be able to register that
band. We hope your son and/or daughter will               information as well.
come to our marching rehearsals and                         The band website may be accessed by connecting to
performances with the knowledge that they are           the Watertown School District website,
about to begin a new and exciting period in their, then navigate to the High
band life: one based on pride and accomplishment.       School website, then Departments, then to Music, and
                                                        finally to the Band website. To go directly to the band
                                                        website, the address is

To all of the parents who chaperone our trips and       .
activities, the students and directors say Thank You!
We could not do these activities without you. We
also wish to thank the parents who put in time fixing
uniform parts, sorting music, and helping in a
multitude of ways. A special thank you to the Parent
Music Club for their continuous support of all of the
Music Department’s activities. You all are terrific!
    Required Marching Band Uniform:                              Can I Use a School-Owned Instrument?
          Get Your Items Now
                                                                 School-owned instruments are available to rent for
  The Watertown High School Marching Band requires             $50 per year. However, the school does not rent Flutes,
that each member of the band be in uniform at all              Clarinets, Alto Saxes, Trumpets, or Trombones. The
marching events. The required uniform parts, needed            following instruments are available for rent: Oboes,
accessories, and who is responsible for providing those        Bassoons, Bass Clarinets, Tenor Saxes, Bari Saxes,
items are as follows:     Goose Honker (hereditary)            Horns, Baritones, Tubas, Percussion. Students who do
                                                               not own their own instrument of any kind, will be
 Beret                                   Lyre & flip folio     required to rent an instrument. If students have been
 (student)                               (for holding music)
                                                               asked by a band director to switch to a rental instrument
                                                               for the purpose of balancing instrumentation, those
 Jacket                                  White Gloves          students will be exempt from paying rent. All
 (school)                                (student)             percussionists pay $25 per year rental for use and
                                         Black Socks
                                                               maintenance of school-owned percussion equipment.
 Pants                                   (student)
 (school)                                                        2007 Fall Field Show Music Announced
                                         Black Shoes
  The beret, gloves, marching shoes, instrument lyre and        After many hours of deliberation, listening to
flip folio (for holding marching music) are available at       recordings, evaluating music, and discussions with band
White House of Music on S. Church St. in Watertown.            staff and students, the directors have selected as our
We have secured a special discounted price from them.          2007 field show the music from the hit movie trilogy
We do not allow the use of varied shoe styles and/or           "Pirates of the Caribbean." The students should have, by
colors because it is too difficult to match up the uniform     the end of this school year, all of the music for the show.
parts. Be sure to order the supplies by June 15 to             During the summer months, all band members should
ensure delivery by our first performance, July 4.              work on the music to the best of their abilities. Band
White House cannot ensure delivery in time for the             camp will include time to put all of the music together.
Watertown parade if the supplies are ordered after June        However, this is not possible without some preparation
15. For most people, the total cost of the items together      on the part of the students.
will be approximately $40. If there is a financial                                 Special News!!!!
hardship in the family, please do not hesitate to contact      For the first time in recent memory, the WHS Marching
the directors immediately in order to make other               Band will perform their show in full costume! This will
arrangements.                                                  require that students provide old pieces of clothing that
  The jacket and pants will be assigned at the first           can be fashioned into pirate costumes. Please see the
marching rehearsals.                                           special insert with this letter.
                                                               PLEASE NOTE: In no way does this costume replace
                                                               the need for the full marching band uniform and related
                                                               accessories. The marching uniform will be used for all
                                                               parades, band trip and other marching events throughout
                                                               the summer and school year.
 Our uniform inventory is in a constant need of mending
and cleaning. Many pairs of pants have need for zipper,
hem, and seam repair. We will need these pants by June
30 in order to fit all of our students. If you are able to     Watertown High School Band Staff:
sew pants or help in the cleaning of uniforms and would        Call 262-7500
                                                               Email (lower case - teacher last name then first initial)
be willing to volunteer your time, please call the band
directors at the numbers listed in this newsletter. Thank
you!                                                           Tom Heninger (Wind Ens., Jazz, Musicals, Adv. Music,
              July 4th Parade Music                            Beginning Instruments, Team Leader), ext. 3411
                                                               Laurie Leiser (Concert Band, Flag Squad, Jazz, Riverside
  This year, the band will perform “God Bless America”         M.S.), ext. 3413.
during the Watertown July 4th Parade. Students should          DeWayne Roberson (Symph. Band, Marching Band, Pep
                                                               Band, Show Choir/Madrigal Bands, Soundscapes, Adv.
make sure they have a copy of the music and have it
                                                               Music), ext. 3413.
prepared to the best of the abilities when they come in        Reid LeDew (duties to be announced), ext. 3413.
for the parade rehearsals. See the summer band calendar
for rehearsal and parade dates and times.

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