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					                       Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School
                                    District No. 307
700 West North Street                               Counseling Office (815) 937-3707 ext 3730
Bradley, Illinois 60915-1099                                          FAX (815) 937-3739

                                      SCHOOL PROFILE
                                          CEEB/ACT Code 140-380

School District and Community:                    Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School is a four-year
comprehensive high school, which serves the communities of Bourbonnais, Bradley, and St. George, with a combined
population of over 30,000. These communities are located approximately 55 miles south of Chicago. The Illinois State
Board of Education accredits it. BBCHS is a member school of the Kankakee Area Regional Vocational System and
the Kankakee Community College District. Over the past 55 years many changes have taken place throughout the
community and the school, but the mission is clear. BBCHS, in concert with parents and the community, will provide
an education for students of all abilities and needs, and implement a curriculum that will enable each individual to
develop to full potential and to become a positive, productive member of society.

District Administration:                                               Counseling Staff:
Mr. Mike Hogan, Superintendent                                         Mr. Ken Goodwin, Generalist Counselor
Mr. William Gamble, Principal                                          Mrs. Debra Howard, Generalist Counselor
Mrs. Deanna Oliver, Associate Principal                                Mrs. Anne Kashanitz, Generalist Counselor
Mr. Mark Sutton, Assistant Principal, Athletic Director                Mr. Dave Luhrsen, Generalist Counselor
Mrs. Candace Limperis, Dean of Students                                Ms. Stacy Strovers, Generalist Counselor
Mr. Chris Hammond, Dean of Students                                    Mr. Steve Wunder, Generalist Counselor
Mrs. Paula Grimes, Director of Special Services                        Mrs. Sally Martell, School Psychologist
Mrs. Helen Boehrnsen, Director of Curriculum                           Mrs. Margaret Davison, School Social Worker
Ms. Jennifer Parris, Director of Counseling                            Ms. Heather Spina, School Social Worker

Faculty:    BBCHS has a faculty of 121 teachers. At BBCHS, 70.6% of the faculty have a Master’s degree and
above. The average teaching experience is 14.3 years and highly qualified teachers teach every class.

Enrollment:         The enrollment at BBCHS consists of 2113 students at the six-day count for the 2007-2008 school
year and is steadily growing. Seniors 476, Juniors 521, Sophomores 554, Freshmen 536.

Curriculum:          BBCHS classes are 54 minutes in length, meet five times each week for 38 weeks. Students receive
one half credit per semester for each course successfully completed (except for those taken at Kankakee Area Career
Center, PE, and Driver’s Ed).

Graduation Requirements:                 Twenty-one credits are required for graduation. Prior to the class of 2007,
nineteen were to be academic. For each semester a student is successful at KACC, the graduation requirement
increases by one half credit.
          English             3 credits
          Math                2 credits (Beginning with the Class of 2009, 3 years of Math are required.)
          Science             2 credits
          Social Studies      2 credits (one of which must be US History including the Constitution requirement)
          Electives           1 credit (Foreign Language, Fine Art, or Voc. Ed.)

            Enrollment in the following courses is also required:
            Consumer Education           ½ credit (General Business, Economics, or Independent Living fulfills this
                                         requirement, as well)
            Health                       ½ credit
            Physical Education           Required for all students each semester of their enrollment in BBCHS except as
                                         provided for by IOE mandate SB730. Awarded non-academic credit through
                                         class of 2006, beginning with the class of 2007 PE is awarded 1/3 credit and is
                                         included in the academic GPA.
Grading and Ranking System: Prior to January 5, 1999, the GPA and RIC were computed based on 5.0
scale. Regular education course scale: A=5, B=4. C=3, D=2, F=1. Weighted course scale: A=6, B=5, C=4, D=2,
F=1. Beginning January 5, 1999 the GPA and RIC were computed based on a 4.0 scale. Regular education course
scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. Weighted course scale: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=1. As of August 2002, the regular
course scale remains the same. The weighted course scale is as follows: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=1, F=0. The following
system of grading is used:
            A         Excellent          100-90
            B         Good               89-80
            C         Fair               79-70
            D         Poor               69-60
            F         Failure            No Credit
Semester grades are based on the following percentage:        Quarter 1 = 40%
                                                              Quarter 2 = 40%
                                                              Sem. Exam = 20%
The following courses receive weighted grades: Honors English II, AP English Lang/Comp, AP English Lit/Comp,
Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Mathematica, AP Calculus, AP
Statistics, and AP US History. Beginning with the class of 2009, courses taken for dual credit through Kankakee
Community College will receive weighted credit during the semester the student is enrolled in the course at Kankakee
Community College.

Test Data: (Class of 2007)
         ACT       BBCHS Core            23.5     State Core           22.3      National Core       21.9
                   BBCHS Total           20.8     State Total          20.3      National Total      20.9

          AP        AP Grades reported                                 124
                    Total Candidates                                   84
                    Student scores of 3 or higher                      56%
 College Attendance: 71% of BBCHS graduates continue their education at a post-secondary institution. 37% of
 the students attend a four-year and 34% attend a two-year institution.

Course Offerings:
                                                                                  FINE ARTS
EARLY BIRD                                   MATH (cont’d.)                       Art I
                                             Algebra II                           Art II
English IIIA
                                             Geometry “A”                         Ceramics I*
U.S. History
                                             Formal Geometry                      Ceramics II*
Junior-Senior PE (Co-ed)
                                             Finite Math*                         Drawing I*
                                             Trigonometry*                        Painting I*
ENGLISH                                      Algebra II/Trig
World Studies**                                                                   Photography*
                                             Pre-Calculus                         Art Projects*
English I A/AA                               Mathematica
English I B/BB                                                                    Ceramics III*
                                             A.P. Calculus                        Band
Honors English II A/AA                       A.P. Statistics
English II A/AA                                                                   Sec/Woodwind (NC)
English II B/BB                                                                   Sec/Brass (NC)
                                             SOCIAL STUDIES                       Sec/Percussion (NC)
English III A/AA                             Global Perspectives
English III B/BB                                                                  Orchestra
                                             World Studies**                      Sec/Orchestra
A.P. English Lang/Comp                       World History
A.P. English Lit/Comp                                                             Freshman Band
                                             Economics*                           Percussion
English Literature*                          Psychology*
Shakespeare Seminar*                                                              Concert Choir
                                             Sociology*                           Chorale
Short Story*                                 Geography*
Poetry Seminar*                                                                   Sec/Chorale (NC)
                                             Current Issues*                      Chamber Choir
Public Speaking*                             U.S. History
College Bound Composition*                                                        Sec/Chamb/Sop/Alto (NC)
                                             Fundamental USH                      Sec/Chamb/Ten/Bass (NC)
Grammar*                                     U.S. Foreign Policy*
Creative Writing*                            A.P. U.S. History
Journalism I                                 Social Injustice*                    I.C.E.P.
Journalism II                                                                     Classroom Phase*
Yearbook                                                                          Work Phase
                                             FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Yearbook II
                                             Spanish I
Communications I                                                                  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                                             Spanish II
Communications II
                                             Spanish III                          PE*
Communications III
                                             Spanish IV                           PE/Driver Ed
Reading Strategies I*
                                             Spanish V                            PE Gym Leaders I
Reading Strategies II*
                                             French I                             PE Gym Leaders II
Technical Composition & Non Fict*
                                             French II                            Junior-Senior PE
College Bound Reading*
                                             French III                           Advanced Fitness
Title I****
                                             French IV
Individualized Reading*
                                             French V                             HEALTH EDUCATION
                                                                                  Health Education*
SCIENCE                                      BUSINESS
General Science/Fund. Life Science           General Business
Everyday Science/Fund. Phys. Science
                                                                                  CAREER CENTER***
                                             Keyboard/Format*/Intro to Computer   Computer Technology
Interactive Science I / Interactive Life     Formatting                           Construction Technology
Science I/ Biology (basic)                   Keyboard/Format                      Health Occupations
Interactive Science II / Interactive         Computer Applications I*             Law Enforcement
Physical Science II                          Computer Applications II*            Cosmetology
Honors Biology                               Accounting I                         Child Development/Playschool
Biology I                                    Accounting II                        Precision Metalworking
Honors Chemistry                             Intro to Computer Programming*       Business Tech/Management
Chemistry I                                  Consumer Education*                  Automation Engineering/ Pre-Engineering
Biochemistry                                 Desktop Pub/Web Page Design*         Welding
Current Issues In Lab Science
                                             INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY                Automotive Technology
A.P. Biology
                                             Career Exploratory Lab I*            Collision Repair
Human Anatomy & Physiology
                                             Advanced Career Exploratory Lab*     Drafting/CAD
A.P. Chemistry
Conceptual Physics
                                             FAMILY & CONSUMER                    DUAL CREDIT (for 07-08)
                                             SCIENCES                             AP Chemistry
MATH                                         Foods & Growth*                      AP US History
Mathematics Transitions I                    Personal & Home Sewing*              AP English Language/Comp
Math Transitions/ Math Transitions II        Advanced Clothing*
                                             Food Skills*
                                                                                  College Bound Composition
Intermediate Math                                                                 Creative Writing
Pre-Algebra                                  Interior Env/Reso Mgt.*
Algebra I                                    Parenting*                           Poetry
Interactive Algebra                          Independent Living                   French IV (2nd sem)
Interactive Geometry                         Single Living*                       Spanish IV (2nd sem)
                                                                                  Spanish V (2nd sem)
                                                                                  College Release

 *     ½ Credit                 –          One Semester
 **    2 Credits                –          Two Semesters
 ***   3 Credits                –          Two Semesters
 ****  No Credit
 ALL OTHERS: 1 Credit           –          Two Semesters

 To schedule a college visit, please call the Counseling Office and set up an appointment at least a month in