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           Lake Dallas High School Cheerleader/Mascot
                    Tryout Information Packet
Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in the Lake Dallas High School
Cheerleading Program. It is important that you are aware of what
is expected from each candidate during the week of tryouts.
There will also be a great commitment on the part of each parent
whose daughter/son is selected as a Lake Dallas High School
Cheerleader/Mascot. We hope you will find your experience

The tryout period dates for the LDHS cheerleading squad will be
Monday, March 9th through March 13th, 2009 beginning promptly
everyday at 4:30pm with the exception of Friday. Girls must
report to the high school dance studio by 4:15p.m. Practice for
tryouts will begin at 4:30p.m. Every candidate, unless
academically ineligible or suspended, will attend all daily
practices. Tryout clinic is Mandatory unless you were absent
from school. All candidates must attend school half a day on the
workshop and tryout dates in order to be eligible to
participate. During practices, the candidates will learn the
tryout routines and procedures. On the day of tryouts, each
candidate must stay for the full tryout period in order to allow
for judging callbacks. Tryouts are closed to the public. Only
the Sponsors, Administrators/Staff, Judges and selected senior
cheerleaders will be allowed in the Gym. Cheerleaders for the
2009-2010 school year will be posted on the Lake Dallas High
School cheer website at the end of the tryout day. Results will
also be posted in alphabetical order at a designated location at
the end of the tryout day.

There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, February 23rd
at 6:00pm in the Lake Dallas High School Lecture Hall. Parents
of all candidates who wish to tryout must attend. This will be
a time to give you additional information about the program.

The attached application must be completed by you    and your
daughter/son and turned in to Mrs. Stewart at the    high school or
the mainoffice at the middle school no later than    Tuesday, March
3rd, 2009 by 4:30pm. Late applications will not be   accepted.

Cheerleading is a full year commitment. The commitment requires
enthusiasm and dedication, not only from the cheerleaders, but
from the parents as well. The team can be at its best only if
we have your support. We hope each of you will be willing to
give your support to your daughter/son and the squad as they
prepare for a successful 2009-2010 school year!

If you have any questions please e-mail Kristin Stewart at
kstewart@ldisd.net or Kim Tabor at ktabor@ldisd.net.


Kristin Stewart *\0/*
LDHS Cheer Coach

          ALL FORMS DUE BY:
      Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

  Participation Contract
  Cheerleading Commitment Sheet
  Physical Examination
  Emergency Contact Release Form
  Student Travel Permit
  Copy of Report Cards
  (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Six Weeks)

 Please attach all forms, in
  the listed order, to this
        and return to
     Mrs. Stewart (Room 141) at
     LDHS or the Main Office at
        by Tuesday, March 3rd

Monday, Feb. 23rd    Parent Meeting at 6:00pm in the LDHS Lecture
Tuesday, March 3rd   Tryout forms must be turned in to Mrs.
                Stewart (Room 141) at LDHS or the Main Office at
                LDMS by 4:30pm.
Monday, March 9th    $25 Tryout Fee Due
March 9th- 12th      Tryout Clinic: Routines taught. Mock
tryouts on Thursday!
Friday, March 13th   Tryouts begin promptly at 9:00a.m.
June 13-June 16      Summer Cheer Camp at SMU (If you make
                cheerleader, you MUST be able to attend camp. NO


1.   Anyone who meets the set qualifications will not be
     discriminated against because of race, creed, education, or
2.   Prospective candidates shall be entering grades nine (9)
     through twelve (12).
3.   The Varsity Squad will consist of Juniors and Seniors. The
     JV squad will consist of Freshmen and Sophomores. All forms
     must be turned in prior to or on the designated date
     (Tuesday, March 3rd by 4:30p.m.) in order to attend workshops
     and tryout. No late forms will be accepted! Do not show up at
     the clinic with your tryout packet. It will not be accepted!
4.   To be eligible for tryouts, candidates must have passed all
     classes during the fourth (4th) six weeks period. A student
     who fails more than 2 classes in the current school year will
     not be considered for the cheerleading squad.
You must submit copies of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th six weeks report cards with your
5.   Candidates must reside with their parent/guardian(s) within
     the Lake Dallas Independent School District or show proof of
     future LDISD residency and must reside within the LDHS
     attendance zone, unless they are cleared with LDISD and an

    approval transfer request is on file with the LDHS principal.
    LDISD residency rules apply.
6. All candidates must attend school half a day on the workshop
    and tryout dates in order to be eligible to participate.
7. Candidates will be expected to perform required routines. A
    panel of three (3) qualified judges outside of LDISD will
    judge the performance of the candidates during a closed
    tryout session.
8. A panel of one (1) to two (2) qualified score keepers
    (different from the three qualified judges) will tabulate all
    candidates scores during a closed tryout session.
9.     Students may not be in violation of the Texas Compulsory
Attendance Law.
     Students must have exhibited appropriate conduct in the
     community and      classroom. Therefore a candidate may
     not have:
          *Committed a disciplinary infraction that resulted in
          AEP or out-of-school suspension.
          *More than two disciplinary infractions that resulted
          in ECO at the high school.
          *Step 6 or above on the Discipline Management Plan at
          the middle school.
          *Resigned or been removed from his or her squad in the
          previous school year. For example, if a cheerleader
          resigns or is removed in the current school year, they
          cannot try out for the next school year.
          *Outstanding financial obligations with the Lake
          Dallas Independent School District.


1. Each candidate will learn a cheer, required jumps and dance
2. All candidates will wear a t-shirt, shorts (no short shorts,
   or rolled shorts), socks and tennis shoes. Hair will be worn
   in a ponytail. No jewelry.
3. The tryout clinic is closed to all spectators.
4. Gum, canned/bottled beverages or food are not allowed in the
   gym or dance studio. Candidates can bring a water jug and
   towel. Only water in the dance studio and gym.


1.   $25 tryout fee due by Monday, March 9th. Fee is used to pay
     for the issued tryout shirt, judges and tryout materials.
2.   Tryouts are closed to all spectators. Those eligible for
     attendance include the coaches, judges, LDHS administrators,
     LDHS staff and selected senior cheerleaders.

3.   Each candidate must wear a provided tryout t-shirt, plain
     black cotton shorts (no short shorts), ALL white tennis
     shoes, plain white socks, hair in pony tail, and a (white)
     ribbon (optional). No jewelry will be allowed.
4.   Each candidate will be issued a number on Wednesday, March
     11th. This will be their order number for tryouts.
5.   Candidates will be scored by judges on the following basis:

       I. Crowd Appeal- 10 points
           (Appearance, Neatness, Fitness, Facial Expressions)
       II. Voice, Projection, and Spirit- 20 points
           (Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Spirit)
       III. Jumps- 20 points
           (Form, Height, Flexibility, Variety)
       IV. Tumbling- 10 points
           (Execution, Technique, Difficulty)
       V. Motion Technique- 20 points
           (Precision, Arm Placement, Technique)
       VI. Dance (Girls Only) – 20 points
           (Precision, Projection, Timing, Rhythm, Coordination)
       VII. Stunt (Guys Only) – 20 points
           (Execution, Technique, Difficulty, Coordination)

                The judges’ decision is final!
        The top scores will be used to determine squad
       selection. Cheerleaders from all squads will be
      selected by using the natural break of all scores.
      There will be no maximum size and no minimum size.
         The natural break determines the squad size.

6.   Tryout results will be posted in a designated location set by
     the cheer coach at the end of the school day on the day of
     tryouts. The results will be listed in alphabetical order
     with no indication of ranking, and they will be posted on the
     Lake Dallas High School Cheerleading Website.
           ***Parents have 10 school days after the conclusion of the
           tryouts to request to see their own child’s scores (no rank
           scores) from the principal. Parent request must be made in
           writing by the morning of the tenth day. By law, all other
           student scores are protected and cannot be shared with
           anyone except the coach, principal, or school
           administration. The original judges score sheets will not
           be released to parents or students.

       I.    Spring – Tryouts, captain nominations, preparation
             for camp, conditioning, Achiever’s gymnastics and

          II.  Summer – Fundraising, pee wee camp, camp and summer
          III. Fall – Practices, pep rallies,
               football/volleyball/basketball/soccer, etc. games,
               Homecoming (parade, pre-game activities, game,
               etc.), conditioning and fundraising.
          IV. Spring – Practices, pep rallies, basketball games,
               conditioning, cheer banquet, fundraising and
               preparation for tryouts.

Below you will find an itemized list of some of the expenses
that you will encounter this year. Hopefully, this will give you
an idea of what to expect financially. The largest sum of money
will be paid in the beginning. However, some items may be
purchased over a period of time. Great care is taken by the
coaches to keep the cost as low as possible.
       1.    Required items that must be purchased by the
               Camp - $270.00
               Uniform - $160.00
               Uniform Fee - $25.00
               Warm ups -$129.90
               Camp Clothing - $175.00
               Achiever’s Gymnastics (Tumble/Stunt/Camp
                 Routine) - $243.00
               Shoes – $41.00
               Bag - $31.95
               Ribbons - $25.00
               Boy ShortBriefs - $12.95 each
               Midriff - $20.95
               Megaphone -$30.00 (Not including lettering-
                 SENIORS only)
               Rain Gear - $10.95
               Social Events: Big/Little Sis Gifts, Christmas
                 Party, Pictures, Breakfast Socials, Cheer
                 Banquet, etc.

          2. Estimated expense for cheerleading should not exceed
             Estimated expense for mascots should not exceed
                 Tentative payment schedule:
                       1st payment (1/3 of entire bill) due by
                    Friday, March 27th
                       2nd payment (1/3 of entire bill) due by
                 Friday, April 24th
                       3rd payment (1/3 of entire bill) due by
                    Friday, May 15th

 3. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for payments
      received after the
    payment date.

 4. A $25 uniform fee will be assessed after tryouts. A
   uniform contract will be given to each
   cheerleader/mascot, which will list the items that
   have been received by him/her. Any item not returned
   before tryouts must be paid for.

 5.      A $150 uniform fee will be issued if a uniform is
   not returned. No uniform may be altered without the
   approval of the Cheerleader Instructor.

 6. Each cheerleader’s balance must be paid in full before
    camp or he/she forfeits his/her spot on the squad.
    The candidate with the next highest score will move up
    and take the open spot on the squad.

              *** The NCA Summer Camp fee of $270.00
           will be due no later than the first week of
       There will be no scholarships issued. If you need
       to make arrangements to pay out the cost of camp,
       please contact Kristin Stewart before the due date.
       The balance for camp and camp clothes must be paid
       prior to attending camp. The school provides two
       of the official field uniforms. These uniforms are
       issued to the cheerleaders and returned at the end
       of the school year.

*** Please remember that prices may vary

                  LAKE DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL
                             Candidate for:
          Varsity Cheerleader (11 and 12 grade ONLY)
                                            th         th

        Junior Varsity Cheerleader (9 and 10 grade ONLY)
                                                 th         th

              Mascot (10 , 11 , 12 grade ONLY)
                                 th    th        th

Shirt Size (Adult or Youth): _____

Student Name:____________________________________
Grade:_______     Age:________
Home Phone #:(____)-____-_____
Cell Phone #:(____)-____-_____
Email address:____________________________________
Best way to contact you:____________________________

Parents Names:____________________________________
Home Phone #: (____)-____-_____
Dad’s contact phone #:(____)-____-_____
Mom’s contact phone #:(____)-____-_____
Email addresses:___________________________________

In case of emergency contact: ______________________________________________
List clubs or activities you plan on being a part of next year:

My daughter/son, ____________________________, has my permission to tryout
for the Lake Dallas High School Cheerleading team for the 2009-2010 school
year. My daughter/son and I understand the financial obligations that must
be met as set forth in the Constitution if elected as a cheerleader/mascot.
We also understand that the school and/or coaches assume no responsibility
for accident or injury that might occur during any cheerleading activity,
including tryouts.

We have read the tryout information concerning the cheerleading organization
and the tryout procedures. We are satisfied that it is a privilege, not a
right, to be chosen as a L:DHS cheerleader for the 2009-2010 school year. We
also understand that not everyone can be chosen.

Signature of Candidate

____________________________________Date: _____________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian
____________________________________Date: ______________________

   *Please attach a copy of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th six weeks report
 *If you want a copy of the music, please submit a blank CD with this

                  Lake Dallas High School

Participation in the LDHS cheerleading organization is a
privilege, not a right. In order for the cheerleader to retain
this privilege, the policies and procedures contained in the
constitution must be adhered to in the spirit of discipline,
education and overall goals and objectives of the Lake Dallas
Independent School District and the Lake Dallas High School

The policies and enforcement procedures are relative to the LDHS
Cheerleading program and will be administered accordingly. The
rules, regulations, and policies are all outlined in the LDHS
Cheerleading Constitution.

I, _____________________________, will do my best as a
Cheerleader to always set a positive example for the Lake Dallas
High School student body. I plan to follow the rules set forth
in the Cheerleading Constitution and understand the consequences
if I fail to adhere to the rules and regulations. I will commit
myself to attending all practices, fundraisers and performances,
and I will always strive to have a positive attitude. I will
respect my sponsor, captain(s) and fellow squad members at all

________________________            _______________
Student Signature                                     Date

I, _____________________________, have read the LDHS
Cheerleading Constitution and am fully aware of the time,

expense and discipline that membership would include to my
child. I understand and agree to abide by all provisions of the
LDHS Cheerleading Constitution. I further stipulate that I will
assist the LDHS Cheerleader coaches and Lake Dallas High School
in the monitoring and enforcement of the constitution policies
and procedures. I support my child in this endeavor and
understand the implications that will result in the event that
the rules and regulations are not

________________________      _______________
Parent/Guardian Signature                       Date

               Lake Dallas High School
                   COMMITMENT SHEET

Please check one:

_____        I, ______________________, commit to cheer
the fall and spring seasons. I understand that
cheerleading is a year long responsibility, and I will
fulfill my duties until a new squad is selected. I
assume all responsibility and accept all consequences
if I, for any reason, deny the position to which I have
been chosen. Failure to fulfill this agreement may
result in removal for the squad.

_____        I, ______________________, commit to cheer
the fall season only. I realize at the end of the Fall
sports season that I must relinquish my position as
cheerleader because I am transferring into a Spring
sport class, which will prevent me from completing the
year. I understand that my cheer commitment only
continues through the fall season of sports, and I will
fulfill my duties through that time. I assume all
responsibility and accept all consequences if I, for
any reason, deny the position to which I have been
chose. Failure to fulfill this agreement may result in
removal for the squad.

___________________________        _________________
Student signature                      Date

I have read and understand the above decision of my
child. I agree to abide by and support this

___________________________ _________________
Parent/Guardian signature              Date

       Lake Dallas Independent School
      High School Cheerleading Tryout
          2009-2010 Judging Sheet

Judge Number_______                Candidate Number________

Crowd Appeal- 10
(Appearance, Neatness, Fitness, Facial Expressions)

Voice, Projection, and Spirit- 20
(Energy, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Spirit)

Jumps- 20                                          _________/20
(Form, Height, Flexibility, Variety)

Tumbling- 10                                       _________/10
(Execution, Technique, Difficulty)

Motion Technique- 20
(Precision, Arm Placement, Technique)

Dance (Girls Only) – 20
(Precision, Projection, Timing, Rhythm, Coordination)


Stunt (Guys Only) – 20
(Execution, Technique, Difficulty, Coordination)


                                        Judge’s signature