BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL PTSA
                           September 9, 2008

1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Presidents‟ Remarks and Welcome
   Alissa Roston “Stay involved with your kids‟ school. They need you. Please
   Aviva Laufer : “At the very least, come to the PTSA meetings.”
3. Motions made and approved over the summer:
     a. Thank You Tuesday chaired by Donna Klein requested and received
         $2500. This amount will be decreased due to sponsorship donations.
     b. Deb Bruenell, Treasurer, wanted to open a PTSA Bank of America bank

4. Oct. 2 is Back to School Night—mark your calendars! A 2 ½ minute fundraising
   video will be shown during 4th period. Thanks to everyone who worked on the
   video! Please give generously that night! If you are available to help collect
   envelopes that night please talk to Ronit Stone or email her at

5. Freshman orientaition was great! Thanks to the PTSA for providing Carl‟s Jr. for
   the freshman and thanks to all the parents who volunteered.
6. Email blasts—you will receive email blasts of the BHHS bulletins and other
   PTSA information only if you are a paid PTSA member. You will always be
   able to access the information on the BHHS website, but if you want the bulletin
   and other information delivered to your inbox you must join the PTSA. Keep in
   mind that when you make your annual donation ($500 per student suggested)
   your PTSA membership is included. Please join the PTSA today. At $10 per
   year it is a great value!

7. Thanks to parents and students who volunteered in the bookstore—you did a great
   job and it was much appreciated!

8. Last meeting‟s minutes are not available.

9. Parliamentarian Stacey Raskin : Motions approved for the following positions:
   Historian—Tami Adams
   Recording Secretary---Marta Freud
   6th VP (Parent Liasons:--Cindy Dubin
 10. Principal‟s Report:

    Principal Jay Guidetti handed in his PTSA membership
    payment. He said „it‟s going to be a good year. We need parent involvement.
    BHHS is what it is because of parent and community support.” He introduced the
    following BHHS staff members: School Resource Officer Mendoza, Assistant
    Principals Toni Staser, Rick Barclay, and Kelly Tabis., and Lead Security Officer
    Chris Anderson/.
    Head Counselor Leanne Domnitz, introduced the counseling staff. She made the
    following announcements:
        a. The PSAT test (for 10th and 11th graders) will be at BHHS on Sat. Oct.
        b. Upcoming college programs for the fall include College Night on 9/23 at 7
           PM (email blast coming) and College Preview for 9th and 10th graders on
           10/15 at 3 PM in Room 300.
        c. The Senior Survey is out—see where the graduates of 2008 were accepted
           and where they went.

 11. Principal Guidetti took a few questions and comments:
        a. Please remind teachers not to give a lot of homework on the upcoming
 Jewish holidays.
       b. In an emergency, students stay on campus and parents come to the
 Designated Reunion Gate.
        c. Interquest Canine Unit—aka “the drug dogs”—comes to school once or
           twice a month or if needed and makes unannounced checks for drugs,
           alcohol, or gunpowder-based weapons.

 12. Site Council needs 3 members and 2 alternates. All present voted.

    Site Council Members
    Cathy Baker
    Gail Mezrow
    Gina Seidel
    Marta Freud—1st alternate
    Brenda Rabin—2nd alternate
    The next meeting is September 24th at 8:30.

 13. Ways and Means Report:

    Ronit Stone said, “Send money!!! “ We need more participation. Historically
    15% of families give 100% of the money. We are asking for a donation of $500
    per student but whatever you can give is appreciated. High school has so many
    more needs than the K-8‟s. Checks are better than credit cards but it is all
   appreciated. Other ways to contribute are to shop at Ralphs and Ralphs will
   donate a percent of your purchases to BHHS. You have to go online and set it up
   but it is easy, safe, and secure. Go to and click on Community
   Contribution. Office Depot and Target also offer similar programs. Take a
   minute and sign up—it‟s an easy way to help the school.
14. Membership Report:

   Tell your friends how important it is to give at any level. Call nights are
   coming….. Send $$$$......
   When you give to the PTSA annual fund we take $10 out of it and make you a
15. Board of Education Report:

   Board President Myra Demeter said “Stay involved—your kids need you even
   though it seems like they want you to stay away”
   No budget from State yet. They must stop doing everything else and pass a
   budget. Teachers got a 3% raise effective 1/07 and a 3% raise effective 7/08.
   They also got a $1000 increase in health benefits. District enrollment is down a
   bit less than 2% . The permit distribution was difficult but went fairly well.
   Proud of staff, guidance staff, and teachers for working with seniors to get them
   through the college process.
   Site budgets—decreased the dollar amount per site per student. Budget is
   expected to pass.
   Summer board business: the most important issue is a process that was started 2
   years ago of checking out all 5 facilities to see what needed to be addressed and
   what the “state of the facilities” is in regard to safety and security concerns. Final
   meeting in July produced a master plan—a snapshot of where we are and what we
   need to do and the costs involved. Bond consultants did an independent telephone
   survey and found that more than 70% of citizens would support a $334 million
   dollar bond to be voted on in November. (A no-tax-increase bond is
   suggested.)This will begin the process of seismic and safety upgrades. The Board
   voted 5-0 to put the bond vote on the Nov. 4 ballot. Measure E—“for Education”
   More information can be found on
    Our facilities must be attended to and must be safe. A “5” is the highest score a
facility can achieve. All of ours are 1‟s and 2‟s. We must do certain critical upgrades
whether or not the bond measure passes—this is for safety.

16. Parent Liason Committee Report:

   Cindy Dubin talked about this new committee. The goal is to work with
   department chairs to identify needs and wishes and to help them to get funding for
   what they need in the classrooms. An English lab was set up with parent
   volunteers and was very successful. Now more departments want “in.” Teachers
   should go to their department chairs and then to the Parent Liason Committee
   with requests. This will make the system work most effectively.
17. Membership Committee Report:

   Lori Gordon spoke. PTSA is made up of P—parents—who need to join and
   support the PTSA. T—for teachers—we are working to get teachers more
   involved. The $10 tax-deductible membership donation is included when you
   make your annual donation. S is for students, who by joining ASB, are members.
   The supply drive is ongoing. When you are out shopping please pick up some
   extra supplies and drop them in the drop box in the main office. This year the
   supply budget was cut by $130,000—that is why this is so important. There is a
   list on the school website (under “Forms”) detailing what supplies are needed.

18. Thank You Tuesdays Report

    Donna Klein told us about this exciting new program which is intended to show
    appreciation to and boost morale among the teachers. On random Tuesdays the
    PTSA will do something special for the teachers. On the first day of school
    Peet‟s coffee donated coffee to the teachers. Also, before school started Donna
    collected about 40 items which she used for a teacher raffle. Both thank-you
    events were well-received by the teachers. Next Tuesday Sept. 16th there will be
  “phenomenal surprise” according to Donna. The budget for this committee is
   $2500. We need sponsorships from BHHS
   families. Any donation of $50 or more and families and their studentswill
   receive recognition for their donation. The first sponsorship was from the
   Dordick-Laksman Family!!!! Contact Aviva Laufer or Donna Klein to give $$$
   for Thank You Tuesdays—checks should be made out to BHHS PTSA with
   Thank You Tuesdays noted in the memo.
Local businesses which donated to the teacher raffle and should be supported:
Salon Vivaci, Spark, Rosti, Islands, Jacopo‟s, Il Cielo, BH Diner, Peet‟s, Suzi
Finer/Hansen‟s Cakes and more!
Local businesses which were asked for donations and said “NO.”
Leonida‟s Chocolate, Chipotle, Mulberry Pizza, Il Fornaio, Crumbs Cupcakes.
19. Hospitality Report

   Please sign up to bring fruit and bagels to future PTSA meetings.
20. Volunteer Report

   Thanks to Ann and Colleen for getting volunteers. We need help all year. If you
   want to volunteer on an as-needed basis contact Ann Capogrosso or Colleen
  21. Volunteer Hours—Tami Adams

     Volunteer hours get tabulated at the end of the year. Please get involved.
  22. Thanksgiving Lunch—Judie Benowitz

     Will be November 20th. We will feed over 2000 people. We need people to
     donate $$$ and to make food. It‟s fun and a great way to get involved. You can
     cook, give money, decorate, and serve. You can‟t come if you don‟t particpate.
     Make checks payable to BHHS PTSA and note Thanksgiving luncheon in the

  23. Walk-to-School Wednesdays—Ellen Lutwak

     This is a national program. Please participate. If you live too far for your kids to
     walk the whole way to school consider dropping them off a few blocks away.

Meeting Adjourned

  ***To donate money to any specific event or project make your check payable to
  BHHS PTSA and indicate in the memo what the program is. Put the check in an
  envelope and drop it off in the office.

  9/14 BHEF Car Show
  9/17 & 18 Picture Day
  9/18 9th Grade Parent Social 7-9 PM
  9/23 Senior College Night
  10/2 Back to School Night
  10/14 Next PTSA Meeting 9 AM
  10/26 Apple Harvest Faire

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