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					                        SPEYSIDE HIGH SCHOOL PARENT COUNCIL


Sederunt:      Mr B Milton (Chairperson), Mr P Johnson, Miss C Stewart, Councillor Murdoch,
               Miss L Paterson, Mr D Connelly, Mr D Tierney, Mr I MacDonald (for Items 1-3),
               Miss F Main (Clerk)

1.   Welcome and Apologies
     The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting, in particular Mr I MacDonald, Local
     Community Network Support Officer.

2.   Minutes of Meeting held on 3 December and Matters Arising
     Minutes of the meeting held on 3 December were approved.

     Proposed: P Johnson
     Seconder: B Milton

     Matters Arising
     There were no matters arising.

3.   Briefing by Mr I MacDonald, Local Community Network Support Officer
     Mr MacDonald provided an overview of the work he is involved in. He explained that he is
     employed through Educational Services and his time is shared equally between Speyside and
     Forres ASGs. A large part of his time is spent liaising with agencies, eg NHS, Police, Social
     Work to identify and bring forward any initiatives. He is also involved in the Locality Team
     which is set up to look at specific issues relating to Speyside. The Team includes Mr Tierney
     and representatives from the Police, Social Work, NHS, Community Learning and Primary

     It was noted that with Mr MacDonald’s support the school has been able to offer pupils
     alternative activities such as the Climbing and Kayaking Clubs. Mr MacDonald explained that
     another successful initiative was the Family Fun Day held last year. This event was very well
     attended and it is hoped to hold another Day this session.

     Mr MacDonald advised that, where possible, he would be very willing to provide any assistance
     to help organise events or workshops that the Parent Council and School wished to hold.

     Discussion took place about the possibility of a school Open Day. Mr Connelly will raise this
     with the Parental Involvement Group and report back to the Parent Council.

     Mr Milton thanked Mr MacDonald for his valuable input. Mr MacDonald left the meeting at

4.   Curriculum for Excellence
     Mr Tierney circulated two papers, one was a copy of staff responses to discussions that took
     place in November 2008. The other paper contained timelines for possible new curriculum
     structures. He advised that since the last Parent Council meeting in December the school has
     conducted various activities relating to C for E. It was noted that the new S1 intake in August
     2010 will be the first year group to experience the changes that C for E will bring.

     Mr Tierney has also been involved in Moray wide discussions to set up a Moray Framework. It
     was noted, however, that Moray’s 8 secondary schools may set up their curriculum options
     differently. Mr Tierney has also been invited (along with all Secondary Head Teachers in
     Scotland) to meet with the Scottish Cabinet Secretary on 16 March in Glasgow.

     Mr Tierney advised that the school hoped to hold an information evening, this session, for all
     parents to provide them with more information on C for E. He also advised that all parents will
     be consulted about proposals.
     An invitation has been received from John Trodden, Quality Improvement Officer to a meeting
     for Parent Council Representatives at Keith Grammar School on 25 March. The Clerk will
     email all members asking for nominations.

5.   Parental Evaluation
     Mr Tierney explained that as part of the School Improvement Plan process we have to conduct
     an evaluation based on the views of pupils, parents and staff. After discussion it was agreed
     that the Parent Council and School would jointly write to all parents seeking their views and
     asking for volunteers to join a Review Group.

     Pupils’ views will also be sought and the possibility of conducting this during an evening will be

6.   Parental Involvement – Findings of Parental Survey/Update of Teacher’s Parental
     Involvement Group
     Mr Connelly advised that the recent survey conducted at the S5/6 Parents Evening in
     December last year highlighted that parents wished to know more about Educational Change
     and Careers/Guidance, particularly relating to the transition from school to college/work. In
     order to gauge views of parents from another year group it was hoped to conduct the same
     survey at the S2 Parents Evening on Wednesday 4 March. Mr Milton and Mr Johnson will
     advise the Clerk if they are able to assist with the survey on Wednesday evening.

7.   Finance
     The current balance is £372.73. Payment for Term 3 will be made to the Clerk. The
     photocopying costs for November to February amounted to 41p. The school will carry forward
     this charge and include it in the next invoice.

8.   Correspondence
     Items of correspondence were previously circulated to members via email.

     Council Membership: An email was received from Mr Tweedie to advise that unfortunately
     he is no longer able to serve on the Council. The Chairperson will arrange a letter of
     appreciation to be sent to Mr Tweedie.

     After discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would prepare a draft flyer advising that there is
     currently a parent vacancy on the Council. The flyer will be handed out at the S2 Parents
     Evening on Wednesday 4 March and the P7 Parents Evening on 16 April.

     Website: It was noted that Agendas and Minutes are now available on the school’s website.

     Newsletter: The Chairperson will arrange for the annual Newsletter to be produced in June.

9.   Date of Next Meeting
     The proposed date is Thursday 28 May 2009 beginning at 7.00pm.

     Agenda items to include: Curriculum for Excellence
                              School Budget & Finance
                              School Improvement Plan for 2009/10.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

_____________________________________ Chairperson