What is the PISD philosophy behind high school summer by ta92939


									What is the PISD philosophy behind            PISD Secondary Language Arts
high school summer reading?                             Coordinator
                                                        Carol Trovall
PISD encourages all high school               carol.trovall@pflugervilleisd.net
students to read over the summer to
                                             Advanced Placement Lead English
   help students maintain English                         Teacher
    Language Arts skills over the summer               Ruben Rodriguez
    break                                    ruben.rodriguez1@pflugervilleisd.net
   expose students to quality literature
    that they may not pick up on their own         Connally High School
   promote independent reading, inquiry,          ELA Department Chair
    and scholarship which will facilitate               Paula Gardner
    students as life-long learners
                                              paula.gardner@pflugervilleisd.net          High School
PISD requires high school students               Hendrickson High School                   Summer
                                                   ELA Department Chair
who are enrolled in AP or Pre-AP
English to read over the summer to                    Andrea Knighton
   allow teachers to begin literary
    discussions at the level of depth and          Pflugerville High School
    complexity required in an Advanced               ELA Department Chair
    Academics course during the first                    Jeri Birdwell
                                                                                    “Books are the bees which carry the
    weeks of school                            jeri.birdwell@pflugervilleisd.net    quickening pollen from one to another
   build a base of literature from which                                           mind.”
    students will draw when completing                                                       James Russell Lowell
    advanced placement assessments
Activities / Grading                           How were the books chosen for these                  English III – AP
                                               lists?                                             (Must read two books)
All high school students are encouraged
to read from this list over the summer.        Pre-AP English teachers and                Common Book (required for all):
                                               administrators meet several times a year   Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen
Students in AP or Pre-AP English               to discuss and determine the summer
classes are required to read over the          reading list. Books are chosen based on    Choices (one of these is also required):
summer. Students in Pre-AP English I or        the following criteria:                    Demon in the Freezer by Richard
Pre-AP English II have one common               Appropriate reading level for            Preston
required title for all students. Students in       independent summer reading             Devil in the White City by Eric Larson
AP English III or AP English IV are             High interest for students at the        Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
required to read two books: one common             designated grade level                 The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto
title for all students AND one self-            Literary merit/promote rich              The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
selected novel from their grade level list.        discussion and literary analysis
Students will be completing oral and            Recognized works for inclusion on
written assignments during the first three         the AP exams                                     English IV - AP
weeks of school based on their reading of                                                         (Must read two books)
these books.                                   Please note that some of the books on
                                               these lists may contain mature language    Common Book (required for all):
Projects/activities will be assigned by the    or situations. We strongly encourage       The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara
teacher and discussion over the novels         parents and/or guardians to preview the    Kingsolver
will begin the first week of school.           books.
Students will receive a major grade for                                                   Choices (one of these is also required):
the work they complete over their
                                                       English I - Pre-AP
                                                                                          A Prayer for Owen Meany by John
summer reading by the third week of                                                       Irving
school. Any late work or make-up work          Required Book:
                                               A Separate Peace by John Knowles           Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
related to the summer reading should be                                                   The Things They Carried by Tim
completed by the end of the first six-                                                    O’Brien
weeks grading period.                                  English II - Pre-AP                One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by
                                                                                          Ken Kesey
                                               Required Book:                             Light in August by William Faulkner
                                                  Animal Farm by George Orwell            Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

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