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									                          El Camino Real High School
                              Business Technology
                         Windows Movie Maker Class
                       Approved Topics by Area of Interest
                            Fall Semester 2006-2007
                                  Mr. Berman

Students are required to select one topic from each area. A planning storyboard is
required prior to actual movie production. The teacher must approve the
storyboard. Once approved, the movie‟s length must be between five (5) and seven
(7) minutes, and an appropriate music score must be added to complete the project.

World History:

The Ancient Civilizations of the Tigres and Euphrates Valley
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
The Golden Age of Greece
The Chinese Dynasties (Xia, Shang, Yin, Zhou, and Qin.) Select One
Japanese Shogunates (Kamakura, Ashikaga, and Tokugawa) Select One
The Edo Period in Japan
The Moghul Emperors of India
The Spanish Explorers (Coronado, Pizarro, Balboa, Cortez, Magellan, Columbus,
De Soto, Vespucci, and Ponce de Leon) Select One
The Arab/Israeli Conflict Since 1937
The Dawn of a New Age – The Renaissance
The Medieval Crusades
The Napoleonic Era
The Russian Revolution

U.S. History:

The Making of a Country – The Revolutionary War
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Blue Versus Gray – The Civil War in America
The Road West – The Indian Wars
The Spanish American War
The Industrial Revolution
World War I
The Roaring Twenties
The Women‟s Suffrage Movement
World War II in the Pacific
World War II in Europe
The Holocaust
The Korean Conflict
The Vietnam War
9/11…The Day the Earth Stood Still
Approved Topics
Windows Movie Maker Class

Fine Arts and Applied Arts:

The History of the Etruscan People and Ceramics
China‟s “Stone of Heaven” – The History of Jade
Tribal Arts of Africa
The Aborigines of Australia and Their Art
The History of Watercolor Painting
Russian Art Including the Eggs of Peter Carl Faberge
The Baroque Movement in Art – The People, The Techniques, and the Works
The Contemporary Movement in Art – The People, The Techniques, and the Works
The Renaissance Movement in Art – The People, The Techniques, and the Works
The Impressionist Movement in Art, - The People, The Techniques, and the Works
A History of the Louvre – Its Masterpieces and Significance to the Art Word
Sculpture Through The Ages
The Art of Origami – Its Past and Present
Native American Indian Art and The Stories They Tell Through Kachinas


Pathagoras…Is the Secret of the World Hidden In Numbers?
The Origins of the Abacus and Its Use Throughout History
The Puzzling World of Fibonacci Numbers In Nature
The Use of Mathematics In Modern Navigation
Euclid of Alexandria and “The Elements” – Implications For Western Mathematics
Blaise Pascal and The Patterns Of The Triangle
Dr. John Nash – Genius Or Nutcase?
Las Vegas Odds – Good Bet Or Bad Bargain?

Language Arts:

The Life and Times of Mark Twain
The Contributions of Women In Literature in the Twentieth Century (Caucasian,
Hispanic, African-American, Asian) Select One
The Romantic Period – A Chronology of Who, What, How, and Why
The Evolution of Short Stories in American Literature
Is Poetry a Lost Art in America?
The Worldwide Web…Where Has It Come From and Where Is It Headed?
If It Is „MySpace” Why Am I Sharing It With So Many Other People?
The Life and Troubled Times of Edgar Allan Poe
Approved Topics
Windows Movie Maker Class

Language Arts (con‟t):

Who Is This Bloke Shakespeare and Why Should I Spend Even a Halfpenny To See
A Show Of His?
The Life and Works Of Jane Austin – A Non-Traditional Student Makes Good


Global Warming…Are You Getting Hot Under The Collar Yet?
Energy Efficient Homes…A Retrospective and Prospective.
Poor Pluto!…Big Guys Picking On Their Baby Brother?
Did Henry Ford Really Do Us A Favor?
The “Scopes” Trial…Monkey Business or Real Science?
Coral Reefs…Simply Pretty Polyps or Life-Sustaining Ecosystem?
Nuclear Energy…Is It The Bomb? Or, Is It “The Bomb”?
Stem Cells…The Start of Life Or The Gift of Life?
The Day New Orleans Drowned…Life During and After Katrina.

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