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									  Ocean Lakes High School Cheerleading
                     Information, Rules, and Contract

              Thank you for your interest in the 2008-2009 Cheerleading
Teams. The following informational packet will provide you with the
details, expectations, financial obligations, and responsibilities (student and
parent) that encompass the sport of cheerleading. The coaches of all squads
will strictly enforce the policies stated. Please review this carefully with
your parents before deciding to tryout in August.

Competition, Fall Varsity and JV Teams-August 4, 5, & 6; 1pm-3pm
Winter Varsity & JV Squads- TBD

You MUST have a physical in order to tryout-NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Physicals will be given at Ocean Lakes HS on July 9th at 2pm. Cost is $25

We look forward to an exciting and successful year!


Mackenzie Glassco & Kristina Dasher- Varsity Coaches
Ashley Wright & Ginny Lambright- JV Coach
Andrea Cassevah- Competition Coach
                      OLHS Cheerleading Information

   Upon accepting a position on this squad, you as a cheerleader have made a
   commitment to attend all practices, games, special events, competitions, and fulfill all
   responsibilities given to you. A cheerleader may participate in other activities, which
   DO NOT interfere with fulfilling the commitment made to the squad. Cheerleading
   is second only to academics and family. JOBS will not interfere with cheerleading,
   nor will they be reason for excused absences.

   Choreography Camp (comp only)   $125
   Practice Gear (shirts & shorts) $50
   Warm-Ups (personalized)         $90
   Shoes                           $50-70
   Bags                            $30
   Bloomers- 2 pair (blue)         $12 each
   White Crop                      $21

   Approximate total= $300-$360
   These are only estimates of some items. Competition Squad members may have
   added expenses. Returning cheerleaders financial obligations will vary slightly, as
   they may have some of these items already.

  Several fundraisers have been planned before November. Cheerleaders will be
  required to participate in ALL fundraisers in order to reduce out of pocket expenses
  for needed supplies. EVERYONE is expected to participate. This is an obligation to
  the team. Non-participators will not receive athletic at the end of the season. This
  applies to returnees also. Competition members not on the
  Varsity and JV squads will still be expected to participate in fundraisers, as
  competition fees range from $100-$250.
  Family and friends are usually willing to support you. Fundraisers do not involve
  door-to-door selling.
  REMEMBER- high profits=less costs to you.

PRACTICES (see attached practice rules)
 Practices will start and end on time. Please be dressed, stretched, and ready to
 practice at the designated practice time. Captains will be expected to begin all
 practices with stretching followed by a timed 1 mile run. Practices will run from 2-3
 hours in length. Changes to practice schedules will occasionally take place,
depending on upcoming events. The Competition Squad will perform in the 1st Spirit
Assembly and the Winter Spirit Assembly. The Varsity Squad will perform in the
Homecoming Spirit Assembly.
Varsity and JV squads will have several practices together at the beginning of the
season. Competition squad practices will be held separately, and occasionally on

Cheerleaders will be expected to wear the appropriate length shorts and t-shirts. Mid-
drifts will NEVER be exposed. Long t-shirts should be neatly tucked in shorts and no
spaghetti strap tank tops will be allowed. If you have a previous injury, you will be
expected to wear the necessary bracing during
each practice.

Awards & Lettering
All members of the cheerleading squads (Comp, V, JV) will be invited to the Fall
Sports Banquet and the Winter Sports Banquet. Cheerleaders will be recognized at
both banquets; therefore, your presence will be expected to support fellow teammates.

Letters will be awarded during the Winter Sports Banquet. JV squad members will
earn a JV Letter or Star, whichever applies. Varsity and Competition squad members
will receive Varsity Letters or Stars, whichever applies. Only one letter will be awarded
per cheerleader. In order to earn a letter, cheerleaders must fulfill the entire
season’s requirements (attend games, practices, fundraisers). The winter season is
extremely hectic; therefore, you must check your schedule daily for practices, game
times, and any other events taking place. This is YOUR responsibility.

Missing 3 games throughout the Fall-Winter season will result in termination from
the squad. If you are asked to leave, you quit, or do not fulfill your obligations; you
will NOT earn a letter. In the event of an injury, a conference must be held with the
coaches and a doctor’s note will be required. Please see attached contract and practice

Fall Varsity- 20 student-athletes (maybe 1-2 alternates)- cheers for all Varsity Football
games and performs in the Homecoming Spirit Assembly.
Fall JV- 12 student-athletes (maybe 1-2 alternates)- cheers for all JV Football games and
fills in for Varsity as needed.
Competition- 20 student-athletes (alternates TBD)- performs in 1st Spirit Assembly and
Winter Spirit Assembly. Performs in Beach District Cheerleading Competition and any
other competitions selected by the coach.
              Ocean Lakes High School Cheerleading Rules

Cheerleading is an honor and a responsibility. It is both an individual and a team
activity. Cheerleaders work together to control the crowd and spirit of our school. A
cheerleader must set a good example for others to follow- at all times. Cheerleading
is a commitment, but it should be fun. With this in mind, listed are some basic rules
to follow so that we may have a safe, enjoyable, and spirited season.

Practice will not be productive unless we have each and every member of the squad
in attendance. When you miss something, you let both your coach and your team
down. You are expected to be prompt and to attend all practices for the entire
practice session.

1. Appearance will be neat and clean
      a. Uniforms- Each person is responsible for the care of their uniforms. It
         must be kept neat and clean at all times. You may NOT alter your
         uniform in any way without permission from the coaches.
      b. Hair- Hair shoulder length and longer shall be pulled or pinned up in a
         neat fashion. Pursuant to VHSL sec. 2 Art. 3 “All members of a stunting
         squad shall wear their hair away from the face and off the shoulders.”
      c. Jewelry- NO jewelry will be permitted at any time. Pursuant to VHSL
         sec. 2 Art. 1 “Jewelry shall not be worn except for religious or medical
         medals, which shall be taped to the body under the uniform.” No belly
         rings (including spacers or fish line), toe rings, earrings, rings, bracelets,
         necklaces. NO JEWERLY.
      d. Nails-Pursuant to VHSL Sec. 2 Art. 2 Nails “Nails are not to be visible
         beyond the end of the fingers when viewed from the palm side of the
         hands.” Violation of this rule will result in point deduction at competition.
      e. Glitter- Pursuant to VHSL Sec. 2 Art. 6 “Glitter shall not be on hair, face,
         costume, or body. Glitter may be on signs if laminated.”

2. Gum chewing, eating, and/or drinking will be prohibited during practices unless
   otherwise given permission. Water/sports drinks may be brought for all breaks.

3. Be on time. Please be sure you have arranged for prompt transportation. Please
   check calendar for specific dates and times; although, we will make every effort
   to strictly adhere to the schedule, changes may occur.

4. You are expected to attend every practice. When it is absolutely impossible to
   attend a practice, a prearranged excuse must be obtained from your coach. Call
   your coach (Comp/V/JV) at home or at school before practice if unable to attend.
   A note from a parent or doctor will be required in order to be excused from

5. Each cheerleader MUST participate in practices, games, fundraisers, and
   other school commitments (i.e., homecoming parade). The season runs from
   August through March. The basketball and wrestling seasons are extremely busy.
   Remember to check the calendar daily and review it often with your parents.
   6. It is vital to the squad to have every member at every practice. Doctor, Dentist,
      Eye Doctor, Orthodontist appointments should not be scheduled to conflict with
      practice. Birthday parties, baby showers, visiting friends, parties, ect. are NOT
      good reasons to miss a practice/game. We need each member at EVERY
      practice. REVIEW your calendar daily.

   7. Coaches have the final say in any disciplinary action. Discipline records of
      each cheerleader will be checked PRIOR to final cuts. Students who have
      multiple infractions will not be permitted on the team. Coaches will use their
      discretion as to the removal of cheerleaders from the squad. Acting
      disrespectfully to coaches and peers will be grounds for immediate


I am willing to make the following commitment to Ocean Lakes High School, to the
Cheering Squad, and to my coaches. I understand that in order to be an athlete, I must
maintain a healthy mind and body, which will require discipline concerning drugs,
alcohol, smoking, and other bad influences, including friends. I am aware that partaking
in any such acts during the season could harm my health, as well as the health of my
teammates who depend upon me. I also understand that I may be dismissed from any
squad at the discretion of the coaches should I choose to partake in any harmful
and/or illegal activities. I am obligated to read, understand, and adhere to the School’s
Code of Conduct and the Cheerleading Contract. In addition, I will:

   1. Work hard individually to achieve the goals set by the squad,
   2. Be on time, attend every practice, come with a positive mental attitude, and to
       adhere to the infraction policy,
   3. Discuss with the coach in advance when there are personal conflicts with practice
       and/or game attendance,
   4. Leave my outside activities/distractions out of practice,
   5. Give constructive criticism when appropriate,
   6. Accept constructive criticism for my own good and the good of the squad and not
       consider it as a personal attack on me,
   7. Become an active member of the team,
   8. Give 100% all the time, not just when I am feeling good,
   9. Take care of the uniforms and equipment, arriving at practices and games neat
       and clean,
   10. Follow all Cheerleader Rules, including the VHSL rules which have been
       communicated to me,
   11. Take pride in my school and my squad,
   12. Conduct myself as a leader both in and out of uniform, knowing that my behavior
       creates an image for my squad and school (receiving CSC/OSS will be grounds
       for termination from any squad), and
   13. Maintain the proper GPA (2.0) in order to continue supporting our athletic teams
       and to remain a member of any cheerleading squad.

   I realize I will be a member of an elite group of cheerleaders who have been selected
   to represent my school as a leader in academics, as well as athletics. I have read the
   Cheerleading Contract, and I am willing to make that commitment by signing this
   form to be kept on file by the cheerleading coaches.
    Parent or Guardian

    I, the undersigned, have read and fully understand the contract and rules which
    govern my child, whose been chosen to represent Ocean Lakes High School’s
    Cheering Squad. I further understand that attendance at all practices, games,
    competitions, and special events are a requirement of cheerleading.

    I also realize that there is a RISK in participating in a physical activity. All
    cheerleaders will be doing tumbling, jumps, and stunts; however, the competition
    squad will perform more advanced stunts such as: liberties, heel-stretches, bow- and-
    arrows, scorpions, fulls with double twisting cradles, and building pyramids at least
    two people high. Also, several types of basket tosses will be attempted. All flyers
    will be attempting a full twist down cradle, and possibly more advanced stunts. All
    cheerleaders understand no stunt is to be executed without the proper supervision
    present. With any stunting attempted, all precautions will be taken for the safety
    of my child.

    I have read and discussed the rules and regulations of the Cheerleading Contract with
    my child, and I hereby give my consent for my child, ________________________to
    be a member of the Ocean Lakes High School Cheerleading Squad.
.   I realize it is my responsibility to provide prompt transportation to and from the
    school after all games/events.

    Signature of Parent/Guardian                                   Date

    _________________________________                           ___________


    I have read and discussed the rules and regulations of the Cheerleading Contract with
    my parents, and I am willing to abide by all the rules set forth.
    Signature of Student                                              Date

    __________________________________                           ____________

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