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									   Welcome to the Shawnee Mission Northwest High
     School International Baccalaureate Program

The IB program is a well known academic program offered in many countries
around the world. Currently there are about 800 IB schools in the United
States, and that number is growing each year. The IB website,,
has information about IB, its programs, and other features and benefits and
is a great place to look to get a better understanding of the program. The
website has information about the programs
offered by SMNW and SMEast.

If you are interested in enrolling in the IB program at SMNW, here are
some guidelines:
      1. If SMNW is not the public high school you would normally attend,
          you need to apply for a transfer to SMNW. Call the district office
          at 993-6200 to inquire about the transfer FIRST before doing
          anything else. You may call Bill Sanderson, IB coordinator, at 993-
          7363 to find out more about the program prior to calling the
          district office if you wish to do so. Transfer forms are available at
          the district office and may also be downloaded at
      2. If SMNW is the public high school you would normally attend,
             a. All our 9th and 10th graders who are interested in the IB
                 program are enrolled in several prep classes during their
                 freshman and sophomore years. Students should plan on
                 enrolling in as many of the 9th grade classes listed on the
                 course sequence sheet as possible. This sheet is on
        and also available at our
                 informational meetings. All IB students are required to take
                 4 years of a world language in high school. Therefore,
                 students need have at least one year of Spanish or French in
                 middle school and be ready to take Spanish or French 2 in
                 9th grade…..OR if you wish to take Latin or German in the IB
                 program, there is no middle school language prerequisite. You
                 would enroll in Latin or German 1 as a 9th grader.
             b. After you have filled out your normal SMNW enrollment
                information and selected your courses, call and set up an
                appointment with the IB coordinator at the number listed at
                the bottom of this sheet. The meetings are held almost any
                day from 12:00-3:00 and they give you a chance to talk to
                someone in person about the enrollment and also will give the
                coordinator a chance to check your enrollment form.
             c. Please make sure the registrar has a working email address
                for you, because all IB parents are put on a mailing list for
                newsletters, etc…
             d. Many 9th graders who are interested in the IB program take
                their PE class in summer school and take health online. You
                do not have to do this, but it does free up a class period
                during the day for an academic course.
             e. The actual IB program begins junior year and runs for two
                years. Students in the program take 6 IB classes a day and
                will take IB exams in the classes at the end of their junior
                or senior year. The IB curriculum meets ALL state and
                district requirements for graduation, and almost all IB
                classes are honors classes with weighted grades.
             f. There is a power point presentation that can be emailed to
                you that provides a good over view of IB. If you would like to
                see it, please contact the IB coordinator.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions. We hope we see
you next fall as a member of our IB family!!!

For more information contact:

Bill Sanderson
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

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