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									                               Wilton High School PTSA
                                  November 11, 2008

Present: Amy Harris, Sibylle Kinley, Tim Canty, Matt Kobin, Tucker Pforzheimer,
Robin Como, Lori Kaine, Anne Gaston, Susan Lash, Karis Miller, Jeanne Deming,
Catharine Kempson, Joy Ruterman, Karen Tartell, Sherry McReynolds, Jennifer Walker,
Kim Nabulsi, Lisa Lamason, Joanna Copley, Amy Donohue

Absent Excused: Julie Fingeret, Geina Meinhold, Michelle Fechter, Jennifer Farmakis,
Colleen Boepple, Kristin Mendola, Angela Mills, Nancy Toll, Erin Woolard, Amy Schott,
Maureen Judge

The meeting was called to order by Amy Harris at 7:33pm.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of the October 14, 2008 WHS PTSA meeting were
accepted without correction.

Principal’s Report: The building committee will be meeting with the Board of
Selectman to discuss the bonding for the WHS Renovation Project. It is the intention of
the building committee that the project goes forward as planned. No current “plan B “ in
The high school will participate in a limited lock down drill on Thursday November 13
Principal’s coffee has been set for January 22, 9:00am-10:30am. Topic to be discussed:
Substance Use/Abuse.
Staff realignment has been made in the Dean’s office. Each dean will now have the
responsibility of one grade level instead of an alpha group across all grades.
Tim introduced the new Teacher’s Representative, Matt Kobin.

Teacher’s Representative: First quarter grades will be distributed on Thursday,
November 13. The Wilton Education Foundation basketball game is scheduled for
November 21, funds raised will go toward the purchase of smart boards.

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Donohue read a thank you letter received from the Parisot
family for the book the PTSA donated to the WHS library in Nick’s memory.
No changes to budget.

Vice President’s Report: Sibylle Kinley reports 21 new PTSA memberships and an
additional $150.00 in contributions received. Total PTSA dues and contributions to date,

Committee Reports:

Hospitality: Karen Tartell is making final preparations for the faculty holiday brunch
scheduled for December 10. She will be sending out a reminder email to all board
members who have signed up to provide food for this event.
Ways & Means: Catharine Kempson reports total Sally Foster sales of $8591.00. It has
been decided to extend the sales date through the holiday season. A notice will be placed
in the Weekly Warrior.

Newsletter: Lori Kaine reports meeting with Tim Canty and Amy Harris regarding a
newly formatted newsletter. The new PTSA newsletter will provide information about the
PTSA, contain a letter from the current PTSA President, volunteer corner information,
and calendar of events. This is a work in progress and any suggestions or comments can
be directed to Lori.

Reflections: Amy Schott reports the 2008/2009 theme is WOW. Rules for entries and
applications are now available. Deadline for submissions is January 6. Reception will be
at the Wilton Library on January 15.

Gifts and Grants: Sherry McReynolds presented a grant request from math teacher,
Susan Moser. $90.00 was requested to purchase 30 classroom books for geometry classes.
A motion was made and seconded to provide the funds requested.

President’s Report: Amy Harris for Erin Woolard. The new Warrior flag has arrived
and will be placed on the main flag pole with the American and CT state flags.
Upcoming Events:
Principal’s coffee on January 22, 2009.
SAT’s December 6, January 24, May 2
Fall play November 20, 21, 22
Senior Outreach, How do we reach our Wilton Senior Community? Amy asked the board
to consider ways we can involve the senior community at Wilton High School.
A number of grant requests will be presented at the next PTSA meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Walker

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