MAGDALENE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL

Vol:4 Term:2 Week 5                                                                      Ph: (02) 4647 7055
30th May, 2002                                                                           Fax: (02) 4647 7022

 WHEN FORREST GUMP WENT TO HEAVEN                       Dear Parents,
Forrest Gump died and went to Heaven and was                     Sometimes we can be very “blinkered” in
met at the pearly gates by St Peter. St Peter said:     our approach to life. We see and interpret events
“Well, Forrest, it’s certainly good to see you. I       in our own way, coloured by our own particular
must inform you Heaven is filling up fast, and          experience. However, as the story clearly points
we’ve been making everyone sit an entrance
                                                        out, there is always another point of view. We
Forrest responded, “It sure is good to be here, St      need to appreciate that just because someone else
Peter. Nobody ever told me about my entrance            doesn’t see things exactly the same way as we do,
exam. I hope the test is not too hard; life was a big   doesn’t necessarily mean they are wrong.
enough test as it was.”                                 Acceptance, respect and tolerance are virtues
St Peter went on. “I know, Forrest, but the test is     which seem to be in short supply in today’s world.
only three questions:                                            Over the next few weeks each student will
What days of the week begin with the letter T?          receive feedback on how well they have
How many seconds are there in a year?                   demonstrated achievement of course outcomes in
What is God’s first name?                               each of their subjects. The final semester grade is
                                                        determined according to the overall assessment
Forrest went away to ponder the questions. He
returned the next day and went to St Peter to try       program in each course (located in the front of
to answer the exam questions.                           your child’s books.) Each assessment program
Forrest said: “Well, the first one, how many days       includes as a component the formal semester one
of the week begin with the letter “T”? Shucks, that     examination.
one is easy. That would have to be Today and                     This is an important time for students as it
Tomorrow.”                                              gives them an opportunity to evaluate their
The saint’s eyes opened wide and he said:               performance and where necessary commit
“Forrest! That’s not what I was thinking, but you       themselves to making improvements as we
do have a point, and I guess I didn’t specify, so I     prepare to commence a new semester of study.
will give you credit for that answer.
                                                                 A reminder that school photo day is
“How about the next one? How many seconds in
a year?”                                                Friday of next week, 7th June. The pre-paid system
“Now that one’s harder,” said Forrest. “But I           will again be used and envelopes have been
thought and thought about that and I guess the          distributed with today’s newsletter. A reminder
only answer can be twelve.”                             that envelopes, containing the correct money are
St Peter was astounded. “Twelve? Twelve?                to be returned to the photographer on photo day.
Forrest, how could you come up with twelve              Full details are included in this week’s newsletter.
seconds in a year?”                                                                          Alan McManus
Forrest said: “Aw, come on St Peter, there’s got
be twelve: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd         Dates to Remember:
“Hold it,” interrupted St Peter, “I guess I see your    June   7      Fri     Photo Day
point, though that wasn’t quite what I had in mind.            10     Mon     Queen’s Birthday holiday
Let’s go on with the next and final question. Can              12     Wed     Rugby 7-8, 9-10;
you tell me God’s first name?”                                                Netball 13’s, 15’s
Forrest replied, “Andy.” When St Peter asked how               14     Fri     Athletics Carnival
                                                                              CCC Cross Country
he came up with the name Andy. Forrest replied:
                                                               18     Tue     P&F Meeting – 7.30pm
“You know, that song we sing in church, Andy
                                                               26     Wed     Year 11 2003 Information
walks with me, Andy talks with me.”                                           Evening
                                                               28     Fri     Year 7 Reflection Day
                                                        July   5      Fri     Reports distributed
                                                                              TERM 2 ends
Week 6: 3 June – 7 June

Monday        Angelino Gullo, Jenny Luskan,
              Maryanne Napoli, Joyce Doherty,
              Bronwyn Gleeson
Tuesday       Odette Braun, Jill Vile, Kerry Rogers,
              Patricia Hughes, Stephanie Collars
Wednesday     Julie Newell, Karleen Brooks, Wendy
              Jadrijevic, Suzie Webber
Thursday      Rob Aldridge, Maureen Weatherburn,
              Michelle Eason, Alison Ward
Friday        Enza Corte, Maria Luci, Pat Purnell,
              Karen Valesini

Changes to Canteen Price List:
Potato pies and Spring Rolls are no longer
available. Chicken & Corn Rolls are available at
both Recess and Lunch for $1.50. Pies are now
$1.80 each.                                            Heath McNally, Nathan Clarke and Luke Jeffcott with
                                                       members of the Army, Air Force and Navy who visited
                                                       our school last week to talk to students about careers in
MISA DEBATING                                          the armed forces.
On the 23rd May, the Year 8 MISA Debating
Team participated in the Round 3 competition             SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPH
against Macarthur Anglican High School. The                     DAY
debate was very hard, and the opposition               School Photograph day is Friday
presented excellent speeches. It was very close,       of next week. All students are to
but in the end, Magdalene prevailed, and now,          wear their full winter uniform to school. Every
after previously defeating Broughton Anglican          student will have a group photo (in homeroom
College in round 2, we are now undefeated! An          groups) and an individual portrait taken for school
excellent effort by all the team – Ann-Maree Ball,     records, regardless of whether they are purchasing
Meaghan Butler, Erin-Jane Leahy, Ciara Daley,          a package or not.
and Sarah Galea. We would also like to thank Mrs       Students who wish to purchase a photograph
Barreto, Mrs McMahon and Mrs Ashton for their          package are to include the correct money in the
time and effort put towards our victories. Well        envelope provided and hand the envelope to the
done!                                                  photographer on the day. Students who wish to
                  Ann Maree Ball, Meaghan Butler       have a family photograph taken may do so at
                    Erin-Jane Leahy & Sarah Galea      lunch time. The cost of family photograph is
                                                       $9.00 which is to be included in an envelope
                                                       clearly marked with your family name. Envelopes
BUSABOUT BUSES                                         have been distributed with today’s newsletter.
                           If you live in the
                           Catherine          Field,
                           Leppington, Rossmore,                     NEWS FROM P&F
                           Denham       Court     or   The P&F are planning a day when
                           anywhere near these         we can get together socially to
                           areas and would like to     display our golfing skills. At this
have a bus service that directly takes your kids to    time I need to know the number
and from our school, please come into the office       of interested people so I can book
and sign the petition so we can get something          a date for this adventure. The golf
done. A letter has been sent to Pat Farmer, MP,        course will be Tree Valley at the Crossroads and
but he needs to know how many families need this       the fees are $15.50 for adults and $12.00 children
service. If you have any queries please call           for 18 holes. You can also hire clubs for $4.50
Pauline on 9606 5744 or Vicki on 96064631.             and golf club buggies for $2.50. I can be
Thank you.                                             contacted on 46268153 after 6.00pm.
                                                                                             Peter Helyar
                                                                                             for the P&F
Magdalene Catholic High School will be hosting a
group of Japanese students. These students are             Nursing Careers
from Shonan Shirayuri a Catholic Girls High                The Royal College of Nursing, Australia will be
School in Japan. We are looking for families who           holding its annual Nursing Careers, Education and
would like to take part in the program. The                Employment Expo will be held on 30 June 2002
students will come to school each day, evenings            at Star City. For more information please contact
and weekends they participate in you normal                Fabiola on 6282 5633.
family activities. Being a Host Family is very
rewarding and interesting both the student and             NIDA Open Day 2002
your family experience a different culture and             The NIDA Open Day will take place on 29 June
often lasting friendships are made. A host family          from 10am to 4pm at 215 Anzac Parade,
is not expected to provide a separate room for the         Kensington. The NIDA Open Day aims to
student nor special meals, we ask that you treat           provide prospective students and interested
your student as a member of your family. A                 members of the community with and invaluable
stipend of $10.00 per night is paid to help offset         opportunity to look behind the scenes at the
the cost of an extra family member. The date for           National Institute of Dramatic Art. The day will
the visit is 2nd August – 21st August. If you would        provide an entertaining and informative way for
like to participate please fill in the slip on the flier   you and your students to experience NIDA’s full
and return it to school or feel free to phone the          range of activities. For more information please
following numbers for more information. Cheryl             contact Elaine Oliver on 9697 7600.
46581458 or Sue 98228306.
                                                           Attention Year 10 students and parents
                                                           You are invited to attend a free information
                                                           evening tailored to help you select subjects for
                                                           year 11 and 12. Presentation topics include:
                                                           Assumed Knowledge, Applying to University,
                                                           Applications and admissions process. Session One
                                                           is being held on Wednesday 19 June, 6pm-8pm at
                                                           the Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of
ATHLETICS CARNIVAL                                         Sydney, Camperdown Campus. Session Two will
                                                           be held on Wednesday 26 June, 6pm-8pm, at the
              The school’s Athletics Carnival will         same venue. To register your place, go to
              be held on Friday 14th June at the 
              Campbelltown Athletic Centre. All            For further information call 1300 362006
              students will travel to and from
              school on their normal school buses,         ST GREGORY’S COLLEGE
              and will then be transported to and          St Greg’s extend an open invitation to their Rock
              from the Athletic Centre. The                ‘N Roll Trivia Night on Saturday 29 June at 7pm.
students will leave the school at 8.30am and               Tables of 8-10 are available and the cost is $10
return at 2.30pm in time for their normal                  per head. Prizes include a car or a TV. Prizes are
afternoon buses. Students are to wear their full           also available for the best dressed table. BYO
sport uniform to school. A coloured T shirt is             drinks and nibbles. Call Deidre to book your table
permitted but the school tracksuit must be worn.           on 4625 2233.
Students should also bring a school hat, sunblock,
a rug or towel to sit on, and food and drinks for          TUESDAY SPORT
the day (there will be no canteen facilities on the        Due to the inclement weather, MISA and School
day). Permission notes and $5                              Sport were called off this week.
are to placed in a clearly
marked envelope and handed in
to the office by Friday 7th June.
If any parents are able to help
with the running of the carnival
could you please leave your name and number at
the office. Thank you.
                                          Mrs Hort
                                                                  (From left to right) Meaghan
                                                                  Butler, Ciara Daley, Erin-Jane
                                                                  Leahy, Ann-Maree Ball and
                                                                  Sarah Galea are our Debating
                                                                  Representatives in the MISA
                                                                  Debating           Competition.
                                                                  Congratulations      on    your
                                                                  success so far, girls, and good
                                                                  luck for the upcoming debates.

Many thanks to all those
parents and friends who were
readers and writers during
the semester one exams. Your
help     is    very    much

                          “Teach me to respect other people
                              and the way they live and the
                           things they believe. Help me never
                            to be cruel. Help me to trust other
                               people and leave them their
                                 freedom to be different.”

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