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									Frequently asked questions about Nerinx Hall High School admissions:

When should I apply to Nerinx Hall for ninth grade admission? The application
process starts in November of a student’s eighth grade year.

How do I get an application? Students who attend St. Louis Archdiocesan grade schools
and PSR programs receive applications from their teachers in class. Others who wish to
apply should call the Nerinx school office at 314-968-1505 after the first Sunday in
November to request an application. Applications may also be obtained from the
Catholic Education Office of the St. Louis Archdiocese.

What scores does the admissions committee want to see on the standardized tests of a
perspective student? Nerinx does not publicize a minimum “score” for acceptance.
While many of our students have superior and above average test scores, not every
student who applies has every standardized test score in the top quartile. We want to be
able to give consideration to a student who has a strong work ethic and good study habits,
and A’s and B’s in the core subjects, who might otherwise eliminate herself because of a
published score cutoff. However, please note that Nerinx is a college prep high school
and at present all freshmen take algebra, physics and a foreign language among other
required subjects. We are willing to discuss a student’s chances of acceptance with
parents before she chooses to apply. Call 968-1505 for an appointment with the
admissions director.

Do you want to see letters of recommendation? We do not require such letters, and while
they are accepted and read, they are not necessary. Most students do not submit any
letters of recommendation.

Do you only take students from Catholic grade schools? Currently, we do have students
from non-Catholic grade schools in attendance at Nerinx. All students who attend
Nerinx are required to take four years of theology and to participate in Mass and prayer

What happens after I apply? Once a girl turns in her application to the grade school
teacher, PSR teacher, or mails it to us if she requested one by phone, we send her a
specific Nerinx Hall application. (This might take a couple of weeks; we try to send them
all out at once.) Along with filling out the application, the student will be asked to
submit a writing sample from a few suggested topics, and her family will be asked to set
up an interview that will involve parent(s), the applicant, and a member of the faculty.
Once she has done all of the above, it is a waiting game until early February.

How many students apply and how many do you accept each year? The average
applicant pool has averaged about two hundred girls the last six years. We are able to
accept approximately 155 to 160 students each year.

Do you ever take transfer students? Girls have applied and been accepted from other
high schools in the past into the sophomore and sometimes junior classes. There are
many facets of a student to be considered before a transfer can occur. Contact Nerinx for
specific information.

Is there a way to get to Nerinx using public transportation? Nerinx can be reached by
MetroLink connecting with the #56 MetroBus from the Sunnen Station on the
Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 branch.

How can a person learn more about Nerinx? The Archdiocese holds approximately
eleven High School Nights at various locations all over the city and county in the fall.
Your grade school will advertise local high school nights, the St. Louis Review publishes
a list of them in one of the fall issues, or you can go to the St. Louis Archdiocesan
website under the links Catholic Education, Secondary Schools (twice),
High School Nights, for a list of places and dates. Representatives of Nerinx,
administrative personnel and student volunteers, give presentations at High School
Nights. Students will give tours of Nerinx on Open House Sunday, the first Sunday in
November, from noon to 4:30. Eighth grade students may shadow a freshman in the fall,
spending a day here at school, from mid September until early November. Call in
September 968-1505 for an appointment. Seventh grades students may shadow in the
spring of that year, but due to space limitations, a girl who shadows in 7th will not be able
to repeat the visit in 8th. Call in March for an appointment.

An interested person may get more information about Nerinx by going to the website, Catholic Education, Secondary Schools (twice), Red Book

Parents are free to call the school directly to get more information about Nerinx.

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