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									 Student Selection Criteria                       Benefits to Taking
                                                     AP Courses                      Burke High School
• B or better average                                                                ADVANCED PLACEMENT ACADEMY
• Portfolio work samples                   • Students gain the edge in college
• Teacher recommendations
                                           • Students stand out in the college
                                             admissions process.
                                           • Students broaden their intellectual
                                           • Students have the opportunity to take
                                             the AP exam and possibly earn college
                                             credit while still in high school.

    AP Requirements for
Burke High School Advanced
Placement Academy Students

• At least four AP credits are required
  for graduation from Burke High
  School Advanced Placement
  Academy. A committee of teachers
  and counselors will review the
  student’s AP plan, PSAT, IGP, SAT, ACT
  scores, grades, and teacher                                                         Get a Jump Start on College
  recommendations to determine the
  best AP courses for student success.                                                       Grades 9 to 12
• Sophomores may take at least one AP            Mrs. Juanita Middleton
  course approved by the AP                ADVANCED PLACEMENT COORDINATOR
  Committee.                                        Burke High School
• Juniors and seniors may take only AP            244 President Street
                                                                                              Burke High School
   courses approved by the AP                     Charleston, SC 29403                     CHARLES BENTON, PRINCIPAL
   Committee.                                    Phone: (843) 579-4304                       244 President Street
                                                   Fax: (843) 722-3651                      Charleston, SC 29403
• To earn AP credit, the student must
  take the AP Exam.                                                                         Phone: (843) 579-4815
                                                                                             Fax: (843) 722-3651
   e Advanced Placement Academy                        Burke High School Advanced
      at Burke High School                                 Placement Academy
                                                            Required Courses
The Advanced Placement Academy at Burke
High School o ers a rigorous, relevant, and        Grade 9: Total Credits for Year – 7 Units
challenging Advanced Placement curriculum            • Honors Global Studies 1
for high school students. For the 2008–2009          • Honors English
school year, 60 9th-grade students will be           • Honors Physical Science
selected to enroll. A grade will be added            • Honors Geometry
each year.                                           • French 2 or Spanish 2
                                                     • PE 1, Band, or Comprehensive Health,
Students enrolled in the Advanced Placement             Keyboarding/Business Applications or         Grade 11: Total Credits for Year - 7 Units
Academy at Burke High School will                       Computer Technology                            • AP US History and Constitution or
participate in Advanced Placement courses            • Freshman AP Seminar                                Honors US History and Constitution
that will challenge them to expand their                                                               • AP Language and Composition or
                                                   Math and science course selection may be
knowledge and skills and dig deeper into                                                                  Honors English 3
                                                   adjusted if two are taken in one year.
their subject matter.                                                                                  • Honors Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus
                                                                                                       • Honors Chemistry
Students will be able to earn college credits                                                          • Honors French 4 or Spanish 4
while still in high school and they also will be                                                       • Honors Biology 2/AP Biology
able to participate in dual credit courses at                                                          • Algebra 3
Trident Technical College and the College of                                                           • Junior AP Seminar
Charleston. They will also have opportunities                                                          • Electives
to explore careers of their choice.

Academy students will be given opportuni-          Grade 10: Total Credits for Year – 7 Units        Grade 12: Total Credits for Year - 7 Units
ties to participate in advanced level project-       • AP European History or Honors Global            • AP Literature and Composition or
based learning opportunities through our                Studies 2                                        Honors English 4
partnership with the College of Charleston.          • Honors English 2                                • AP American Government or
Its NASA program, West-African Art project,          • Honors Algebra 2                                  Honors American Government
and student publication activities are already       • Honors Biology                                  • AP Macroeconomics or Honors Economics
in place. Integration of the arts and techno-        • Honors French 3 or Spanish 3                    • AP Statistics
logy will add signi cantly to the relevance of       • Electives                                       • Honors Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus
the project-based learning opportunities             • AP Psychology                                   • Honors Physics
available for the Academy students.                  • Fine Arts: Music, Art, Journalism, Creative     • Honors Chemistry 2/AP Chemistry
                                                        Writing, Speech, Band                          • Senior AP Seminar
                                                     • Sophomore AP Seminar                            • Electives

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