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									February 13, 2006
                                        News Release
CONTACT:         Candace Blue, Director of Public Relations
                 (209) 235-2915 –

                        Charter High School at Humphreys College

Stockton—Thanks to a creative partnership with Humphreys College, students in the Stockton
Unified School District have another choice for high school. This is the third year the Institute of
Business, Management, and Law (IBML) has been successfully running on the college campus. The
school is geared toward training students in professional fields such as business and law.
          The school currently has 54% Latino, 18% African American, 17% White, 10% Asian
Pacific, and 1% American Indian or Alaska Native students. These students enrolled at IBML have
the opportunity to take college-level classes at Humphreys College beginning their junior year. They
may earn college and high school units transferable to Humphreys College in the major studies of
business, management, or law. While attending the College courses, the fees for all books and credits
are provided by Humphreys. It’s possible for a student to complete one year of college before
graduating from high school. In addition, Humphreys has opened up a scholarship program for
IBML students who choose to enter the college after graduation. When entering Humphreys College
as a high school graduate, the IBML student would only have one year left for an A.A. degree.
          IBML has smaller classes, individualized attention and the opportunity to work with
professionals in fields of interest. Students receive education and training for success in the
workplace using the latest technology. Parents and students have become devoted to the school,
supporting its philosophy and dedication. The school is scheduled for expansion in the next two
years from 260 to 400 students.
          Questions and inquiries may be directed to Wilma Okamoto-Vaughn at (209) 478-0800.
Recruiting for the 2006/2007 year is now taking place and students from all districts are eligible to

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