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					         AUTHOR                  TITLE                             SUMMARY                             TYPE

Abeel, Samantha       My Thirteenth Winter : A A memoir in which Samantha Abeel discusses her Nonfiction
                      Memoir                   life before and after being diagnosed with the math-
                                               related learning disability discalculia in seventh
Adams, Douglas        Hitchhiker’s Guide To   Presents an illustrated, twenty-fifth anniversary        FIC
                      The Galaxy              edition of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,"
                                              the story of a young man who is rescued by an
                                              alien friend seconds before Earth is demolished to
                                              make room for a galactic freeway.

Adichie, Chamamanda   Purple Hibiscus         A teenaged Nigerian girl and her older brother           FIC
                                              struggle to cope with life in their tense, stifling
                                              household--caused by their father's demands for
                                              perfection--after getting a taste of freedom during a
                                              visit to their aunt's home.

Albom, Mitch          The Five People You     A bitter eighty-three-year-old war veteran who           FIC
                      Meet In Heaven          believes his life is meaningless dies while trying to
                                              save a little girl's life and finds himself in heaven,
                                              where five people from his past--some loved ones,
                                              some strangers--explain what his years on Earth
                                              really meant, and whether or not he succeeded in
                                              saving the child.

Almond, David         Clay                    The developing relationship between teenager             FIC
                                              Davie and a mysterious new boy in town.

Almond, Steve         Candyfreak: A Journey   A riotously funny memoir about the author’s lifelong Nonfiction
                      Through the Chocolate   obsession with candy.
                      Underbelly Of America

Alten, Steve          The Loch                When a near-death experience forces memories             FIC
                                              Zachary Wallace buried after a near-drowning as a
                                              child to surface, he realizes he holds the key to
                                              unlocking the mystery of the Loch Ness monster,
                                              but as his memories drive him to madness, he
                                              searches for anything that can help him reclaim his
                                              life and career.

Anaya, Rudolfo        Bless Me Ultima         Six-year-old Antonio embarks upon a spiritual            FIC
                                              journey under the watchful guidance of Ultima, a
                                              healing woman, who leads him to question his faith
                                              and beliefs in family, religion, and other aspects of
                                              his Chicano culture.
Anderson, Laurie         Catalyst                  Eighteen-year-old Kate, who sometimes chafes at           FIC
                                                   being a preacher's daughter, finds herself losing
                                                   control in her senior year as she faces difficult
                                                   neighbors, the possibility that she may not be
                                                   accepted by the college of her choice, and an
                                                   unexpected death.

Anderson, Laurie Halse   Prom                      Eighteen-year-old Ash wants nothing to do with            FIC
                                                   senior prom, but when disaster strikes and her
                                                   desperate friend, Nat, needs her help to get it back
                                                   on track, Ash's involvement transforms her life.

Anderson, Laurie Halse   Speak                     A traumatic event near the end of the summer has          FIC
                                                   a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in
                                                   high school.

Angelou, Maya            I Know Why The Caged      Poet Maya Angelou chronicles her early life,       Nonfiction
                         Bird Sings                focusing on her childhood in 1930s rural Arkansas,
                                                   including her rape at the age of five, her
                                                   subsequent years of muteness, and the strength
                                                   she gained from her grandmother and Mrs. Bertha
                                                   Flowers, a respected African-American woman in
                                                   her town.

Ansary, Tamin            West Of Kabul, East Of    Ansary, son of an Afghan father and American           Nonfiction
                         New York: An Afghan       mother, describes his life in Afghanistan where he
                         American Story            was born in 1948, and in America where he has
                                                   lived since the age of sixteen, and discusses the
                                                   impact of an E-mail he sent to friends on Sept. 12,
                                                   2001 to express his feelings about the Taliban,
                                                   which gained worldwide attention.

Armstrong, Jennifer      What A Song Can Do: 12 Contains a collection of twelve stories, by different        FIC
                         Riffs On The Power Of  authors, that celebrate the power of music.

Armstrong, Lance         It’s Not About the Bike   Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong describes his         Nonfiction
                                                   triumph over cancer.

Bagdasarian, Adam        Forgotten Fire            The story of how Vahan Kenderian survived the             FIC
                                                   Turkish massacre of the Armenians in 1915.

Bardi, Abby              The Book of Fred          A sheltered fifteen-year-old girl named Mary Fred         FIC
                                                   Anderson is removed from her home in a
                                                   fundamentalist sect and placed in foster care in a
                                                   Washington, D.C. suburb, where a violent act upon
                                                   her new family has an indelible impact on her,
                                                   making her reexamine her long-held beliefs.
Barker, Clive         Abarat                     Candy Quackenbush of Chickentown, Minnesota,               FIC
                                                 journeys to the Abarat, an archipelago filled with
                                                 strange wonders, and has a curious revelation: she
                                                 has been here before, and it is her responsibility to
                                                 save this mysterious place from the evil forces that
                                                 threaten it.

Beard, Philip         Dear Zoe                   Fifteen-year-old Tess DeNunzio attempts to work            FIC
                                                 through her guilt and grief over the death of her
                                                 three-year-old half-sister Zoe by writing letters to
                                                 the child who was struck and killed by a car on
                                                 September 11, 2001, while Tess was supposed to
                                                 be watching her.

Bissinger, H.G.       Friday Night Lights        Chronicles a football season in Odessa, Texas,             FIC
                                                 exploring the role of high school sports in America
                                                 and how they can bring communities together, and
                                                 tear them apart.

Blais, Madeleine      In These Girls Hope is a Chronicles one basketball season of a girls' high         Nonfiction
                      Muscle                   school team in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Blumenthal, Karen     Let Me Play!               Examines Title IX, the 1972 legislation which           Nonfiction
                                                 mandated that schools receiving federal funds
                                                 could not discriminate on the basis of gender and
                                                 focuses on its effects in schools, politics, sports
                                                 and the culture as a whole.

Bondoux, Anne-Laure   The Killer’s Tears         A young boy, Paolo, and the man who murdered               FIC
                                                 his parents, Angel, gradually become like father
                                                 and son as they live and work together on the
                                                 remote Chilean farm where Paolo was born.

Bowler, Tim           Storm Catchers             Filled with guilt over his younger sister's                FIC
                                                 kidnapping, teenaged Fin tries to rescue her and in
                                                 the process learns about a dark family secret.

Bragg, Rick           All Over But The Shoutin’ The author recalls his poverty-stricken youth in         Nonfiction
                                                Alabama in the 1960s and 70s, focusing on the
                                                extraordinary efforts of his mother to protect her
                                                sons from the violence of their father, a man
                                                scarred by war, and telling of the sacrifices she
                                                made so her children could have a better life.
Brashares, Ann     The Sisterhood Of the     Carmen decides to discard an old pair of jeans, but        FIC
                   Traveling Pants           Tibby, Lena, and Bridget think they are great and
                                             decide that whoever the pants fit best will get them.
                                             When the jeans fit everyone perfectly, a sisterhood
                                             and a memorable summer begin.

Brashares, Ann     Forever In Blue: The      As their lives take them in different directions,          FIC
                   Fourth Summer Of the      Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bridget discover many
                   Sisterhood                more things about themselves and the importance
                                             of their relationship with each other.

Brashares, Ann     Girls In Pants: The Third The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants graduates            FIC
                   Summer of the             from high school and spends their last summer
                   Sisterhood                before college learning about life and themselves.

Brashares, Ann     The Second Summer of      A sequel to "The Sisterhood of the Traveling               FIC
                   the Sisterhood            Pants" in which the four girls, now sixteen, embark
                                             on another summer of travels and life lessons
                                             charmed by a shared pair of seemingly magical
                                             thrift-store jeans.

Bray, Libba        A Great And Terrible      After the suspicious death of her mother in 1895,          FIC
                   Beauty                    sixteen-year-old Gemma returns to England, after
                                             many years in India, to attend a finishing school.

Bray, Libba        Rebel Angels              Gemma and her friends from the Spence Academy              FIC
                                             return to the realms to defeat her foe Circe.

Brazaitis, Peter   You Belong In A Zoo!      Peter Brazaitis chronicles his life-long love of wild   Nonfiction
                   Tales From A Lifetime     animals and recounts some of the more hair-
                   Spent With Cobras,        raising adventures he has had while working with
                   Crocs, and Other          them.

Broach, Elise      Desert Crossing           A summer trip across the New Mexico desert turns           FIC
                                             nightmarish for fourteen-year-old Lucy, her older
                                             brother Jamie, and his best friend Kit, as they
                                             become involved in the suspicious death of a
                                             young girl.
Brooke, Michael     Concrete Wave: The       An illustrated history of skateboarding, from 1959 Nonfiction
                    History Of Skateboarding through the 1990s, featuring interviews with some
                                             of the world's top skaters, and including true stories
                                             of the sport.

Brooks, Martha      True Confessions Of a     A confused seventeen-year-old girl, a single            FIC
                    Heartless Girl            mother and her young son, two elderly women, and
                                              a sad and lonely man, with their own individual
                                              tragedies to bear, come together in a small
                                              Manitoba town and find a way to a better future.

Brown, Dan          Da Vinci Code             Investigating the murder of a Louvre curator,           FIC
                                              Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and French
                                              cryptologist Sophie Neveu find clues painted into a
                                              Da Vinci work, inadvertently uncovering a plot
                                              involving the Holy Grail and the secret society
                                              known as the Priory of Sion.

Cabot, Meg          Avalon High               Having moved to Annapolis, Maryland, with her           FIC
                                              medievalist parents, high school junior Ellie enrolls
                                              at Avalon High School where several students may
                                              or may not be reincarnations of King Arthur and his

Cabot, Meg          How To Be Popular         Sixteen-year-old Steph Landry finds an old book on      FIC
                                              how to be popular and decides to change her
                                              social status by following its advice, much to the
                                              bafflement of her two best friends.

Caldwell, Ian       Rule of Four              Tom Sullivan and Paul Harris are determined to          FIC
                                              unlock the centuries old mystery behind an ancient
                                              Renaissance text before their graduation from
                                              Princeton, but just as they are about to discover its
                                              secrets, the campus is rocked with a series of
                                              suspicious deaths.

Card, Orson Scott   Ender’s Game              Ender, who is the result of genetic experimentation,    FIC
                                              may be the military genius Earth needs in its war
                                              against an alien enemy.

Chevalier, Tracy    Girl With A Pearl Earring Imagines the young woman in Johannes Vermeer's          FIC
                                              mysterious painting "The Girl With a Pearl Earring"
                                              as a sixteen-year-old Dutch girl named Griet who
                                              sparks the interest of the artist when she becomes
                                              a maid in his turbulent household.
Clark, Mary Higgins         Santa Cruise : A Holiday With the intentions of relaxing after the holidays,        FIC
                            Mystery At Sea           amateur investigators Regan Reilly and Alvirah
                                                     Meehan board the "Royal Mermaid" cruise ship
                                                     with their husbands and get caught up in a mystery
                                                     that involves a ghost, a storm, criminals, and an
                                                     attempted murder.

Clark, Mary Jane Behrends   Lights Out Tonight        Film and theater critic Caroline Enrights is looking      FIC
                                                      forward to a peaceful trip to a theater festival, until
                                                      her relationship with her stepdaughter, Meg,
                                                      becomes even more complicated after two of
                                                      Meg's friends are killed and an actress at the
                                                      festival goes missing.

Codell, Esme Raji           Educating Esme            Presents the diary of teacher Esme Raji Codell's      Nonfiction
                                                      first year in charge of a fifth-grade classroom in an
                                                      inner-city public school.

Coleman, Janet              Secrets, Lies, Gizmos,    An illustrated exploration of espionage that          Nonfiction
                            and Spies                 discusses famous and notorious spies, spy
                                                      technology, tactics, and notable missions in history.

Connelly, Michael           The Closers: A Novel      Detective Harry Bosch discovers new DNA                   FIC
                                                      evidence that may help him solve the case of a
                                                      teenaged girl who was murdered almost two
                                                      decades ago.

Conroy, Pat                 My Losing Season          The author reflects on his days at a South Carolina Nonfiction
                                                      military college. He recalls his love of basketball
                                                      and its value to him as a means of self-expression.

Cormier,Robert              In the Middle of the Night Sixteen-year-old Denny lives in the shadow of a          FIC
                                                       deadly accident with which his father was
                                                       connected when he was Denny's age, a disaster
                                                       for which some of the survivors still blame his
Covey, Sean         The 7 Habits of Highly   Presents self-assessments, self-examination            Nonfiction
                    Effective Teens          questions, journal prompts, and other activities
                                             designed to help teenagers gain an awareness of
                                             their character, strengths, and weaknesses and
                                             improve themselves by strengthening their self-
                                             esteem, self-control, friendships, and focus on

Cox, Lynne          Swimming To Antarctica Distance swimmer Lynne Cox describes her           Nonfiction
                                           emotional and spiritual need to swim and about the
                                           mythical act of swimming itself.

Coy, John           Crackback                Miles barely recalls when football was fun after          FIC
                                             being sidelined by a new coach, constantly
                                             criticized by his father, and pressured by his best
                                             friend to take performance-enhancing drugs.

Crew, Linda         Children of the River    Having fled Cambodia four years earlier to escape         FIC
                                             the Khmer Rouge army, seventeen-year-old
                                             Sundara is torn between remaining faithful to her
                                             own people and adjusting to life in her Oregon high
                                             school as a "regular" American.

Crutcher, Chris     Running Loose             Louie, a high school senior in a small Idaho town,       FIC
                                             learns about sportsmanship, love, and death as he
                                             matures into manhood.

Crutcher, Chris     Ironman                  While training for a triathlon, seventeen-year-old        FIC
                                             Bo attends an anger management group at school
                                             which leads him to examine his relationship with
                                             his father.

Crutcher, Chris     Whale Talk               Intellectually and athletically gifted, TJ, a             FIC
                                             multiracial, adopted teenager, shuns organized
                                             sports and the gung-ho athletes at his high school
                                             until he agrees to form a swimming team and
                                             recruits some of the school's less popular students.

DeLaCruz, Melissa   Blue Bloods              Schuyler Van Alen, a loner at a prestigious New           FIC
                                             York City private school, sets out to learn the
                                             secrets of the Blue Bloods, an ancient group of

Dessen, Sarah       Someone Like You         Halley's junior year of high school includes the          FIC
                                             death of her best friend Scarlett's boyfriend, the
                                             discovery that Scarlett is pregnant, and Halley's
                                             own first serious relationship
Draper, Sharon        Copper Sun                Two fifteen-year-old girls--one a slave and the        FIC
                                                other an indentured servant--escape their Carolina
                                                plantation and try to make their way to Fort Moses,
                                                Florida, a Spanish colony that gives sanctuary to

Dwyer, Jim            102 Minutes: The Untold   Tells of the men and women who saved               Nonfiction
                      Story Of The Fight To     themselves and others in the final minutes before
                      Survive Inside The Twin   the World Trade Towers collapsed on September
                      Towers                    11, 2001, and includes testimonies from workers in
                                                the buildings, police and fire personnel, a
                                                construction manager, and a window washer.

Edwards, Kim          The Memory Keeper’s       Dr. David Henry, forced to deliver his own twins        FIC
                      Daughter                  during a snowstorm in 1964 with only a nurse to
                                                help him, makes a decision that has far-reaching
                                                effects on his life, and the lives of his wife and son,
                                                when his infant daughter is born with Down
                                                Syndrome, and in a vain attempt to protect his wife,
                                                he orders the nurse to take the baby to an
Ehrenreich, Barbara   Nickel and Dimed: On      Author Barbara Ehrenreich relates her experiences Nonfiction
                      Not Getting By In         from 1998 to 2000, during which time joined the
                      America                   ranks of the working poor as a waitress, hotel
                                                housekeeper, cleaning woman, nursing home aide,
                                                and Wal-Mart clerk to see for herself how
                                                America's "unskilled" workers are able to survive
                                                on only $6 or $7 an hour.

Ferguson, Alane       The Christopher Killer    On the payroll as an assistant to her coroner          FIC
                                                father, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney uses
                                                her knowledge of forensic medicine to catch the
                                                killer of a friend while putting herself in terrible

Ferris, Jean          Of Sound Mind             Tired of interpreting for his deaf family and          FIC
                                                resentful of their reliance on him, high school
                                                senior Theo finds support and understanding from
                                                Ivy, a new student who also has a deaf parent.

Flake, Sharon         Bang!                     A teenage boy must face the harsh realities of         FIC
                                                inner city life, a disintegrating family, and
                                                destructive temptations as he struggles to find his
                                                identity as a young man.
Flake, Sharon         The Skin I’m In           Thirteen-year-old Maleeka Madison, insecure                FIC
                                                about her skin, rejects the support of a new
                                                teacher, Miss Saunders, whose skin looks blotched
                                                because of a rare medical condition--but soon
                                                Maleeka begins to see that Miss Saunders could
                                                be a role model, and that she must learn to love
                                                herself and accept love from others.

Fletcher, Christine   Tallulah Falls            Having left her Oregon home to meet a troubled             FIC
                                                friend in Florida, high-school student Tallulah finds
                                                herself stranded in Tennessee and taken in by the
                                                employees of a veterinary clinic.

Flinn, Alex           Fade To Black             An HIV-positive high school student hospitalized           FIC
                                                after being attacked, the only witness, a classmate
                                                with Down Syndrome, reveals how the assault has
                                                changed their lives as they tell of its aftermath.

Frazier, Charles      Thirteen Moons            At the age of twelve, orphan Will Cooper is sent to     Nonfiction
                                                work a trading post on the edge of the Cherokee
                                                Nation's land, where he spends his life learning
                                                about and defending the lives of the Native
                                                Americans and desiring the love of Claire
                                                Featherstone, the wife of a successful Cherokee
                                                landowner and patriarch.

Fredericks, Mariah    Crunch Time               Four students, who have formed a study group to            FIC
                                                prepare for the SAT exam, sustain each other
                                                through the emotional highs and lows of their junior
                                                year in high school.

Fricke, Jim           Yes Yes Y’all             Presents personal observations on the early days        Nonfiction
                                                of hip-hop music and culture as it developed from
                                                New York City in the 1970s, and includes
                                                photographs, as well as vintage photos and

Gallo, Don            What Are You Afraid Of? Presents ten short stories by well-known authors             FIC
                      Stories About Phobias   featuring teenagers with phobias, including fear of
                                              gaining weight, fear of clowns, and fear of cats.

Gantos, Jack          Hole in My Life           The author relates how, as a young adult, he         Nonfiction
                                                became a drug user and smuggler, was arrested,
                                                did time in prison, and eventually got out and went
                                                to college, all the while hoping to become a writer.
Giblin, James Cross       Good Brother, Bad          Tells the life stories of nineteenth-century actor Nonfiction
                          Brother: The Story of      Edwin Booth and his actor brother John Wilkes
                          Edwin Booth and John       Booth, describing the differences between the two
                          Wilkes Booth               men, chronicling John's assassination of Abraham
                                                     Lincoln, and examining the impact of John's crime
                                                     on the Booth family for decades afterward.

Giles, Gail               Shattering Glass           Rob, the charismatic leader of the senior class,           FIC
                                                     provokes unexpected violence when he turns the
                                                     school nerd into Prince Charming.

Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)   Fat Kid Rules the World    Seventeen-year-old Troy, depressed, suicidal, and          FIC
                                                     weighing nearly three hundred pounds, gets a new
                                                     perspective on life when Curt, a semi-homeless
                                                     teen who is a genius on guitar, asks Troy to be the
                                                     drummer in a rock band.

Goldberg, Myla            The Bee Season             Eliza Naumann is used to being the unremarkable            FIC
                                                     member of her family, but when she wins a series
                                                     of spelling bees, her once distant family begins to
                                                     lavish praise on her, bringing about surprising

Goobie, Beth              Kicked Out                 Sixteen-year-old Dime has difficulty adjusting to her      FIC
                                                     parents' rules.

Gottleib, Lori            Stick Figure: A Diary Of   The author shares her childhood diaries,                Nonfiction
                          My Former Self             chronicling her experiences as an eleven-year-old

Gratz, Alan               Samurai Shortstop          While obtaining a Western education at a                   FIC
                                                     prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890,
                                                     sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional
                                                     samurai training which has profound effects on
                                                     both his baseball game and his relationship with his
Green, John       An Abundance Of            Having been recently dumped for the nineteenth         FIC
                  Katherines                 time by a girl named Katherine, recent high school
                                             graduate and former child prodigy Colin sets off on
                                             a road trip with his best friend to try to find some
                                             new direction in life while also trying to create a
                                             mathematical formula to explain his relationships.

Griffin, Adele    Amandine                   Her first week at a new school, shy, plain Delia       FIC
                                             befriends Amandine, not anticipating the
                                             dangerous turns their friendship would take.

Griffin, Adele    Where I Want To Be         Two teenaged sisters, separated by death but still     FIC
                                             connected, work through their feelings of loss over
                                             the closeness they shared as children that was
                                             later destroyed by one's mental illness, and finally
                                             make peace with each other.

Griffin, Howard   Black Like Me              The author, a white man, recounts his experiences Nonfiction
                                             when he darkened his skin and traveled through
                                             the South as an African-American man. Epilogue
                                             covers events in the field of civil rights since 1959.

Grogan, John      Marley and Me: Life and The author presents a tender story of his family's   Nonfiction
                  Love of the World’s     love for their golden retriever, Marley, and recalls
                  Worst Dog               how he grew from a mischievous puppy into a
                                          nearly impossible adult that no amount of
                                          obedience school training could correct, and of the
                                          love they felt for him.

Haddon, Mark      The Curious Incident of Despite his overwhelming fear of interacting with         FIC
                  the Dog in the Night Time people, Christopher, a mathematically-gifted,
                                            autistic fifteen-year-old boy, decides to investigate
                                            the murder of a neighbor's dog and uncovers
                                            secret information about his mother.

Halam, Ann        Siberia                    After spending two years at a prison school,           FIC
                                             thirteen-year-old Sloe sets off on a trek across
                                             frozen wastelands, tending to the secret "seeds" of
                                             wild animals her mother left in her care, trying to
                                             reach a new life for all of them.
Hayden, Torey              Beautiful Child           Tory Hayden, an educational psychologist and             Nonfiction
                                                     special education teacher, chronicles her
                                                     experiences over the course of one school year,
                                                     focusing on her work with Venus, a severely
                                                     troubled seven-year-old girl.

Hayden, Torey              Ghost Girl: the True Story A teacher of emotionally disturbed children tells of Nonfiction
                           of a Child In Peril and the her work with a silent and withdrawn eight-year-old
                           Teacher Who Saved Her girl who is the possible victim of ritual abuse.

Hayden, Torey              Just Another Kid          A teacher of six emotionally troubled kids describes Nonfiction
                                                     the disasters and growth she faced with each one.

Hayden, Torey              Murphy’s Boy              A psychologist reconstructs her 2 1/2 year                  FIC
                                                     association with Kevin Richter, a disturbed
                                                     teenager, as he remembers the physical and
                                                     mental abuse of his parents and the murder of his

Hayden, Torey              One Child                 A case study of a young emotionally disturbed            Nonfiction

Hayden, Torey              Somebody Else’s Kids      Describes four special students with learning            Nonfiction
                                                     problems who do not fit into regular classrooms.

Heinlein, Robert           Starship Troopers         Follows an army recruit of the future through the           FIC
                                                     toughest boot camp of the Universe--and into battle
                                                     with the Terran Mobile Infantry against mankind's
                                                     most alarming enemy.

Hernandez, Irene Beltran   Across the Great Divide   This novel chronicles, through the eyes of a young          FIC
                                                     girl, a Mexican family’s illegal entry into the United

Hiaasen, Carl              Hoot                      Roy, who is new to his small Florida community,             FIC
                                                     becomes involved in another boy's attempt to save
                                                     a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed
                                                     construction site.

Hill, Laban Carrick        Harlem Stomp! A Cultural Offers a cultural history of the Harlem            Nonfiction
                           History Of The Harlem    Renaissance, discussing how it sparked a period of
                           Renaissance              intellectual, artistic, literary, and political
                                                    blossoming for many African-Americans.
Hobbs, Will         Crossing The Wire       Fifteen-year-old Victor Flores journeys north in a          FIC
                                            desperate attempt to cross the Arizona border and
                                            find work in the United States to support his family
                                            in central Mexico.

Huser, Glen         Stitches                Travis, a middle-school student who wants to                FIC
                                            become a professional puppeteer, has endured
                                            years of torment from a trio of bullies, but he finds
                                            himself fighting for his life when the harassment
                                            turns to violence just after the ninth-grade dance.

Jacobson, Sid       The 9/11 Report: A      A novel, presented in comic book format, of "The         Nonfiction
                    Graphic Adaption        9/11 Commission Report," and the results of the
                                            investigation of the September 11, 2001 terrorist
                                            attacks on the United States.

Jenkins, A.M.       Damage                  Seventeen-year-old football hero Austin, trying to          FIC
                                            understand the inexplicable depression that has
                                            drained his interest in life, thinks that he has found
                                            relief in a girl who seems very special.

Johnson, Angela     The First Part Last     Bobby's carefree teenage life changes forever               FIC
                                            when he becomes a father and must care for his
                                            adored baby daughter.

Johnson, Maureen    Thirteen Little Blue    When seventeen-year-old Ginny receives a packet             FIC
                    Envelopes               of mysterious envelopes from her favorite aunt,
                                            she leaves New Jersey to criss-cross Europe on a
                                            sort of scavenger hunt that transforms her life.

Jones, Patrick      Nailed                  An outcast in a school full of jocks, sixteen-year-old      FIC
                                            Bret struggles to keep his individuality through his
                                            interest in drama and music, while trying to
                                            reconnect with his father.

Junger, Sebastian   The Perfect Storm       Uses interviews, memoirs, radio conversations,       Nonfiction
                                            and technical research to recreate the last days of
                                            the crew of the Andrea Gail, a fishing boat that was
                                            lost in a storm off the coast of Nova Scotia in
                                            October 1991.

Kantor, Melissa     If I Have a Wicked     High school sophomore Lucy Norton's life is turned           FIC
                    Stepmother, Where’s My upside down when her father remarries and moves
                    Prince?                Lucy to Long Island, where she finds herself
                                           trapped in a Cinderella story with a wicked
                                           stepmother, two evil stepsisters, and a dashing
                                           prince who could make all Lucy's dreams come
Kass, Pnina Moed   Real Time                A suicide bomb on a crowded bus, told from the           FIC
                                            viewpoints of the passengers and their families and

Katz, Jon          Geeks: How Two Lost      Tells the true story of Jesse and Eric, nineteen-     Nonfiction
                   Boys Rode the Internet   year-old roommates in the small town of Caldwell,
                   out of Idaho             Idaho who changed their lives and built a new
                                            future for themselves with the power of the

Katz, Jon          A Dog Year, Twelve     Jon Katz describes the experiences he and his           Nonfiction
                   Months, Four Dogs, and dogs had as they adjusted to the newest member
                   Me.                    of their family, a two-year-old border collie named

King, Stephen      The Girl Who Loved Tom Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland, lost in the woods          FIC
                   Gordon                 after she wanders off to escape the bickering
                                          between her mom and her brother, boosts her
                                          courage by imagining that her hero, Boston Red
                                          Sox relief pitcher Tom Gordon, is with her, helping
                                          her survive an unknown enemy.

Klages, Ellen      The Green Glass Sea      While her father works on the Manhattan Project,         FIC
                                            eleven-year-old gadget lover and outcast Dewey
                                            Kerrigan lives in Los Alamos Camp, and becomes
                                            friends with Suze, another young girl who is
                                            shunned by her peers.

Koja, Kathe        Buddha Boy               Justin spends time with Jinsen, the unusual and          FIC
                                            artistic new student whom the school bullies
                                            torment and call Buddha Boy, and ends up making
                                            choices that impact Jinsen, himself, and the entire

Korman, Gordon     Born To Rock             High school senior Leo Caraway, a                        FIC
                                            conservative Republican, learns that his
                                            biological father is a punk rock legend.

Koss, Amy          Side Effects             Life changes when a fifteen year old is forced to        FIC
                                            deal with school and cancer.
Krakauer, John   Into Thin Air             The author relates his experience of climbing     Nonfiction
                                           Mount Everest during its deadliest season and
                                           examines what it is about the mountain that makes
                                           people willingly subject themselves to such risk,
                                           hardship, and expense.

Kurson, Robert   Shadow Divers: The True   Tells the story of the discovery in 1991 of a World    Nonfiction
                 Story Of Two Americans    War II German U-boat, sunk sixty miles off the
                 Who Risked Everything     coast of New Jersey, by deep sea divers John
                 To Solve One Of The       Chatterton and Richie Kohler, and their six year
                 Last Mysteries Of World   obsession with identifying the submarine which
                 War II                    sank with its crew onboard.

Lahiri, Jhumpa   The Namesake              A young man born of Indian parents in America             FIC
                                           struggles with issues of identity from his teens to
                                           his thirties.

Lanagan, Margo   Black Juice               Provides glimpses of the beauty of the human spirit       FIC
                                           through ten short stories that explore significant
                                           moments in people's lives, events leading to them,
                                           and their consequences.

Larson, Erik     Thunderstruck             Tells the parallel stories of the skepticism and      Nonfiction
                                           incredulity that accompanied Guglielmo Marconi's
                                           invention of wireless communication in the late
                                           nineteenth century, and the investigation of the
                                           murder of an inconvenient wife by her love-starved
                                           husband, Dr. H.H. Crippen, who would likely have
                                           pulled off the perfect crime had it not been for the
                                           ability to send wireless transatlantic transmissions.
Larson, Kirby    Hattie Big Sky            Sixteen-year-old Hattie Brooks inherits her uncle's     FIC
                                           homesteading claim in Montana in 1917 and
                                           encounters some unexpected problems related to
                                           the war in Europe.

Lawrence, Ian    B Is For Buster           Sixteen-year-old Kak, desperate to escape his             FIC
                                           abusive parents, lies about his age in the spring of
                                           1943 to enlist in the Canadian Air Force and soon
                                           finds himself based in England as part of a crew
                                           flying bombing raids over Germany.
Lerangis, Peter   Smiler’s Bones             Presents a fictionalized account of the life of Minik,   FIC
                                             a Polar Eskimo taken by explorer Robert Peary,
                                             along with Minik's father, Smiler, and four others, to
                                             be presented as exhibits to the American Museum
                                             of Natural History in New York.

Lester, Julius    Day of Tears: A Novel In Presents an historical fiction written in first-person     FIC
                  Dialogue                 format that follows Emma, the slave of Pierce
                                           Butler, through a series of events in her life as her
                                           master hosts the largest slave auction in American
                                           history in Savannah, Georgia in 1859 in order to
                                           pay off his mounting gambling debts.

Lipsyte, Robert   One Fat Summer             An overweight fourteen-year-old boy experiences a        FIC
                                             turning-point summer in which he learns to stand
                                             up for himself.

Lisle, Janet      Black Duck                 Years afterwards, Ruben Hart tells the story of          FIC
                                             how, in 1929 Newport, Rhode Island, his family and
                                             his best friend's family were caught up in the
                                             violent competition among groups trying to control
                                             the local rum-smuggling trade.

Lockhart, E.      The Boy Book               A high school junior continues her quest for             FIC
                                             relevant data on the male species, while enjoying
                                             her freedom as a newly licensed driver and
                                             examining her friendship with a clean-living
                                             vegetarian classmate.
Lubar, David       Hidden Talents            Thirteen-year-old Martin, a new student at an             FIC
                                             alternative school for misfits and problem students,
                                             falls in with a group of boys and discovers
                                             something surprising about himself.

Lyga, Barry        The Astonishing           A fifteen-year-old "geek" who keeps a list of the         FIC
                   Adventures of Fanboy      high school jocks and others who torment him, and
                   and Goth Girl             pours his energy into creating a great graphic
                                             novel, encounters Kyra, Goth Girl, who helps
                                             change his outlook on almost everything, including

Mackler, Carolyn   The Earth, My Butt, and Feeling like she does not fit in with the other             FIC
                   Other Big Round Things members of her family, who are all thin, brilliant,
                                           and good-looking, fifteen-year-old Virginia tries to
                                           deal with her self-image, her first physical
                                           relationship, and her disillusionment with some of
                                           the people closest to her.

Maguire, Gregory   Mirror, Mirror            Presents a retelling of the Snow White fairy tale,        FIC
                                             set in early sixteenth-century Italy, in which the life
                                             of innocent, young Bianca de Nevada is disrupted
                                             when her beloved father is sent on an errand by
                                             Cesare Borgia, leaving her in the care of Borgia's
                                             sister Lucrezia, a decadent woman who orders the
                                             child killed.

Mah, Yen           Chinese Cinderella: The During the Japanese occupation of parts of China, Nonfiction
                   True Story of an        twelve-year-old Ye Xian is thrown out of her
                   Unwanted Daughter       father's and stepmother's home, joins a martial arts
                                           group, and tries to help her aunt and the
                                           Americans in their struggle against the Japanese

Maraniss, David    Clemente: The passion     A biography of major league baseball player        Nonfiction
                   and Grace of Baseball’s   Roberto Clemente, chronicling his childhood in
                   Last Hero                 Nicaragua, his eighteen distinguished seasons, his
                                             charity work, and his tragic death.

Marino, Peter      Dough Boy                 Fifteen-year-old Tristan deals with intensified           FIC
                                             criticism about his weight when the nutrition-
                                             obsessed daughter of his mother's boyfriend,
                                             Frank, moves in.
Martel, Yann         Life of Pi               Pi Patel, having spent an idyllic childhood in           FIC
                                              Pondicherry, India, as the son of a zookeeper sets
                                              off with his family at the age of sixteen to start
                                              anew in Canada, but his life takes a marvelous turn
                                              when their ship sinks in the Pacific, leaving him
                                              adrift on a raft with a 450-pound Bengal tiger for

Martinez, Ruen       Crossing Over: A         Chronicles the experiences of members of the          Nonfiction
                     Mexican Family On the    extended Chavez family as they cross the border
                     Migrant Trail            from Mexico into the U.S. and settle in California,
                                              Missouri, Wisconsin, and Arkansas.

Martino, Alfred C.   Pinned                   Dealing with family problems, girls, and their own       FIC
                                              competitive natures, high school seniors Ivan
                                              Korske and Bobby Zane face each other in the final
                                              match of the New Jersey State Wrestling

McBride, James       The Color of Water: A    An African-American male tells of his mother, a       Nonfiction
                     Black Man’s Tribute to   white woman, who refused to admit her true
                     His White Mother         identity.

McCaffrey, Anne      Dragon Flight            Exciting adventure as Lessa of Pern wages a              FIC
                                              single-handed secret battle against her sworn
                                              enemies--the dragonmen.

McCullough, David                        1776 Based upon both American and British historical       Nonfiction
                                              documents, the author presents a comprehensive
                                              history of the American Revolution during 1776,
                                              George Washington, and those who followed him.

Melling, O.R.        The Hunter’s Moon        Two teenage cousins, one Irish, the other from the       FIC
                                              United States, set out to find a magic doorway to
                                              the Faraway Country, where humans must bow to
                                              the little people.
Meyer, Stephanie             Twilight        When seventeen-year-old Bella leaves Phoenix to          FIC
                                             live with her father in Forks, Washington, she
                                             meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for
                                             whom she feels an overwhelming attraction.

Morgan, Robert               Gap Creek       Julie Harmon, having taken over the work of a man        FIC
                                             after her father gets ill and dies, imagines that
                                             marriage will be different, but she and her young
                                             husband Hank discover their life together is also
                                             full of struggles.

Morissey, Donna              Kit’s Law       Fourteen-year-old Kit Pitman has always lead a           FIC
                                             sheltered life in a small town on the outer banks of
                                             Newfoundland, where her mentally-challenged
                                             mother and strict grandmother hide the truth about
                                             Kit's illegitimate birth, but when Kit's grandmother
                                             dies unexpectedly, she and her mother are thrust
                                             into the harsh realities of life.

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert   Dairy Queen     After spending the summer running the family             FIC
                                             farm and training the quarterback for her
                                             school’s football team, sixteen year old D.J.
                                             decides to try out for football herself, not
                                             anticipating the reaction from family and
Myers, Walter Dean           The Greatest:   An illustrated biography of boxing great            Nonfiction
                             Muhammad Ali    Muhammad Ali that addresses his politics, his fight
                                             against Parkinson's disease, and the dangers of

Myers, Walter Dean           Fallen Angels   Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his         FIC
                                             Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the
                                             summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on
                                             active duty in Vietnam.

Na, An                       Wait For Me     As her senior year in high school approaches, Mina       FIC
                                             yearns to find her own path in life but working at
                                             the family business, taking care of her little sister,
                                             and dealing with her mother's impossible
                                             expectations are as stifling as the southern
                                             California heat, until she falls in love with a man
                                             who offers a way out.
Na, An              A Step From Heaven         A young Korean girl and her family find it difficult to      FIC
                                               learn English and adjust to life in America.

Nazario, Sonia      Enrique’s Journey          Addresses the issues of family and illegal     Nonfiction
                                               immigration through the story of a young boy's
                                               dangerous journey from Honduras to the U.S.
                                               in search of his mother, who left him and his
                                               sibling behind to make a better life for her
Nelson, Marilyn     A Wreath For Emmett Till This book is a memorial to the young African      Nonfiction
                                             American boy who was brutally murdered in 1955
                                             for supposedly whistling at a white woman in
                                             Mississippi. The author reminds us of a boy whose
                                             fate helped spark the civil rights movement. This
                                             wise book is both haunting and memorable.

Nolan, Han          If I Should Die Before I   As Hilary, a Neo-Nazi initiate, lies in a coma, she is       FIC
                    Wake                       transported back to Poland at the onset of World
                                               War II into the life of a Jewish teenager.

Norman, Elizabeth   We Band Of Angels: The     Chronicles the experiences of ninety-nine Army            Nonfiction
                    Untold Story Of American   and Navy nurses who were captured when the
                    Nurses Trapped On          Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the American
                    Bataan By The Japanese     bases located in the Philippines.

November            Firebirds Rising           November presents short stories by sixteen                   FIC
                                               established writers. The stories combine humor,
                                               character, and surprise with remarkable depth.

O’Hehir, Diana      Erased From Memory         Carla Day takes her father, an Alzheimer's patient           FIC
                                               who was at one time a respected Egyptologist, to
                                               visit the museum housing the ancient coffin lid he
                                               discovered years earlier, only to become embroiled
                                               in a mystery when her dad is arrested for murder
                                               after trying to help a choking patron.
Opdyke, Irene          In My Hands: Memories Recounts the experiences of the author who, as a           Nonfiction
                       Of A Holocaust Rescuer young Polish girl, hid and saved Jews during the

Ortiz Cofer, Judith    Silent Dancing            The Puerto Rican-born author shares recollections Nonfiction
                                                 of the bilingual, bicultural childhood she
                                                 experienced, moving between her island home and
                                                 New Jersey as a result of her father's Navy career.

Osa, Nancy             Cuba 15                   Violet Paz, a Chicago high school student,                FIC
                                                 reluctantly prepares for her upcoming "quince," a
                                                 Spanish nickname for the celebration of a Hispanic
                                                 girl's fifteenth birthday.

Page, Katherine Hall   The Body In the Ivy       Caterer Faith Fairchild accepts a job on novelist         FIC
                                                 Helene Prince's private island, but when she
                                                 arrives she realizes the writer is trying to solve a
                                                 mystery about her sister's death and all of the
                                                 guests are suspects.

Paolini, Christopher   Eldest                    After successfully evading an Urgals ambush,              FIC
                                                 Eragon is adopted into the Ingeitum clan and sent
                                                 to finish his training so he can further help the
                                                 Varden in their struggle against the Empire.

Partridge, Elizabeth   John Lennon: All I Want   Presents a biography of musician John Lennon,        Nonfiction
                       Is The Truth              chronicling his life and times from his troubled
                                                 childhood in Liverpool, England, through his career,
                                                 writing, recording, and performing as a member of
                                                 the Beatles.

Pelzer, Dave           A Child Called “It”       David Pelzer, victim of one of the worst child abuse Nonfiction
                                                 cases in the history of California, tells the story of
                                                 how he survived his mother's brutality and
                                                 triumphed over his past.
Pena, Matt de la       Ball Don’t Lie            Seventeen-year-old Sticky lives to play basketball       FIC
                                                 at school and at Lincoln Recreation Center in Los
                                                 Angeles and is headed for the pros, but he is
                                                 unaware of the many dangers--including his own
                                                 past--that threaten his dream.

Pfeffer, Susan Beth    Life As We Knew It        Through journal entries sixteen-year-old                 FIC
                                                 Miranda describes her family's struggle to
                                                 survive after a meteor hits the moon, causing
                                                 worldwide tsunamis, earthquakes, and
                                                 volcanic eruptions.

Philbrick, Nathaniel   In the Heart Of the Sea   Tells the story of the Essex, a whaleship that set    Nonfiction
                                                 sail from Nantucket in 1819 on a routine voyage,
                                                 and was rammed and sunk by an enraged sperm
                                                 whale in the South Pacific, setting the twenty-man
                                                 crew adrift in three tiny boats.

Picoult, Jodi          My Sister's Keeper        Thirteen-year-old Anna, conceived specifically to        FIC
                                                 provide blood and bone marrow for her sister Kate
                                                 who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at
                                                 the age of two, decides to sue her parents for
                                                 control of her body when her mother wants her to
                                                 donate a kidney to Kate.

Quindlen, Anna         Blessings                 Lives are changed forever when a teenaged couple         FIC
                                                 leave the baby they cannot keep in a box on the
                                                 grounds of the Blessings estate, and caretaker
                                                 Skip Cuddy, aided by matriarch Lydia Blessing,
                                                 decides to keep and raise the infant.

Reed, Kit              Thinner Than Thou         Rev. Earl's luxury spa, Sylphania, is the rage for       FIC
                                                 those with severe eating disorders until Jeremy
                                                 Devlin enters and discovers the dark secrets at the
                                                 core of Earl's empire.

Revkin, Andrew         The North Pole            An environmental reporter recounts his expedition     Nonfiction
                                                 to the North Pole where he followed
                                                 oceanographers as they studied the mysteries of
                                                 climate modeling and global warming, revealing
                                                 how the fate of the pole will impact the earth.
Rosoff, Meg         How I Live Now            To get away from her pregnant stepmother in New           FIC
                                              York City, fifteen-year-old Daisy goes to England to
                                              stay with her aunt and cousins, with whom she
                                              instantly bonds, but soon war breaks out and rips
                                              apart the family while devastating the land.

Roy, Travis         Eleven Seconds            Travis Roy recounts how his life has changed since Nonfiction
                                              a freak accident in 1995 in his first Boston
                                              University hockey game that left him paralyzed
                                              from the neck down.

Runyon, Brent       The Burn Journals         Presents the true story of Brent Runyon, who at        Nonfiction
                                              fourteen set himself on fire and sustained burns
                                              over eighty percent of his body and describes the
                                              months of physical and mental rehabilitation that
                                              followed as he attempted to pull his life together.

Salisbury, Graham   Eyes Of the Emperor       A 16 year old Japanese American boy enlists in the        FIC
                                              army before Pearl Harbor, and, despite intense
                                              racism, learns to train an experimental K-9 unit.

Sedaris, David      Me Talk Pretty One Day    David Sedaris describes the struggles he has had       Nonfiction
                                              in life due to his voice problems, discussing how
                                              his voice has affected his personal relationships,
                                              his career, and his family life.

Seierstad, Asne     The Bookseller Of Kabul Asne Seierstand recounts the experiences she had Nonfiction
                                            while staying with a bookseller named Sultan Khan
                                            and his family in Afghanistan just after the fall of
                                            the Taliban, describing what it was like for families
                                            in Afghanistan to adjust to a new way of life and a
                                            new government.

Shinn, Sharon       The Truth Teller’s Tale   Twins Eleda, who can tell only the truth, and             FIC
                                              Adele, who cannot reveal others' secrets, are
                                              tested by the arrival of a pair of handsome
                                              dance instructors who seem to harbor a deep
Shull, Megan       Amazing Grace        Teen superstar Grace Kincaid telephones her                   FIC
                                        mother that she wants out of the multi-million dollar
                                        endorsements and celebrity, and soon she finds
                                        herself in hiding with a new name and a new

Simpson, Joe       Touching the Void    Joe Simpson shares the story of his miraculous             Nonfiction
                                        survival after he was injured while climbing in the
                                        Andes in 1985 and left for dead by his partner.

Sleator, William   The Last Universe    When her desperately ill older brother insists that           FIC
                                        she take him into their mysterious backyard
                                        garden, designed by their quantum physicist great
                                        uncle, fourteen-year-old Susan discovers that
                                        things are not always what they seem.

Sparks, Nicholas   A Bend In the Road    North Carolina deputy sheriff Miles Ryan,                    FIC
                                        heartbroken over his wife's death in a hit-and-run
                                        accident two years earlier, considers love again
                                        when he meets his son's second-grade
                                        schoolteacher, Sarah--but he soon finds that his
                                        wife's death was anything but an accident and
                                        danger is not far away.

Sparks, Nicholas   A Walk To Remember   When a twist of fate makes Jamie Sullivan his date            FIC
                                        at the homecoming dance, Landon Carter never
                                        dreamed they would fall in love, but as he comes to
                                        realize his true feelings for Jamie, he learns of a
                                        terrible secret that will take his love away from him

Sparks, Nicholas   True Believer        Successful Manhattan science journalist Jeremy                FIC
                                        Marsh is invited to the tiny town of Boone Creek,
                                        North Carolina, to investigate a sighting of strange
                                        lights in a local cemetery and meets librarian Lexie
                                        Darnell, who causes the smitten Jeremy to make
                                        some difficult choices about his life.

Sparks, Nicholas   The Notebook         Noah Calhoun, recently returned from World War II             FIC
                                        in 1946, buys an old plantation home in rural North
                                        Carolina, where he contents himself with memories
                                        of his first love, a girl he met fourteen years earlier,
                                        but then she unexpectedly arrives at his door.
Stahler, David            A Gathering of Shades     Having moved with his mother to a remote corner            FIC
                                                    of Vermont after his father's death, sixteen-year-old
                                                    Aidan learns much about his family, including that
                                                    ghosts inhabit an ancient orchard on the family
                                                    farm, sustained by his grandmother.

Staples, Suzanne Fisher   Under the Persimmon       A young Afghan girl, Najmah, befriends an                  FIC
                          Tree                      American woman, Nusrat in Peshawar,
                                                    Pakistan, after Najmah flees her native
                                                    Afghanistan during the 2001 war; and together
                                                    they begin a long journey to located their
                                                    missing loved ones after the war ends.
Steber, Rick              No End in Sight: My Life Rachael Scdoris recounts her experiences running Nonfiction
                          As A Blind Iditarod Racer the Iditarod Race as the only legally blind
                                                    competitor, and reflects on how she has faced the
                                                    challenges of blindness and excelled when no one
                                                    else believed in her.

Trevor, William           The Story Of Lucy Gault Lucy leads a life of privilege in Lahardane, Ireland         FIC
                                                  in the 1920’s. The threat of violence leads Lucy’s
                                                  parents to plan to take the family to England. Lucy
                                                  is so upset to leave her beloved home that on the
                                                  day before departure she runs away. She sets off
                                                  on a series of misunderstandings that affect all the
                                                  inhabitants of Lahardane for the rest of their lives.

Trueman, Terry            Stuck In Neutral          Fourteen-year-old Shawn McDaniel, who suffers              FIC
                                                    from severe cerebral palsy and cannot function,
                                                    relates his perceptions of his life, his family, and his
                                                    condition, especially as he believes his father is
                                                    planning to kill him.

Trueman, Terry            Cruise Control            A talented basketball player struggles to deal with        FIC
                                                    the helplessness and anger that come with having
                                                    a brother rendered completely dysfunctional by
                                                    severe cerebral palsy and a father who deserted
                                                    the family.
Turner, Megan Whalen    The King Of Attloia     Remarkable for its impeccably realized setting in a          FIC
                                                pseudo-classical world and for the depth and
                                                subtlety of its characters and plot, this is one of the
                                                most fascinating and original YA fantasies to
                                                appear in years.

Vaccaro, Mike           Emperors And Idiots: The Emperors and Idiots: the hundred-year rivalry            Nonfiction
                        Hundred-Year Rivalry     between the Yankees and Red Sox, from the very
                        Between The Yankees      beginning to the end of the curse.
                        And The Red Sox

Van Draanen, Wendelin   Runaway                 After running away from her fifth foster home,               FIC
                                                Holly, a twelve-year-old orphan, travels across the
                                                country, keeping a journal of her experiences and
                                                struggle to survive.

Vizzini, Ned            It’s Kind Of A Funny    New York City teenager Craig Gilner succumbs to              FIC
                        Story                   academic and social pressures at an elite high
                                                school and enters a psychiatric hospital after
                                                attempting suicide.

Voight, Cynthia         Izzy, Willy-Nilly       A car accident causes fifteen-year-old Izzy to lose          FIC
                                                one leg and face the need to start building a new
                                                life as an amputee.

Volponi, Paul           Black And White         Two star high school basketball players, one black           FIC
                                                and one white, experience the justice system
                                                differently after committing a crime together and
                                                getting caught.

Walker, Alice           The Color Purple        Tells the story of two African-American sisters:             FIC
                                                Nettie, a missionary in Africa, and Celie, a child-
                                                wife living in the south, in the medium of their
                                                letters to each other and in Celie's case, the
                                                desperate letters she begins, "Dear God."
Waltman, Kevin      Learning the Game       When he and his high-school basketball                   FIC
                                            teammates steal from a fraternity house in their
                                            small Indiana town, Nate contends with his guilt,
                                            his loyalty to his friends, and his desire to help his
                                            older brother who comes under suspicion for the

Weaver, Will        Full Service            In the summer of 1965, teenager Paul Sutton, a           FIC
                                            northern Minnesota farm boy, takes a job at a gas
                                            station in town, where his strict religious upbringing
                                            is challenged by new people and experiences.

Werlin, Nancy       Double Helix            Eighteen-year-old Eli discovers a shocking secret        FIC
                                            about his life and his family while working for a
                                            Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose specialty is
                                            genetic engineering.

Werlin, Nancy       The Rules Of Survival   Seventeen-year-old Matthew recounts his                  FIC
                                            attempts, starting at a young age, to free himself
                                            and his sisters from the grip of their emotionally
                                            abusive mother.

Westerfeld, Scott   So Yesterday            Hunter Braque, a New York City teenager who is           FIC
                                            paid by corporations to spot what is "cool,"
                                            combines his analytical skills with girlfriend Jen's
                                            creative talents to find a missing person and thwart
                                            a conspiracy directed at the heart of consumer

Westerfeld, Scott   Uglies                  Tally is faced with a difficult choice when her new      FIC
                                            friend Shay decides to risk life on the outside rather
                                            than submit to the forced operation that turns
                                            sixteen year old girls into gorgeous beauties, and
                                            realizes that there is a whole new side to the pretty
                                            world that she doesn't like.

Wittlinger, Ellen   Hard Love               After starting to publish a magazine in which he         FIC
                                            writes his secret feelings about his lonely life and
                                            his parents' divorce, sixteen-year-old John meets
                                            an unusual girl and begins to develop a healthier
Wooding, Chris     Storm Thief             Two teenagers try to survive on the city island of          FIC
                                           Orokos, where unpredictable probability storms
                                           continually change both the landscape and the

Woods, Tiger       How I Play Golf         Tiger Woods explains the techniques that work for        Nonfiction
                                           him as a golfer, discussing both the physical and
                                           mental aspects of the game, covering putting,
                                           escaping from sand traps, the swing, handling
                                           problems, and other topics.

Yang, Gene         American Born Chinese   Alternates three interrelated stories about the          Nonfiction
                                           problems of young Chinese Americans trying to
                                           participate in the popular culture. Presented in
                                           comic book format.

Zevin, Gabrielle   Elsewhere               After fifteen-year-old Liz Hall is hit by a taxi and        FIC
                                           killed, she finds herself in a place that is both like
                                           and unlike Earth, where she must adjust to her new
                                           status and figure out how to "live."

Zusak, Marcus      The Book Thief          Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War            FIC
                                           II, Death relates the story of Liesel--a young
                                           German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling
                                           talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man
                                           they are hiding, as well as their neighbors.

Zusak, Marcus      I Am The Messenger      After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old            FIC
                                           cab driver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious
                                           messages that direct him to addresses where
                                           people need help, and he begins getting over his
                                           lifelong feeling of worthlessness.