Healthy Eating Programme Checklist

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					                  Healthy Eating Programme Checklist

Use this checklist as an evaluation of the healthy eating component of your
FFB programme but remember that not all elements may be suitable for your workplace.
The checklist is an opportunity to evaluate what you have achieved so far and to identify
the areas you might need to develop.

You can improve your programme by considering what actions could be put into place to
change the “No” answers to “Yes” answers and including these in your project action plan.
Remember that the healthy eating audit and FFB resource kit will help you identify suitable
Answer Yes/No to the following questions.

Section 1 – Groundwork
Commitment to and readiness for a Healthy Eating Programme
                                                                                Yes    No
Management and employee commitment
An individual or group of individuals has taken on the role of the healthy
eating Workplace Champion (WPC) m

Management have been consulted regarding healthy eating in the workplace

Management communicate their commitment to and support for the healthy
eating programme

A healthy eating network group has been formed*

A workplace healthy eating policy document has been produced*

Management have signed the policy*

A healthy eating action plan has been prepared to show how objectives of
both the organisation‟s policy and FFB will be met within agreed timescalesm

All existing and new employees are aware of the policy and what it means*

A copy of the policy is included in the employee handbook and in information
and induction packs*

Needs Assessment
The following have been assessed in developing your healthy eating activity

Workplace m
Workplace facilities that employees can access in order to make healthy
eating choices

Workplace practices and organisational structures that enable employees to
make healthy eating choices
Employees m
Employee characteristics (age, genders, health status, work habits)

Healthy eating patterns during and outside of work hours

Employee health and nutrition preferences and needs

Action Plan
Decide on action to address each „No‟ response, if relevant to your organisation.

* These actions can earn you optional extra FFB points
  These are mandatory FFB actions

Section 2 – Constructing the programme
The process of providing employees with the knowledge and opportunities to make
healthy eating choices
                                                                                    Yes No
Choosing and developing healthy eating options
Health eating options are developed and tailored to suit the workplace and employees:
Employees have been spoken to informally, or a more formal assessment has
been conducted to identify employees key areas of interest/concern

Management have agreed resource contributions for the project*

A healthy eating audit has been completed*

The workplace promotes a positive attitude to healthy eating:

Employees have access to accurate information on healthy eating and health m

Regular communications involve and update all employeesm

A supportive environment exists that enables employees to make healthier

Facilities to enable all employees to make healthier choices are available

Delivering the healthy eating options
Employees are aware of what is available to them and how they can participate:
Employees are aware of the benefits of taking part in the healthy eating options
available/promoted e.g. the health benefits

Employees are encouraged to make healthy eating choices e.g. incentives for
selecting healthy choices in restaurants, awards, recognition and management
A variety of healthy eating options are offered to meet the needs of various
individuals, departments and sites

Drinking water is readily accessible to all employees

Employees are fully aware of the healthy eating options available to them e.g.
healthy options in vending machines, food preparation areas

A range of healthy eating promotional activities are available for all employees
to participate in*

Management have shown commitment and support by participating in healthy
eating initiatives

Training opportunities exist to enable employees to promote healthy eating

Action Plan
Decide on action to address each „No‟ response, if relevant to your organisation.

* These actions can earn you optional extra FFB points
  These are mandatory FFB actions

Section 3 – Seeing to the details
Elements that will ensure a well-maintained and safe healthy eating programme and
make it possible for success to be measured
                                                                                     Yes No
Programme administration and evaluation
Records of healthy eating network group meetings are kept and minutes
Records of healthy eating initiatives are kept e.g. facility use, people involved,
how people were recruited, photographs

A healthy eating programme evaluation is carried out on an annual basis

A healthy eating policy review is carried out on an annual basis

Employees have been asked to provide feedback on the healthy eating

Employees have been asked to contribute by providing case studiesm

The results of the evaluation and feedback from employees are fed back into
the action plan m

Evaluation results and employee feedback are distributed to all employees and
Safety and risk management
External programme resources are adequately trained

Employees are adequately trained

Food preparation and storage areas meet regulatory requirements

Regular inspection of equipment and facilities (maintenance records) are
carried out

A risk management procedure is in place to protect both individuals and the

Risk assessment have been prepared and reviewed prior to all healthy eating

Action Plan
Decide on action to address each „No‟ response, if relevant to your organisation.

* These actions can earn you optional extra FFB points
  These are mandatory FFB actions
The BHF Thinkfit! Toolkit provides a Safety & Risk Management Checklists template